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How to: Update your DROID Incredible to Leaked Android 2.2

We’ve had a chance to flash the new (and what appears to be official) Android 2.2 for the Droid Incredible and wanted to drop the instructions on you.

*Warning* – For those that aren’t rooted, the steps are pretty simple (read Note 2), just understand that this will wipe your phone completely clean meaning all of your apps will be gone and you’ll need to set up your accounts/settings again.    Also be warned that if this is not the official update, it could be extremely difficult to back out of and OTA updates could pass you by.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  You accept all risk involved.


Instructions: (pulled from XDA and edited)

*Note 1* – If you are rooted, make sure you have flashed the unrevoked-forever file!

*Note 2* – If you just want to update to 2.2 without root, just plug your phone in and run the RUU which you can download from here.

1. Download this file and place on your SD card.
2. Boot into hboot (Hold optical button + power) and select Bootloader.
3. PB31IMG.ZIP will start to install.

**Step 3 note** Your phone might reboot to either hboot or recovery after trying to install PB31IMG.ZIP, just get back to hboot and install again, when you get back to hboot you should notice its version .92 and S-OFF is still on, just install PB31IMG.ZIP again and all should be good. I believe at one point after it updates hboot it has to reboot to finish the install, so this might be what you are seeing.

4. Reboot, setup your google account, etc.
5. Put the files attached below on the root of your SD-Card.

***Files are PB31IMG.ZIP (this is not the update, either delete the other PB31IMG.ZIP or rename it to PB31IMG.BAK, this is just clockwork recovery in the PB31IMG.ZIP) , payload-update.zip, and su-***

6. Power down phone and boot to hboot (hold optical button + power).
7. Install PB31IMG.ZIP in hboot, this installs clockwork recovery.
8. Once that is done installing, press volume down, so your phone doesnt reboot, then select recovery.
9. Once you boot into recovery choose install zip from SD-Card, then choose payload-update.zip.
10. After that installs, choose to install another zip and install su-
11. Reboot and enjoy your rooted phone running the new Froyo.

Have fun kiddies.

  • Carrstar8

    what it i want to un install it?!? it changed all my messaging stuff and i dont like it!!

  • Carrstar8

    what it i want to un install it?!? it changed all my messaging stuff and i dont like it!!

  • Joe Liotta

    I used this .exe file to get 2.2 but now I see the official is out. Should I hard reset and put the official froyo on my phone?

  • Clayton Hughes

    HBOOT Says


    When I try to run the BOOTLOADER with PB31IMG.zip on the root of the SD Card (step 2/3), I get the following output:

    “SD Checking…
    No Image!
    No Image or wrong Image!
    No Image!
    No Image or wrong Image!”

    Any ideas?

    • Clayton Hughes

      Turns out problem was the SD Card Format. Reformatted from FAT (default that came with the phone) to FAT32 and now it's loading. Yay!

  • 2.2 ROCKS!!!

  • What if you already have Clockworks and are rooted? wouldn't you just wipe data and cache and install the leak?

  • 2.2 ROCKS!!!

  • What if you already have Clockworks and are rooted? wouldn't you just wipe data and cache and install the leak?

  • Tylercho

    i did this i couldnt wait for the OTA update it works great for me im not worried abt receiving other updates bc i can just do what i did with this one and its not like this phones gonna get many more updates i bet it dosent get any

  • Mflaherty69

    If rooted : Is it worth the hassle to switch from sky raider 3.0 rc2, to this leaked stock rom? I don't see any benefits.

  • Richard

    Can my Motorola XT720 update this and any advice.

  • This is the worst instructions ever. I got this.. Imma wing it.. Thanks

  • This is the worse instructions ever. Ill just wing it. Thanks..I got this homie.

  • Gaurav

    I did the update, it seems to be working fine.

  • jay

    question – after i did update and copied zip files to sd card and booted to hboot, it installed pb31img.zip but then it rebooted even tho i hit volume down…must have not hit at right time…so now when i try and boot into recovery i get a screen with a triangle and exclamation point and cant install the other zip files…how can i fix this?

    • AK

      Did u manage to resolve this. I have the same error!

      • jay

        nope..nothing yet..been playing around and cant seem to figure it out…try creating update.zip with the other files and that didnt work either…ill update if i figure it out..and if u figure it out please update me too..thanks

        • Triadtwin

          Jay and AK- hold volume up and power simultaneously to get to the next screen when you see the red triangle. Sometimes it takes a few tries to time it right.

          • jay

            yeah, i did that, but it is android system recovery, not clockwork recovery..so i cannot install zip files from sd card…rom manager says phone is not rooted anymore, but it also shows clockwork recovery is installed…so i have no clue..

          • jay

            2.2 update itself was flawless…everything works perfect…just not rooted anymore…no big deal..im sure it will only be a few days till unrevoked has new one click root for 2.2

          • themiracle2012

            using astro file manager double check the file name on the clockwork version of pb31img.zip. mine had n extra .zip on the end of the file name for some reason.

        • Cabalja

          I had the same problem. I went into Astro and the file had an extra “.zip” on it. Deleted the extra extension, started up into hboot and it asked if I wanted to update. Press up volume and it completes the update.

  • I may be reading these instructions wrong, but wouldn't it be easier to just flash to non-root and then root from that point?

  • digitalicecream

    Within hours of it being released its already been deodexed and zip aligned… point made. I'll wait a week…

  • Tailinonthefly

    I just spoke to Verizon Customer Care on the phone and they said that they have begun releasing the 2.2 update for the droid, but they are only going to release it 10,000 customers at a time, so there is no way of telling when a specific customer is going to receive the update.

  • digitalicecream

    You know what, having seen the updates to the D1 after the initial release. I'm deciding not to do this. I'll wait for Unrevoked, Skyraider, or Cyanogenmod to get this done for me and then I'll apply one of those images instead next week sometime. Because this is a nightmare waiting to happen.

  • Murph

    Kellex, does this have the new boot animation that has been reported previously?

  • De

    What is the optical button?

  • Rob

    Updating now… If unrooted you need to have HTC Sync installed on your machine & need to be connected in HTC Sync mode on your phone! Then just run the .exe file 🙂 super easy

    • Rob

      Loaded… No issues so far… Flash 10.1, 720p recording, Mobile Hot Spot & Installing Apps to SD card are supported 🙂

  • Steve Edholm

    Do we need the previous radio update?

    It isn't hard to go back, but you do lose everything again. You just have to have the downgrade file (which I have on my laptop at home). That file works well as you just restart it in the boot menu and boom, in under 10 you have 2.1 again.

  • Dimatties

    I've tried numerous times to run this from my PC but it continually tells me there is an error connecting to the USB. Any suggestions?

    • LambeauXLIV

      same issue here

    • I think you might need to download a driver so your computer recognizes, sorry I can't help much with that though… I just remember mine wouldn't connect a while back.. and I installed something that worked..

    • Rob

      You need to install HTC Syc onto your PC.. its located on your phone if connected via USB Drive mode.. Once installed connected your Incredibile in HTC Sync mode with HTC Sync running on your computer. Then run the .exe file.. My update took about 7 minutes. Firmware/Baseband numbers match the OFFICAL release starting tomorrow

      • Briester

        And if you're on a Mac and HTC Sync is not available? 🙁

  • KnightDavid

    reinstall all my apps and data eh? Froyo is going to be awesome, sure, but honestly my DInc at 2.1 is already awesome. I'm not so impatient that I can't wait for the OTA and not have to setup my phone from scratch.

  • Brandschnizzle

    ****OFF TOPIC****

    Anyway to root Froyo Droid X?

    • Voxx

      Dude, this is a Dinc thread…

  • so does it work or what ??? who has tried it ???

    • kellex

      Screenshots are from my DI. It works.

      • skltr21

        kellex….. can i get your honest opinion? is easy root the best way to go about rooting stock 2.2? not the easiest, but best way? my wife got a replacement and it came with stock 2.2 on it. so i need to root her again. i just need to know if going that route is worth it? or if i should do the trusty flashing of sbf files. flash the 2.0.1 sbf and then the 2.1 sbf and then root from there back to 2.2??? i know that's a long route to go but i don't know that i trust easy root all that much…..

  • Mrpicolas

    Think I'm gonna update the wife's dinc

  • house

    So I can put this on my DI without being rooted?

  • will i still be able to install the official OTA (if revised and tweaked) after i download the leak?

    • I have the same question!

      • viewthis66

        i believe if it were to pass you by its because they have verified that you have it. i say that because i performed this same thing when i had the first Droid and instead of getting the OTA, because i installed a zip like this one, i got an email from Motorola saying thank you for updating to the latest software.

    • Ben

      There's really no way to be sure. However, note that in the post it says “OTA updates could pass you by.” Thus, if you install the leak you do so at your own risk.

  • How do I back up my apps and contacts and stuff
    and is this bad to do?

    • search backup in the market there is a handful of apps, titanium backup is the best but requires root access. My backup pro costs money if you're willing to spend

      • hey thanks a lot! and do you know if I do this, will their be away for me to get the next OTA updates? Or if I do this is it done for, and I will always have to manually upgrade?

  • Ltbakken1

    If you are unrooted and do this, does it break warranty?

  • Main concern is battery life. Stock on Inc seemed better than the previous Inc Froyo releases. How is the battery on this?

  • Rizzidy

    It's a virus, don't do it.

  • waiting to hear back from non rooted folks

    • kellex

      Updated post. You can just plug in your phone and run the RUU if you want. If you are non-rooted that is.

      • so download the zip file, save it to desk top and plug in phone…sounds too easy

        • kellex

          Read Note 2 above. 🙂

          • werd…thanks

          • Bballgarnett

            i try tht an it says my connection between the pc an phone isnt rite

  • not first!

  • Gabe