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Quadrant Benchmark App, Not so Awesome?

You all know that we love posting Quadrant Benchmark scores for all of the latest stock or even overclocked devices, so today’s laugher courtesy of Cyanogen comes as a slight disappointment.  Basically, Mr. Cyan found that Quadrant isn’t the most accurate of apps and in fact can be completely exploited to show some pretty remarkable numbers meaning the app should no longer be considered a standard tool.  Just check out the screenies above and drop a weeping cackle along with us.

Via:  TwitterBrief Mobile

Cheers Kenneth!

  • Ipu42

    the whoop is easily shooped.

  • Chucky

    These screens do not prove anything. Its not even the same phone. This article is Not Awesome.

  • Chucky

    These screens do not prove anything. Its not even the same phone. This article is Not Awesome.

  • dB Zac

    run linpack for the CPU and NenaMark for the graphics. that way you can keep see where exactly the phone excels and why

  • cdick133

    Maybe we can question people's showing off of crazy high score, but this doesn't seem to mean you can't use it to see the speed of your own device when you know you're not exploiting it.

  • I could get a much better score on any test if I cheated than if I didn't. This doesn't mean anything.

  • Towelie420

    NO, NO, NO. This app not only can tell you how great your phone is vs other devices. But it also is a standard by which to determine how adequate of a man you really are! A man with a low quadrant score is truly lacking something in life 😛

  • the first one is cyanogen's he mounted the tmpf so thats why its so high lol

  • I just want to know how to do this lol

  • BrownHornet72

    I think someone “planted” these thoughts into your mind while you were sleeping, dreaming of skiing down a mountainside with an AK47 strapped to your shoulder looking for a REALLY big safe.

  • JosueD

    Mann, That device has to be a 2 GHz device, Sucks that it isn't accurate anymore


  • tonytbone7883

    This sucks, so what is accurate?

  • Debrihmi

    Only a matter of time before they fix it..

  • Jambi

    The Droid Pro will necessitate a trillionths place on the Quad-Daddy anyway.

    J/K…or am I?

  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    If your not trying to cheat is it accurate?


    I laughed yesterday, someone had posted in the comments in the market “6,000 G1 running HoneyComb”

  • So depressed don't know who and how to believe anymore =(

  • It's a good tool for judging “your own device against itself”. Make a change.. run a benchmark. I never trusted it as a comparison across devices. There were people with 2k+ scores the day the DX came out lol.

  • Ya kinda figured that was going to happen.

  • and I just downloaded it this morning and first run it (moto droid 2.2 stock) had me in 4th place behind Nexus One, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy. 2nd time it had me at 876 (3rd place behind Nexus One and Droid X). I was happy yet curious as to how a Droid X on 2.1 could be “better”, but it is a faster phone then the original droid.

    • ReebX

      I get low scores like that every once in a great while on my DX too. It usually just means its time for a reboot.

  • Serqet

    What's “real” anymore? Is this site real? This keyboard and mouse? This giant plate of bacon I thought was sitting in front of me?! I feel like the fabric of my existence is crumbling around me… O_O

    • EC8CH

      There is no spoon.

    • SilentJay

      Just follow the white rabbit

    • Evermour

      …what bacon o.o

    • The cake is a lie

      • Win. So Full of win.

        • hey it is possible to fail so much it is a win

          • Mitch

            Only in the 5th dimension where Fail is considered Win.

      • EC8CH

        Reach a Quadrant score of 3000, and you will get cake.

        • balthuszar

          YOU…CAKE OR DEATH?!…oh…uh…i'll have the cake please

          • WPBZBUZZ

            Uh.. Death… NO! Cake, I meant cake!

          • balthuszar

            too bad…you already said death!

          • InfamousOne

            But I meant to say cake…!

          • balthuszar

            oh alright…give him cake

      • CompCrash

        Just think about what cake is in mario games and it make that line so much more funny.

    • Mmmmm bacon…

  • Benchmarks for smartphones have always been unreliable. This being a glaring example; if you enable stagefright, your score almost doubles. Linpack is the same way. Uninstalling apps and killing services will greatly improve the number it spits out. But would you run your phone with those conditions. I wouldn't. IMHO, it's ridiculous to judge a phone's capabilities by one of these “benchmarking” apps since there is no baseline to test against. Until that happens, all of these numbers are just that, numbers, and have no representation of actual performance. A real benchmark takes hours of work and precise records of testing environments to compare with other tests, not a 15 second execution of code. /endrant

  • I'm sure ANY app can be exploited. Does that mean it does not produce accurate benchmark reports?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I never believed the numbers that came from Quadrant. It doesnt really matter that you got plus 100 over other devices the one time you ran it while flying in airplane over the alps. Is the phone functional? Does it proccess requests quickly? Do you notice any lag? Does it satisfy your every want and need? These are things that are important.

  • Pudflop

    I ran quadrant last night on my D1 got a 1301 right below the nexus one 2.2 . wonder how reliable that is. running stock froyo FB01b rooted with a P3 kernel low voltage, 250 / 1100

  • Benchmarks have never provided real life performance anyways.

  • Is that the new R2D2 phone? The force is strong in that one.

    • EC8CH


      “BS your Quadrant score is”

  • e3pin0

    damn..and here I was feeling proud that my Droid1 is matching the performance of a DroidX with CM6 RC3 overclocked to 900mhz…oh well…guess the number doesn't really matter anyways.

  • Jdstell

    Awesome, circumventing Quadrant's benchmarking process, so that's what Cyanogenmod team has been working on lately.

    Wish the official release for CM6 was out instead of the buggy RC1,2, & 3. I used to love CM5, and ran it exclusively. The CM6 RC's has been disappointing for me so far, random restarts, LOTS of screen redraws, force closes, it is fast though. I'll give them that. Come on CM team! I donated pretty nicely to you guys, focus on making a better CM6 for DROID!

    • Kannon

      While I don't know if I'd give the Cyanogen team credit for this as the process for achieving these benchmarks has been up on the xda-developers forums for a few weeks now I'd surely like to see some more progress on the CM6 project. We need some of that sweet loven to some to the Galaxy S.

  • StephanC

    That's one hell of a device you got there Kellex. Any idea where I can find one as fast? No, but seriously it's a shame.

  • it's not reliable. the new sapphire 10.0 rom is the best build and it gets a horrible score.

    • Droidzilla

      That's because it uses the OpenCore decoder instead of Stagefright (for audio like Pandora and Slacker). Quadrant is only really worth it if you get the paid version with the breakdown by category, but who's going to pay for benchmark scores?

    • balthuszar

      i got over 1500 my first quadrant after i upgraded to 1.0.0(faster than the nexus one) and steadily get over 1200 now(faster then the droid x but slower than the nexus one)

  • RealGame22

    Quadrant and Linpack are the same way. Linpack favors of the snapdragon processor.

  • gamboo

    Kellex, Is there another tool that can be used with true results?

  • lol should have gotten the Quad score on a G1 and have it better than every device out there

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Or maybe Cyanogen is secretly an evil scientist…

  • Ryan

    yea just like it says in the Sapphire rom (since it uses a different media player), don't trust it since it relies on h.264 decoding or similar. Perhaps linpack is a better general purpose gauge.

  • Gardner24

    O dam, i want me one of those. that would be some serious horsepower!! haha

  • RhodeRage

    Which device is it benchmarking?

    • mtkregs


      • SilentJay

        Its because of the wifis and 3gs

        • Droidzilla

          No, it's the more geebees!

        • Anonymous

          Could be….But, for reals, the first test was done without anyone touching the phone. The reason why the second test revealed degraded results was because the user engaged it in a deathgrip. The deathgrip was so severe that the person on the other end of the “FaceTime” video chat was gasping for air. Oh, and the eyeball popped out of the retina display. Otherwise, the second test would have been as smokin’ as the first.

      • Anonymous

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i*hone lover alert, alert. Shotgun to isle 3!

        • Anonymous

          Surely, you are mistaken…

          If I were an iPhone lover, I wouldn’t have made it to aisle 3 yet as I would be stuck in aisle 1 admiring all of the delicate pastries and organic fruits and vegetables. Being that I am a MotoDroid lover, I have already made it through the checkout and am heading to my car.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry to insult you… I too am a die hard droid fan, who got a droid in march and a droid x 2 weeks ago

    • Rizzidy

      HTC Aria

    • Kannon

      Don't know about the one on the left but the pick on the right is from a Galaxy S, vibrant.

  • PyroHoltz

    Well that sucks. Can't trust anyone's Quad scores now.

    What's the next best thing, Linpack?

    • zepfloyd

      actually no, as it's been proven Linpack screws up on the TI OMAP and gives far better results on Snapdragon

      • plax

        Yeah I read it hasn't been fully optimized for the TI OMAP cpu's. I also have read similar things with the Hummingbird cpu in then Galaxy S line also.

      • WhereIsTony

        Where has that been proven to be an error?