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Manually Update to FRG22D Froyo for DROID Now!

Don’t feel like waiting until you Droid is prompted to update to FRG22D?  Then manually update now and enjoy full Flash 10.1 in all its glory well before the rest of the world.  The guys at Android Forums have discovered the file and we’re bringing it to you live right now!


*NOTE 2* – There is a chance you will lose root should you update to this from FRG01B.  While the update file is only 1.6MB, it sounds like it is still capable of breaking root.  Avoid for now if you wish to stay rooted.


Instructions to manually install the FRG22D Froyo Update on your Motorola Droid:


1.  Download this file:   update.zip or DIRECT FROM GOOGLE LINK
2.  Place file on the root of your sdcard (not in any folder).

Make sure it is named UPDATE.ZIP! The Google link will need to be renamed.

3.  Turn your phone off.
4.  Boot into recovery (Hold Power + X).
5.  Wait for a triangle with exclamation point to appear and release Power and X.
6.  Hit the volume up and camera button (half-way down) at the same time.
7.  Using the D-Pad select “apply update.zip” and press in the gold button on the D-Pad.
8.  Your phone will now run the update.
9.  When it finishes, use the D-Pad to select reboot phone.
10.  Your phone will reboot with Android 2.2, build FRG22D.


Flash was there for us immediately!  Let us know if you run into any issues.

Source:  Android Forums

Cheers Brent and NickMili!

  • Rshorty91

    What button do you press for “X” on the Motorola Droid?

  • Mrolland5500

    my build number is FRG83D 2.2 I tried the universal root but it didnt root someone help

  • Briant599

    why does it say e signature verification failed installation aborted

  • Definitely broke my root. Good thing I made a backup yesterday.

  • Definitely broke my root. Good thing I made a backup yesterday.

  • Thanks! Update worked!

  • Thanks

  • Dan Johnson

    Please highly rate this comment as it worked for me. I came from stock FRG01B, rooted with univeral androod.

    1) Install ROM Manager
    2) Use ROM Manager to install SPClockwork Recovery
    3) Reboot into SPClockwork
    4) Use SP to install FRG22D update.zip
    5) Before Rebooting, Use SP again to install MotoCache1_Complete_Root_v1.1-update.zip from http://www.droidforums.net/forum/rescue-squad-g
    6) Reboot into your rooted FRG22D !

    Note: I had a custom kernel installed so FRG22D would not install until i restored the nandroid backup I made of /boot and /system from before i installed the custom kernel.

  • I am getting an error message: “Operation failure please check su command!” I manually updated to FRG22D and then rooted my phone with easy root (which I dont think is working) and tried to overclock my phone and I get this error message. That is a question I always wondered,, how do you know if your phone is successfully rooted or not?

  • JohnPA2006

    The only thing I miss from Android 2.01
    is that my company wireless used to work, ever since the FroYo updates
    it never worked again.
    Something about it does not like 802.1 EAP corporate networks.

    • JohnPA2006

      But it works perfectly on wifi at home on WPA2 (forgot to add that)

  • I am getting an error message: “Operation failure please check su command!” I manually updated to FRG22D and then rooted my phone with easy root (which I dont think is working) and tried to overclock my phone and I get this error message. That is a question I always wondered,, how do you know if your phone is successfully rooted or not?

  • Simonjeong77

    wow. i am so excited i just got this, but man this thing drains battery like crazy… tried playing bejeweled blitz, but not really playable bc droid is too slow and too small. and drained battery 10% like nothing.

  • BigFonz

    Just updated. I'm in Colombia (the country) right now. Doing everything over WiFi. Everything turned out perfect. Thanks Droid-Life!

  • ScottK

    It worked perfectly for me and flash appears in the market right away. If on a PC, make sure that you have it set up to show file extensions. Otherwise, you think you're uploading update.zip when in reality you're really uploading update.zip.zip. That's what gives the error messages. If unsure about your file extensions, check here: http://askabouttech.com/how-to-show-file-extens

  • Johnny_c_2000

    when i tried to download the file update.zip it is saying that it can't be downloaded and i am trying to download it off of mega uploads by following the link what am i doing wrong

  • DD

    My unrooted stock D1 is extremely laggy and slow after this manual update. Anyone know how to undo this update and get me back to FRG01B? Flash is great, but I'd rather wait for the OTA.

  • Bgwood88

    its saying my phone does not support this download

  • Scott Mcneal

    It would not let me update, said:

    E: Failed to open/sdcard/update.zip(no such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    • bigfire

      Are you using 32GB SD Card? Droid 1 is supposed to handle that capacity (and I have one), but in terms of recovery being able to see it, it's kind of hit or miss. I actually have to use my old 16GB card to do that.

  • Behuggie

    Once you have manually downloaded the file… do you go back to card and delete the file?

  • bigfire

    Well, after my success last night, I went ahead and rooted my brother's D1 as well, mainly to install wired-tether and wifi-tether. I first upped his phone to FRG22D, and then using http://www.droidforums.net/forum/rescue-squad-g… I rooted his phone. Afterward, added the 2 desired tethering program and titanium backup as well. Now, he can actually work in the field with his trusty droid 1.

  • Tyler.Droid1

    What do you do if you cannot get to the reboot menu? I hold down the power button and X but it doesn't go to the menu. Help anyone?

  • bigfire

    I bricked my own phone (cannot get past Motorola logo) this morning, and have to get Verizon to flash back to default. Well, their current iteration of factory default is FRG22D, which means all of my rooted app will have to wait, including Trillian backup (so i have to live with this current iteration until someone figure out how to do 1 click root again).

  • Garesaw

    So when the 2.1 update came out I manually installed it with no problem. Now with this one I download the update try to rename it after moving it to my sdcard and it says update.zip already exists do you want to override so I say yes and go through the steps reboot and everything stays the same?? Any suggestions?

  • Marc R Cohn1

    I updated last night and my stock DROID 1 is screaming fast. If your having trouble get Astro File Manager and then download the update and follow these steps;
    – Open Astro File Manager
    – Enter the Downloads folder
    – Press and hold on the update.zip file
    – Select “Edit” and then “Copy”
    – Now press the “Astro Up” button once which will take the root directory
    – Press the “Astro Edit” button followed by “Paste”
    The update.zip file should now be in the root directory.

    • Dave

      Awesome…Thanks, I forgot how to do it with the Astro File Manager. I knew I was missing a step…thanks again.

  • gattor33

    having issues with doing this!!! are there issues with the update?

  • Scotig

    I've updated FRG22D on my DROID and the upgrade is noted in the “About Phone” section but I do not se Flash Player in the Market. Any ideas???

  • Kaliblade

    Just did the manual update via Droid. Went smooth works great found Flash in the market right away.
    Sad thing is the switching of screens still lag from the original OTA update.

  • Bill S

    Is there a delay relative to when Flash will appear in the Market after you've upgraded? I just upgraded manually but can't find Flash in the Market

  • tried to manually update….however it failed….3 times. i even tried just reloading the zip file and it still failed

  • Fusionenvy

    I've been running Flash 10.1 on my Moto Droid running FRG22 for about a week already. Whats new about this build anyway??

  • Pouxonu

    has anyone gotten fancast or hulu working on their droid with the new flash if so please let me know most flash stuff works ok just not these sites anyone else get them to work and if so what rom or build are you using

  • Chrstphr Wlk

    Wow no tech skills what so ever and I just pulled it off !!! Droid life and all of the form pepole thank you I'm now a real Droid player!!!!

  • Scoob

    Will this work for the Droid X? Anyone have any problems with this on the X?

    • Guest

      No it wont work.

  • Hotdogme

    odds of getting virus on phone now? also is it just my phone because flash causes my d1 to be very sluggish when online?

  • jtwildman1

    No problems… worked great!

  • Josh

    It worked beautifully.

  • Mike

    manually updated and it worked perfectly. i was wondering if there will be any upcoming updates to the flash player since it does allow me to let it update automatically like all the apps. also, if i uninstall setcpu and try to install it again will i have to pay for it again?

    • Travillion

      No… If you get refunded, you can't get refunded a second time (i.e., re-purchasing and then trying to get refunded a second time), but once an app is purchased it is linked in your google account and available for re-downloading/installing at any time.

  • Colby629

    im having trouble putting a new rom on my newly rooted droid 1(using easyroot) butr it wont let me put a rom on and after trying several times i finally got the simply stunning froyo v4.7 but none of my contacts or apps or any of my data was there what am i doing wrong

    • Travillion

      Depending on how you flash a ROM, data will be erased. Contacts and apps should eventually resync with google, but data (messaging, call logs, etc.) is gone if you don't back it up first or deliberately flash without wiping data/cache first. I don't know how you are trying to flash new ROMs, but ROM Manager is the easiest way I've tried, and it always gives you the option to wipe data/preserve data and make a full backup before flashing.

      • Colby629

        these are the steps i took mayb u can tell me why its not working i have rom managr and busy box
        1) it went into rom manager flash a recovery just incase i messed up and did a nano backup
        2)i went to download simply stunning from rom manager, i check off the two boxes (bakup existing rom and wipe data cache
        3) when it finally finishes and the phone reboots with the new rom i dont have anything but the preinstal apps that came with the rom i sync to the market and nothing no ebuddy, contacts , etc

        am i not giving it enough time to sync how long should i wait on is there anouther way to get everything

        • Travillion

          Hmm…I don't know. I've not heard of that problem happening. My suggestion would be to restore your backup and try again with a different ROM.
          When you say check off the two boxes, does that mean you select them or un-select them? Because if it's wiping your data when you're un-selecting, that's weird.
          Also, you should be prompted to sign-in to your phone with your google account after the initial reboot (if a data wipe occurs), in which case you should see your contacts and apps re-appear within a few minutes. If a wipe occurs and you aren't prompted to sign-in, again, that's weird.
          Two possible reasons for this weirdness–I don't know much about kernels, but I know that phones are pretty picky when it comes to which kernels they'll accept so perhaps the kernal you've selected for SS is a bad match for your phone. Another possibility is you're switching builds without properly wiping data and cache. SS 4.7 uses the FRG01B build. If you're coming from a different build and not electing to wipe from ROM Manager, then that may also be messing things up.
          But I don't know, there are much smarter people than me for this sort of thing. If it's SS you're having an issue with, ChevyNo1, the developer, is amazing at providing support. You should check out his forum at http://www.ssandroid.com/ssandroid/viewtopic.ph…. Also, there are several backup apps that will backup and restore your apps and certain data. Popular ones include Titanium Backup and My Backup. Astro also does some backing-up.

          • Colby629

            im going to try it now. i checked off the boxes so that it would wipe and back up I have the frg01b build but i clicked wipe and back up and im going to try and see if my contacts are loaded when i sign into gmail. If thats the cases then i can always just download my apps again. I also have astro but its not it not there when i load up the new rom along with the rest of the other apps. also how would i get my gallery back with all my pics

          • Travillion

            A lot of programs use the SD card, like astro–so even though you may need
            to re download astro, any backups would be on the SD card and accessible
            (similar with other backup programs). Your gallery images are also stored on
            SD card and should reload once you open the gallery app.

          • Colby629

            so how do i do a back up and save it on my sd card so when i do the wipe i can get all that back. Cause i dont mind downloading all the apps again as long as i get all that back

      • Colby629

        i also really appreciate your help i was up till like 5 trying to figure this out and i still woke up fustrated that i couldnt figure it out so thanks again

  • jj-jimba

    nah, im going to stay away from the manuel update. ill just wait for the official update.last time i manuely updated my phone had all sorts of problems.

  • question…. How do you change icons if apps,,, not in the dock but if I rANDomly placed an app on my homescreen.. Thanks in advance,,, droid x 2.2

    • Mike

      download desktop visualizer

  • droidguy92


  • Marc R Cohn1

    Finally downloaded and now have the entire Adobe Product Suite including Flash Player 10.1

  • Marc R Cohn1

    FYI dont forget to add this step when downloading…3. Move the update.zip file to the root of your SD card:
    To move the update.zip to the root of your SD card, do the following:
    – Open Astro File Manager
    – Enter the Downloads folder
    – Press and hold on the update.zip file
    – Select “Edit” and then “Copy”
    – Now press the “Astro Up” button once which will take the root directory
    – Press the “Astro Edit” button followed by “Paste”
    The update.zip file should now be in the root directory.

  • RayD


    I was stoked to see this update released since I have been missing the android market ever since the last froyo build, after the frg22d build I AM STILL MISSING THE ANDROID MARKET, any help/suggestions?

    • RayD

      * I manually updated to both froyo builds

  • Zacqua10

    The home screen issue is still there. 🙁

  • HarryTheBunny

    This should be at the top!

    If you don't see flash in you market, Got to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All, Scroll down to Market, Then clear cache then data, Once you open the market it will be their! =D

  • Did the manual update. Everything works 100%. Thanks Droid Life. Ballin!!

  • Dlaynlow

    Are the new Droid X phones that are on back order going to ship with 2.2 installed?

    • Mike

      mostly likely no. when i purchased my D1 back in april it had 2.0 out of the box but when i went to check system updates, 2.1 was right there ready for me to install. im assuming that will be the case for the DX

  • P3 had already released a rooted version a couple days ago…check it out


  • With your instructions, I just downloaded and installed Android Fro22D and Adobe flash player 10.1. It was a piece of cake. Thanks.


  • Bl00w

    Whats the difference between FRG01B and FRG22D?

  • dp420

    FYI – I bought a Motorola Bluetooth and it has the same mini-usb charger as the Droid. After this update, my bluetooth charger no longer works on the phone, only the original charger does. They better not have taken the Apple route…..bastards

  • Running FRG22D…. Droid Life never disappoints…..

  • SCEA0512


  • Ace Thruster

    Just updated and Swype seems to be broken. Anyone else having any issues?

    • Ace Thruster

      Nevermind, fixed with a uninstall/reinstall. Crisis averted.

      • Mctillsr

        I tried the UNinstall reinstall and still didnt work… trying again now

  • Scea0512

    This doesnt work on my non rooted D1 ?? I have done it twice ?? Still shows the FRG01B ???

    • Pinstrps

      Same with me

      • Mike

        same thing happened to me but i replaced the update.zip file from the FRG01B that i manually updated with the file for FRG22D and it worked..

  • Novice

    I have the update.zip download in my SD storage from the upgrade to FRG01B. Can I still download the FRG22D file and name it update.zip and place in SD card?

    • Mr. Steve

      You have to delete the old update.zip FRG01B update file, then change the name of this new update to update.zip and perform the update. Don't worry, deleting the old zip folder won't do anything to your phone.

  • DRKFAL06

    Updated with no problems. Now on FRG22D. Flash appears in Market. Droid Life does it again. Will let you know how it goes. Curious about ACC issues. Home Screen seems resolved. Thanks again !

  • Pouxonu

    does anyone know the difference between the flash i have already put on my phone compared to the one in the market when it comes available

    • Mr. Steve

      I believe they are the same one, but when you download Flash from the market you'll get updates for the app so you'll always have the most up to date build of Flash.

  • Ok so i did the manual update and it went fine but i am not seeing flash 10.1 in the market place and i checked my phone settings and i do have build FRG22D. Maybe it will take a little time for it to show up for me and is flash the only reason for this update or is there more new features?

    • Mr. Steve

      Find the Market application in the Manage Applications menu and clear the cache for the Market app, then try to find Flash in the market.

  • Marc R Cohn1

    I've gone through the process 6 times and I can't seem to get the file update.zip to overwrite the leaked version of 2.2 I installed two weeks ago. Can anyone help?

    • Dazz1996

      i cant help but i did the same and both worked no root at all, ever and got flash 10.1 and still playing flash games hope you get it to work you will love it

    • Dannythegrate

      Make sure you get rid of the older update.zip and that its placed in the root of the card also make sure its not named update.zip.zip it should work after that.

  • Tony Williams

    Hey Guys, off topic again…I tried to download Setcpu a couple of days ago. For whatever reason, it didn't install. Now when I try to install from market it shows I purchased but just sits there and never downloads. How can I start this process over and download it?

  • Dazz1996

    im playing flash games got to love it iphone bite me

  • my ran the updated and now my podcasts on google listen are randomly speeding up. WTH?

  • Tried 2x times from the file from megaupload.

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifiying update package…
    E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  • Dazz1996

    flash is working great try a page called killfrog its all flash

  • Dazz1996

    i did the update got flash 10.1 from the market this phone is very fast now well i do have launcher pro but its never been this fast and im running stock and been stock from day one to now i love it hope you all get this to work

  • capgeo

    i did everything as instructed.it installed and i pressed reboot.after i did this i still showed build number frg01b.please help

  • Guest

    Hey, did the update and lost access to Settings. Weird. Any help?

  • ryan

    So whats a good site to watch shows or movies on? Anyone care to input on this? And besides the obvious sites like youtube and Hulu(which i know doesn't work on mobile devices). Would be good to start a list for people to use their newly enabled devices on.

  • Fssacha

    I am on D1 not rooted and had to update my corporate email account after the update. Now everytime I try to set it up I get Sorry! The application Email (process com.android.email) has stopped unexpectedly Please try again. It does it every time.

  • NitchMinster700

    i get an E signature verification failed.

  • just updated it on my wife droid and went successful and flash player in showing up in the market as well

  • Jay31586

    Just did the manuel update and there is definitely no flash in the market!

    • Justice060

      Flash didn't show when I updated.

      • Justice060

        Never mind. Instructions were posted.
        Thanks JD
        ” *If you don't see flash in you market, Got to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All,
        Scroll down to Market, Then clear cache then data, Once you open the market it will be their! =D”

  • Droid Life coming through as always. Thanks man, big up.

  • DMal82

    Someone help please, I deleted Corporate Calendar and Twitter while I was rooted, and that's now blocking me from updating…

    • Lance

      it seems we have to flash FRG01B Flash Using RSD Lite 4.7 and update frpm there

      • DMal82

        I have a mac, no RSD Lite

        • lance

          have u try to factory reset???

          • DMal82

            Yes, the apps are still gone

        • Travillion

          Just an idea, but you can try this: Go to http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html and download his FRG01B (Master OTA). Rename it to update.zip, place it at the root of your SD card, reboot into recovery and apply sd card/update.zip. This is the official, non-rooted OTA that verizon released to bring all phones to FRG01B. The reason it might work is because it does a clean install–basically overwriting the entire system files. So…for someone who is missing stock apps, this might set you back at baseline, thus allowing you to proceed with the FRG22D update. Then again, maybe you won't be able to install this because of your missing apps…worth a shot, though, I'd say.

          • DMal82

            Do I need odexed or Deodexed?

          • Travillion

            Either is fine for your current purposes. Odexed is standard and deodexed is
            for themers. Wont make a difference with what you're trying to do.

          • DMal82

            update fails, signature verification failed

          • Travillion

            See the reply I just made a minute ago. Are you rooted or not, and which file did you try and flash?

          • DMal82

            I unrooted a few days ago, in preparation for this, I tried to flash frg01B as per your instructions and it said signature verification failed

          • Travillion

            OK, because you asked me which version (odexed or deodexed) to install, and that file is for rooted users only. The file you should try to install (same method, rename update.zip, put on root of sd card, etc.) is the one at the bottom of the downloads page, under OTA Updates, entitled “FRG01B (Master OTA)”. If you tried to do the Master OTA one, I'm sorry for this reptition–it's just hard for me to tell if you were trying the right file or not. If you tried the “right” file then I don't know what to tell you, it was worth a try.

          • DMal82

            You're right, I downloaded both, and loaded the wrong one onto the phone, sorry for the confusion, flashing now, with fingers crossed

          • Travillion

            Let us know if it works! I'm sure there are many others in the same boat!

          • DMal82

            No luck, applications are still missing, again if someone with root could just send me those two apps I could re root and drag them back into the folder and that might work

          • Travillion

            Sorry to hear it–i really thought that would work… I'm on the move now so
            can't send you the files but maybe later tonight if you still haven't gotten

          • DMal82
          • Lance

            hey man i try putting my google googles n it didnt let me put it back. i cant sent u the files if u want but idk if it is gonna work.

          • DMal82

            Our buddy Travillion’s method for non rooted from way earlier in the thread actually worked, it just fooled me at first because corp calendar and twitter didn’t reapper in my app drawer, even though they re-installed

          • DMal82

            Disregard that, it did work, Corporate Calendar was for some reason not showing up in the app drawer, but it was there, Thanks so much for your help

          • Lance

            so were u able to update???

          • DMal82

            yep I am fully updated

          • Anonymous

            I was just sitting down to figure out how to send you those apps–so happy that it worked out!

          • Travillion

            Based on your comments I can't tell if you're currently rooted or not. If not rooted, follow my first instructions to install the FRG01B (Master OTA). If you are rooted, follow my second comment to install the FRG01B stock system file (the one that gives you odexed or deodexed options) and then un-root. Hope that makes sense, I know it's confusing about which file to install, etc.

        • Travillion

          Woops, ignore my previous post–if you're rooted you won't be able to install the non-rooted file. Perhaps you could download and flash his stock system file (FRG01B) at the top of the page, would probably return your apps and keep root. From there you'd just have to unroot.

    • DMal82

      If someone can email me the corp cal and twitter apps it would be greatly appreciated

    • Dazz1996

      next time try smart bar and backup all your apps to sd ad save them to your computer as well good luck

  • JB

    I was rooted with Easy Root, and I updated….it's still showing the Superuser Permissions icon….does this mean I'm still rooted?

    • hihi

      you update manually,and you was rooted with easy root,and how its works..im ask because im roted too with this program ,,nothing more just set cpu and no kernel,,,so i can update or what i must to do,,,

  • wow i just had a 13 minute boot time after i was done with this lol

  • Cory

    This is bull. The developers still cant force close apps. So basically the advanced task killer still doesn't work the way it did before FRG01B.

  • Crow

    . . .(ahem). . .very noob-like question here, but: I've a file on my SD cared called update.zip (the last Froyo build) I'm being asked if I want to copy and replace, don't copy, or keep both files named update.zip – which should I do?

    – Crow

    PS: I like socks. A lot.

    • caphoagie

      Just earase old one.

    • Crow

      eww, I said 'cared' rather that 'card.' I fail. *tear*

      – Crow

    • DonHatch

      I had the same situation..I did “copy and replace” and all went well. Flash IS in the market now.

  • Saverseb

    But I'm already running flash on FRG01B…

  • *If you don't see flash in you market, Got to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All, Scroll down to Market, Then clear cache then data, Once you open the market it will be their! =D


    • BigRedBike

      Thanks for that info JosueD. That was missing for me

  • Russr1123

    Kellex, any ideas why flash is still not available in the market for folks who updated to FRG22D? I thought the whole point of this update was to be able to download Flash from the market.

  • DMal82

    I can't get this working, keeps failing to update, I'm not rooted

    • lance


      • DMal82

        Seems to have something to do with the fact that I removed corporate calendar when I was rooted, the error message says something about CorpCalendar

        • lance

          I also remove spme stock apps

          • DMal82

            I just did a reset and the apps didn't come back, I can't update without them it seems, help anyone?

          • Lance

            it seems we have to flash FRG01B Flash Using RSD Lite 4.7 and update frpm there

  • suchashorttime

    Can we get a semantic check working in here? I am so confused.

  • Toneynola22

    can any one tell me the difference with frg22 and frg22d cause i have frg22 and can not update to frg22d? can anyone help?

    • Russr1123

      Toneynola22, you won't be able to update as the update.zip patches FRG01B to FRG22D. It will fail unless your current build is FRG01B. You'll have to flash back to FRG01B before you can get this update to work.

      • Toneynola22

        how do you go back to frg01b

  • Cory

    what do u mean by place it on the root of the sd card? how do i do that

    • It's the topmost part of the sdcard, as in not in any folder or subfolder. When you open the sdcard drive on your computer, thats the root of it.

    • Cory

      oh i get it you just download it from your computer and move the .zip folder onto your phone from the usb cable.

  • Paul

    Just applied update FRG22D from manual FRG01B on non rooted droid 1. Worked great, thanks.

    • Russr1123

      Is Flash showing up in the market for you?

      • Dannythegrate

        I applied this update, checked in the market place and flash was the top item.

        • Michael

          same here!

    • Pinstrps

      I have tried this twice with no luck. I renamed the file as instructed and placed it in the root of the sd. After going through the install process after reboot I still have 2.2 FRG01B.

      • Projectshadow316

        I’m having the same issue.

  • Hey Guys, Here's a deodexed FRG22D rooted, It's by P3Droid, Here's the link: http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-discus


  • jediwebgeek

    I installed this, but I don't see Flash Player in the Market. What gives?

  • Pessay

    I had FRG01B unrooted, had previously manually downloaded Flash, but uninstalled it before this update. Just installed this update, and the about phone says I have FRG22D, but Flash does not show in my market. I guess it's back to the manual download for me…





    • Bzchickin



    • Dirty

      check your spelling lil homie

    • FUUNY ONES!!! Spelling? Alrighty then…

  • kellex

    We are hearing from people who rooted FRG01B, then updated to this and lost root access.

    If you want to keep root, I suggest that you do not update at this time.

    Please “like” this.

    • Bladedancer12

      hey kellex I was rooted with the use of universal androot but I unroot because of the new update. so iam stock 2.2 FRG01B and trying update but it kepts telling aborted HELP!

    • Porschephile2k3

      Hopefully it's only a matter of time before Pete does his magic and releases both full ODEXED and DEODEXED roms based on FRG22D.

      • Yagermeister

        He already has 🙂

        • I saw DEODEXED but not ODEXED there. Also, this has been out for a little while. Wasn't someone saying there were problems with this? If it was official then why didn't we have the unrooted version of the update available until now?

          • Kaufkin
          • I think that post shows that I shouldn’t trust the rooted update.zip on that site. You need to apply a fix? Also, no odexed version, just deodexed.

            Also, still no understanding why they never had the non-rooted official release available for download.

            This doesn’t pass the smell test and I think it was Kellex that posted something previously about not trusting this download. Thanks for sharing the link though Kaufkin.

          • Kaufkin

            *Grin* I’m waiting for Pete. No offense to others.. but yeah, patches shouldn’t be needed, if you are otherwise running stock.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            also waiting for Pete.. hope he does it. He jumped on the FRG01B the day it came out – while camping – and rooted it and put it on his site.. but so far, for this, he has not even shown any interest

            however, no real loss if he does as all it does is ad Flash to the market – which I had 10.1 Flash last week and care not if it is in the market. and claims to “fix some bugs and security issues” of which 1 is some exchange server admin settings which I do not even care about. So, not much benefit really than what his rooted FRG01B does.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          Pete Alfonso and P3 are different people, no? That FRG22D deodexed is by P3. not Pete. Pete does not have a version of FRG22D on his site yet.

    • swould333

      yep.. lost root.. 🙁

    • Yep. From the patch file:

      set_perm_recursive(0, 0, 0755, 0644, “/system”);
      set_perm_recursive(0, 2000, 0755, 0755, “/system/bin”);

      That'll definitely unroot your system.

    • a1locjaw

      Hey Kellex, aren't there setting for Flash that makes it only activate a flash object on demand? I thought this was supposed to help limit the process to only objects you want to run? I can't find any way of accessing any settings for flash. Am I an idiot?

      • Anonymous

        Go to browser settings > add-ins and change to on demand.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the help… that’s one place I didn’t think of looking. It seemed to help somewhat but videos are not smooth streaming… and I don’t think that’s a fault of the processor.. after all, YouTube videos stream very well (on wifi)… so do all the shows on tv.com… so the flash videos shouldn’t have a problem.

      • dp420

        i just tried using flash for the first time. Upon load there was a green arrow. The “image” or whatever wouldn’t load until I clicked the green arrow. Don’t know if it’s just a default setting, but it appears it’s automatically set that way….

    • Just up’ed to FRG22D, and got root back by following the instructions here:

      After finally figuring out that GoogleGoggles.odex and Maps.apk were removed from my system when I installed FRG01BODEXDOTA which gave me root in the first place, I replaced them with versions from FRG22ODEXED (both in a previous post on how to root the d1), installed the manual FRG22D update, and then followed the instructions above. It seems that ‘second version’ that the FRG22D references is the leaked FRG22 from a couple of weeks ago.

      • Wow. I think I’m going to wait for the “click here to root” app 😉

        • You just have to follow the directions if you got the update to install. Took me 5 minutes tops. But I see where you’re going.

    • Colby629

      im having trouble putting a new rom on my newly rooted droid 1(using easyroot) butr it wont let me put a rom on and after trying several times i finally got the simply stunning froyo v4.7 but none of my contacts or apps or any of my data was there what am i doing wrong

      • Houlda

        I also have trouble like youhttp://reviewgadget.net/

    • capgeo

      Kellex,Thank you again.After waiting over a week after verizon announced the 2.2 update,with your instruction,all went well.Again I waited,this time 4-5 days,and tired of waiting I followed your instructions again and now I am updated to FRG02D.Flash showed up in the market and it’s like I bought a new phone.So glad I found your site and get your daily emails.I know I’ll always be getting the most out of my Droid.You The Man,Capgeo

  • Blade


  • davisjg

    Besides being able to now download Flash Player 10.1 from the market, is there anything extra that comes with the new FRG22D build?

  • Fahylando

    Doesnt work with Droid2

    • Cory

      doesn't droid 2 already have it lol?

  • Aaron

    No luck here, can't find Flash in the market after updating. Went to m.flash.com and clicked the get flash link but get a “The requested item could not be found” message from Market.

  • Rizzidy


    I think you should change “BEFORE” to “INSTEAD OF” in:


  • Forgive me for not being too bright, but I'm not clear about this. You say:


    and then you say:


    So, don't install this if I am rooted, or can I still install this if I am rooted? I am rooted and don't want to screw stuff up.

    • Bryan

      Ditto. If rooted, can I install this?

    • Travillion

      If you are rooted and want to preserve root, DON'T install this update. I'm sure in no time we will have a rooted version. Kellex's statement was not to tell people 1) root, 2) install this update, but instead: can't root with update, so if wanting to root, then root now.

      • kellex

        *NOTE 2* – I cannot confirm this, but there is a chance you will lose root should you update to this from FRG01B. While the update file is only 1.6MB, I am doubting it will break root, but to be safe, you may want to wait until a root exploit is discovered.

        • Travillion

          My bad, sorry to misquote!

  • UnivFRG22D

    I have a D1, was rooted on FRG01B using universal androot. I ran the FRG22D update. I lost root and universal androot doesn't work as we know. It still thinks my phone is rooted though, but it's not as root explorer and setCPU don't work. Anyone else in this boat?

    • Rizzidy

      Everyone 'like' this.

    • Jayhawk

      I am in this boat as well. I rooted with EasyRoot, I have Superuser Permissions Icon, DroCap2, SetCPU, and Wireless Tethering do not work, but it still thinks my phone is rooted. Tried to run EasyRoot to unroot the phone, and then reboot, still have all those problems.

  • Coaster36

    Wonder why you cant see flash 10.1 in the market if im rooted with 2.2. I already have one of the linked flashes so not that big a deal but still? This must be doing something important.

    • JimmyD

      Clear your cache and go back into the market… you’ll find it then.

  • Micah

    Just for clarification…is Flash supposed to be INCLUDED in this update or will this just make it available in the Market? I've manually installed the update and I'm not finding Flash in the Market…

    • Travillion

      It's supposed to allow you to see/download flash from the market.

      • Micah

        yeah…um…its not there.

        • Travillion

          Sorry, don't know what to tell you. I'm sure we'll get more clarification as the update becomes more popular. But per Verizon, the update is supposed to allow you to see flash in the market, not come bundled with flash.

    • JimmyD

      Clear your cache and go back into the market… you’ll find it then.

  • Bladedancer12

    Just trying to update n it fail WHY!

  • Coaster36


    Do people even read the topic or just read the title?

  • Brian M.

    Is there a point in updating to FRG22D if I have already rooted, installed Sapphire, and installed Flash 10.1? I'm assuming the update will get blocked for me?

    • No, Sapphire is built from source and therefore doesn’t rely on updates, so there’s point in updating. Your custom recovery will block the update file from installing; if you are prompted to do a system update (which you probably won’t), go ahead and accept it. Your phone will boot into recovery and display a “!” in a triangle, then just press power and select reboot and it shouldn’t prompt you again.

  • Bryan

    Anyone know if EasyRoot works on this build?

    • jduffy118

      i have no idea either! thats why im not updating just yet.

      • JimmyD

        You can always re-root after performing this manual update

    • Pottyman


      • Bryan


  • picaso86

    I am running a Yogurt ROM… if install this, can I rooted later on?

    • Yogurt? Wouldn't that be Android version 19 or so? 😛

      Seriously, though: If you aren't rooted before applying this, you can't root after until someone figures out a way to root it.

  • Rizzidy

    Does Universal Androot still work on it?

    • kellex

      Nope. And post updated.

      • Rizzidy

        So you don't lose root if you install this update?

        • Coaster36


          Do people even read the topic or just read the title?

          • Rizzidy



            note “BEFORE” which implies that you can update AFTER and keep root

          • Do we have confirmation of that? Can we roll back to FRG01B, root, and then apply the update to FRG22D while rooted and still keep root?

          • Rizzidy

            That's what I'm trying to figure out.

          • PJ

            If you want root, you have to stay on FRG01B. You WILL lose root priveledges if you update.

          • John Smith


        • kellex

          I can't verify that, but I sort of doubt it. It's only a 1.6MB file.

          • Rizzidy


            You doubt that you lose root or you doubt that you don't lose root?

  • Yagermeister

    In addition to the Flash, the first notification I got once I applied the file had to do with my Microsoft Exchange account needing to have “security applied to the account”. I clicked the notification and asked me to Activate [the security] or Cancel. This is new and provides added capabilities to Exchange Administrators.


    • I get that message on all 2.2 builds whenever the mail admin makes a change, it's not new.

      • Yagermeister

        I'll talk to my admin and see what they changed 😉

      • Yagermeister


        I checked with my admin and nothing has changed whatsoever. The only change is that I manually updated to FRG22D. Everyone time I reboot the phone I get the same notification that I need to have “security applied to the account”. everytime I click the notification now though the screen goes black like it is doing something and then returns me to the home screen. very wierd.

  • Toddicus

    So is it worth unrooting for this update if I'm already running a rooted FRG01B build with manually installed official 10.1 flash build? How critical are the security updates I've heard about?

  • Does the jaibreak in the other post still work?

  • Luckyr1981

    Any one see the difference between updates, other than Flash?

  • tbaybe

    good thing im rooted now

    • B-Do

      Cool story bro!

      • tbaybe

        u mean “sis” lol

        • briderx

          Ha.. Implications hinder gender equality and identity. Try saying that 5 times fast..