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“Copy Paste It” Will Change Your Android Experience

We just received an email from an app developer who has created an app that will change Android lives forever. A copy and paste app!  And yes, it even works in Gmail!  I know, I know, HTC’s Sense lets you copy and paste some stuff, but it doesn’t even go as far as Gmail awesomeness.  The app is called Copy Paste It.

So how does it work?  It takes a screenshot of your current screen and then allows you to select specific text with a resize-able box and then copy whatever you’ve selected to the clipboard.  It even lets you select words on images!  I’m telling you, this is epic.

Oh there is one catch though…since it takes screenshots, it requires root access.  So yes, that means “root users only.”

Trial and $3.99 versions available.

Video Action:


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  • Reutley

    This is far from “epic”. You can only copy what’s on your screen at the time you hit copy. You can not scroll down to copy anything else on the page. And it does a terrible job of “seeing” what’s on you screen. When you paste it to another doc, it comes up with all kinds of garblygoop that you have to delete or correct.

  • Reutley

    This is far from “epic”. You can only copy what’s on your screen at the time you hit copy. You can not scroll down to copy anything else on the page. And it does a terrible job of “seeing” what’s on you screen. When you paste it to another doc, it comes up with all kinds of garblygoop that you have to delete or correct.

  • Clancym1

    does not work on a droid x

  • Shok

    You rule!!!

  • Larry

    When you take a picture with the droid x does it tag the photo with a gps location?

  • Larry

    Can anybody tell me what rooted and unrooted is? I know, what am I doing here, if I don't know that.

  • Tommytmt

    Ok what device is he using???…He's got a live wallpaper running and everything is silky-smooth and super fast!

  • $4 and worth every penny. This app is awesome.

  • venomX0125

    the only problem with this app which i had for about a week is when the phone moves too much it pops up it's kinda annoying, the setting for shake is set really high. kool app though

  • If you don't use the gmail app but use gmail from the actual gmail site you can copy and paste anything anyways. Droid X user.

  • $4? Really? It's a miracle! I feel compelled to type stuff out myself!

    • Dshudson

      Yeah, I am with you.. really folks. First off I can copy and paste just fine anyplace on Droid X.. Furthermore, I can swype this shi* out of that phone.. I look like that dude in the swype commercial.. who needs copy and paste anyways.. certain foods and supplements actually make you smarter by increasing brain memory power.. lol 😉 On a side note: I love this site, keep up the good work.

  • pretty cool but not 3.99 cool. Im all for buying apps but not for something ill use once or twice at a price like that. for .99 id buy it.

  • digitalicecream

    This is a great start, but since its for rooted only I guess we're making up for the masses not using this by charging $4? Come back to me when it's $.99 and then I'll spend the money.

    • completely agree. Also the use of this is a little clunky I would rather be able to just click hold and drag and copy that way. I am not just going to leave this running forever for those couple of times I might need to copy something.

  • This is great! Glad I rooted recently, I haven't put my phone down since. Their are so many new things I come across everyday.

  • BAoxymoron

    Kellex you can already do that by long pressing the text box and with the droid you can paste using keyboard menu button and 'v' as for selecting what you want use shift key and then dpad… again droid 1 shortcut keys but it's there

  • Why would this not be standard in Google Gmail. Just does not make sense. Not having this feature is annoying I have pull out pen and paper again….lol

    Also when editing text why is there not an easier way to move the cursor along the text to add letters or edit it. Need something done for this ASAP.

    This feature of editing is available within the browser but not within applications etc.

  • Mr. Joshua

    Hey guys,

    Question from a newly converted, loving life rooted D1 user: the Car Home app/dock is a bit different on 2.2. I haven't figured out the blank squares yet – are they for adding shortcuts to whatever apps that you want to? If so, how does it work? Meaning how do I add an app to the blank square?

  • JimmyD

    What am I missing here? I have a non-rooted Droid and I can already copy, cut and paste text. I can even select text to copy and cut. I just long press in the text box where I have typed and it lets me do this.

    Is this for copying text that is outside of a text entry box? …like on a website in your browser or something??

    • Droidzilla

      Exactly. It's for copying text in any app (browser, gmail, Facebook, etc.).

  • John

    This is pretty sweet. Stock copy and paste is functional, but it's sometimes difficult to copy exactly the text you want, instead of a little more of a little less. This will help somewhat, but a lot of times text is on two incomplete lines where a rectangular box couldn't encapsulate it.. I'd definitely use it, but for $3.99 this trial is going to have to impress.

  • I'm assuming this will only work for English text? Probably a no-go for Korean.

    Really, Google needs to add a system-wide copy-paste function that can copy from ANY piece of text, regardless of the source, and regardless of what the app developer wants.

    • Eddie Kim

      For now, only English. German, French, Italian support will come in future releases though

  • Timmah

    This is looking really nice!

  • Droidzilla

    This changes everything . . . Again.

  • Bdellos

    This has been a huge frustration of mine after getting the Droid X! the DiNC was much better with copy/paste… I will be getting this as soon as we root 2.2 for the X!!

  • mmmmmm copypasta

  • bravoleader2

    Sense UI is sweet

  • Adrian

    Shouldve said it required root access at the beginning of the post so I didnt have to get my hopes up. Lame. Oh well Launcher Pro update today and 2.2 tmrw will drown my sorrows lol!

  • Drew_VA

    Gmail already includes a copy text feature (at least on 2.2 running BB v.4). Menu, More, Select text. But to be able to do it in anything is pretty sweet.

  • test

  • I can already copy paste by hitting settings?

  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    That's amazing i hope they have root on droid x asap with 2.2

  • oh im disappointed i thought this was to make fun of blackdroid. but still awesome ill have to check this out.

    • haha That is hysterical!
      And hey, I saw you in the IRC! 😛

    • Nick

      wtf–you can copy/paste in gmail with stock 2.1.

    • Peteralfonso

      oh really classic! too bad blackdroid is the best rom maker out there… his new work isnt copy and paste and he makes the most stable roms known to the d1 not even cyanogen runns as good as ud roms.. so keep hating…. im sure you copied and pasted your whole way thro high school

      • haha pete thats really funny. to bad he kanged you at one point and is kanging me right now. so go on believing hes on your side. maybe hes not copying and pasting but he sure is using cm's source. which is better than what you do i guess.

  • Mateo

    You can copy in just about anything stock with a droid 1 by holding shift and highlighting text by dragging over it

  • Mateo

    You can copy in just about anything stock with a droid 1 by holding shift and highlighting text by dragging over it

    • Adrian

      Dang had D1 since January and never knew that! THANKS!

      • Teleclimber

        Copy paste is one of the good reasons for having a hardware keyboard.

        • u can also use the menue button to select all copy paste all that good stuff

          hold down menue Menue+A = select all
          Menue+C = copy
          Menue+V = paste
          So as u can see its the same as it is on any computer keyboard. im pretty sure there are other shortcuts and all that, but i dont remember/havent explored to find them.

      • And on D1 u can tap And hold on touchscreen u can hit menu then more then select text or select all And copy whatever u want.

    • kellex

      This is for the keyboardless wonders!

      • Austin

        You dont need a hardware keyboard… I think it is even easier without using the KB personally… just click copy tap once at the beginning of the copied text and once at the end and walahh

        • He knows. He's saying this program is for those that can't do things like hold shift on a physical keyboard

    • Shok

      You rule!!!

  • Geoff

    For Gmail, hold the shift key on the keyboard (D1 users) and highlight the text you want to copy with your finger. It will copy that text to the clipboard.

    • Chris Jones

      Thanks for this. Getting a tracking number in Gmail that isn't linked has always been a pain in the ass. I figured there had to be a shortcut but never got around to searching for it.

      • Austin

        tracking numbers you click the number once and it goes to the dialer and I copy it from there.. easy

  • kellex

    Actually it will change your experience if you are rooted. 😛

    And maybe now someone will find a way around the needing to be rooted part.

  • Yes it will. And yes, it already has!!!! 🙂

  • Yes it will. And yes, it already has!!!! 🙂

  • Bad Ass!!!

  • Eric

    If it's only for rooted users, it's not going to change Android much at all. The majority of us out there aren't going to root our phones just to be able to copy and paste in gmail.

    • kellex

      Actually it will change your experience if you are rooted. 😛

      And maybe now someone will find a way around the needing to be rooted part.

      • Eric

        That is true, which is what I implied in my post. But the majority of Droids aren't, nor ever will be, rooted, so the overall effect of this will be minimal.

        • Not true. This will actually inspire you to root your phone, which will change you android experience.

    • Droidzilla

      Agreed with that; this ought to be latent in Android functionality. Still, since it isn't and I'm rooted, downloading now . . .

      • tbaybe

        + 1 lol, cute!

    • There are some screen capture apps that don't require root.
      So you never know 😛
      Hope for the best!

      • Eddie Kim

        What screenshot apps don't require root? Can you point me in the right direction?

        • I think you can do it with the SDK without root, using the ddms app.

    • How about rooting your Droid to do any of the following?

      1. Processor overclocking
      2. Custom roms/themes
      3. Wifi tethering
      4. Ability to take screen shots
      5. Custom scripts
      6. Terminal Emulator
      7. Ability to participate in custom theme Friday at Droid-Life.com
      8. MetaMorph awesomeness
      9. CacheMate (or any other cache clearing app)
      10. And of course, the sheer pleasure of copying and pasting in gmail.

      These might be a few additional reasons to root. But to each his own, right?

      • Eric

        To the regular (aka majority) Droid user, none of these features will be particularly important.

        • We're trying to educate the majority that their phones could be 100x better though.
          Every time I come across an average (nonroot) user, I always offer my services to help root their Droid,
          and not one of probably 50 people I've helped have said “I don't like it, can I go back to stock?” lol

          The “regular” user doesn't need these things because they don't know they even exist basically.
          If everyone knew that their phone was capable of being clocked at 1ghz and have so many customization options (Black notification bar) then I bet a lot of the majority would switch over…

          That's my thoughts. 🙂

          • Bit of a slow response, given you posted 6 months ago but…I rooted my phone. Then I reflashed so I could get back to stock safely. To the post a few up:

            1. Processor overclocking – I don’t need that. I don’t want that. My phone is speedy enough.
            2. Custom roms/themes – I can use custom launchers, custom themes are unnecessary.
            3. Wifi tethering – I don’t need to root for that.
            4. Ability to take screen shots – Or that.
            5. Custom scripts – Tasker.
            6. Terminal Emulator – I really don’t need the terminal on my phone.
            7. Ability to participate in custom theme Friday at Droid-Life.com – This is just point 2 again.
            8. MetaMorph awesomeness – I’ll admit I don’t know what that is.
            9. CacheMate (or any other cache clearing app) – Can’t apps do that? I think they can now.
            10. And of course, the sheer pleasure of copy and pasting in gmail. – Menu key, more, select text 🙂

            Rooting is not like on an iPhone – it doesn’t add too much of use.

        • Tyler

          You're telling me that if I walked up to someone on the street and told them “You know that wifi hotspot they're trying to sell people? I can get you that unlimited for free” they would say “that's worthless”?

          • Austin

            yes the average person would have no clue what that means

          • Jdstell

            I agree, the average person would have no idea what that means and probably would not care. But…. even my sister wanted her phone rooted after I showed her that her worthless iPad (non-3g version) could use the wifi hotspot on her Android phone to have internet access anywhere.

      • Evermour

        The ability to take screen shots is the only thing id be interested in.

    • CopierITGuy

      Using D1, I can already copy/paste in Gmail WITHOUT using my physical keyboard. Open mail, menu, more, select text, drag across what you want. When you lift your finger, Gmail automatically copies the text to the clipboard!

    • JerryF

      what the f— is a rooted phone?

      • san

        Imagine it equivalent to jailbreaking an iTouch/iPhone. The phone has the capability to do things but it basically blocked from doing it ie wirelessly tethering, overclocking the processor, and the like

  • Don't we already have copy and past. I mean I know the browser and the messaging app have it.

  • Michael_NM

    “Copy Paste It” Will Change Your Android Experience

    See what I did there?

    • Timmah

      Paste it. There I did what you said.