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DROID 2 First Impressions, Free Swag with Purchase?


Let’s hear it, who picked up a Droid 2 today?  Our hands-on video from yesterday definitely left us thinking about grabbing one, but what about the rest of you?  Anyone pick one up?

And did you get any free sway with your purchase like some of our other readers received?


Let us know your first impressions!

  • sik

    I got one on Saturday and LOVE IT!! I'm a previous BBerry user, so this is way more fun!

  • sik

    I got one on Saturday and LOVE IT!! I'm a previous BBerry user, so this is way more fun!

  • Jjdchavez

    Hit me up, I know nothing about phones. I want a nice camera, but I'm stuck between the 3 droids. I use a damn flip phone, but I shoot work out videos at http://www.facebook.com/JustinChavezTrainer. Please help me and let me know what I should do. I want a new camera and phone, so i thought… 2 birds, 1 stone!

  • zizzybaloobah

    My partner and I both have Droids (original) and stopped by to help a friend who just bought his first-ever smartphone, the Droid 2.

    The keyboard doesn't feel that different. My best guess is by dropping the D-pad, the individual keys could be made slightly wider, which may improve their functionality. I use swype on my Droid and haven't really touched the keyboard since.

    Swype installed by default, but not enabled.

    HATE HATE HATE how Moto has ruined the Android experience on this phone. Simple things I do on my Droid take several more steps on the Droid 2. For example, custom ring tones per contact. Droid 2: you have to edit the contact, scroll, expand the bottom section, and you finally see the settings for ringtone and send directly to voice mail. To view starred contacts, it takes a couple additional steps, whereas on Droid there are buttons at the top of the screen.

    We went to install several of our favorite apps on our friend's phone. The installed apps didn't show up in the app drawer (is this normal, does it take awhile for them to show up?) This never happened on our original Droids. We installed Launcher Pro, and lo-and-behold, the apps did install and showed up. Also, the stock home screen (whatever it is) was really cluttered with widgets and stuff.

    Overall the Droid 2 didn't seem much snappier, if at all, then my Droid original running 2.2. Really shocked by this – my guess it would be Motorola's MotoBlur or whatever they are calling their customizations to the UI.

    Was considering using an upgrade on one of my family plan's phones to upgrade to Droid 2, but after my experience this evening, I think I will wait, and perhaps do Droid X, or wait and see what's in store for later in the year.

  • purplesmufr

    I picked up my droid 2 yesterday and I absolutely love it and my brother is jealouse of the new look and the new directional keys instead of that dpad…not to mention the cool glow in the dark bracelet I got with it

  • Droid wrist bracelet does glow in the dark! I love it! Can't pick up the glow on the droid cam tho…. I got 4 of em… who wants one???? Figure out how to get in touch with me… youtube.com/rawdod http://twitgoo.com/1hw8if

  • Doolidg

    Just came across this article about the D2 thought it was very informative


  • Yeah, Yeah…keychain…bracelet those are nice but, uh….when can I get a Droid-Life t-shirt? I got my DF one…wanna DL one too. /whine =)

  • Happy Droider

    Bought my D2 today from the verizon store…no swag 🙁
    First day only?

  • Sjschwar

    “And did you get any free sway with your purchase ” I am not sure i want to know what this means…

  • Droid Does….Infiniti?!!

  • Aston King

    i got the droid two last night but i didnt get any of that stuff 🙁

  • mcdoogles

    im jealous i want some droiddoes swag!!!!

  • I like the phone overall. I did have some issues with the calendar since I didn't use my gcalendar. To fix the calendar isssue I had to put an appointment in my gcalendar, then I had to go back to FACTORY SETTINGS (!!) and start all over. But I didn't have any of the problems with draggin and droppin like some did. I did have it freeze on me this morning when I used Task Killer to stop a couple of programs that were running. Keyboard is good but now that I have a snap on case the top row is somewhat inaccessible. It's my first Droid so maybe I don't know what I'm missin out on but I like it so far.

  • JosueD

    I want a DroidDoes Bracelet!


  • Ace Z.

    I know this is completely off topic, but we have some danger in our hands by our own friends, Verizon and Google. I have been reading and done some research on their “net-neutrality” proposal and its completely and utterly ridiculous! This stupid damn proposal only benefits the big giants to charge more for better service (corporate, organizations) and not us small people, they will block any traffic work, and basically they will discriminate what we want on our web. That means they will regulate almost everything what we taste, see, smell, the whole nine yards. Net neutrality helps the net continue to move smoothly with no discrimination: “Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet.” And lastly if this proposed bill goes through by our “friends” Google and Verizon that means corporate distributors will hassling us with better service fees: “Without net neutrality, the Internet would start to look like cable TV. A handful of massive companies would control access and distribution of content, deciding what you get to see and how much it costs.” So much for good believing in the “no evil” motto cause this is complete BS! Thank you Verizon…you do “Rule the Air.” If this deal does go through I swear I will return my DROID, cancel my Verizon contract and boycott anything that has to do with Google and Verizon. I will support this site cause the community is cool as shit and Kellex is the man! Help us out guys…we need to do something about this BS!!!!

  • scuba_koop

    Posted this earlier on another thread, but am really curious if anyone can explain this to me please!!
    Noob question for my droid 2. Since we are stuck with motoblur thing, I took all of the extra widgets off the home screens. When I look at running services, there is a whole scrolling list of **it running. Most look like they came from the widgets. So I stop them all and it is good. I know android is supposed to manage all that, but I am a little crazy about stuff running I don't need! If I reboot the phone they are all right back. Frustrating the crap out of me. Am I stuck with that from the motoblur stuff, or am I doing something wrong???
    Any help would be appreciated:) Droid 2 is pretty cool for us keyboard loving misfits!

  • SA
  • RoninX

    Just got mine today. So far, I love it.

    The D2 keyboard is a vast improvement over the D1 keyboard, and possibly the best keyboard on any phone today. Would have been nice to have 5 rows like the G1, but the larger keys more than make up for it.

    Very fast. Very smooth. The whatever-blur-that-is-not-blur is very unobtrusive. With the exception of a couple widgets on the bottom for making calls, opening up the application tray, and opening the contacts list, it's almost identical to vanilla Android.

    Flash has worked flawlessly so far. (Including viewing embedded videos on Droid Life.)

    The color scheme looks a lot better in person than in photos. I was somewhat skeptical of the silver-and-blue scheme, but the silver is very dark, almost a gunmetal gray, and the blue is also a very dark navy. It's much more subtle than it appears in photos, and I like it.

    Nitpicks. Well, a printed manual would have been nice. I'll download the PDF, but you would think that Verizon would include it on a high-end phone.

    Also, I wasn't able to get the Motorola Exchange client to work with my company's servers, but Touchdown works fine.

    No swag yet, but that may be coming separately.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

    • RoninX

      Also, 1502 on Quadrant…

  • Les

    Do like the swag!! I am becoming a new Droidian that is waiting for his and his wifes first droid to come… These droids will be the X's so I hope they will not disappoint us! Also I wish i got swag with my order through the phone!

  • I want the Samsung Fascinate!!!!!

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    Well I'm def goin to get a droid 2 if an infinity comes with it, thats some major swag 😉

  • Chris

    I got the Droid 2 today! my first android phone and i love it!! it's great! keyboard is amazing, it's fast, still getting the hang of it and finding out the best way of doing stuff and what not but just my first day and i already love it! 🙂 i was the first person in my city to get one! i was first person in verizon this morning right as it opened and he said i was the first one to activate one! i really like it, i was really considering the DX but i had to have a keyboard, and when he said it'd be like a month before i could get the DX, my decision was made and im glad i went with the D2! it's great 🙂

    • Chris

      oh yes i forget to mention this.. only weird stuff with it is that oddly enough and that i couldnt figure out is that on the front screen, like the lock screen once you press the unclock button and before you swipe to unlock, it kept saying these peoples names and their number under it (people i dont know and from a states very far away once i checked with the city/state thing when you press to call) then it said “lost phone, if you find this call….” and then now it just changed to “not your phone not your problem” i dont get it!! : also, it started freaking out hardcore once i uploaded my library of music onto it and i grabbed it and left my house and used the car charger, i unpluged it when i left my car and then it wouldnt even turn on, then once it finally did turn on the wallpaper wasnt turning to landscape when i pulled the keyboard out, and it was just like having a spaz attack.. so i upluged the battery, and didnt touch it for like 10 minutes and then it slowly just came back to working, and now it's working good again, idk lol

      • Ryan

        I got a headache just reading this…ease up on the caffeine.

      • Might be some real bugs in this wot. Hmmmm….

      • Corinth

        I've seen a few threads on other sites (moto, droidforums, etc) suggesting that the odd messages with people's names and phone numbers is related to an antivirus app installed on the phones. It does sound rather spooky.

      • Mandapanda1126

        Chris, did you install the antivirus app? My fiance and I had the same problem when we installed that app…

  • TroyR

    Droid Incredible and D1 still dominate over the X and D2. Motoblur killed these two new droids and the R2 D2 version leaves me speechless in a really bad way.

    • I hate that moto put the bblur crap on the D2… I was looking forward to getting stock on the D2 but they went and ruined the experience. The D2 isn't a successor in my opinion.

      • mo

        Stop complaining about blur!!!! Home replacement apps work fine, launcher pro works great! Complain about the droid x's crappy physical buttons! Or the locked bootloader, not blur for f's sake!

    • Evermour

      Finally, some love for the droid incredible. With all these new phones coming out i hope people dont forget about the original droid…they just might. I hope i am wrong.

  • ryanwalter

    little off topic, but i need some help. i got D1 rooted w/ bb v.4 with a chevy going at 1.2 ghz. i just now did the whole market fix thing after getting fed up with none of the google apps installing properly. but the problem persists, any help would be wonderful! thanks

    • Mrpicolas

      try a different rom and wipe data and cache or reflash the current rom and dont use the market fix

  • Eadsrc

    This phone is really terrible! Not sure if I just got a bad phone but the Droid 2 I received today is laggy, pulls the notification tab down at all the wrong times; many applications are not working (Handcent SMS- Force close continuously!, worked perfectly on D1, even with FroYo update); camcorder does not work!!!!!; cant access the gallery to preveiw taken photos; did I mention LAGGY!!!!???. Had D1 with LauncherPro and all was good, then thought I had to get the next best thing…so sorry I did. Very disappointed. Think twice (and then again) before changing from the original Droid. There are definately some MAJOR issues with this phone BEWARE. OH, and the “new and improved” keyboard? Not so much. My D1 had the raised-key keyboard and it is better than this D2 keyboard. Plus points? Camera is much improved and it is very fast when surfing the wed. But the “day-to-day” interactions are frustrating and buggy. Sorry, FAIL.

    • Wow, tell us how you really feel 🙂
      Just a note: I never paid much attention to my first Droid 1's keyboard, but I lost it and had to get a replacement – the second one had a “flat” keyboard and I was like, man, I liked my other better. The second one now has rounded keys… from use?… I don't know if this happens to everyone, but it definitely happened to my replacement Droid.

    • Joe M

      Lots of the same problems here. I switched to the Droid 2 from a two year old Blackberry Curve on AT&T…. Within five hours I was really frustrated. VERY laggy… at times I would hit a key multiple times thinking the previous attempt hadn't registered, then suddently a queue of commands would all fire off at once. Multiple applications launched entirely on their own, and with the phone sitting idle at my desk I appeared to be losing about 10-15% of the battery per hour.

      It is a really nice design, and I liked the keyboard, if not as much as my BlackBerry. The ultimate deal killer was that I never realized that everything has to be anchored to a GMail account (as opposed to just a google account). Why is it that if Microsoft tries to force people to use any of its services on it's operating systems, everyone wants to smack them with anti-trust suits, and yet Google and Apple can force you to use proprietary email systems or marketplaces and everyone just happily accepts it? I want CHOICE.