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DROID 2 WE, “SICK” and Motorola Tablet Mentioned in Fall Roadmap

Through a new leaked roadmap we get some new rumored details for Verizon fall lineup which is said to include the Droid 2 world edition, the A957 (possibly named the “Sick”) and the Motorola tablet (MOTMZ600), which we think could launch as the STINGRAY.  The D2 could hit store shelves as early as September with global roaming capabilities and should ease the minds of the traveling man.  The Stringray could drop some time in November which is sort of what we’ve heard all along.  And after the ridiculously successful launch of the Droid 1 last October/November, it would only make sense right?  The “Sick” might find life in October, but appears to be completely up in the air and we’re guessing this is the Droid Pro.

Other highlights from the roadmap include a new HTC phone with a 10MP camera.  Please tell me that no one plans on buying that.  Palm Pre 2 is mentioned, a bunch of Blackberries and a few other tablets which you can read about at the source link below.

Source:  Phone Arena

Cheers matrix2004!

  • Well its decided to go with Motorola because I still have all of their past phone that still work to this day, and yes Motorola knows how to build solid handsets period. Thanks for this post

  • Nice post, The Sick might find life in October, but appears to be completely up in the air and we’re guessing this is the Droid…thanks for shared this with us.

  • This site is a complete internet resource for this.Moto always changes the name before release. Sholes, Shadow, etc You'll find all you wanted or needed to know, here.


    What about the 2Ghz from Motorola that the CEO stated it would arrive by the end of THIS year?


    What about the 2Ghz from Motorola that the CEO stated it would arrive by the end of THIS year?

  • Uplink

    WHY would they release another phone if they just released DX and D2??? 🙁

  • hihi

    The World Edition and Droid Pro are the exact same phones.

    The Sick however is something different.

  • heard a rumor from a person that works at the verizon HQ in Reston I believe, somewhere in Virginia that this Sick handset will infact be one of the first Lte handset devices along with the Storm 3 possibly

  • T3lancer2007

    I'm not buying a tablet unless it's LTE.

    • WhereIsTony

      I'm not unless its wi-fi only and tethered to my Droid.

  • WhereIsTony

    Moto always changes the name before release. Sholes, Shadow, etc

  • mhoe

    Isn't the official flash supposed to come out today for froyo D1?!

  • 10mp camera? If they don't plan on increasing the size of the chip used for these cameras… pass on the high mega pixels. These chips are already smaller than a pinky nail.

  • Socalrailroader

    The Sick? LOL Why not name it Infected or diseased? 😀

    Today I was in class and when we went on break I wanted to call hubby. I tap on his name but instead of the screen showing his pic and dialing on it it was half a screen showing half his pic and froze. I tried to end call but it rang I tried to turn off phone nothing it went black but you could hear my husbands voicemail..to make matters worse I got a new case for it the 3 piece holster for the D1 fits great…a little too great. Yea I couldn't remove the back part…i even hurt my nail made it bleed..never did get the back off so I could remove battery. Finally it somehow unfroze and went back to normal behavior. Wtf? Could someone shed some light on this? My droid had always been the best. I reboot it once a day. Why did this happen? I have the 2.2 froyo (FRG01B) and use launcher pro on it. Help??

  • You betcha its Durable, but that’s not the word for it, indestructible is more like it. I had dropped my phone several times from 8+ feet face down on the cement without having one dent or scratch on the screen or case. I have no clue how they made their screens but every phone manufacture should use them as a model for future phones. I had only suffered 2 little scratches on the screen while moving. My phone had gotten caught and dragged on a sharp screen door handle and I thought that I would have had huge scratches on my phone, but no, there was just a small line that you could hardly see. Unbelievable. Before the MotorDroid I had the HTC touch pro 2, dropped it from 3 feet and shattered the glass and cracked the case. Got another one and the same thing happened, I even had one of those so called bullet proof screen protectors on, didn't help. After the second death of the HTC phone I decided to go with Motorola because I still have all of their past phone that still work to this day, and yes Motorola knows how to build solid handsets period. The only thing that its not, is Water proof. I was at a show sweating like hell for several hours with my phone in my pocket, when I got home the screen went dead. So don’t get it wet. I absolutely love the MotorDroid and I am looking forward to getting the Droid 2. I just really… really… wish Motorola would abandon Verizon I really don’t want to be with them for another 2 years. I loved T-Mobile, free tethering, hot spots, and great tech support. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!

    • zero

      You know if you root it you can have free tether and use the phone as a hot spot =D

  • Evermour

    Sick and Stingray are both horrible names. omg.”what kind of phone is that?' ” A Sick.” lol on second thought it might grow on me…but i hate stingray.

    • Yeah I can hear it..
      “What phone you got?”
      “Its sick”
      “Yeah i know, but what phone?”

      • Evermour

        LOL exactly.

  • What about the Samsung Fascinate?

  • Chris Nimon

    Whats up with the HTC phone? Is it Non-Android or something. If theres a reason not to buy it, I would like to know what that reason is so I can make educated purchases in the future.

  • Matt

    somebody help. im new to root and tried to get a new custom rom and went through the installation and it finished. now my phone is stuck in the loading back up phase. it started back up and gave me the motorola sign and now it wont load back up. what do i do now

    • Hold the power button and the x button at the same time then it will bring up the recovery screen go to restore and restore a previous backup

  • im hoping that this Droid Pro will just be a World Edition type of device while this “sick” will be the first Android Lte Phone

  • digitalicecream

    I hope they name it Sickle, and not Sick.

  • Its sad that as soon as you buy a new phone its considered old technology.

  • EC8CH

    No Iphon't?

    • iknowthingz

      February 2011

    • JosueD

      No *Phone! Isn't that great? =P


  • AkimboJimbo123123


    • Theirs a blog for that somewhere, buy not here

      • AkimboJimbo123123


    • Ur A f#$*ing moron if u really think that was funny

      • JP

        Cant be any worse than the off topic posting $^#%^&#%^& morons who cant join a BB like DF and get their issues resolved ….

        This is a blog! Not a Forum!

  • andrewcweaver

    Honestly, I don't like the “Sick” name. Any problems that the phone has, people will be saying that the phone is sick, as in “ill”

  • What happened to the “2” two ghz phones that were supposed to come out this fall both supposed to have front facing cameras. I put off getting a Droid X and Droid 2 and stuck with my Droid (I hate the name Droid 1) because I was waiting for these phones. What's goin on?

    • lakerzz

      Yeah. Droid 1 sux…good ol' Droid…

  • Nevermind, I see and agree. I like the heft and durability of motos.

    • JP

      That already went out the window with the D2. Plastic, not metal, moto will prove that after having one winning design, they are determined to repeat the RAZR years, only this time with android.

  • Why shouldn't anyone get the 10mp HTC? Aside from the other “cellphone camera” limitation reasons? Just wondering!

  • Pcguru30

    they couldnt come up with a better codename than sick??

    • Neo1738

      maybe the guy who was in charge of naming it had a cold 😛

      • Or, he/she was just sick of working? :-p

  • I popped over to Phone Arena and I was honestly SHOCKED to find that it was in fact a Phone Arena original leak. Wow normally Phone Arena just rips every other sites off.

  • Im gunna be perfectly honest, if motorola doesn't get rid of this locked bootloader crap im going to HTC despite their inferior processors and build quality. Motorola if you want my money get rid of motoblur and the locked bootloader than im all yours

    • eddieonofre

      LOL that is why the Droid Rocks!!!!!!

    • SMB

      HTC inferior quality to Motorola?? ……..gtfo.

      • benchmark test between Droid X and HTC Evo. winner Droid X
        Drop a Droid X from 4 ft, Drop an Evo from 4ft. Evo broken, Droid X saved because of metal casing and gorilla glass
        It's as simply as this. TI OMAP > Snapdragon Metal > Plastic

      • JimmyD

        We can easily chalk it up to one word to describe why the Moto devices are more rubust than HTC devices…


        High Tech Computers was founded in the late 1990's, they have almost 15 years under their belts!

        While Motorola was started in the late 1920's, and it was a Moto device that was used when a certain man named Neil Armstrong said “This is one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind” from a little rock called THE MOON.

        If Motorola devices are robust enough for the likes of NASA and thousands of police agencies and military division, then I'm sold on their quality.

        • EC8CH

          Only thing that feels chintzy on my Droid is the battery cover.

          • lakerzz

            What battery cover? Oh wait. I found it…nevermind…

        • tommytmt

          JimmyD love Motorola as much as the next guy(after all I have the Droid) but it wasn't a Moto headset that Neil spoke from, it was Plantronics…

          • JimmyD

            You are absolutely correct… it was a Plantronics HEADSET, but the RADIO was powered by Motorola.

      • Anonymous

        I have a droid incredible, my wife a droid X. She is thinking of trading due to size.

        All in all I prefer the feel of the Incedible’s more tacky backing. I have no doubt the X could withstand a fall better, but I have had some pretty epic sidewalk drops with my incredible. no damage. So either phone is not likely to run into a problem.

        The incredible feels alot faster but, we continue to work on what i feel are software lag issues with the X. Switching to launchpro helped alot.

    • Not sure where HTC is better for the reasons you described, hope it can withstand a fall like the Motor can… good luck though.

    • FrenchToast

      I'm gonna be perfectly honest, that mention of the Palm Pre 2 has me excited. XD I like my Droid, but Web OS is just super nice to use, they just need to up the battery life, screen size, and hardware.

      • FSRBIKER

        Not sure you know but Matías Duarte who was mostly responsible for the creation of Web OS is now one of the leads designing the new Google User Interface “Gingerbread” you might want to stick with Android.

        • FrenchToast

          O rly? Hm… yeah never really been a superfan for any mobile OS, tried
          winmo, had a pre+ (did the oreo twist in under 3 weeks), now I'm using my
          droid. Kinda interested in the new WP7 but absolutely not sold by any means.
          I'd like to see what kind of hardware they come up with for the pre 2 and
          what gingerbread holds. I doubt they're gonna really change things too much

        • I can't wait to see what they've had that mastermind working on at google, i loved how the UI of the Web OS worked and I know that as long as they gave this guy the proper creative freedom he'll do wonders for android

        • Razorback

          Won't matter. Moto will hide all Gingerbred UI improvements with blur…

    • EC8CH

      Or just get rid of the locked bootloader, and I'll take care of Blur for myself 🙂

    • Thank you. Our voices MUST be heard. We don't like people deciding for us. {{-_-}}

    • reizliza


  • Bwassink

    Umm… HTC Merge? Yes please! (10 mp cam and >1ghz processor)

  • Yeah I think the 10MP camera would be a purchase if it came from a Motorola line… not sure about HTC version though.

    • I think the Incredible's camera might be better than the X's, Motorola could use some work in the camera department. Less megapixels higher quality please.

      • Anonymous

        I agree… to many people think a higher MP means better camera …. not true

      • ReebX

        Not sure of that. I read a comparison somewhere that had photos taken by each side by side, and the Inc. had some major problems in the color quality.

        I will agree that Moto needs to put a little more into the camera software though. Interface is hard to figure out, and the auto focus has issues.

  • Why would you hope no one wants the 10mpx HTC? Sounds cool to me, though I prefer detail over size. I'd be fine with 5mpx or so if the detail's good. Smaller file size too 😛 like that phone with Zeis lenses. Hmm which sounds cooler, Droid Pro or Motorola Sick? Might Moto be moving away from the Droid name?

    • Maybe they are going to call it the Moto Droid Sick. Like the Droid 2, Droid X, HTC Droid Incredible…

      • EggoEspada

        Then the HTC Radical. ;p

      • Eh, Droid Sick doesn't have the same flow as Moto Sick or Droid Pro. They mightt I'd just find the name a little odd. I'm sure people would get used to the name Droid Sick more n more over time anyway ha I already kinda am the more I type it

    • maybe, perhaps they'll have two lines of high quality android devices. one thats just moto's high quality stuff where they'lll use stuff like motoblur and whatever other concoctions their brewing up, than one thats the Droid line where HOPEFULLY they'll be sticking to stock android

      • Neo1738

        i wouldn't count on moto dropping blur in any device. esp with the locked bootloader. part of buying a phone in their opinion is buying the custom UI that goes with it…if you don't like it buy another brand is their mentality. This goes for HTC and others with their own UI's as well.

        • Than Motorola is so out of touch with their demographic that its pathetic. I already stated what I would do if they keep this locked bootloader crap, I'll be going to HTC, hopefully they make more phones out of metal

          • Neo1738

            yeah but the majority of people who use/buy droids aren’t enthusiasts, sadly it’s the masses they cater too and it’s a way to make their brand unique. It’s worth more to keep the masses than the enthusiasts.

          • I have to agree with Neo1738. Motorola’s main demographic is my wife… she has no clue that her droid is a computer that makes phone calls, has never looked forward to an update, actually gets upset when an update “changes everything she just learned to use”, can barley use her phone beyond phone calls – facebook and some internet. Face it… we here at Droid-Life are the Motorola Odd Balls.

          • well than i suppose im going to HTC when my upgrade is up………unless by some holy act of god we crack that bastard bootloader and create a reliable easy way to load up custom recovery images

  • mathees

    does this mean that gingerbread will be ready by november?

  • Jason

    im waiting for the new 4″ screen from HTC with the 10mp camera

    • Anonymous

      and a dual core processor(confirmed) 🙂

    • That camera will suck. You could print glossy 8x10s with the 5mp camera on the droid if the sensor was bigger. My guess is HTC will jam more pixels onto the same sized chip or a slightly larger chip. If you learn a bit about cameras you will understand why photographers stick their tongues out at cell phone cameras.

      • Monsieurturtle

        Maybe they do, but things like this are worth considering…


        If this could be done with the camera on the i*hone…

  • EggoEspada

    I'll probably ne envious of the Droid Pro, but ill probably stick with my plan of Droid Incredible this month and tablet when its out. Maybe after the holidays I'll check out the DroI'd Pro. Ah. Wish I didn't crack my Droids screen and wait.

    • lakerzz

      It must have been cracked by Chuck Norris…oh wait, I thought it WAS Chuck Norris…(I know, I know, but I couldn't help it)

  • JimmyD


  • Patem10

    Why hate on a 10MP camera?

    • Yeah seriously…if it's a good camera and a good phone…why not.

    • EggoEspada

      Because its ridiculous and they can't even incorporate 5MP and 8MP correctly on these phones. More megapixels doesn't equal better cameras. Bigger sensors, better white balancing and focusing are more must over large megapixels. Software as well.

      Examples: Droid original and Droid 2 have horrible 5MP
      Evo 4G has a mediocre camera, and the Droid x can be better. Same can be said about the Droid Inc.

    • Its not that 10 MP is bad, its just unnecessary. If people just made phones with better camera sensors and lenses than you would get fantastic pictures out of 5 MP cameras

  • JosueD

    Im waiting for the Droid Pro!


  • NorCalGuy

    So r the sick and pro the same or are they two different phones??

    • 2 possible names for the same phone like the X was once Shadow

      • NorCalGuy

        I was thinking the sick would be the d2 world edition and the pro would have the 1.3processor!!

  • NorCalGuy


    • no quite big guy

      • NorCalGuy

        Haha ya it was one of those 0 comments while I was reading the artical and by the time I got the first out with a refresh I was just too late, maybe I will get another shot in a month…

  • Mrpicolas

    I wanna see what the tablet has to offer

    • You and me both… sounds like I know what the wife is getting me for early Christmas gift around Thanksgiving….

    • Anonymous

      yea me too… I just hope it had some what reasonable pricing like the ipad bc im not going to pay another $100 month for a tablet. but it does sound realy sweet. and i hope its stock

  • evltwn

    I think I might get “SICK” with envy with the new Droid Pro.

    • This pun…….this pun is…….terrible……

      • Anonymous

        I know…but’s fun.

  • all about the droid pro baby!

  • Ruddy


  • Pfrie4