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Android 2.2 on DROID Rooted with Easy Root

Remember Easy Root?  You know, the “1-touch” rooting machine that rooted many of your Droid and Droid X devices just before the FRG01B manual update was released?  Well guess what?  The developers behind it have figured out a way to root that same official stock FRG01B that many you seem to want to revert away from for rooting purposes.  And now you can do just that with again, a simple click.

For those of you new to the rooting game, we ran a poll asking users why they would root their phone a while back and should provide you with any answer you might need to take the plunge.  View the poll here.

*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device.  This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.

Update:  Easy Root has been “suspended” from the market.  We’re awaiting details as to why.

Let us know how it goes!

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Joey

    Google has pulled Easy Root from the Market. Too bad I paid for the app right before it got pulled, so no download for me.

    • larry

      join the club

  • If I can ask a noob question, and actually ask for confirmation of what I believe to be true. When I root I will loose any apps that are on my Droid, right? I also know that once rooted you have more apps available to you, but are there also apps that do not run? I see a lot of pros, and wonder if there are any cons.

    • Ryan C

      You don't loose any apps. they all should still work. the apps that you do get are the ones that only work with root access.

  • Steenerk

    will easyroot work if you are already rooted with sprecovery and want to unroot to get 2.2 and then reroot? IF and WHEN easyroot is available!!!

  • Should I unroot update 2.2 and root with easyroot
    And how easy is it to unroot with easy root

    • It is not easy at all on account of the fact that the app is no longer available.

    • TheCoyote

      I can't get it to unroot. Easyroot with Barnacle worked fine…. then I installed 2.2 which worked fine. Easyroot says I'm rooted, but no root-required applications will run. I keep attempting to “unroot” and re-root, but it just won't work.

  • “*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device. This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.”

    Ummmm…rooting does NOT void your warranty.

    • jduffy118

      yeah it does, bro.

  • kellex


    Please “like this”.

    • mike

      i do like this, but i bought the app already…. can i haz the .apk pleeeeese? its suspended from the market and i cannot redownload.

      • Mrpicolas

        This is not a warez site and we do not give out paid apks. However the reason this was pulled is they were using droidmods source and trying to profit from it.

    • Rizzidy

      The official website has the apk on it for download.

      Pay through PayPal now.


  • Doolidg

    So I hate to sound like a broken record but….is there a way for someone who already haas the app to share it with us?

    • kellex

      It's a paid app. Please do not post it on our site.

      • Doolidg

        Ooops sorry that totally slipped my mind….I was flashing on the swype fiasco..where everybody wanted the apk because they pulled the beta…sorry again

  • lost

    bought the app and dl'ed Sapphire. i didn't wipe my cache memory when asked if I wanted to do so. Everything seemed to go well until I booted up Sapphire. Now, the screen is stuck with a blue sapphire. Don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

    • JDub429

      boot into recovery and wipe data/cache then try rebooting.

  • Jimmy 2 Socks

    Why root if you can't get 2.2 (froyo) and thus not get the cool ROMs?

  • Felixnolasco

    man..just when i was gonna do it..what the hell

  • the “Download Here” link is broken

  • Tuna

    Time to sell it thru paypal and send a like with the apk.

  • Burner

    Wonder why they would suspend it as rooting isn't against the law only your warranty. Maybe Moto and Verizon concerned that it's too easy for everyone to root and go nuts

  • So i have a new droid 1 coming in the mail after using the easyroot…. wouldnt conncet with tthe gmail info.. phone wiped and when it came back no marketplace/gmail…. can i get my 99cents back?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I didnt plan on rooting my DX until 2.2 but I thought I would snag this app before it goes up in price or disappears. I didnt think it would literally disappear 5 minutes after I downloaded it.

  • Dan

    EasyRoot has been removed from the market. The author is looking into it.

    I guess it was TOO easy 😉

  • Dan

    EasyRoot has been removed from the market. I guess it was TOO easy.

  • arabbitgame

    it says it is suspended from the market

  • D1 rooter-wanna-be

    I think the easyroot app has been pulled by Google, according to the market when i tried to download it.

  • Mike

    i downloaded it a while ago… any recommended ROMs? im new to this rooting game.

  • Jason

    Too bad. Google has suspended easy root on the market. Hopefully they can get it back up soon.

  • Doolidg

    So is there a way for someone that already installed this app to share it with us?

  • Bubba Gump

    They've apparently taken this off the Market now.

    • Google suspended it. Developer is working on it. Check his site.

  • Maybe it will post a direct link on his site if it doesn't come back on the market.

  • Porschephile2k3

    It was suspended by Google according to the author:


  • The market link didnt work, and when I did a search for 'easy root' I found 'easy root compatability test' and the description says “Google has suspended Easy Root from the market. I am looking into it.” Bummer!!!! Hope he can get it back up becuase this is probably the only way I'd be willing to root.

  • Darth Droid

    Its not there anymore just easy root compatibility

  • James E.

    Went to the Market to get this and…it's gone.

  • Went to try to download out and its gone! Was there like three minutes ago.

  • jnega

    has this been removed from the market??

    • Tim

      Im not sure. I just tried to buy it. I just got an email and was charged for it i guess. But when i went to download it it said it wasnt in the market or something

  • Patem10

    (Gasp!) Oh NO! The infamous red arrows from digg are creeping in over here now!….

  • zooger3500

    This sounds bad, and I'm not going to do it obviously, but couldn't you in theory, with the app return policy, buy this app, root your phone, and then get a full refund? Not that you should, as you should support the developers, but just wondering.

    • wait….you can afford a Droid AND a monthly data plan for it….but you are looking for a cheap angle over 99 pennies?!?! Seriously, I guess there's a sale at the dollar store on lace panties you wear!

      gimme a break!

  • Cellwall

    I just tried to download Easy Root from the Market, but I got an error saying that the app had been removed from the Market. Has anyone else received this error and how do I get this app?

  • Miranda

    is this not available on the market anymore? I just tried to download it and its not there…….

  • Porschephile2k3

    I've never rooted before so pardon my lack of knowledge. If I root using this way, will I still be able to perform a Nandroid backup? The reason I ask is that from what I've read, the Nandroid back up is supposed to be part of SP Recovery that gets pushed into your phone with RSD Lite. Since I can't get RSD Lite 4.6 to recognize my phone inspite of trying all tricks that came up from Google, I was thinking of rooting this way instead of flashing back 2.1 using RSDL and flashing SP recovery. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

  • Matthew

    Just rooted 2.1 the other day and running BB v.0.4 with Fabolous NexTheme. Want to update to the FRG01B now. Can I unroot from where I am or do I need to uninstall the rom and theme first? If so, how? Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • Lushultralounge

    I had this phone since day one and was always wondering if I should root and finally after I manually updated to Froyo I noticed it was a little quicker but not anything crazy so I said to myself let's root this B!@#$H!! I downloaded easyroot a couple days ago before the official Froyo came out and it only said it could root 2.1 but they sent out an update to easyroot so that you can root 2.2 and also unroot as well and I tried it and it took a minute and wala:) Now I'm rooted and running setcpu along with some of the other rooted programs and my phone is like night and day now!! The benchmark results went from 650 to 1170 and I'm not running any rom!!!!!! One question I have though.. I tried to install a rom which was the recent sapphire rom and everything went well until it reebooted and it just stuck on the diamond.. I did a full backup but didn't hit the button that said clear data/cache and this is the first time I tried any Rom since I just rooted yesterday.. Do I have to do that or should I just try installing another rom?

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    If I already did the manual update, how would i go by doing this

    • Jonesboy6

      Did you read the article that you just commented on Bro? It says that easy root will root you from froyo(FRG01B) which is the manual update you just did. download the easy root app right above these comments

      • Anonymous

        thanks jones, thats what i was wondering

  • Jeaniekim

    i've rooted.what do i do now?? my phones still the same.. except w/ bluetooth on.. i have no idea why. can someone please answer my question?

    • Jonesboy6

      Rooting only unlocks your phone for use with these non-stock custom roms and all the goodies designed for rooters only! after rooting download Rom Manager from the market then after reading up on them decide which Rom you would like to run. Rom Manager has some custom roms preloaded to pick from or you can get many others right here on Droidlife!

      • Jeaniekim

        but when i read up online.. people wrote all this… computer mumbo jumbo.. i have to… retype a bunch of stuff and backup stuff. i dont understand. is there a tutorial online that tells you exactly what to do AFTER i root my phone? there are so many on HOW to root your phone or WHAT root is, or the apps you can get after you root….

        wth is overclocking or kernel or whatever?

        i know im soooo new at this.. and people might be rolling their eyes thinking “why did you jump into this without understand computer lingo” blah blah blah.. but we all started somewhere right? so gimme a break! 🙂

        • ReebyWantsYoMom

          First things first download rom manager. Id also recomend buying the licenced one. It'll ask you to flash sp recovery do it,
          find a rom you like or would like to try like bugless beast or that saphire one and download it. You'll want the newest build. There may be options to overclock (add kernal) you can add rite there.
          some roms also let you pick themes before downloading which are like colors and stuff.
          after you select those things download and it'll ask you to backup and wipe data and cache which i recomend doing every time.

          • Jeaniekim

            yay. ok im running the newest cyanogen mod.. but my market doesnt work! and since i wiped my data and cache… my easyroot app is gone.. thus… i can never unroot again! whats wrong?? and half my apps are gone!!!! dahhh~

    • emanuelC

      Now you can download apps that only work on a rooted phone such as:

      – SetCPU: App used to overclock your device. (With the right ROMs)
      – Root Explorer: File manager that lets you browse every file on your Droid.
      – ROM Manager: The easiest way to install new ROMs.
      – ShootMe and Drocap2: Screen shot apps.
      – Barnacle Wifi Tether: App for wifi tethering your Droid.
      – LEDs Hack: Gives you control over your LED soft-keys.
      – MetaMorph: Allows you to install custom themes.
      – Titanium Backup: For making custom backups including your apps

  • Says I am rooted but Firmware version is still 2.1. AND ROM Manager is unavailable for Droid X?!!!!!!!!! WTF is this?

    • NM, I got worked up for nothing. Told the ROM I was on a Moto Droid & it worked. Manually update to 2.2. Sorry folks

      • ReebyWantsYoMom

        Don't play with roms if your on droid x you'll brick your phone

  • so i tried to download the google froyo rom and wiped data and it on restart its a blank phone besides stock apps but im missing marketplace… im kinda stuck now…

    • dandroid

      You may need to find a gapps apk to reinstall the google apps…

  • Brian

    Does this mean you can root your phone and at the same time it will update to Android 2.2 or do you still need to upgrade to 2.2 manually?? Any word on when Verizon is sending out the new 2.2???

  • Odd, says I'm already rooted (from when I used it to root 2.1) but, then I did the manual install of 2.2 and it's still saying I'm rooted even though keying SU into Terminal Emulator gives me a big ole' 'DENIED!”. Tried the Unroot button – phone says unrooted and asks for a reboot; I reboot – and it still says I'm rooted. Tried uninstalling Easy Root and reinstalling but no luck. *Shrug*

  • Burner

    The link is broken. Has Easy Root been removed from the market?

    Great to see support for Milestone as we are pretty frustrated in TGWN. with the bootloader.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Nick

    Aweseome. Worked flawlessly! Do not hesitate… do it now! I was dicking aroudn with flashing to 2.0.1 and OTA 2.1 to root, but this is SO EASY.

  • Skim

    do i lose all my numbers and all my stuff if i root?? and after i do so, what do i do next?? is the market different? are there more options? im so confused.

    • CivilDroid

      I just did this and all of my contacts, apps and everything appears to be in place and unchanged. from what i can tell, everything is exactly the same on my phone….for now at least, until i figure out roms and all those goodies!!

    • Just regurgitating what everyone else has said: nothing will appear different other than a new Ninja icon in your app drawer that says Superuser.

      You can now use Root-only apps on the market, some of which have already been mentioned in this thread. I for one installed Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, Wireless Tether, and drocap2

  • Jack

    if i root my droid do i need to use custom roms or could i just overclock it?

  • CivilDroid

    Awesome app….rooted no problem…now what? 🙂

  • Racingmaniac

    So whats after downloading this? I am new to this and I wanna try out the new Sapphire 1.0.0. What do I need to use the back up the current stuff? What other app I need before I actually start to install a custom ROM? Currently I have the unrooted FRB01B Droid

  • Jaireeconner

    This is just to AWESOME! plain and simple!