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After “Gingerbread” Android will be Called “Honeycomb”?

Is the next version of Android after Gingerbread going to be called Honeycomb?  That’s what “multiple” sources have told TechRadar and at least the first letter of the word matches up to the previous naming convention, so why not?  No idea what the build number will be yet.  Maybe 3.1?

For those not familiar with anything I just said, let me fill you in.  Since the beginning of time, Android has used an alphabetized sweet snack naming convention for all major releases of their mobile OS.  We’ve seen Cupcake (1.5), Donut (1.6), Eclair (2.0 and 2.0.1), and of course most recently, Froyo (2.2).

Personally, we had our hopes set high on “Ho Ho’s!” but that could have come off a little…well, you get the idea.

Thoughts on Honeycomb?  (Post tag added!)

Source:  TechRadar
Via:  Android Central

  • Hornybuffalo

    They need to come out with a update for the volume cause it ain't loud at all and all the other droids are super loud

  • TGE

    lol idk why but your comment made me smile 🙂

  • Jon From Phx

    I was thinking they should call it HONEYDEW, that sounds more like a BETTER Desert don't chu think?

  • It's gonna make for a hideous lawn ornament.

  • It's gonna make for a hideous lawn ornament.

  • Joel

    What were A and B (maybe 1.0 and 1.1)?

  • Jdstell

    I can't wait for Android 5.0, I heard it's going to be called “Edy's Girl Scout Cookies: Thin Mints Ice Cream 5.0” It's gonna be kick-ass.

  • Raj Bhatt

    We'll see if this comes true. Remember how people thought that the release after eclair was supposed to be called “flan”?

  • Evermour

    That bee hive gives me the willys x.x seriously, it creeps me out.

  • Guest

    Wondering what features will be available in HC?

  • Justin

    They should call it “twinkie”.

    Ifart users next update is called “dingdong”.

  • Gcurry

    Honeycomb is good, but it telegraphs the “hive mind” thought which connected computing is enabling.

    Perhaps it's the next step in the evolution of humanity. We need a new deity … hey, wait a sec …



  • esaba

    I was expecting it to be 'Halva' since that's the only 'H' dessert I could think of.

  • TimB

    I would think Honeygram or Honeybun like others have mentioned would fit better with the naming scheme…

  • esaba

    The only 'H' dessert I could think of was Halva, so I was expecting that.


    WHO CARES!!!???? I WANT 2.2 ON DROID X

  • C Rillo

    D1 2.2 >DX 2.1

  • Sweet Moses Roses! Who cares about that far in the future?! I need 2.2 for The X

  • Flyinion

    Awww that's kinda dumb, I would vote for ho ho's too. Cause I love me some, uh, ho ho's 🙂

    • mikejs78

      Ho Ho's are trademarked. Google would have to pay royalties for them. It has to be generic.

      • Flyinion

        Yeah I know that, it was a bad attempt at a bad joke

  • Ksmckay

    Off topic but anybody else running BB 0.4 get a message in the last day or so saying that a system update is available? I thought over the air updates were supposed to be disabled… Anyone know how to get rid of it?

  • I'm feeling honeydew

  • capsize

    Damnit I tried to get a droid x for my moto droid and they called me today saying the motrola droid is back in stock and ready to ship =/ no droid x for me

    • Its probably a refurbished moto Droid. Did you check?

      • capsize

        Ya but they said its new

  • creasi


    • tonytbone7883

      EVO is nice, it's 4G. I want 4G!!!

  • Timmah

    Why are we talking about some possibly 2-3 years away?

    • 2-3 years? Froyo came out around May, 3.0 is expected later this year, I'm guessing it'll be around February or March if its only 3.1? This isn't the Apple once a year update schedule we're talking about!

      • Jamerson90

        If I'm not mistaken, after Gingerbread, google will be going to a more annual update. That way, phones can catch up before the next update is released.

      • Timmah

        My point still stays. If it took one year for froyo from now, another year for gingerbread, and another year for honeycomb, that's about 1.9-2 years.

  • 2muchtequila

    or how about hot dog?

    • Evermour

      Sweet snack.
      Hot dog = none of the above.

      • TGE

        lol idk why but your comment made me smile 🙂

  • Robavila721

    I would think something like Honey Bun, to get back to pastries

  • Yak

    Honeycomb is tasty stuff. Much better than FroYo.

    • Different strokes for different folks, I guess, but honey is too sweet for my tastes. Plus froyo has so much variety! =9

  • Jimmy81jh

    where's flash?

    • Jamerson90

      In the market, or under the downloads link at the top of the page.

      • What do you search in the market? I've been trying to look for it.

        • Jamerson90

          It seems like I'm the only Droid 1 owner out there that can find it in the market. I go to Apps, All Apps, Free, and its the first thing. If you cannot find it, go here (http://www.droid-life.com/downloads/) and download Flash 10.1 Beta 3. If you have Chrome to Phone, I recommend just sending that page to your phone and downloading and installing.

          I'm running CyanogenMod 6 RC3

          • Timmah

            Screenshot please of the listing in the market.

          • Jamerson90

            I posted this on twitter a couple days ago, so its no longer listed as Beta 3 on my screen


  • I like the how android comes up with these little code names.. But where is A and B. Well android apple would be disgusting and android banana sounds dirty 😉

    • annoynimous

      a for aplha
      b for beta
      c for charlie but cupcake sounded nicer
      and so on and so forth

  • NorCalGuy

    It should be called “hacked” and let the best custom rom take over as a” official android os.

  • Djspikezz

    ****** ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!! ****** DROID X HAS RECOVERY!!!!******

    Koush has found a way to get us recovery on our devices. What this does is hijack the int.rc
    So can we have ROMs you my ask? Koush says yes!
    Link for the bootstrap app get the recovery and don't forget to thank Koush.


    Thank you MyDroidWorld.com for reporting the news and Thank you Koush!!
    -MyDroidWorld.com Is where you can see this article

    • Jamerson90

      Or you can go Here (http://www.droid-life.com/2010/08/19/koush-rele…) where Droid-life.com has an article for it.

      • Djspikezz

        Strange!! How come I never saw this pop up on Droid-Life.com 's main page???

        • Jamerson90

          Its there. On the other side of the poll, and in his twitter feed 🙂

      • briderx

        Ha ha.. Nobody competes..

        • Jamerson90

          Just letting him know its already here. From the context, it didn't seem like he knew it was. And it looks like I was right. 🙂

      • Djspikezz

        Quick question once rooted and using kouches recovery….. I have rom manager.. and want to make a backup… will flashing clockwork .. work using rom manager once this is all done? I wanted to make a backup using rom manager… any idea?

        • Jamerson90

          Try booting your phone into recovery, and choosing Nandroid. I dont know how well it will work through Rom Manager, as I have a Droid 1. But, knowing Koush, he has an option to make a nandroid from the recovery menu

          • Djspikezz

            Thanks Jamerson90, Yeah thats the safe way to go for now. According to koush he needs to make some small updates to ROM manager, but says it will soon be fine to update recovery through ROM manager.. in the meantime, Nandroid backup through recovery works cherry!! Woot! The Dragon is waking DX DOES!!

          • Jamerson90

            No problem. I've done nandroid's that way a lot. Mainly when I was already in the recovery menu and didn't want to boot the phone all the way up, just to make a recovery.

          • Djspikezz

            Im still shocked that this hasn't been put on droid-life and breaking news front page stuff!

          • Jamerson90

            Its still on the front page. Its now the 4th article back.

  • kliq

    I received OTA 2.2 last night for D1. Score!

  • Honeycomb's big..yeah yeah yeah.
    It's not small..no no no.

  • JT

    I was hoping it would be called “HOT FUDGE SUNDAY”. Oh well.

  • Akokonas

    I will wait for the “Icing” on the cake!

  • I think Google is on a diet. Maybe the doc told um the need to lower their cholesterol…

  • Djspikezz

    Um Yeah whatever!! I Just want 2.2 for my DROID X…. Enough said.

  • Joesred

    still waiting for frozen yogurt ; (

  • EggoEspada

    I hope no one thinks this is the actually name. Doesn't fit at all. If anything it'll be honeybun, but probably won't be.

  • 1bad69z28

    They should throw everyone for a loop with “Steak” lol

  • Rizzidy

    It should be called Hemlock if they can't get the hardware manufacturers to get these updates out on time.

    Seriously, Gingerbread is going to be out before all the current top-end phones even have Froyo.

  • rals

    Oh I loved Honeycomb cereal, one of my favs/

  • Honeycomb doesn't really fit in with the rest of the names. You don't eat honeycomb straight like you do with the rest of the names…

    • Lancer033

      you can chew on a honeycomb just like a piece of gum

  • tbaybe

    i like gingerbread better 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I know my OG Droid will see it… ROMs baby!

      • tbaybe

        I didn’t even think about that. I’m a new rooter, so I don’t quite know how great it is yet

  • miosis

    It all tastes like milk. ROM on!

  • RanballX

    I like honeycomb. Would be a great name for a multi-tasker.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Hummus is the sweetest treat on earth, how could they have forgotten that one?

    • briderx

      Cause it's disgusting..

      • briderx

        I would, however like to see their “hummus statue”.. I think that would be awesome.

    • Hmmmm roasted red pepper hummus….great now I've got a craving! meh!

    • Meh, it’s more savory than sweet =/

  • briderx

    Man.. “Ho Ho” was going to be my joke..

  • Quantumflux21

    Ho Ho's FTW FIRST 🙂

    • briderx

      Quantumflux21.. 2nd is the new First..