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Android 2.2 on DROID Rooted with Easy Root

Remember Easy Root?  You know, the “1-touch” rooting machine that rooted many of your Droid and Droid X devices just before the FRG01B manual update was released?  Well guess what?  The developers behind it have figured out a way to root that same official stock FRG01B that many you seem to want to revert away from for rooting purposes.  And now you can do just that with again, a simple click.

For those of you new to the rooting game, we ran a poll asking users why they would root their phone a while back and should provide you with any answer you might need to take the plunge.  View the poll here.

*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device.  This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.

Update:  Easy Root has been “suspended” from the market.  We’re awaiting details as to why.

Let us know how it goes!

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Jaden_69

    Ive spent countless hours searching trying to find a way THAT WORKS to root my phone. every way Ive tried has failed. Z4 just closes out of the program, Universal androot, says FAILED, And Easy root I cant seem to find a code to get it running. I have a milestone x running 2.2. It would really be nice for some of the thouseands of people posting Videos ( making it look so easy ) to post new videos with updated versions that  work and that are not 10 -12 months old. 

  • Edwin1102

    Will this work on Motorola Atrix

  • I see that EasyRoot has need a key now. You know what is that?

  • Deantrujill1

    Sorry I meant Gpad 2.2

  • Deantrujillo1

    Can you root a vision gpad 2.2

  • Heavenly101

    Ok. I recently purchased this app for Droidx w FROYO 2.2 update. The app installed ok and even 'says' my phone is rooted but when I try to use 'rooted' apps, it says my phone is not rooted! What am I doing wrong?

  • Jim Cobianchi

    Can anyone please help. I have a droid x with froyo 2.2 i see it says on the top the easyroot works but in reality it does not.The pic above was taken in Aug months before you could get 2.2 on droid x and if you go to the website to download easyroot it now says as of sept that you can not use easyroot and once you have 2.2 you can not go back to 2.1 or it can and most likely lock up your phone. If anyone knows ways around this I would love the help thank you

  • Kiddpremiere

    And this doesnt work on Evo 4G on 2.2 correct?

  • Kiddpremiere

    And this doesnt work on Evo 4G on 2.2 correct?

  • Scott

    How to get a refund, this does not work with Sprint EVO 2.2 Build 3.26.651.6 cl218634 🙁

  • Scott

    How to get a refund, this does not work with Sprint EVO 2.2 Build 3.26.651.6 cl218634 🙁

  • Rikk1105

    Can this be used on droid x running 2.2 froyo? I am getting conflicting answers.

    • Mrpicolas

      No you have to root 2.1 then update to retain root

  • Mostafamos

    HEy guy I have an HTC Desire 2.2 genuine ,offcourse I accepted the latest update(2.1->2.2) without realizing that it will turn my life into hill as Im gonna have to wait in the middle of no where for the geek to come and tell me here's the tool you want to root ur gadget,anyways could this “easy root tool” comes in handy or I should stand in the queue for the upcoming stuff.cheers

  • Leapa

    Will this work on an HTC Evo w/ 2.2 factory installed on it?

  • Leapa

    Hello, I bought the app, installed and ran it. I get the completion that say “congrats you're rooted”. Then I rebooted. However, I'm not rooted? In the youtube video it says I should then see Superuser Permissions in my app folder but I do not. Also, when I reboot and run the program again – it roots me everytime. I never go straight to the App Suggestion page.

    Also, once I run this/am rooted I should be able to remove factory installed programs correct as well as tether? I'm running 2.2 on an Evo.

  • Skip

    Just downloaded. Fantastic App!!!

  • t4

    Hello, can someone help please?… i rooted my moto droid using the steps given on the root your droid to 2.2 post a couple weeks back… but now for some reason my back button doesnt work… (button on bottom left) it doesnt respond at all… this happened right after i rooted… i tried to reverse it by downloading the clockmod app and then revert back to stock… the button worked again for a couple seconds and then stopped… i know it worked because of the haptic feedback. any ideaS on how to make it work again?

  • Jr22iman513

    u pay for this app and it does what it says. currently on froyo as we speak

  • Bkiuguy

    I recently downloaded the Saphire Rom with Froyo on my Droid and ever since I've had problems where I can't receive or make phone calls. I have since downloaded Cyanogen w/ Froyo, wiped data and cache and still have this problem from time to time. Anyone know how to fix?

    • Mrpicolas

      The problem is you used easy root easy root causes problems you need to root the old way

      • skltr21

        my wife is getting a replacement for her broken droid and i want to root it again. if it comes with froyo already installed…. can i still root it using the old sbf method??? or does that only work on 2.1?

  • P5stover

    QUESTION? I manually upgraded to frg22, then rooted with easy root. Now im on bb rom. Can i just unroot with easy root first or do i need to go back to frg22 and then unroot? thanks!

  • New to Root

    I dont know whats going on, I used this app and it was pretty easy. Now I am trying to purchase ROM manager premium from the market and I keep geeting “server error” and cant dl the app. am i missing something? i didnt try to buy anything before easy root, so i dont know if it was an issue before. any suggestions? and now that i have rooted, where do i go to over clock to make my D1 as fast as possible? thanks, noob here if you couldnt tell.

    • TDub

      I had the same issue. Then I went on my computer and to checkout.google.com to sign up and put in my credit card info. Then went back to my phone and it worked. I also had to restart the phone and the market to get it working properly. Since then I've purchased SetCPU and ROM manager.

  • Doolidg

    Easy root is back…..its not in the market though….you have to go the Dev's site http://www.unstableapps.com/

  • Redlands352002

    Please forgive the noob if I am somewhat off topic but want to make sure I do this right. Upgraded to froyo with the download. Got Easy Root when is was available in the market. Rooted phone. Downloaded Titanium Backup and backed up all apps to my sd card, including Easy Root. Now I read that I don't need anti virus or task manager apps.

    Before I started loading ROMS's, do I have to do the following;
    flash back to 2.1 – (do I unroot and restore back to factory settings?)
    delete anti virus and task manager
    manually upgrade to 2.2
    restore apps from sd card
    run Easy Root (I assume it would load back from the sd card?)
    start loading and testing ROM's
    Thanks for any help/advice

  • Doolidg

    So if I use easy root does it wipe the phone clean like new? Or will all my stuff stay? And what happens to the stuff on my sd card… sorry for the noob question but I just downloaded it and I'm getting ready to hit the”root me”button and wanted to know what to expect

  • EAST ROOT is back! NOT on the Market though….go to DEV website (see below) to go and paypal it directly!

    if you purchased it, and lost it or need it again, he will be sending you an E-mail with a download key….HOORAY for good developers like this!!


  • Je

    I used easy root and then bugless beast to get 2.2 on my moto droid. Now my camera, barcode scanner and some other apps won't work. Any suggestions how to either fix this or how to unroot? Thanks

    • Travisn000

      I also had this issue after rooting and rebooting, but after unrooting, rebooting, and rooting agian everything is working as expected.

    • Travisn000

      ..unrooting is done with the easyroot application.. there is a button after rooting is completed

  • Burner

    Questtion – If Google took this off the market as the dev is using Google's Android code and tweaking it. What's the diff when Moto locks their bootloader on Dx, D2 and M to lock up the OS?

    Ok, my brain hurts but I'm curious about the boundaries of Open Source. 😉

  • Jason

    Is there a way to download Easy Root to your computer and install manually?

  • mike

    GOOGLE HAS SUSPENDED THIS FROM THE MARKET!!!! Dev says hes looking into it… anyone have the .apk? i purchased it already, but had to get a replacement phone cause my touch screen was all fudged. now i cant reroot my new phone….

  • Is there anything better than a rooted DX. Oh Yeah. Froyo Rooted DX. The only thing that makes my wife jealous, is my phone. Lol.

  • I couldn't figure out why they would suspensuspend it till after few seconds ago, Google uses open source code and this uses the source code only and is a paid app. So maybe he will need to go only free form and be ad based.

  • Wrightperspective

    Easyroot has now been removed from the Market. The developer stated that he is looking into it.

  • DroidXfactor

    Anyone used this on the Droid X yet?? I bought this app this morning after seeing the post on DL, but haven't 'pulled' the trigger yet. My biggest question is does the UNroot function work only for the original droid or does it also work for the Droid X as well. THANKS

  • Joey

    Google has pulled Easy Root from the Market. Too bad I paid for the app right before it got pulled, so no download for me.

    • larry

      join the club

  • If I can ask a noob question, and actually ask for confirmation of what I believe to be true. When I root I will loose any apps that are on my Droid, right? I also know that once rooted you have more apps available to you, but are there also apps that do not run? I see a lot of pros, and wonder if there are any cons.

    • Ryan C

      You don't loose any apps. they all should still work. the apps that you do get are the ones that only work with root access.

  • Steenerk

    will easyroot work if you are already rooted with sprecovery and want to unroot to get 2.2 and then reroot? IF and WHEN easyroot is available!!!

  • Should I unroot update 2.2 and root with easyroot
    And how easy is it to unroot with easy root

    • It is not easy at all on account of the fact that the app is no longer available.

    • TheCoyote

      I can't get it to unroot. Easyroot with Barnacle worked fine…. then I installed 2.2 which worked fine. Easyroot says I'm rooted, but no root-required applications will run. I keep attempting to “unroot” and re-root, but it just won't work.

  • “*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device. This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.”

    Ummmm…rooting does NOT void your warranty.

    • jduffy118

      yeah it does, bro.

  • kellex


    Please “like this”.

    • mike

      i do like this, but i bought the app already…. can i haz the .apk pleeeeese? its suspended from the market and i cannot redownload.

      • Mrpicolas

        This is not a warez site and we do not give out paid apks. However the reason this was pulled is they were using droidmods source and trying to profit from it.

    • Rizzidy

      The official website has the apk on it for download.

      Pay through PayPal now.


  • Doolidg

    So I hate to sound like a broken record but….is there a way for someone who already haas the app to share it with us?

    • kellex

      It's a paid app. Please do not post it on our site.

      • Doolidg

        Ooops sorry that totally slipped my mind….I was flashing on the swype fiasco..where everybody wanted the apk because they pulled the beta…sorry again

  • lost

    bought the app and dl'ed Sapphire. i didn't wipe my cache memory when asked if I wanted to do so. Everything seemed to go well until I booted up Sapphire. Now, the screen is stuck with a blue sapphire. Don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

    • JDub429

      boot into recovery and wipe data/cache then try rebooting.

  • Jimmy 2 Socks

    Why root if you can't get 2.2 (froyo) and thus not get the cool ROMs?

  • Felixnolasco

    man..just when i was gonna do it..what the hell

  • the “Download Here” link is broken

  • Tuna

    Time to sell it thru paypal and send a like with the apk.

  • Burner

    Wonder why they would suspend it as rooting isn't against the law only your warranty. Maybe Moto and Verizon concerned that it's too easy for everyone to root and go nuts

  • So i have a new droid 1 coming in the mail after using the easyroot…. wouldnt conncet with tthe gmail info.. phone wiped and when it came back no marketplace/gmail…. can i get my 99cents back?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    I didnt plan on rooting my DX until 2.2 but I thought I would snag this app before it goes up in price or disappears. I didnt think it would literally disappear 5 minutes after I downloaded it.

  • Dan

    EasyRoot has been removed from the market. The author is looking into it.

    I guess it was TOO easy 😉

  • Dan

    EasyRoot has been removed from the market. I guess it was TOO easy.

  • arabbitgame

    it says it is suspended from the market

  • D1 rooter-wanna-be

    I think the easyroot app has been pulled by Google, according to the market when i tried to download it.

  • Mike

    i downloaded it a while ago… any recommended ROMs? im new to this rooting game.

  • Jason

    Too bad. Google has suspended easy root on the market. Hopefully they can get it back up soon.

  • Doolidg

    So is there a way for someone that already installed this app to share it with us?

  • Bubba Gump

    They've apparently taken this off the Market now.

    • Google suspended it. Developer is working on it. Check his site.

  • Maybe it will post a direct link on his site if it doesn't come back on the market.

  • Porschephile2k3

    It was suspended by Google according to the author:


  • The market link didnt work, and when I did a search for 'easy root' I found 'easy root compatability test' and the description says “Google has suspended Easy Root from the market. I am looking into it.” Bummer!!!! Hope he can get it back up becuase this is probably the only way I'd be willing to root.

  • Darth Droid

    Its not there anymore just easy root compatibility

  • James E.

    Went to the Market to get this and…it's gone.

  • Went to try to download out and its gone! Was there like three minutes ago.

  • jnega

    has this been removed from the market??

    • Tim

      Im not sure. I just tried to buy it. I just got an email and was charged for it i guess. But when i went to download it it said it wasnt in the market or something

  • Patem10

    (Gasp!) Oh NO! The infamous red arrows from digg are creeping in over here now!….

  • zooger3500

    This sounds bad, and I'm not going to do it obviously, but couldn't you in theory, with the app return policy, buy this app, root your phone, and then get a full refund? Not that you should, as you should support the developers, but just wondering.

    • wait….you can afford a Droid AND a monthly data plan for it….but you are looking for a cheap angle over 99 pennies?!?! Seriously, I guess there's a sale at the dollar store on lace panties you wear!

      gimme a break!

  • Cellwall

    I just tried to download Easy Root from the Market, but I got an error saying that the app had been removed from the Market. Has anyone else received this error and how do I get this app?

  • Miranda

    is this not available on the market anymore? I just tried to download it and its not there…….

  • Porschephile2k3

    I've never rooted before so pardon my lack of knowledge. If I root using this way, will I still be able to perform a Nandroid backup? The reason I ask is that from what I've read, the Nandroid back up is supposed to be part of SP Recovery that gets pushed into your phone with RSD Lite. Since I can't get RSD Lite 4.6 to recognize my phone inspite of trying all tricks that came up from Google, I was thinking of rooting this way instead of flashing back 2.1 using RSDL and flashing SP recovery. I would appreciate any information you can give me.

  • Matthew

    Just rooted 2.1 the other day and running BB v.0.4 with Fabolous NexTheme. Want to update to the FRG01B now. Can I unroot from where I am or do I need to uninstall the rom and theme first? If so, how? Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • Lushultralounge

    I had this phone since day one and was always wondering if I should root and finally after I manually updated to Froyo I noticed it was a little quicker but not anything crazy so I said to myself let's root this B!@#$H!! I downloaded easyroot a couple days ago before the official Froyo came out and it only said it could root 2.1 but they sent out an update to easyroot so that you can root 2.2 and also unroot as well and I tried it and it took a minute and wala:) Now I'm rooted and running setcpu along with some of the other rooted programs and my phone is like night and day now!! The benchmark results went from 650 to 1170 and I'm not running any rom!!!!!! One question I have though.. I tried to install a rom which was the recent sapphire rom and everything went well until it reebooted and it just stuck on the diamond.. I did a full backup but didn't hit the button that said clear data/cache and this is the first time I tried any Rom since I just rooted yesterday.. Do I have to do that or should I just try installing another rom?

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    If I already did the manual update, how would i go by doing this

    • Jonesboy6

      Did you read the article that you just commented on Bro? It says that easy root will root you from froyo(FRG01B) which is the manual update you just did. download the easy root app right above these comments

      • Anonymous

        thanks jones, thats what i was wondering

  • Jeaniekim

    i've rooted.what do i do now?? my phones still the same.. except w/ bluetooth on.. i have no idea why. can someone please answer my question?

    • Jonesboy6

      Rooting only unlocks your phone for use with these non-stock custom roms and all the goodies designed for rooters only! after rooting download Rom Manager from the market then after reading up on them decide which Rom you would like to run. Rom Manager has some custom roms preloaded to pick from or you can get many others right here on Droidlife!

      • Jeaniekim

        but when i read up online.. people wrote all this… computer mumbo jumbo.. i have to… retype a bunch of stuff and backup stuff. i dont understand. is there a tutorial online that tells you exactly what to do AFTER i root my phone? there are so many on HOW to root your phone or WHAT root is, or the apps you can get after you root….

        wth is overclocking or kernel or whatever?

        i know im soooo new at this.. and people might be rolling their eyes thinking “why did you jump into this without understand computer lingo” blah blah blah.. but we all started somewhere right? so gimme a break! 🙂

        • ReebyWantsYoMom

          First things first download rom manager. Id also recomend buying the licenced one. It'll ask you to flash sp recovery do it,
          find a rom you like or would like to try like bugless beast or that saphire one and download it. You'll want the newest build. There may be options to overclock (add kernal) you can add rite there.
          some roms also let you pick themes before downloading which are like colors and stuff.
          after you select those things download and it'll ask you to backup and wipe data and cache which i recomend doing every time.

          • Jeaniekim

            yay. ok im running the newest cyanogen mod.. but my market doesnt work! and since i wiped my data and cache… my easyroot app is gone.. thus… i can never unroot again! whats wrong?? and half my apps are gone!!!! dahhh~

    • emanuelC

      Now you can download apps that only work on a rooted phone such as:

      – SetCPU: App used to overclock your device. (With the right ROMs)
      – Root Explorer: File manager that lets you browse every file on your Droid.
      – ROM Manager: The easiest way to install new ROMs.
      – ShootMe and Drocap2: Screen shot apps.
      – Barnacle Wifi Tether: App for wifi tethering your Droid.
      – LEDs Hack: Gives you control over your LED soft-keys.
      – MetaMorph: Allows you to install custom themes.
      – Titanium Backup: For making custom backups including your apps

  • Says I am rooted but Firmware version is still 2.1. AND ROM Manager is unavailable for Droid X?!!!!!!!!! WTF is this?

    • NM, I got worked up for nothing. Told the ROM I was on a Moto Droid & it worked. Manually update to 2.2. Sorry folks

      • ReebyWantsYoMom

        Don't play with roms if your on droid x you'll brick your phone

  • so i tried to download the google froyo rom and wiped data and it on restart its a blank phone besides stock apps but im missing marketplace… im kinda stuck now…

    • dandroid

      You may need to find a gapps apk to reinstall the google apps…

  • Brian

    Does this mean you can root your phone and at the same time it will update to Android 2.2 or do you still need to upgrade to 2.2 manually?? Any word on when Verizon is sending out the new 2.2???

  • Odd, says I'm already rooted (from when I used it to root 2.1) but, then I did the manual install of 2.2 and it's still saying I'm rooted even though keying SU into Terminal Emulator gives me a big ole' 'DENIED!”. Tried the Unroot button – phone says unrooted and asks for a reboot; I reboot – and it still says I'm rooted. Tried uninstalling Easy Root and reinstalling but no luck. *Shrug*

  • Burner

    The link is broken. Has Easy Root been removed from the market?

    Great to see support for Milestone as we are pretty frustrated in TGWN. with the bootloader.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Nick

    Aweseome. Worked flawlessly! Do not hesitate… do it now! I was dicking aroudn with flashing to 2.0.1 and OTA 2.1 to root, but this is SO EASY.

  • Skim

    do i lose all my numbers and all my stuff if i root?? and after i do so, what do i do next?? is the market different? are there more options? im so confused.

    • CivilDroid

      I just did this and all of my contacts, apps and everything appears to be in place and unchanged. from what i can tell, everything is exactly the same on my phone….for now at least, until i figure out roms and all those goodies!!

    • Just regurgitating what everyone else has said: nothing will appear different other than a new Ninja icon in your app drawer that says Superuser.

      You can now use Root-only apps on the market, some of which have already been mentioned in this thread. I for one installed Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, Wireless Tether, and drocap2

  • Jack

    if i root my droid do i need to use custom roms or could i just overclock it?

  • CivilDroid

    Awesome app….rooted no problem…now what? 🙂

  • Racingmaniac

    So whats after downloading this? I am new to this and I wanna try out the new Sapphire 1.0.0. What do I need to use the back up the current stuff? What other app I need before I actually start to install a custom ROM? Currently I have the unrooted FRB01B Droid

  • Jaireeconner

    This is just to AWESOME! plain and simple!

  • TheFlyingSwami

    Wow, I have never, ever felt the need to root my phone until now. This is a cake walk of an installation and so easy to revert back! I have a feeling I'm going to succumb to temptation before the end of the day.

    I suppose the only thing holding me back is a crystal clear advantage to rooting. The poll helps, but it's going to take more than the ability to take screenshots to balance out the risk to my precious warranty (my last phone, a BB, was destroyed in a swimming pool without warranty or insurance, so I'm hyper-aware of the risk of losing warranty). And I'm not sure I'm interested in custom roms.

    On the other hand, it's just SO easy to revert! Hmm…

    • For me it was the wireless tethering and hotspot options.

      • Gave wireless tethering a try using Wireless Tether… DOPE! This is sweet.

  • Plaidman

    Does anybody know if this works on FRG22? Or just FRG01

  • wow thanks a lot, best dollar i spent… Quick question.. im new to this so what should i start downlaoding? im downloading the froyo part now gonna see how that works out, also should i get set cpu… any tips? i looked through some of the threads here its to spread out. How about a poll/thread to help first time rooters on what to start downlaoding

    • also why is the comments not in order from posting time? im in the middle of the list and just posted…

      • Superfoot

        Check your Sort By setting at the top.

    • Chris Nimon

      rom manager – downloading roms and kernels
      setcpu – overclocking after getting kernel
      drocap – take screenshots of phone
      wireless tether – free wifi hotspot

    • Kingalston15

      yea man tell me about it…i have had my droid since the day it came out and finally took the plunge to root this morning because of easyroot and how simple it was. I installed the sapphire rom and was pretty excited until i saw my android market , gmail and all apps were gone. On top of this i did not check the box to back up andything. therefore i could not download any apps, log in to my account for any content or do anything with my phoone besides browse, text and call. there was no way to reverse the process. I rebooted my phone and held the “x” key and tried to configure things on my own but failed each time to the point where my phone wouldnt even go past the boot screen. By the end of the day i smashed my droid because i was so mad and now i am waiting to get the droid 2 or x in about a week (not sure which one yet). i was really suprised that i could not find any help or any solution to my problem because i am very good with searching for tips ect. The moral is, if ou are happy with your unrooted droid and havent had any experience with roms, ask for help or dont do it at all. Now i have to go back to an old Blackberry storm for almost a month. ugh :(……… even tho my phone is broken, i would like to know if anyone has any solution for what i went through today? please do not post the i should have backed up or that im a moron or a noob or anything dumb like that, since i do know this already lol.

      • Don’t Panic


        See #16 – Google Apps – In case you install some new ROM and all of your Google Apps are missing. (Gmail, Market, etc.)

        Much better solution than smashing your phone.

      • all you needed to do was flash GAPPS…the guy who does sapphire has them on his wikia

  • it never really rooted for me, i pressed root me and downloaded busy box, restarted and ran programs that require root and it still says i need permissions to do so. maybe its some kind of way that the android gods are telling me not to root anymore and stay stock lol

  • Kunglaolay

    when can i have custom roms for Droid X!

  • Jammin4jc

    If I get this app and root my phone, how hard is it then to overclock it? Do i just download setCPU? Or is there more to it then that?

    • Chris Nimon

      you need a kernel. some roms come with one. With Jrummy's you choose your theme AND your kernel. Then with setcpu you can overclock

  • Djspikezz

    Has anyone rooted their Droid X? And if so whats the benefit? Since there are no ROMS for DX yet? Only thing I could even think of is…….

    • Chris Nimon

      you can use root only apps like wireless tether, drocap, etc.

  • James

    Worked perfectly with 2.2 for me! Running Sapphire 1.0 as we speak. Glad I took the plunge. 🙂

  • Scottcalo67

    Just rooted my phone using easy root and it worked great, just remember to reboot after you root

    • Chris Nimon

      “Heh, that rhymes” – Blood Hound Gang

  • Joey

    Their servers must be swamped. I purchased, but the download bar won't budge from 0%.

    • Chris Nimon

      Try back key and then download again.

  • Rabbie303

    So question, if you get the app and it doesn't work, does it brick your phone, or simply just not work and you're back at where you started? I manually upgraded to 2.2 yesterday and might as well root this bad boy. Anyone?

    • Rabbie303

      Well, I paid, I rooted, and here I am. HOLLER!!! Now, what ROM to run…

      • Rabbie303

        ::edit:: oh yeah, I'm on the moto droid

  • Ron

    First of all, AWESOME app, and worth the buy.

    Secondly, I'm a kind of guy who like his command line, and I wish there is a new manually rooting guide for Android 2.2 for Motorola Droid.

    Finally, you all have a good and safe weekend.

  • Rdogg

    Not that I want to but can't you just buy this and then return it?

    • Chris Nimon

      probably but have you seen how it was done before this? I would have happily paid $10 for this app when I rooted 2.0.1

      • dandroid


  • dangold1138

    I'm currently using a Droid with 2.2 unrooted. If I use this application to root my phone, is it going to remember all of my applications and settings? And if I install a custom ROM will it remember the apps then?

    • Chris Nimon

      if you already have 2.2 you should be good to go

  • Jonesboy6

    Kellex you can now remove that “how to root your motorola droid” link to the right cuz this easy root is the Shiznit!!! I tried the how to root link to the right a couple months ago and my phone was f'ed up! took me two days to fix it and I said “to hell with whole rooting thing until I saw and read up on easy root. Guys it's not new here. It's been here for a couple weeks now and I tell ya it doesn't get any easier than this! I'm now running FRG22 with P3droids 1100Gz custom kernel and the Setcpu app and everythings running smoothly for three days now!

    • kellex

      Yeah it's probably time to update that. 🙂

  • Mousiope

    where can i buy this app instead of the market?? i am a milestone user but i dont have access to the paid apps !

    • Chris Nimon

      I know Appbrain has it but im not it works on milestone, you better make sure before you do it.

  • Kmerrill001

    this will work with the dx?

  • John Galt

    When I root my D1, from stock 2.2 (I manually updated), will I lose all the apps I purchased?

  • question off topic….what is a safe operating temp and range for the battery….I am clueless about this….WiFi tether app, shows a temp gauge in the upper left, and I dont know what I am supposed to be looking for, both for safe operation, and nuclear melt down….thanks to anyone that replies!

    • The_Other_Ray

      Here is a link that is good for all around cpu temp and battery temp information. It's a long read but he's got a section in there talking about battery temperature. I can't vouch for this person's authority on the subject matter but he sounds like he knows what he's talking about and I've set my SETCPU profiles accordingly and I haven't had any issues.


  • Bill Ward73

    anyone else having problems with this? I was rooted prior to the update. easy root says I am rooted but I am unable to “unroot” or use any of the apps requiring root. Says I am not rooted. Un-installed and re-installed but that didn't seem to work either.. thanks in advance for anyone who can help..

  • Can anyone tell me if the froyo OTA is still being rolled out by Verizon? I have seen info on manual downloads and root but nothing on someone actually getting the OTA. Just wondering if I should still be checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if it was delivered.

    • tbaybe

      Its pointless to check your phone for the update, it will come up on your screen when its your time. And this site says its being delayed, but i was in a Verizon yesterday and they told me there are a few updates coming my way, not just froyo, so im not sure anymore.

  • VirginiaArcher2007

    Once you root with this where do you update froyo from?

    • Chris Nimon

      get Rom Manager, open it, flash clockwork, click download rom, and then youll have several roms to choose from. make sure it says froyo, there are some that arent still in there.

  • Joe

    Awesome!! Just rooted using this app! Can't wait to start downloading some ROMs.

  • Mrpicolas

    ok for everyone in general i know that there are alot of new people here please read and use the search functions it will make life alot easier for everyone i am not blowing you off but 50 percent of these questions could be answered by reading first thank you and enjoy your friday

    • Chris Nimon

      Excuse me , Mr. moderator sir, can you use your pull to get the video that michael schwartz found put in the post for people to see how its done? 🙂 http://www.unstableapps.com/

      • kellex

        We everyone just needs to like your comment and they can view it right here. 🙂

        • Chris Nimon

          i could always use a few more likes lol

      • Mrpicolas

        Everyone like his comment and it can be watched right there

  • Mike

    i have been waiting for something like this forever! shweet

  • dylan84

    Its great that there's finally such an easy way to root. It would have been great to have something like this when I first rooted.

  • Craig

    Rooted and loading ROM's….Thanks Kellex!

  • ibedope

    Just downloaded and ran it. Too easy! My phone is now rooted with wireless tethering using Wireless Tether!!!

  • Jay Wseattle

    I tried this, and the phone is rooted, but doesn't have superuser. OK, what did I do wrong?

    • Chris Nimon

      No super user ninja? reboot and see if it shows up. If not try unroot and then reroot.

      • Tracy Wilborn

        So this application also has an un-root function?

        • Mike

          yes its as simple as rooting your phone

          • Tracy Wilborn

            Sweet, yeah just saw that in that video on the developers website. Thanks for the reply.

    • Mrpicolas

      you may have to reboot to see it

    • One thing I've seen a few people miss is the fact that you have to install busybox as a seperate download, whereas it's usually pushed from the computer when using a previous method. If you don't see superuser permissions in your app drawer, then you may not really be rooted. I would try rebooting your phone to see if that shows up, I had to do that the first time to get it to appear. Also if you don't install busybox and go to use an app that requires root, it will tell you your phone is not rooted, which isn't correct. Just make sure you download busy box and then the app should work.

      One more note to point out is when you download busybox from the market your downloading an installer app, not busybox itself, so once you download it from the market, you still have to open that app, and then click the install button at the bottom to download and actually install the busybox file.

      Hope this helps some.

    • Jay Wseattle

      I have rebooted, and downloaded busy box. I go to install it and get an error as well since I don't have superuser.

      • Jay Wseattle

        And I cannot unroot. Hmmm

  • villian1998

    I almost wish this was free so I could go to the Verizon stores and root the floor models

    • The_Other_Ray

      LOL. That's funny.

      • The_other_ray f'ing busy down in the comments helping people!

        • The_Other_Ray

          LOL, with great power comes great responsibility.

          The curse of being off work today. 🙂

    • Flyinion

      HAHA I’d pay to see that. Too bad the D1 is phased out now. It would be hilarious to see the look on an employee’s face when they go to demo the phone for a customer and it’s running a custom ROM.

    • Tyler

      Root, then uninstall and refund

      • Bigtex

        That’s just mean.

      • The phones would need to be logged in to a Google account with a registered credit card on Checkout. I find it unlikely.

    • Once droidmod finishes you should be able to root the droidx they are saying that droidmod will root more than just the infamous Droid 1

      • Mrc1122

        news flash…droid x has been rooted for at least a week now.

        • Well I know that but originally droidmod only rooted the Droid one and you can get it for free on their web site… so in reply to needing a free app and the Droid 1 being phased out… this is the solution!!!

  • Markus

    It did not work on my Droid Incredible. I contacted support and they are working on it.

    • macattak

      Sweet that will be a great find for us DI users.

  • macattak

    Will you be making this available for the Droid Incredible also?

  • XT

    Okay I have a question. If I use easy root, what else do I need to install a custom rom like BB.04?
    Do I need to do any further steps besides installing the rom thru CWM or SPRecovery?
    Will easy root install SPRecovery?

    Thanks all

    • Flyinion

      Get ROM Manager, flash the clockwork recovery from inside it, then just go pick your ROM and it will download/install it 🙂

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Can it be used to unroot a phone already rooted with the 'old' methods or can it only unroot a phone that's been rooted by this app only…??

    • Steenerk

      I’m wanting to know that also? I rooted way back using SPRecovery.

  • jk

    Hopefully one of you experts can help me here. I'm one of those that made the last minute plunge the other night and used EasyRoot to root my stock 2.1 droid. Worked flawlessly. First thing I did afterwards was to dowload Titanium and did a full backup. I then installed the FRG01B Rom that was out the other day and everything worked fine except none of my apps would download from the market. You could see it trying to batch download everything but nothing worked.

    I figured I'd try another ROM to see if that was the problem and installed BB v0.4. Worked fine, could download things but it didn't automatically download any of my old apps, although several random apps were sill installed. I re-downloaded Astro and using Astro I can see folders for all of my old apps but am unable to install any of them. I'm trying to a) get all of my old apps back and b) determine if being rooted is worth it. I'm not sure I have enough spare time to teach myself everything necessary to deal with new ROM's etc.


    • The_Other_Ray

      From my experience, I was on stock 2.1 when I rooted. Then I had to manually download ALL of my apps. But after I installed a Froyo Rom, I still had to download all my apps the first time. Then after I switched to a different Froyo Rom, it seemed to remember my apps and just downloaded them automatically. It's been like that ever since. I tried BB v.4, Cyanogenmod 5 and then 6, JRummy's roms and now Sapphire and all my apps have downloaded automatically ever since.

      • GNO

        I'm still pretty new to the whole ROM thing. Since you have checked out several, what have you found to be the differences between all of these ROMs? Do we have a thread on the pros/cons of ROMs on DL? The thread on “Fav Apps” a fews days back was really sweet.

        • The_Other_Ray

          The only major difference that I have seen is that with Lithiummod and Sapphire, they don't have the redraw issue. All the other ones that I have tried, if I've been busy in various apps and then press the home key to get back to my…er…home, it takes several seconds for the icons to reappear. Haven't had that issue on Lithiummod or the latest Sapphire.

          My linpack and quadrant scores are basically the same on all (I have used LV 800mhz kernels from cvpcs, jdlfg, chevy and p3). I can't really provide a good comparison except for the quadrants and linpack but the actually operation of my droid has been the same except for the difference in the redraw.

    • Hodgewdm

      In astro push the three line menu key on your phone, then click tools, then application manager/backup. wait for it to load then click on the backed up apps tab, check which ones to install then press install

    • Flyinion

      You should do a restore of apps/data with titanium. It should restore the market links and then the next ROM you do should auto-download after that. Or did I miss something and you did a restore? I saw you said you backed up with titanium but didn't see anything about restoring.

      • jk

        Thanks for the quick response. Strangely, when I look for Titanium in my apps it's no longer there. When I look in Astro I can see the folder for it but it's nowhere in the app drawer. I tried the suggestion below, using the Astro application manager / backup, but the only apps shown there are the ones that I can see in the app drawer, so I can't restore anything from there. Should I re-download Titanium or is it most likely somewhere on my sd card and I just need to figure out how to get it back in the app drawer, along with the rest of my apps.

        Again, I really appreciate the help.

        • Flyinion

          Oh, yeah you need to go re-download Titanium. Once you’re on 2.2 and it is to the point where it auto-downloads apps for you, it will re-download titanium for you but for now just go get it manually then you will be able to restore with it. Yeah Astro will not be able to restore anything unless you did a backup with it, but that’s totally separate from Titanium’s backup and unlike Titanium, Astro can not save app/system settings/data or reassociate your apps to the market so they show in “downloads”.

  • I actually did just froyo myself. As soon as the manual update came out I started trying to get it with failure until like 3 mins ago. My quadrant score went from 332 to 870!!! But now with this out, I might as well try the best instead of 2nd best…Right?

  • keithsmith22

    I did it this morning and it works like a charm.

  • kulz

    where was this a couple months ago~!!!!

  • Silencedelta

    i am considering rooting but i am worried about bricking my phone and with no replacements and not enough money to pay the replacement atm just how high a chance is there

    • The_Other_Ray

      As far as I know from the last 5 months that I've been on this website, I have not heard of 1 single incident of someone bricking their phone.

      • Kellex says he has never seen one, or at least time I checked he did. Rooting is likely to brick your device anyway. It's the flashing custom ROMs that moves closer to that dangerous territory, but even then, as long as you can boot the Moto M, you are safe.

      • Flyinion

        Yeah from what I've read, you basically have to try to brick it on purpose to actually brick it. You might have some problem occur that causes you to need to use your computer + USB cable to fix it……really rare…..but getting it to where you can't do anything other than replacing it is supposed to be pretty much impossible with the current tools unless you're trying on purpose.

      • Silencedelta

        thanks for that i will buy the app above and try it out thanks for the info made me feel better and i will just tread carefully from there.
        thanks again

        • GNO

          Please post back here and let the rest of us fence-sitter know how it goes and if any wierd things start happening.

          • Silencedelta

            wont be getting it till tomorrow due to i forgot to activate my new debit card haha but i will post here once i try

          • GNO

            Well…..??? Did you check it out or did ya get cold feet??

      • OLD DAWG

        Well now you have. Saturday I used the DMUpdater method that Kellex put on this site and I bricked my phone. Late Saturday night Kellex was contacted by the developer and asked to take the link down as it was only a beta version and not tested but it was too late for me.

        • Timoh

          That sucks man, where you able to get a new phone?

        • Does it boot to the M? Are you just someone from the Notnamingthepeople’s team trying to drum up trouble?

          • OLD DAWG

            It would only boot up to the Motorola M and then freeze. I am not trying to drum up trouble. I got the link from Droid Life.com for DMUpdater and used it. I did not pay for it. Verizon was unable to flash it with anykind of os.

        • Chris Nimon

          It was snagged from a public area and then someone put it in the market for $20. So spread the word people, DONT USE THE $20 DM UPDATER. sorry you got caught up in that 🙁

        • tbaybe

          that sucks.. but if u pay for the insurance, and they cant turn it on, they have to replace it… right?? You just dont tell them why it wont work….lol

    • SecurityNick

      I don't know if I 100% trust these apps that do this with 1 touch, but if you root with the guide to rooting provided by Kellex, follow each step exactly, you will have no trouble whatsoever and you should not worry at all about bricking your phone. Been rooted for a couple of months now and loving it. Big thanks to Kellex for keeping all this info up to date and accurate.

      • swooshbb

        I used easy root to root my phone (D1 running 2.1) and it worked perfectly. It was as easy as it sounds, one button and then about 5 seconds later I was rooted. I’ve plowed well over $20 into apps and donations but this had to be one of the better 99 cents I’ve spent!

    • There is no such thing as bricking a phone…

  • Merc56

    After thinking I bricked my phone trying to upgrade Sapphire the other day, and after having to reflash in RSD, then go from 2.0.1. to 2.1 then to the stock 2.2 FRG01, I was just planning on staying stock Froyo…….

    But now ??? . . .. hmmmmmm……

    Has anyone here tested this? I am too chicken to be the first 🙂

    • spyder00

      where did you find the 2.1 file? i can't find it i'm still on 2.0.1 sapphire jacked my phone too…i was so looking forward to it launcher pro kept FC and i couldn't do anything!

      • LauncherPro kept force-closing on Sapphire 1.0.0? Did you do a full wipe before installing? If so, then is LauncherPro on your SD and you forgot to install the gapps.zip?

        • spyder00

          yeah i didn't realize i had to install other things other than sa 1.0.0 i'm still learning everything so i spent about 2 hours trying to fix my D1 it looked sweet from what i seen i deleted LP from my sd card and then i couldn't get gmail and market got frustrated and reflashed 2.0.1 of course wife was trying to get me to put my phone down to watch big brother lol that didn't help!

          • Lesson to be learned: read the wiki first 😉

    • The_Other_Ray

      This is from Michael Schwartz's comment from earlier. He provided a video link to a guy doing it. So easy.


      • Merc56

        spyder00, this is the post that has the links to the download of 2.1update . . . it is stock..


        All you have to do is download the file, make sure it is renamed update.zip (NOT update.zip.zip) , put it on your SD card, reboot with the power and X key till you see the triangle with the “!” in it. Then press the volume up and the camera button at the same time… you are now in the menu where you can choose to install the update.zip from the SD card….. let it do it's thing and you are done….

        PS- if you download the stock 2.2 build from a post in this forum (the Google direct link still works) you can use the EXACT same steps to get Froyo !! Just delete the 2.1 update.zip off your SD card first

        • Mark

          can you use the 2.1update.zip to go back to 2.1 from the stock 2.2 update? Or do you have to flash the 2.1 sbf to do that?

  • ajavgeek

    In case if you are using HTC Eris


  • I am looking for REAL WiFi Hotspot capability….can anyone point out where I can get that…thanks!

    • The_Other_Ray

      If you are rooted, check out “Wireless Tether for Root” in the market. It's free.

      • TLane

        Will the rooted version allow the (free) tethering that froyo was *supposed* to bring?

        • The_Other_Ray

          After you have rooted your Droid 1, just install the “Wireless Tether for Root” from the market. You will then have wifi hotspot ability for FREE instead of having to pay Verizon for the official hotspot ability.

          • the Wireless tether is AWESOME!! I like the battery temp gauge it has as well….If Easy Root is the BEST 99 cent app on the market, then the Wireless Tethering HAS TO BE the BEST FREE app on the market!!
            for those looking at it, do NOT expect BLAZING wifi speed with it (dont expec gaming, etc.), but I have found it to be very stable and efficient…I ran the app on my Droid, and went to 3 different parts of my house with 3 different laptops, and got them ALL connected and on Droid-Life.com simultaneously! awesome!!

          • TLane

            yeah, but I want the USB version so I can charge the battery while browsing instead of actually increasing the drain. Does that app allow USB tethering too or just WIFI?

    • ajavgeek

      This one works for me on 2.1 and 2.2


  • I think I just froyo'ed myself…

    • Must be all the Eclairs and Donuts you ate.

  • happyrooter

    Holy crap!

  • Chris Nimon

    Found an interesting article on the company that makes Gorilla Glass. Apparently its been around since 1962. http://www.southbendtribune.com/article/2010080

    • kellex

      That is pretty cool stuff right there.

    • Nice find!

    • Barlog

      Do you know if the DX comes with gorilla glass like the D1?

      • Chris Nimon

        I remember seeing somewhere that it did but i cant confirm this

        • Barlog

          Yeah I thought I saw it somewhere to but I can’t remember. I love my D1 for that reason hopefully when I give it to my sister and get my DX in the mail I’ll be just as happy with the X. thanks for the response and cool link to article Chris 🙂

      • ai3rocks57
        • Barlog

          Cool thanks ai3rocks57 !

  • jdb80

    For those of us who are thinking it; how simple is it to unroot after using this app?
    DROID 1 running 2.2 (FRG01B, of course)

    • watch the 4 minute video at the developers site….it shows you EVERYTHING….and the video is using an unrooted Droid with 2.2 already installed….he shows rooting as well as UNrooting….watch it!


      • jdb80

        Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for!

      • Zach

        When unrooting, does it restore the original recovery loader?

      • Chris Nimon

        That video is pretty awesome. I wish they had this when i rooted 2.0.1

  • JosueD

    Wow, Android 2.2 Rooted Already, That was fast!


  • its worth ALL 99 pennies…think about that folks 99 pennies to be able to root and unroot with 1 click….If someone on this board said they would root your phone for you, and all you'd have to do is buy them a beer, you'd be spending more than this app costs!!
    start digging through those sofa cushions folks….

    • kellex

      Indeed worth the 99 pennies.

    • krazyman

      This is great. I used it to root my 2.2 droid last night. Installed the new Sapphire Rom, and now am running at lightning speeds. This app also lets you unroot easily and suggests root only apps. Could not recommend more.

      • I’m a little new to the idea of rooting, and was wondering what the simplest way to install the Sapphire Rom would be? I used easyroot on my D1, downloaded ROM manager, but was unsure what to do next.

        • Click Downloan ROM > cvpcs and install from there. Cheers

        • krazyman

          You have to choose what version of the sapphire rom you want. You have to choose what overclocking options you want, then themes. For example I chose 125-1000Mhz, standard voltage and black bar. Then your phone reboots, installs rom and your good. Just make sure you choose to do a backup in case something goes wrong.

          • Kingalston15

            yea man tell me about it…i have had my droid since the day it came out and finally took the plunge to root this morning because of easyroot and how simple it was. I installed the sapphire rom and was pretty excited until i saw my android market , gmail and all apps were gone. On top of this i did not check the box to back up andything. therefore i could not download any apps, log in to my account for any content or do anything with my phoone besides browse, text and call. there was no way to reverse the process. I rebooted my phone and held the “x” key and tried to configure things on my own but failed each time to the point where my phone wouldnt even go past the boot screen. By the end of the day i smashed my droid because i was so mad and now i am waiting to get the droid 2 or x in about a week (not sure which one yet). i was really suprised that i could not find any help or any solution to my problem because i am very good with searching for tips ect. The moral is, if ou are happy with your unrooted droid and havent had any experience with roms, ask for help or dont do it at all. Now i have to go back to an old Blackberry storm for almost a month. ugh :(……… even tho my phone is broken, i would like to know if anyone has any solution for what i went through today? please do not post the i should have backed up or that im a moron or a noob or anything dumb like that, since i do know this already lol.

          • Thanks guys, appreciate the responses.

  • Oh wow, already? That $1 is worth it.

  • first??? no way?!?