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Koush Releases DROID X Bootstrap, Allows Full Nandroid Backups, Custom ROMs

The guy just never quits.  Koush, whom you may know from ROM Manager, Cyanogen Mod, Clockwork Recovery, etc. just released what he’s calling the Droid X Recovery Bootstrap app to the market which tricks/hacks/laughs at your phone in a way to allow you to load Clockwork Recovery and create full nandroid backups leading to custom ROMs.  Yep, custom ROMs, full backups and pure awesomeness on the Droid X.  And so many of you say it couldn’t be done.

Here is the deal…

This is not a *real* recovery. The way this recovery works is by hijacking portions of your boot process during system initialization and starting into recovery instead. So, if you hose your system *COMPLETELY* you will need to SBF. Specifically, if your logwrapper, logwrapper.bin, or hijack binary are missing from /system/bin, you will be screwed.

Do I have to be rooted to run this?

So can we now install custom ROMs?
Yes, but you can’t replace the kernel or boot image. But really, once you have access to /system, anything is possible. It will just take a little hackery.

Will this work with ROM Manager?
Yes, but not yet. I need to make some minor updates to ROM Manager first to support this recovery. Future recovery updates will come through ROM Manager.

Rest of the “FAQ” can be found at the source link below.

If you are interested in the Bootstrap and understand the risks, I highly suggest you grab the donate version from the market, it’s only $2 and helps with the advancement of the Droid community immensely.


Source:  Koush

Cheers Koush and the other 50 that sent this in!

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  • Anonymous

    would be nice to be able to flip among various PRL versions

  • Famoustgun7

    was going to download from the market but saw the comment about SBF. I have no idea what the hell that is!!!! Im rooted but dont play much with it. I want the new liberty rom!!! I’m willing to donate because i support all the app devolpers,They make our phones what they are!! So can someone please fill me in. Please and thank you

  • Nickhaslem

    tried it now my droid x keeps restarting never fully rebooting. tried factory reset, but still same. I paid $2 to brick my phone

  • Paul

    I have purchased the app but it doesnt seem to install through Android Market.

  • Thank you very much for putting that in laymens terms. There are alot of us that want to learn and experiment. But when you start asking questions you either get a whole bunch of techno mumbo jumbo that it gets us more confused. Or we are told if you don't know what you are doing then don't. Those are the main reasons I never rooted my droid

  • This means that we can back up our phones. I guess the easiest way to explain it is a windows recovery point. This thread here does a little better explaining what and how to use it.

  • This means that we can back up our phones. I guess the easiest way to explain it is a windows recovery point. This thread here does a little better explaining what and how to use it. Droid X Recovery – coming soon (by Koush)

    This also means that now that we can backup our phones. Developers will be able to try and experiment more, so that custom ROM's will be available soon.

  • Amazing! Works perfect, Koush you are the man! More donations to be sent for all of your hard work