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DROID X Sees Custom Recovery Image, ROMs Next?

How far away are custom ROMs for the Droid X?  Maybe not too far since the one and only Birdman has found a way to push a custom recovery image onto the device which means a couple of things:  full nandroid backups and ROMs, baby.  Posted to Alldroid, the method is not available for anyone else as it sounds, well, frightening…

Using a hack discovered by the folks who’ve done all the work on the Milestone, birdman has booted a custom recovery on his handset. The process is labor-intensive and dangerous if you’re not prepared to recover from a bricked device (and technically this bricks the device since you can’t reboot into Android at this moment), but it’s a sucessful proof of concept.

Right now he’s working on getting ADB up so we can further investigate what it will take to get a fully functional recovery working (that will also allow reboot back into Android).

From there the focus will move to a more robust recovery and discovery if/how we can do Nandroids and/or write a new /System image (like Froyo)

Stay tuned, we know this is going to get very interesting in the coming days.  Might want to pay close attention to Birdman’s Twitter account as well.

Via:  Alldroid

Cheers Jason and Kyle!

  • Well Its true how everyone changed their tone real quick about the locked bootloader on the X and D2…I never had any doubts…There are different opinions on this. I enjoyed your viewpoint. Regards,

  • I was really excited reading this right up until I read you cannot boot the device and for all intensive purposes its bricked, I’m assuming they can reflash the original software to de-brick it but I don’t really see this as huge progress. Glad to see it

  • James_g_henry

    someone please tell me how you get an early upgrade. i tried when the droid x came out i was going to use my sons upgrade which is due 9-21-10, as mine is 01-08-11. called sales and told i couldnt upgrade. how do you manage to work this magic?????

  • Jasonchuaky

    I am unable to boot into by pressing on X + power button. I am from singapore and i think the telco have lock me out from a root user. How can i upgrade to 2.2 for my milestone

  • James_g_henry

    someone please tell me how you get an early upgrade. i tried when the droid x came out i was going to use my sons upgrade which is due 9-21-10, as mine is 01-08-11. called sales and told i couldnt upgrade. how do you manage to work this magic?????

  • Jasonchuaky

    I am unable to boot into by pressing on X + power button. I am from singapore and i think the telco have lock me out from a root user. How can i upgrade to 2.2 for my milestone

  • Football4lifeson

    Kellex, whenever Birdman or another developer successfully comes up with a hack to safely load custom roms onto the Droid X, you should provide a link to their donations page as I know the Droid-Life community is very supportive of rooting and these guys should be rewarded for their hard work. I for one will donate.

  • Football4lifeson

    I love the Droid-life community. I'm 18 years old and I'm a summer student at the place where my dad is the executive vice president, the smartphones they use are very outdated (Winmo non 3G with Verizon) and they need new ones, so my dad is letting me pitch an Android powerpoint that I made to him and the president. If all goes well 50 more activations to join the Android Army!

  • Ziffy73

    Overstock.com has Droid X batteries for $12.99…not sure if that is a good deal since I have an original Droid…but thought I would mention it!

  • Off subject but is there any update on the saving texts situation can anything

  • texashorns88

    I was content sticking with my D1 unless they can unlock the bootloader on these bad boys. I'm hopeful to see it happen, but at the same time cringing the day it does b/c I'll have zero self-control to not upgrade.

  • gamboo

    Where there is a will there is way! I love android and the people who support it!

  • I'm happy for all the x users out there, since birdman does such a great job @ hacking. Can't wait to c custom roms on this beast

  • Maybe there's hope to fix the Droid X's software after all. I still say Motorola deserves to lose a lot of sales over this encrypted bootloader nonsense though, so I won't be recommending them just on principal.

  • dylan84

    I dont own a Droid X myself…but I'm excited to see what happens with this for those that do.

  • Justin

    I wish you could install a custom rom on my wife.
    Full customization and overclocking!

    • Chris Nimon

      i would install timeriffic so i can mute her during any given part of the day. Setcpu so i could overclock or UNDER clock her. hey, this getting kinda fun.

  • amy

    I have a Droid 1 and my partner has just picked up an X. When I send smilies, they do not show as emoticons just the standard “:-)”. What, no android emoticons?! I am so disappointed! I hope these can be brought back somehow. To me, it's totally part of the experience.

    • Merc56

      I couldn't even fathom using the stock droid text messaging….

      If you haven't seen handcent (free on market) you are missing the boat there amy

      • amy

        LOL, I'm definitely missing the boat on this one *embarrassed*. I honestly haven't any complaints with the stock text messaging (but hey, stock is all I know). What I want, however, is the droid X to show the cute little emoticons like the D1 and if this does the trick, I'm in!

        • Hey Amy,

          Handcent does use emoticons, just not the little android faces like on the D1, it's standard circle faces from the handcent program. Still better than nothing, and there may be ( and probably is) a way to customize them or use a different sent, there's a ton of options for the program, so many I never got a chance to play with them all.

  • tonytbone7883

    Off topic but can DL do a comparison on ROM's and their differences that set them apart from other ROMS? UD, BB, etc….

  • Ozyman666

    As a side note, I noticed that the Droid X availability has been bumped another day on Verizon – to Aug. 26.

    • Timoh

      Try Staples. Got mine there yesterday.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I like how everyone changed their tone real quick about the locked bootloader on the X and D2…I never had any doubts.

    • Dave

      Yeah, but the bootloader is still locked. That is why installing the custom recovery “bricks” the device and prevents booting into Android. Unfortunately, the major hurdle is yet to be cleared – getting the OS to actually boot with the custom recovery installed.

  • get quad

    Droid Life should kill its Facebook page if it's going to be utterly and completely ignored and used just to dump an RSS feed. Thousands of posts and questions unanswered there.

  • Oh boy this is exciting. I bought a Droid X because I really wanted the huge screen and would risk that the developers would figure out custom ROMs later. Right now I sure am glad I took that gamble!

    I traded my Incredible for the Droid X due to sound quality issues. I have found the X to be a superior device in every way but the locked bootloader. Very solid feeling.

  • Off topic but his tweet is hilarious…

    mrweeeedbirdman (Stephen Bird)

    @Androidswag if i buy a android thong for my girlfriend…what is the probability that she will remain my girlfriend and wear it?



  • tiptoptommy

    Wow this sure opens up some optomistic possabilities ……… im so happy (droopy style)

  • Sput

    Change of topic….anyone know how to stop the OTA update notifications from Verizon? I'm rooted with BB .4 (Froyo) and a P3Droid Kernel.

    I tried a method to do it with the Terminal Emulator, but that didn't work.

    • Mrpicolas

      you shouldnyt get it bu if you do it wont install because you have a custom rec just select install later

      • sput

        That's what I've been doing and it keeps coming back.

        • Mrpicolas

          ok delete the zip and redowload it again make sure its the correct one

          • sput

            Which Zip are we talking about here?

    • From what I remember if you let it try to install, it will get to recovery and you'll be able to cancel it there. At that point you shouldn't get anymore notifications.

  • jahpickney

    Off topic, but has anyone been having problems with the D1 when it comes to the apps? I cant install or uninstall apps or mount my SD card. The problem gets fixed only when I remove my SD card. I am also rooted.

    • briderx

      What OS version? I've been on 2, 2.01, 2.1 and 2.2 and have not seen that problem.

      • jahpickney

        I'm on 2.2 lithium mod. I also had this problem with cyanogenmod 6.00 rc2

        • jxcgunrunna

          Given that you had the same problem with two ROMs, copy your data to your computer from ur SD and format it. Only copy back what you need. Apps will usually reinstall what is missing.

    • jxcgunrunna

      Also, what ROM are you on? Do you have another SD card to try? If not, copy everything off of it and format it from your phone. Make sure AppstoSD is off if the ROM supports it.

      • jahpickney

        It seems like after many reboots after turning apps2sd off, everything works again. But the problem comes when it wants to. I want to know what triggers this problem. Maybe its the apps2sd?

  • Zander_206

    Hmm i'm starting to like the droid x and droid 2 more all of the sudden … wayyy to go birdman!

  • Mmmmm… Froyo….

  • El El Kool J

    I been following him on twitter for a long time now.. he does some amazing work. Hopefully he is truely successful.. i'm sure alot of donations will come his way if he gets a functional recovery working 😛

  • Laurencejk

    This hasn't bypassed the locked bootloader. If I understand it right they're one step off of what is achievable on the Milestone, with custom roms running on top of the stock kernel. You'll have custom roms, but it won't exactly be speedy

    • WhereIsTony

      With the faster specs it may still match the D1

    • It's already 1ghz. I'm sure that is substantial enough 🙂 lol

    • That's already WRONG. We have quadrant scores of 1350 already.

      • Running what? … *hopeful*

        • Timoh

          There's a thread on xda about overclocking the X. Probably wouldn't be hard to hit it with a little OC.

      • Timoh

        I just got 1288 and mine is straight out of the box.

  • The350zWolf

    If the locked bootloader on the droid x bites the dust, then so will the bootloader of the new droid 2. Haha Nice work Birdman!

  • Paul hahrgiss

    1 step closer to blur freedom

  • Please let us get some roms on this monster! If you guys want something to tide you over you can get themes for your Droid X NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a link to nextheme: http://ip208-100-42-21.static.xda-developers.co
    and here is a theme for clean black and some black notification bars: http://ip208-100-42-21.static.xda-developers.co

  • rals

    lol so much for the locked boot loader.

    • The bootloader hasn't been touched, let alone unlocked.

      • Roland

        I think he means so much for the hopelessness everyone bitched about regarding the locked boot loader. So much for the end of the “anyone ever buying a Moto device ever again” bitches that are rampant by people buying Moto and not returning their phones within 30 days showing they will actually still buy Moto.

        • Ius_

          People really don't get it.
          Working a Custom Recovery onto the Droid x has NOTHING (repeat with me NOTHING) to do with the bootloader.
          The Milestone has numerous custom recoveries. Nandroid backupds, ADB, etc etc. it all works. Nevertheless, this is totally different from getting a custom kernel to boot.

          Seriously, get in touch with someone who owns a Milestone. They will explain it to you.

          Nope, for the time being the Droid X is still a Motoroal controlled toy. I wonder how long until we start hearing about people who bought a Droid X who decide to start using their Droid 1 again due to all the Froyo goodies….

  • Phoxus

    Cheers Wade! 😛

  • Droidzilla

    That . . . is . . . AWESOME!!!

    Almost as awesome as this cake:

  • Whenever I doubt him he always comes through, thank you santa

    • El El Kool J

      Santa? This is the work of the tooth fairy 😛

      • You are obviously an apple fanboy, you think everything is magical

        • Oo3rex

          Hey dont bring that talk in here.

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    This is excellent news. It might be time to start looking for a little glass case with “Break glass in case of emergency” for my Droid OG. I might have to get a DX after all.

  • planetes42

    It's impressive what these developers can do.

    I got offered an Iphone at work today if I would learn how to develop on it. I politely declined with the caveat “get back to me when you're working on the Android OS”.

    • I clicked like because I like you.

      • tiptoptommy


    • planetes42

      Haha — tip for life: To increase your “Likes Received”, tell a disparaging tale about iphones!

  • EC8CH


  • Tom

    Good news for sure. I hope that they will have more ROM development by the time I get my X in the mail, the 21st.