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Android 2.2 on DROID Rooted with Easy Root

Remember Easy Root?  You know, the “1-touch” rooting machine that rooted many of your Droid and Droid X devices just before the FRG01B manual update was released?  Well guess what?  The developers behind it have figured out a way to root that same official stock FRG01B that many you seem to want to revert away from for rooting purposes.  And now you can do just that with again, a simple click.

For those of you new to the rooting game, we ran a poll asking users why they would root their phone a while back and should provide you with any answer you might need to take the plunge.  View the poll here.

*Warning* – Just a reminder that rooting VOIDS your warranty and could potentially do permanent damage to your device.  This is not a recommended practice and you do so at your own risk.

Update:  Easy Root has been “suspended” from the market.  We’re awaiting details as to why.

Let us know how it goes!

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Jaden_69

    Ive spent countless hours searching trying to find a way THAT WORKS to root my phone. every way Ive tried has failed. Z4 just closes out of the program, Universal androot, says FAILED, And Easy root I cant seem to find a code to get it running. I have a milestone x running 2.2. It would really be nice for some of the thouseands of people posting Videos ( making it look so easy ) to post new videos with updated versions that  work and that are not 10 -12 months old. 

  • Edwin1102

    Will this work on Motorola Atrix

  • I see that EasyRoot has need a key now. You know what is that?

  • Deantrujill1

    Sorry I meant Gpad 2.2

  • Deantrujillo1

    Can you root a vision gpad 2.2

  • Heavenly101

    Ok. I recently purchased this app for Droidx w FROYO 2.2 update. The app installed ok and even 'says' my phone is rooted but when I try to use 'rooted' apps, it says my phone is not rooted! What am I doing wrong?

  • Jim Cobianchi

    Can anyone please help. I have a droid x with froyo 2.2 i see it says on the top the easyroot works but in reality it does not.The pic above was taken in Aug months before you could get 2.2 on droid x and if you go to the website to download easyroot it now says as of sept that you can not use easyroot and once you have 2.2 you can not go back to 2.1 or it can and most likely lock up your phone. If anyone knows ways around this I would love the help thank you

  • Kiddpremiere

    And this doesnt work on Evo 4G on 2.2 correct?

  • Kiddpremiere

    And this doesnt work on Evo 4G on 2.2 correct?

  • Scott

    How to get a refund, this does not work with Sprint EVO 2.2 Build 3.26.651.6 cl218634 🙁

  • Scott

    How to get a refund, this does not work with Sprint EVO 2.2 Build 3.26.651.6 cl218634 🙁

  • Rikk1105

    Can this be used on droid x running 2.2 froyo? I am getting conflicting answers.

    • Mrpicolas

      No you have to root 2.1 then update to retain root

  • Mostafamos

    HEy guy I have an HTC Desire 2.2 genuine ,offcourse I accepted the latest update(2.1->2.2) without realizing that it will turn my life into hill as Im gonna have to wait in the middle of no where for the geek to come and tell me here's the tool you want to root ur gadget,anyways could this “easy root tool” comes in handy or I should stand in the queue for the upcoming stuff.cheers

  • Leapa

    Will this work on an HTC Evo w/ 2.2 factory installed on it?

  • Leapa

    Hello, I bought the app, installed and ran it. I get the completion that say “congrats you're rooted”. Then I rebooted. However, I'm not rooted? In the youtube video it says I should then see Superuser Permissions in my app folder but I do not. Also, when I reboot and run the program again – it roots me everytime. I never go straight to the App Suggestion page.

    Also, once I run this/am rooted I should be able to remove factory installed programs correct as well as tether? I'm running 2.2 on an Evo.

  • Skip

    Just downloaded. Fantastic App!!!

  • t4

    Hello, can someone help please?… i rooted my moto droid using the steps given on the root your droid to 2.2 post a couple weeks back… but now for some reason my back button doesnt work… (button on bottom left) it doesnt respond at all… this happened right after i rooted… i tried to reverse it by downloading the clockmod app and then revert back to stock… the button worked again for a couple seconds and then stopped… i know it worked because of the haptic feedback. any ideaS on how to make it work again?

  • Jr22iman513

    u pay for this app and it does what it says. currently on froyo as we speak

  • Bkiuguy

    I recently downloaded the Saphire Rom with Froyo on my Droid and ever since I've had problems where I can't receive or make phone calls. I have since downloaded Cyanogen w/ Froyo, wiped data and cache and still have this problem from time to time. Anyone know how to fix?

    • Mrpicolas

      The problem is you used easy root easy root causes problems you need to root the old way

      • skltr21

        my wife is getting a replacement for her broken droid and i want to root it again. if it comes with froyo already installed…. can i still root it using the old sbf method??? or does that only work on 2.1?

  • P5stover

    QUESTION? I manually upgraded to frg22, then rooted with easy root. Now im on bb rom. Can i just unroot with easy root first or do i need to go back to frg22 and then unroot? thanks!

  • New to Root

    I dont know whats going on, I used this app and it was pretty easy. Now I am trying to purchase ROM manager premium from the market and I keep geeting “server error” and cant dl the app. am i missing something? i didnt try to buy anything before easy root, so i dont know if it was an issue before. any suggestions? and now that i have rooted, where do i go to over clock to make my D1 as fast as possible? thanks, noob here if you couldnt tell.

    • TDub

      I had the same issue. Then I went on my computer and to checkout.google.com to sign up and put in my credit card info. Then went back to my phone and it worked. I also had to restart the phone and the market to get it working properly. Since then I've purchased SetCPU and ROM manager.

  • Doolidg

    Easy root is back…..its not in the market though….you have to go the Dev's site http://www.unstableapps.com/

  • Redlands352002

    Please forgive the noob if I am somewhat off topic but want to make sure I do this right. Upgraded to froyo with the download. Got Easy Root when is was available in the market. Rooted phone. Downloaded Titanium Backup and backed up all apps to my sd card, including Easy Root. Now I read that I don't need anti virus or task manager apps.

    Before I started loading ROMS's, do I have to do the following;
    flash back to 2.1 – (do I unroot and restore back to factory settings?)
    delete anti virus and task manager
    manually upgrade to 2.2
    restore apps from sd card
    run Easy Root (I assume it would load back from the sd card?)
    start loading and testing ROM's
    Thanks for any help/advice

  • Doolidg

    So if I use easy root does it wipe the phone clean like new? Or will all my stuff stay? And what happens to the stuff on my sd card… sorry for the noob question but I just downloaded it and I'm getting ready to hit the”root me”button and wanted to know what to expect

  • EAST ROOT is back! NOT on the Market though….go to DEV website (see below) to go and paypal it directly!

    if you purchased it, and lost it or need it again, he will be sending you an E-mail with a download key….HOORAY for good developers like this!!


  • Je

    I used easy root and then bugless beast to get 2.2 on my moto droid. Now my camera, barcode scanner and some other apps won't work. Any suggestions how to either fix this or how to unroot? Thanks

    • Travisn000

      I also had this issue after rooting and rebooting, but after unrooting, rebooting, and rooting agian everything is working as expected.

    • Travisn000

      ..unrooting is done with the easyroot application.. there is a button after rooting is completed

  • Burner

    Questtion – If Google took this off the market as the dev is using Google's Android code and tweaking it. What's the diff when Moto locks their bootloader on Dx, D2 and M to lock up the OS?

    Ok, my brain hurts but I'm curious about the boundaries of Open Source. 😉

  • Jason

    Is there a way to download Easy Root to your computer and install manually?

  • mike

    GOOGLE HAS SUSPENDED THIS FROM THE MARKET!!!! Dev says hes looking into it… anyone have the .apk? i purchased it already, but had to get a replacement phone cause my touch screen was all fudged. now i cant reroot my new phone….

  • Is there anything better than a rooted DX. Oh Yeah. Froyo Rooted DX. The only thing that makes my wife jealous, is my phone. Lol.

  • I couldn't figure out why they would suspensuspend it till after few seconds ago, Google uses open source code and this uses the source code only and is a paid app. So maybe he will need to go only free form and be ad based.

  • Wrightperspective

    Easyroot has now been removed from the Market. The developer stated that he is looking into it.

  • DroidXfactor

    Anyone used this on the Droid X yet?? I bought this app this morning after seeing the post on DL, but haven't 'pulled' the trigger yet. My biggest question is does the UNroot function work only for the original droid or does it also work for the Droid X as well. THANKS