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Download: Road SMS App from Samsung Galaxy S

The texting app Road SMS from the Galaxy S lineup of phones has been ported to just about any Android phone.  I’m actually not even sure the app needed tweaking as it seems to work flawlessly on the Droid, Incredible and Droid X.

Not sure what Road SMS is?  It’s essentially the coolest texting app around.  Using your camera, you can now walk down the street texting and see exactly where you are going rather than running into the curb, angry transient or weird guy on the segway.

*For all users.  Should work on Droid 1, Incredible and Droid X.

Download:  roadsms 1.01.apk (alt link)  (alt link2)  (alt link3)


1.  Download the roadsms.apk to your SD card.
2.  When it finishes, tap on it and select “install.”
3.  Once it finishes installing, go to your app drawer and open the app.  Enjoy!

Source:  XDA Forums

Cheers Greg!

  • n0m0n

    If there is multiple #'s is there a option to choose which # to use for texting with this app?

  • n0m0n

    If there is multiple #'s is there a option to choose which # to use for texting with this app?

  • just converted to an AT&T Galaxy from the walled garden of the iPhone.. The AT&T Galaxy will not allow apps not from the Android Market…back into a walled garden. The wife’s Verizon Incredible while giving the same initial installation block but has a choice in the Application menu to over-ride the installation block.

    Could the developer list it to the Android market?

  • Someone

    needs ability to switch between threads

  • Nik

    They should make this into a keyboard for the stock texting app. itd be a lil less confusing but i still love it 😀

  • Wraithix

    Weird. I have that same ring.

  • Ryan C

    works on my Droid 1 with 2.0.1. its very lacking but will get the job done eventualy i suppose.

  • miosis

    It may not be perfect, but I like it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Spencermeadows79

    looks cool but isn't practical…plus no text to talk

  • Needs portrait mode

  • I'm gonna get the Fascinate when it comes to verizon, I love my droid, but the Fascinate is amazing and you can root it just like the Droid can't you?

  • ryanwalter

    this sounds awesome, but after trying it, the keyboard sucks and to enter contacts you lose the camera anyway. ive gotten pretty good at texting as is, so ill stick with swype and the physical keyboard. so what if i bump into some random person, thats why i work out 🙂

    • Haha…well played, sir…well played

  • sjavvaji

    is there something like this for google voice?

  • This app definitely has a long way to go before I would personally use it, but you all know that I will not hesitate to show off what I have and you dont! to others. I cant get over how the space bar is on the bottom right hand corner, wow BAD. and there is no auto correct at all which seems really strange because you are still trying to walk and now you are paying attention to behind the keys (which arent even really there on this, not even a little bit) and it decreases accuracy with only a 'delete' button to try to solve all your problems. If, and when, I text whilst walking, on my droid 1 I can get the message typed and sent before I would ever need to use this. I really do like the idea though, should be better if they keep working hard at it.

  • Goodnight , Battery!

  • superchachi

    No ability to use as default? Can't use to reply? Am I missing something?

    • Jamerson90

      Chach, Its missing a LOT of features


    Worked on my Evo!!

  • mhynek

    Lack of ability to choose which number from a contact is a deal breaker.

  • N0m0n

    Well if you choose someone who has multi #'s (office, home, cell) you cant choose which.
    If you choose or it chooses a # you cant delete it.
    It is stuck with a name and office # int he receiver.
    Anyone know how ti get around this?

  • Collin

    Hmmm… As an avid walking-txter, I may have to check this out.

  • Derek

    No Barcode on the page?

    • There wouldnt be a barcode on the page cuz its a .apk, its not in the market.

  • Evermour

    Theres a live wallpaper like that C: it works great on my incredible.

  • Lethalprophet

    meh. red text hard to read and defaulting to work numbers instead of mobile on my d1 w/ sapphire. I don't see any configuragble options on this at all. I have to give it a FAIL

  • me

    Does it drain the phones battery?

  • Abrownejr

    The only thing that has to be tweeked is that there is no portrait mode.

  • Anyone have the chrome to phone APK file?

  • unfortunately, my left hand fingers completely cover up the camera on my droidX while using this. also, why the heck can the message only be 80 characters ? thats confusing ! and you cant move the cursor by touching any part of the message. did they do any testing of this app, because this should be at least a beta build.

  • andrewcweaver

    Having issues with Droid 1. Won't install.

  • Add a 3or4 sec delay to cam just to keep it fun…

  • zach471

    Yeah, why do I think I'm actually going to be MORE likely to crash??

  • Jason

    This doesn't work too well on my Droid X. My finger keeps covering the camera.

  • Patriot Virus

    This is actually pretty cool 🙂 I have it on my Droid1 and digging it so far. So now I won't run into things while im texting.

  • wow, i can only imagine how harm full this is to batt life.

  • Best improvement for sexting yet!!

  • 1bad69z28

    THis is very cool, I've heard the Samsung Galxy S is a pretty cool phone has anybody checked this out and what are your thoughts ??

  • Yagermeister

    Can anyone PLEASE port InfoAlarm.apk (the Samsung Galaxy S Daily Briefing) to the Droid!!!!!??????? If it is already out there can anyone point me to it as the .apk itself does not install on a Droid?

  • Alex

    Any reason why there is an 80 character limit?

  • Now you don't have to “act” like you are texting while checking out that hot girl! Just update with zoom and record and I give it five stars 😉

    • zero

      LOL! +1

  • hickerbocker

    Can we make it any easier to text and drive??? lol

  • Does anyone have the Chrome-to-phone app?? The google link doesnt work and cm6, for some reason does not have…Please help

  • Guess This Eliminates The “Would You Look At Me When I'm Talking To You!” “Oh I Can See You Clearly”

  • Is it just me or is the camera image upside down on Moto Droid? This is great for me though…I'm always running around during the day and lag behind the wife trying to walk and text employees without slamming into someone.

  • Bandit137

    He dont even check to see if stuff works on Droid 1 anymore :*(

    • kellex

      I usually only check one stock 2.1 phone and assume it works on the rest. 😛

      Heard it even works on Froyo.

      • hickerbocker

        it does work on rooted Froyo 😛

  • Jeremysuch


  • Chrome to Phone….gotta love it 🙂

  • Cool idea but likely a fail…

  • machinegun68

    Absolutely terrible.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    I see a lot of car accidents happening with this…

  • Droidzilla

    If this works with GV, it would = win. If not, I have no use for it.

  • jdb80

    Wow, this is really gonna help with the whole anti-texting while driving campaign. I can see it now…”But Officer, I could still see the road through my phone's camera…” Cool concept though.

    • kellex

      Hah +1

    • StephanC

      Not a problem, Droid Does have auto-pilot…

  • Keith

    ridiculous seriously just stop where you are walking and type instead.

    • Time is money 🙂

  • Why is the character counter's denominator 80 (rather than 160)?

  • LobbyDizzle

    Droid 1: Don't like it. Physical keyboard doesn't work.

  • Pete released a Live Wallpaper that uses the camera. It only works in landscape mode right now, but its a neat effect. Though, my camera failed to load one time while the live wallpaper was set. I drilled out my car mount, and driving down the road, shows the road behind my homescreen & car mode. Neat effect.

  • Chris Nimon

    I'd just watch myself walk right into a sign post lol. Wouldnt this be kinda dangerous in the city? you know, stepping in front of cars and such?

  • Wow! Downloading now! 😛

  • First Yayyy

  • FIRST??

    • Yes! My 1st first. 🙂 Wait, is this for a texting app that helps facilitate texting while driving, etc.? lol, nice.