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Google Introduces New “Voice Actions” for Froyo

In a spurt of the moment press conference today, Google announced a couple of new features for Android 2.2  with the first being “Voice Actions.”  We’ll let Google explain exactly that means…

Voice Actions are a series of spoken commands that let you control your phone using your voice. Call businesses and contacts, send texts and email, listen to music, browse the web, and complete common tasks, all just by speaking into your phone.

Make sense?  Check out the video demo to really get it…

And like the title says, this is only available to those on Froyo meaning that Droid X and Incredible users out there are S.O.L. until we see an update.  Droid 1 users and Droid 2 users though, have a blast!

For the list of commands, check out the official Google Voice Actions page here.

Also with this announcement, you have the option to download a new Voice Search app and a special widget.  Voice search here.  Widget here.

Source:  Google Mobile Blog

Cheers everyone!

  • Gustavo

    okk so i manually updated my phone to froyo and now when i try to use the speech to text feature in my txt messaging it dosent work no more it always says server error can any one help me with this… whats going on??? is there any way to fix it??? does any one else have this problem???

  • Gustavo

    okk so i manually updated my phone to froyo and now when i try to use the speech to text feature in my txt messaging it dosent work no more it always says server error can any one help me with this… whats going on??? is there any way to fix it??? does any one else have this problem???

  • It won't find any of my contacts. It just puts the “contact” name in the “message” portion. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Doctor Jenks

      I am having the same problem. Stupid widget

    • Ok, I figured it out. You need to have Google contacts for it to work. It won't search the contacts on your phone.

  • Rdecurtis

    Does this all work over Bluetooth?

  • Anyone know if this is supported via bluetooth?

  • guz1115

    Its not bad for on the go, few server errors and duplicate messages sent but not bad!

  • LMAO.. not impressed!! directions work sometimes, texting never gets the sentence correct, and web browsing isn't any faster than just typing in the address. Great idea, but no where near serviceable 🙂

  • This is tight but I use my incredible for music alot and when saying listen to music it goes to an internet radio I wish it would go to my music on the phone…side note skyraider on the incredible is as clean as it gets for froyo

  • tonytbone7883

    nice I just re-downloaded “voice search” and bammmm works great!!!
    Blue Energy
    P3 1.1GHz

    • i've tried re-downloading it but it gets an “package not signed correctly” error. what did you do differently?

      • tonytbone7883

        Don'y know, all i did was search for “voice search” in the market and downloaded the apk and it installed and worked. The icon is the same as the one on my phone. Some one tried going titanium back out and un-installed it and re-installed from market.

        • Use terminal to remove the old voice search. systemapps, then reboot. installed fine after that.

          • Thank you Rob that worked like a charm! I removed it but I didn't do the whole reboot thing, that's what allowed it to install.

    • how is the P3 1.1GHz running on BBv04? i'm thinking adding a kernal.

      • tonytbone7883

        Real good, no boot loops or browser shut downs on intensive flash sites or anything. The trick i think is to stay at 1 gig and below on your max end and down to 125MHz on your min end. I tried a chevy kernel and for whatever reason it did not work out, i then switched to a P3 standard voltage kernel and wow. My quad went from 1036 stock BB04 to 1400 with P3 kernel. Be sure to back up current rom before doing it though because if you don't like it you can always return to stock BB04. good luck……

  • otter34

    No luck w/ bb 0.4 either with D1. It downloads, then disappears. I go to the market page and after 20 minutes I only have the option to “cancel download” even though I am pretty sure it finished downloading since I watched it go from 0-99%. I have “voice search” on my phone but all it does is search google.

    • Try long-pressing your search button. That pulls up the voice command mic thing for me and not the standard Google search (short press).

  • trash_hermit

    why does this feature not work for the stock music app?

  • vonbane

    When I try to install from the market, I get the error “Package file was not signed correctly”. D'oh.

  • dhabes

    when i try to download voice search it says download failed. can anyone help? i am running saphire 1.0

  • Ponchera

    What am i missing here, doesn't “Edwin” app do all this already? http://lifehacker.com/5596610/edwin-speech+to+s

  • Drew_VA

    Uninstalled the old version in Titanium, restarted, then was able to download and successfully install in BB 0.4. Not sure if the uninstall is completely necessary, but if just restarting doesn't work, you might wanna try it.

    • Es

      how do you uninstall with titanium? it wont let me install the new one because i cant get rid of the old one

      • Go tot Backup/Restore in Titanium. Scroll down to the Voice Search. Choose it, click uninstall. Confirm.

        Reboot your phone.

        Install new Voice Search from Market. 🙂

        • Es

          thanks bro!!!!:)

    • Ah thank you man, I could NOT figure this out until I read this.

  • droiduser14

    had to go through install 2x then started working have not put my phone done till now! This is sick man emailing, texting NO MORE SMALL KEYBOARD FOR ME!

  • it's not working for me from the market, does anyone have the apk?

  • holy shit this is siickk!!!! hahhaha

  • Where's the option to run an app via voice? I want to run Pandora in quickmix from it 🙁

    • Branshaw09

      Not sure if you can do this with this app update, but you can with Edwin!

  • I was all excited for Froyo thats one of the reasons i got my Droid X and still nothing and cant use Google Voice Actions..damn

    • I hate buying this new Droid X and getting left behind in the updates.

  • That's tight

  • yep doesn't install on BB 0.4

    • Won't install on Lithium Mod for me either. I think I've got version 1.6 of Voice Search and 2.0.1 is the version in the market.

      • Same here. Won't install.

        • This should work for all custom ROMs.

          1. Uninstall the voicesearch.apk using Titanium Backup (or terminal if you're savvy with that)
          2. Reboot phone
          3. Install new Voice Search via Market

          This worked fine for me!

          • TLStroeder

            Thanks for the info! Did Just that on Lithium Mod…. Works like a champ!

  • Cuppa-Coffee

    Simply awesome.

  • Alex9483

    This seems to be the Froyo version of Vlingo. I will compare the two when I receive the OTA .
    Yes, I still have not gotten it yet. Feels like I am the last D1 owner that is not enjoying Froyo…..

    • Niteperson

      I was very disappointed with Vlingo. This works a lot better.

  • BluuDev

    for those complaining about the link, here's a novel idea: try searching “Voice Search” in the Market.
    Just installed on my D1. Probably would work better if I didn't talk like I had a mouth full of marbles.

  • EC8CH

    Speaking to Droid:

    “Read my mind”

  • I want access through bluetooth using my earbud mic. That makes this universal, easy to use, and it make ME spoiled 🙂

  • zooger3500

    When I went to the market to find these items, they weren't there. In fact, nothing I search for comes up in the Market. And none of my downloads are listed. Any ideas as to why or how to fix it? I am on a rooted Droid. I thought maybe it was something wrong with the ROM I'm running, but I already tried a new one, and its having the same problem. Thanks!

  • Kendal

    Apparently the “Listen to…” command only works with Pandora, Last.fm, mSpot, Spotify and Rdio. It seems like it should work with the default music player built into Android, doesn't it?

  • hahaha! yes! I just tried out the “Send text to” and “go to” options and worked flawlessly!

    This might be the “Swype” killer so to speak… I'm not for talking commands when I'm in public (because those people just look fat and lazy). But hey if I'm sitting on my couch watching the football game… yea I'm going to be using this ALL the time! Very awesome.

    • TechDeft

      Am I on drugs?(yes) I coulda sworn I could do this before…

  • roymonster

    Anyone know of the link for the latest clock to use the set alarm voice command

    • Ko

      I need clock too!

    • Sapko

      Was wandering the same thing, looks like its not up yet.

    • Anonymous

      Me three!

  • Hogasswildmc

    I'm about fed up with my DX not having Froyo. I got it on the launch day, so I'll probably take it back tomorrow, within the 30 day window, and just go back to my original Droid.

    • lol even if it comes in September that is just a month. Isn't that a rash decision? MotoBlur has been updated (Droid 2) so DX could get it anytime.

    • The350zWolf

      Don’t mean to touch a nerve, but this is exactly what is irritating of not having an unlocked bootloader. Right now Verizon is holding back to sell as many D2’s as possible. Original Droid rules!

    • Don’t understand why people are mad about waiting on Froyo for the X. Didn’t you know that it had 2.1 and wasn’t able to be fully rooted when you bought it? They announced that it would be updated in September and people are still complaining even though they should have known all of this. Just sayin. :-

    • DROID 2! you could always get that beast of a phone and that has froyo

  • Geoff

    links are dead, as stated.

  • EC8CH

    Speaking to Droid:

    “Transform into a Jet”

    • droiduser14

      Better yet
      “transform into FROYO 2.2”

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Take note Android 3.0 is just around the corner. Certainly, everything could be even more faster than what we expect.

  • it works great on my droid incredible

  • BluuDev

    “Navigate to” “call” and “map of” have been working since the day i got my droid 1. In November 2009.

    • Guest

      Agreed, that's all I could think about when watching the video was, “I've been doing this since 1.6″…

  • tbaybe

    power to the D1 users 🙂 lol

  • Ok – not sure what this adds. I can already do things like this on my Droid X – I can say “Call Mom Mobile” and it does. What am I missing as to what is different about this?

  • Josh

    I keep getting “Installation Unsuccessful” when trying to install on CM6 RC2. Strange.

    • lifesign11

      Ditto here! Anyone have a fix?

    • Tim

      Also doesn't work on Sapphire 1.0.

      • MuddyB00ts

        I just got it working fine on sapphire 1.0. did you do the full wipe? I read somewhere it can cause problems if you don't especially with Sapphire.

      • net_enginerd

        Not working on Sapphire 0.8.4 either.

      • Niteperson

        Works on Sapphire 1.0 just fine for me. Did a full wipe when I installed it.

        BTW, how great is Sapphire 1.0? Switched from CM6 and haven't regretted it for a second. Very smooth and stable. And I now see all of my apps again. Lost a few of my favorites with CM6.

        • Tim

          I did a full wipe when I installed Sapphire, too. I have been trying to get this to work for an hour and a half. Even went as far as using adb to uninstall the original voice search, but no luck. Other than this issue, Sapphire has been great.

    • Eric

      I'm having the same problem, also on CM6 RC2.

      • Moondonkey

        Same problem.. not working on CM6 RC2

        • same issue here too

          • Eric

            Anyone brave enough to try uninstalling the existing version of Voice Search (v1.6), and then trying the current install? I'm afraid to try it for fear of losing Voice Search completely

          • Anonymous

            Hey guys, just uninstall the old Voice Search with Titanium, then reboot the phone, then you should be able to install it from the market. That worked for me.

          • Anonymous

            Just uninstalled voice search, it STILL doesnt work, and now I can’t use voice search at all on my phone. Thank god I backed up last night…

          • Not installing no matter what I do. Get a message that Installation was unsuccessful.

          • Eric

            That worked perfectly. Thanks.

          • Stevebo

            I can confirm this works. Thanks!

  • Drew_VA

    Can't install on BB .4. Also heard it doesn't play music on your sdcard, only streaming music services, which is awful. The rest seems pretty sweet though.

    • i successfully installed on mine

    • Turner

      Got it here. everything has worked great, listening to my music (from my SD card) as i type

  • Ok – call me confused – I can already do this with my Droid X – I can say “Call Mom Mobile” and it will call. Not sure what this adds over what I already have.

    • supermiah

      You can't do the “Listen to” command…they have just expanded the commands…

      • Ok – so it's nothing new – just added a few commands. The way it is being posted makes it sound like something completely new. They just added a few commands. Very odd then that it is only for FroYo if they are just expanding an existing function.

    • MuddyB00ts

      this lets you send text messages, emails, note to selfs (which are really just emails to yourself, but nifty nonetheless), set alarm, call business directly without looking them up first, and play music through 3rd party apps. (sadly no music from sd card, seems like a pretty big oversight.)

  • Already have edwin. So….?

  • the links aren't working…

  • if i don't have 2.2 on the droid incredible by next week, i will root

  • Mr. Joshua

    wonder if this will fill those strange blank spots in the 2.2 car home app?

  • droiddev

    There is also a new Chrome to Phone version (1.7) for the handset (available in the market) and Chrome at http://code.google.com/p/chrometophone/download….

  • Was wondering when you were going to get around to posting this! haha, just kidding. I was just shocked to read about this somewhere else before my preferred source for all things droid had it. 🙂

    We <3 Kellex.

  • Justin


  • Jmiranda3983

    its so cool 🙂 easier to respond to people while driving, i mean walking 😉

    • Justin

      Of course, we would never talk or text while driving!
      I just play snes roms while driving.

  • nice!