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Breaking: Verizon Update for DROID Allowing Flash 10.1 Installation Starts Tomorrow

The tip showing that FRG22D Froyo was headed to the Droid came across like 30 minutes ago and we can already confirm to you that the update will hit your D1’s starting tomorrow, August 24th.  The update on top of your FRG01B Android 2.2 will allow you to download official Flash 10.1 from the market, finally.  Of course you can download from here right now if you can’t wait.

  • Hermes bags
  • Mcrdud3

    will this adobe update unroot the droid?

  • Mcrdud3

    will this adobe update unroot the droid?

  • Rioman9

    No, nothing here – Fresno CA

  • Rioman9

    No, nothing here – Fresno CA

  • Russr1123

    Day 2 of the supposed roll out to FRG22D and nothing here in NJ. Based on the posts here, it seems like no one has really been getting it.

  • Kaliblade

    Here we go again.. Nothing in LI NY. (631)

  • Not yet in Syracuse, but after the last one, I know better than to expect it right away!

  • In MI and no FRG22D

  • hongeeX)

    Did everyone get 2.2? I didn't get it -_-

  • Lhandsome

    Questions! 1. I Manually updated to 2.2 and flash player, will I still get the notice for the FRG22D?
    2. My flash is very slow. Is my phone doing too much(I use my task killer before I watch anything) or should I delete it and reinstall it?
    3. Because this phone is like a computer do I or can I scan my phone for any unnessary files that are affecting the performance or should I just root it?? Thanks!

  • Roseventyfour

    funny how verizon thinks flash on a o.g. droid is more important than froyo on the rest of the droids.

  • Jdon285

    Please help me win a Droid 2, you could win one too!!!! http://droid2.freetesterswanted.com?id=226urx9i

  • Russr1123

    In NJ and no FRG22 today. Still on FRG01B.

  • Otsrocks

    Battery life is just fine on froyo unrooted d1 IMO.just go through your settings and tweak location finding,only sync accounts that you need synced, 25-30%brightness level indoors (or auto),and uninstall Skype. It runs constantly in the background and killed my battery. Also too many Widgets,and weather bug kill battery life. Just my 2 cents

  • Jerryk

    Well it is Aug 24 and my D1 that has FRG01B still says “the system is up to date”. Would love to see it get FRG22

  • Twalker611

    Off subject here but I have a question that I think would help many people.

    I'm rooted and running Lithium Mod with the Stock Theme. I used Easy Root to root my phone a few weeks back and now I've switched to Universal Androot. My question is this… If for some reason I have to return my phone to Verizon (i.e. blown speaker, etc.) how does the unrooting process work?

    Since I am on a custom ROM (Lithium Mod) would I need to flash a stock image before unrooting? Just seems to me that since you have to be rooted to run a custom ROM that if I tapped the unroot button while still running Lithium Mod that all hell would break loose because it wouldn't be able to run it.

    Am I way off base here? Can someone please help just so I know what to do if something does break, cause I've had blown speakers and stuff before. Thanks.

    • NorCalGuy

      If u use rom manager (free edition from the market) then you can download the 2.2 stock image and then when prompted don't select the superuser permisions and then your phone will go through recovery and then be back to stock. Don't forget your sd when u switch phones at verizon. Hope that helps a bit

      • Twalker611

        Thank you NorCalGuy. Before I revert back to stock through ROM Manager I will probably need to back up all of my paid root apps (SetCPU, ROM Manager) to my SD card and also uninstall Superuser Permissions since you must have root access to get these right?

        • NorCalGuy

          All paid apps r saved to ur gmail accouunt, I am also like 75 percent sure ur non paid apps are now also linked to your gmail and will auto dl in a 2.2 system. About the super userpermissions when you dl the stock image it will give you the option to add superuser permisions, if you don't choose this you will have a compltletly stock phone. Also if you want to just make sure about your apps you can back them up using astro file manager.

          • Twalker611

            Thank you for all of your help. I guess here is my question really… Since I paid for those apps (SetCPU and premium ROM Manager) even if I delete them they will appear in my downloads section correct? So is there a way I can go about not having them appear there, because wouldn't that just be a HUGE clue to Verizon that I have been rooted? I mean why else would I have paid for those two apps?

          • NorCalGuy

            They will appear there forever I believe but there is nothing verizon can do about u having bought the apps, they were and still r in the market so they can't. Not take your phone back, also they wont be looking into yopur apps if you are taking your phone in for a speaker issue.

  • briderx

    I got the update last night @ around 10:00pm. Using BB .4 it didn't actually install.. But the offer was there.

  • Silley180
  • Fawzi94

    Does anyone know a nice droid x theme for the droid 1?

    • Porschephile2k3

      Download ADW Launcher and check out the Droid X Theme on the Market.

  • skltr21

    question??? my wife is getting a replacement droid for her broken one…… if it comes with froyo already installed can i still root it using the same old fashion sprecovery and sbf file way???? or does that method only work for 2.1???

  • Cory

    YES!!! i dont wanna say finally but FINALLY. Also kind of in response to Brian. My dad was top dairy salesman in his company and he won an iPad and some money but i wish he would've won a Droid X or even 2 instead haha. The iPad just sits there and it was only cool for about 10 min lol.

    • Cory

      actually i guess i shouldve said Droid X or Droid 2 that sounds better

  • Rebeldogg7777

    I received an update about 30mins ago but nothing changed..I already had the FRG22 I was hoping this was the new one… but nothing is different that i can see…

  • saimin

    Any idea what the “enhancements and improvements” are going to be, besides Adobe Flash?

    Are they going to fix the Froyo AAC+ problem that many Pandora and Slacker users are complaining about?

  • lyi

    This update hit my Droid on the 18th. I have not installed it as I don't know how it will affect my Rooted Ulimate Droid Froyo 6.0 already installed. What do you think?

  • ok i have a question i haven't seen yet i got both updated from verizon during there first attempt to pushout 2.2 and now i have frg22, being that i have that verison, will my phone get the newer build or should i wait till someone posted it on here to install it

  • Speaking of flash support… I was just in best buy and went over to their ipod touch, I mean iPad table and set the home pages of all of the ipads to m.flash.com…….

    • Mattg67

      Ha Ha that's awesome

    • lakerzz

      That f'n RULES!!!

    • HAH! That's legit.

    • Nice

      IMO we should start a coalition, and get everyone to do this when they enter electronics stores. Just to show consumers how crappy ipads are (=

      • guz1115

        When and where are the meeting?, Im down!

    • ill join the force here abd head over to the apple store and set every device to the flash site

    • Evermour

      I am so going to do that now (:

    • I'm down!

    • EC8CH

      +1 Lego Blocks For All

  • Dboy32009

    Will the second update help with battery life

  • joesred

    OK…it is “bad” to root according to Motorola and Verizon……but yet they play these games….like I basically feel like I am being punished for buying a Droid X…
    It is this kind of crap that urges you to root your phone so you are not left behind…

  • eddieonofre

    finallt I am being able to have flash player on the Droid.. wait I have been able to do it months ago

  • Pendelton

    ok so if your rooted with easy root and have a P3 kernel installed, How do you go about getting back to stock. Link ?

  • Perhaps this one won't be as eventful as the original update, so I hope..

  • m3

    I'm remaining on 2.1 update1. 2.2 is ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS at best with battery life. There's no point in trying to enjoy all that is, DROID, if your battery life is nothing like it was with 2.1 update1. It's not like I'm going to be watching flash vids everyday all day … and or enjoying the other little frilly stuff that 2.2 comes with.

    Until they figure out a better way to enhance the life of a DROID battery with 2.2, It's 2.1 for me. Sorry, but you have nothing if you don't have battery life.

    And yes, I've tried all the tips and tricks with TRYING to manage and save battery life with 2.2. I've heard nothing but negative from all those who have 2.2 where I work — and there are hundreds. They don't pull out the DROID NEARLY as much as they did before the update.

    Can someone explain why the DROID battery life of 2.2 is so ridiculously bad?

    Thanks for letting me rant –

    • eddieonofre

      there is something wrong with ur droid then coz mi last 10-12 hours of midium a littel above use
      and 7-8 of almost wild use

    • My droid has better battery life after 2.2. Perhaps because I rooted and installed SetCPU and made it underclock when the screen is off. I noticed a bit of lag, but it always comes back after killing a few unnecessary apps and clearing cache. I use LauncherPro though, and I think it is less glitchy than the stock homescreen anyways. I haven't had any problems with flash, but haven't used it much either. I leave my droid on WiFi all day at work (in the basement…bad 3G reception) and I get down to about 70% by days end. Not sure if my mileage is higher because I don't use it terribly much except for email at work.

    • i have to agree with the other guys…something might be screwed up with your phone because i have great battery life on 2.2

    • Rizzidy

      I'm with you man. The people claiming better battery life have rooted their phones. The stock 2.2 OTA really screwed up my phone.

      Not only is the battery life terrible, but, more importantly, the proximity sensor doesn't work right anymore either. In the last 4 days I have had countless accidental hangups caused by my cheek. I have had the phone since November and never had this problem before the 2.2 update.

    • Chris

      Its not the 2.2 update. its your phone or battery. I have a nonrooted motorola droid and manually updated to 2.2 and installed flash 10.1 and my battery lasts all day before the battery meter gets to 50%. and i never even turn my phone off ever

      • David

        Are you running a bunch of apps? It sound more and more like that has a lot to do with battery life. Not that actually using the apps, but the apps keep turning themselves on.

    • Check ur apps. I called tech support and They told me oh u just need to use ur task manager every hour
      BS more like every 15 minutes. I have to work for a living and I don't have time for all of that. They need to fix their stupid update NOW

    • Tomsyco

      I disagree with all of you and agree with the original poster. My phone is STOCK. I am not rooted and my battery life is horrendous. I get about 7 hours of battery life with no use….

    • DoGood

      Sorry to hear you are having battery issues with 2.2. Don't really know what your are talking about, I have not had the same problems with battery life. I've noticed no noticeable decrease… if anything, it seems to be the same or slightly better.

    • B-Do

      I'm not rooted, and my phone's never been rooted. My battery life on 2.2 is better than 2.1.

      After making a warranty return, I got a new (refurbished) phone the same day that 2.2 came out OTA. The install of 2.2 was fresh, in fact, I factory refreshed the phone before I installed 2.2. Maybe that's the issue?

      Or, there's something wrong with your phone. My battery life on 2.1 was terrible, however, the battery in my current phone is the same as the old phone.

    • BigDaddyEllison

      If you have a Task Killer, get rid of it. My battery life is better in 2.2 than it was in 2.1 since I uninstalled my task killer app. 2.2 handles the processes much better and will even close the browser if it sits idle long enough.

    • David

      I had some serious issues with my battery life too. I decided to delete as many apps as I could stand to do without. I kept only the ones that I use often. Then I followed someone else's advice and shut down the phone, removed the batter, removed the memory card, waited a little bit, and put it all back together again (although I'm not completely convinced that doing so did anything). I don't know which did the trick, but I went from a battery that died around 7 hours off the charger to having 40% left after 16 hours off the charger. I hope that helps.

    • AnimateD

      ditto on the OP comment

      ever since OTA 2.2, my phone has been processing things slower, my touchscreen is less responsive & less accurate, and my battery seems to die 1-2hrs earlier than normal. Im a man of routine so it’s not my usage. I havent DLed any new apps, nor installed flash yet.. so something’s definitely weird.

      how would you downgrade your system back to 2.1?
      I guess I could google it, but Im not quite the search expert as I was 10 yrs ago, especially with so much more crap on the internet

    • AnimateD

      ditto on the OP comment

      ever since OTA 2.2, my phone has been processing things slower, my touchscreen is less responsive & less accurate, and my battery seems to die 1-2hrs earlier than normal. Im a man of routine so it’s not my usage. I havent DLed any new apps, nor installed flash yet.. so something’s definitely weird.

      how would you downgrade your system back to 2.1?
      I guess I could google it, but Im not quite the search expert as I was 10 yrs ago, especially with so much more crap on the internet

    • Vic

      Use a Task Manager to see what is eating up the CPU. When I went to 2.2 it took forever for the phone to charge and the battery drained real fast and the phone was always hot. Loaded a Task Manager and saw that the Email application was always taking 80-100% of CPU. Removed my Exchange ID from it and no more battery issues. Still have my yahoo e-mail address running in the application so my guess is that it is something to do with connecting to Exchange.

    • Vic

      Use a Task Manager to see what is eating up the CPU. When I went to 2.2 it took forever for the phone to charge and the battery drained real fast and the phone was always hot. Loaded a Task Manager and saw that the Email application was always taking 80-100% of CPU. Removed my Exchange ID from it and no more battery issues. Still have my yahoo e-mail address running in the application so my guess is that it is something to do with connecting to Exchange.

  • Jason w.s.

    Guys, i need some help. Its off topic. If i use ROM Manager to get froyo on my DX, can i just use my backup from clock work recovery to get back to 2.1 if need be? I can't go the sbf and rsd lite route because i have no computer at the moment, so basically, i cant, or wont mess with froyo untill i know for sure i can fall back on my backup to 2.1. I keep hearing different things from different people. Thanx in advance for any help 😉


    I can't send or receive MMS since the FroYo update. Not sure if I want to install this next one. Not willing to lose any other features, especially ones I'm paying for. Is there a known fix for this bug. Or is Big Red gonna have to replace?

    • Ryan

      The same thing happened to me for a day or two after receiving 2.2. Now MMS goes through fine, not sure why that happened.

  • Kswallace87

    Hey Question to anyone! The last time i went to update it gave me the triagle n the phone n didnt do any updating, Should i try it this time. Im rooted running the FRG01B 2.2. I am giving this phone to the wife n she dont want it rooted!

  • Drk3l3ctric024

    Oh man I just got an OTA notification for an update for FRG22D like 15 min ago and after a couple of reboots I'm still on the load screen..

    • this post may cause hal of all D1 users on droid-life to reboot their phones…

  • i know this is a common question, but the OTA update will come through fine on a rooted phone as long as it is running stock frg01b and stock kernel, correct?

    • 2001400ex

      I would like to know too…. Does this tahe away root from Androot?

    • Lfkiter

      I'm wondering too? I'm in same situation..should I unroot to get the latest froyo?? i used androot as well

    • Somniferum

      I need to know this as well … I'm running FRG01B (manual update) and just rooted with Universal Androot. Not using any custom ROMS or kernels but I'm loving SetCPU @ 800mhz. 🙂 If FRG22B gets pushed to my Droid is it going to unroot me? And if so, can Universal Androot be used under FRG22B to get root back again? I don't want to lose the ability to overclock, now that I finally have it.

      • Travillion

        Part of the rooting process includes a putting a custom recovery (e.g., Clockwork) on your phone. You should still have that regardless of whether your ROM is stock or not. You'll probably still get the notice, but your custom recovery should prevent the install, hence protecting your “rootedness.”

        • Anonymous

          I’m using a newer/simpler method of rooting and OCing which does not involve a custom recovery. Kellex described the method yesterday in this post:


          Basically there are 2 steps: Install and run Universal Androot; install and run SetCPU. Done. But what are the implications of the OTA update, since there’s no custom recovery on my phone to prevent the install? That’s what I’m concerned about.

    • Sslayer22

      From my understanding you are correct. I'm pretty sure its the custom roms that don't allow the ota update, not because you just have root access.

  • Johnchinen

    Ima just let clockwork black the ota.

  • Lance

    oh great i guest i have to unroot 😀 lol

  • Beemos18

    ahhhh man our final droid update ever. i want some ginger bread, tooooo bad!

  • Wyanrard

    Anyone else having horrible battery life with 2.2?

    • I wonder if FRG22D will fix the battery drain, lagging home screen, inability to maintain a wifi connection, and overheating issues many stock, unrooted droid 2.2 users were experiencing, myself included.

      Verizon told me to do a factory reset, I did, didnt solve the issues. I got froyo reflashed to my droid at a Verizon store, still, no dice. Called Verizon again, and FedEx will be delivering a “certified like new” Droid on Wednesday. Hopefully I will have better luck this time?

      • The350zWolf

        Peter, we've all gone through the same issues, even with the rooted phones, the difference is that the developer community work actively to eliminate all those bugs, Verizon only has a few people and not really any comprehensive test bed to work out these issues and offer any reliable release. The hardware is not the issue, the issue is buggy software. This is why having a rooted unlocked bootloader is so great. I'm not encouraging you to root, just be aware that what verizon has to offer is not going to be up to par with any custom ROM out there.

        • You make a good point. I'm curious if Droid 2 or Droid X running 2.2 are having the same issues?

          • The350zWolf

            I can't speak from experience since I'm holding off to see if the Droid2 gets rooted, at least since I'm not willing to live with bloatware, but that's another rant… sorry.
            Perhaps the people here with DX's and D2's can chime in. I expect that they will run better mostly because they have twice the RAM than the Droid and the CPU is rated for 1GHz, although I was reading that the CPU of the OG Droid gets unstable @ 1.25 GHz, so it can handle 1GHz easy. Again, non optimize software will make even nice hardware run crappy. I've read anecdotal stories of the D2 lag somewhat. Again, I dunno. I do want to upgrade to the D2, but only if it gets rooted. Installing custom ROMS would be icing! :^)

      • Jager07

        Disable task killers and anti-virus software. That's an easy first step which seemed to work for most people (me included).

        • I uninstalled the task killer and I never had anti-virus. The wifi issue seems to be doing better, but the lag of the home screen, battery life (on 2.1 I had 14 hours of battery life, now I have 5.5 hours) and the phone getting hot (104 to 109 degrees when watching a video) are still an issue. I know that 2.2 makes the droid run faster and thats part of the reason for why it gets hotter, but at 109 degrees, the back of the phone by the camera is too hot to touch.

          • Agreed. I've always noticed the temperature on the back of the phone being hotter than almost any other electronic device I own. Is there an app out there to track the temperature over time of the phone and/or battery?

          • Mr. Steve

            If you go into the Testing Information menu (Phone dialer; *#*#4636#*#*) and click on Battery Information and in their they have a battery temperature meter.

          • Very useful! Thanks, Steve!

          • AnimateD

            I actually use “BatteryLife” Widget App. It’s a simple very basic 2×1 widget that shows battery percentage, temp, mV, and battery type

          • AnimateD

            I actually use “BatteryLife” Widget App. It’s a simple very basic 2×1 widget that shows battery percentage, temp, mV, and battery type

          • Jager07

            The only other lag issue I had was with ADW.Launcher. I really like the customizeable features of ADW, but it starting lagging a lot after I installed 2.2 (I did the manual FRG01B update). I switched back to default launcher and haven’t had any problems with lag since. ADW has been updated a couple of times in the past few days, but none of the updates have fixed the lag for me, so I haven’t switched back to it full-time. Other people talked about the new facebook app casuing battery usage, too, but I never installed it and can’t comment. The only other thing that I’ve seen people say is that it gets better after a couple of days. I don’t know if this meant a couple of days after 2.2 was installed, or a couple of days after some of the above measures were put into place. Mine was pretty immediate–removed task killer and switched back to default home launcher, and the next day had no problems whatsoever. Good luck!

          • I have had lagging issues with all the major home replacement screens so I have had to use stock too. Still some lag, but not nearly as much. I ditched the weather widget and that also helped. Even though I really liked the weather widget.

  • Kaliblade

    Took 3 weeks for the first update of froyo, “starting tomorrow” means we should see it in 3 weeks lol.

  • tonytbone7883

    My daughter got OTA 2.2 on her droid yesterday and the baseband is C_01.43.01P My wife got her new droid 2 and the baseband is BP_C_01.09.06P. For whatever reason the BP_C_01.09.06P just seems alot faster. Where can we get this new baseband, anyone? Can someone post it, please

    • The D2 is just a faster phone dude. I think the baseband only helps so much.

    • NorCalGuy

      Not positive but I think basebands r for signal and roms/ android version would effect performance speed. Also your wives phone should be faster with a 1ghz processor while ur daughter only has a 550mhz, that is unless she has rooted and overclocked her phone past the stock 550

      • tonytbone7883

        When i said faster i meant the 3G and wifi just seemed better. My Droid is OC 1.1GHz and once both browsers are opened the D2 seems to have a better connection. Basebands are for 3G/wifi and better phone reception, right?

  • Ersatz

    Eagerly awaiting this update. I've always wanted Flash on my Droid.

    • M1ghtysauc3

      Don't get too excited. I have flash on my Droid and it's pretty terrible.

  • Tacown

    Was gonna use universal androot but I wonder if the “security updates” are super important or not

  • Cody

    Awesome. Now I will still get updates ota even though I used update.zip method right? I'm only asking because I know apk files don't get updates from the market

  • painterking

    Love my d2

  • Dreamtheater993

    I downloaded the leaked version of the official update. The videos on ESPN don't work. Do you think they will with this update, even though it is the same version?

  • What how is this possible a build that hasn't been leaked??? FRG22 but not 22D! Well at least everyone else gets Flash now.

  • Ace Z.

    Lol…Thanks Verizon, but your just a tad late.

  • jbeise

    i manually updated to the FRG01b build released by pete. will i get this update?

  • jbeise

    i manually updated to the FRG01b build released by pete. will i get this update?

  • ChristineJump

    “update on top of FRG01B…”
    My D 1 had FRG22 running on it. Will This new update still load?

    • ChristineJump

      HAS frg22 running on it now.

      • ryan

        If it doesn't come through OTA, I am sure you can manually update it to 22D once droid-Life gets a link to the file. Then you should be right as rain.

  • Awesome, Droid1 4 Life Lol, It's never ending Droid1 love!


  • Looking forward to watching some special flash videos!

  • luukkee


  • Kaufkin


    • Kaufkin

      'corse this would happen an hour after I rooted… Hurmph. Security updates.. Indeed.

    • kellex

      Huzzah's always generate a +1. Wait…did I just admit to that?

      • Kaufkin

        first the “First” Wars, now “First, the Rennie edition…” *LOL*

      • Mrpicolas

        Haha lol…