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VR Tunnel Live Wallpaper is Purely Awesome

We were just sent a live wallpaper that instantly blew our minds and it’s called VR Tunnel “Free Edition”.  Yep, this bad boy is free and so much mind-boggling fun that you would probably pay $1.99 for it.  It’s so simple, yet so complex and entertaining that I think I just stared at it for 15 minutes straight before pulling away to write this post.  Enjoy.

Video action:


Download Link

Cheers Shadez!

  • Gggggguy

    the link is broken it says

  • Jimcookmachine

    I used the barcode but it came up No matches found in the Android market.

  • Jimcookmachine

    I used the barcode but it came up No matches found in the Android market.

  • gret090

    It took me a while to figure this out but it was worth it! Its actually just a slight alteration of the NakedDroidSeeThru Skin with the Minimalist weather skin.

    1. Install and apply the NakedDroidSeeThru skin (about 2/3 down the download skins tab)
    2. On the main menu of Beautiful Widgets check Hide Background
    3. Under Weather Skins select minimalist and apply that
    4. Enjoy!

  • Rockbox2005

    I love how when you turn on random tube color and then lock and unlock you phone that it changes color without delay.

  • Skunk13

    This is a very nice app, I just don't get why it needs network access. Max Byte says it because of the adds in the settings screen, but I don't see them. My data usage jumped on upon using this wallpaper, with no adds to be found. Concerning so I un-installed. This is hands down the sickest live wallpaper I have used. Too bad…

  • Abhi

    Works perfectly on my milestone which is not rooted<waiting for the 2.2 ota>and given that my stone is capped and droid has more juice, so ppl delete some crappy, offfff no use appln's and den try it'll work, and yes you end up staring at the screen for some good amount of time.

  • Djansen20

    how do i get this?

  • Vyruzx

    what is that clock widget/theme

  • speedbird

    [Q]: What is the dock that is used in the still photo?

  • Uplink

    TIPS: When u double tap on the screen it resets to accommodate the orientation sensor. So if it feels out of balance tap it and it should reset to whatever angle your holding it at. Also, if you tap the boxes they go out of place and slightly rotate, after that you will see the same boxes you tapped coming through the tunnel back again.

  • Running choppy and jumpy on my stock Droid X. Was running fine once but wasn't before or after

  • Works awesome on my DroidX so far. Smooth as silk. Looks real nice. I just have to remember to double-tap the center of the screen to center the tunnel. The randomizers are a great touch as well. Every time I wake up my DroidX from sleep-mode the screen is different.

  • timarnette

    I love this wall paper. I can play with it forever!!!!

  • Greg Abbate

    Where can i get that dock from?