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Exclusive: DROID 2 Running Android 2.2

Over the weekend, one of our fantastic readers had the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes with a semi-mysterious future Droid family member that is expected to drop in August, the Droid 2.  When I say “semi-mysterious” I’m simply referring to all of the questions surrounding the device and it’s operating system, Blur or no Blur, feel, weight, Froyo or no Froyo, etc.  From what he’s told us, a few of those questions should now be answered…

  • Android 2.2 – The phone was definitely running Froyo as you can see from the screenshot above.  As expected, the phone with its 1.0GHz processor was “noticeably more responsive” than his D1, but could have had something to do with 2.2 as well.
  • MotoBlur – The phone had the same Blur skin that we have on the Droid X.  You can actually see that the notification bar is the same as the DX if you look closely.  He mentioned only 5 screens though which matches the current Froyo launcher, but had the new arrow drawer button with the persistent phone and contact buttons a la Blur.  He also pointed out the bundle of bloatware including the Blockbuster app, mobile hotspot and all of the Blur widgets.
  • Keyboard – He had nothing but great remarks for the keyboard.  In fact, these comments stuck out above the rest especially when the word “phenomenal” dropped.  Sounds like Motorola fixed one issue at least.
  • Feel/Look/Weight – Overall feel simply reminded him of the Droid 1.  Same weight, same screen, just a new snazzier silver color and a “grill” on the back.  Must have meant the speaker which is no longer gold.

So does this answer a few of our questions?  Maybe.  The one thing we all really wanted to know was whether or not the phone would actually release with Android 2.2 on it.  That answer should be pretty close to a definitive “yes” at this point.  To see the D2 running Froyo that has already been masked with the new Blur means we’re close.  This also means that Motorola and Verizon should be on schedule to deliver it to the DX and D1.

It’s too bad they couldn’t have slapped an HDMI port in there and a front facing camera and we’d have arguably the new king of Android.


Cheers Josh!

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  • oh this topiC>>> AMEN — Me too.

    I'm only clocked to 800MHz, but that's enough when you couple it with Froyo (BB 0.4), LauncherPro Plus, etc.

    What ROM and kernel are you running? Nice to visit your site. Wish you post another good topic like this. I will wait to read it.

  • IggynPDX71

    Definately need two cameras on there to compete with the EVO and with the Iphone..

  • IggynPDX71

    Definately need two cameras on there to compete with the EVO and with the Iphone..

  • Bunch of geeks. Removed my comment but that still doesn't alter the fact that ur too stupid to build ur own phone or network. Be happy with what u have and be thankful its not two cans connected by a piece of string

  • wow everyone quit whining. I think Motorola and Verizon are great, if you don't like it you have plenty of equally crappy choices out there. I'll take my stock Droid over an iPhone jailbreaked anyday or an Evo…. why? Because I can use it just about anywhere I go. Try that with AT&T or Sprint… I promise you will be disappointed. DROID 2 will still be better than most phones out there and I have faith that the hackers will figure out how to get these phones rooted and everyone will be happy again. Geez Motorola puts out 2 great phones in the span of about a month we should be celebrating. If neither of these phones is to your liking, just wait a few months and both will be old news… its the world we live in… just quit whining about it.

  • Well I have to agree that the motorola droids aren’t that aesthetically pleasing to the eye. they are just too big and chunky. other than that the hardware and software is great. though i’d prefer the galaxy s right now.

  • droid 2…i think sooooooo yay! i cant wait for it too come out, been waiting too long. wanted to get the original but since the keyboard is better on this phone then why not just buy the droid 2 straight up?

  • RichardJHauser

    I test drove a DX over the weekend and I loved the screen, camera and the physical buttons. The lack of a trackball/arrow keys/other was a problem that no one is mentioning. The deal breaker for me was the speed. The bloatware was just crushing the processor, though that may be fixed by Froyo, so I went back to my D1/1GHz/Froyo.

    • Bacchusoo7

      Couldn't you just delete the bloatware and solve the speed problem? Also, what does overclocking you d1 to 1Ghz do to you battery life?

  • That's pretty sweet to hear… after jacking around with the DX for a weekend, the motoblur really isn't that intrusive and keeps things running smooth too. I'd really like to see an HDMI port on the D2 tho… doesn't look like it has one

  • ericsorensen

    Hey, that window view when selecting letters in text lines is a nice blur feature. and there are a few more nice little touches like that make the phone easier to use.

  • ckeegan

    God, people are so stupid. Everyone is assuming that this upgrade it meant for D1 owners. It's not. The D2 is meant for people who are coming up on upgrade eligibility, D1 owners are not eligible for Annual Upgrade until November.

    Think about the Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Omnia, Storm, Ozone, Tour, and Diamond owners out there. All eligible for NE2 or Annual Upgrade in the next 2 months. These specs are impressive compared to every one of those devices.

    As for Blur, in my opinion, who cares? Even with Verizon's testing, etc; Moto will manage to launch a device with the latest Android OS, after installing their own UI, less than 2 months after Google released the final build. As long as it can be turned off or basically dumbed down to non-existence, who cares?

    Who wants to bet the D1 gets Froyo w/ this Blur and a locked bootloader? Then who wants to bet the D1 won't get Gingerbread? You'll see.

  • EggoEspada

    Well I knew there was 2.2, but sucks to see its been skinned.
    But hey, that means Droid X owners' Froyo update is right around the corner considering there is much of a difference between the two devices.

  • now i'm torn between the Droid X & the Droid 2. i LOVE the DX screen & ability to watch & record in 720, but i dislike the actual buttons on the bottom. as far as the Droid 2 i rarely use the keyboard on the D1 but when i did hated it bkuz the keys were so small & glad to see they've resolved that issue. D2 does look great with the 2.2, eve tho my D1 was rooted & ran Froyo. so my only problem is what's the upside to the DX vs D2. size? speed? *Kayne shrug*

  • nkhex19

    Definitely getting a D2! I would get a Droid X but I am so used a physical keyboarxd I don't want a phone without one. Cant go wrong either way right?

  • Ericdwashington

    Exactly I would have got it on if it had the face camera and HMDI. Well since they don't it's just the Droid 1 with Android 2.2…

  • 1bad69z28

    I think the Droid X is a good phone and someone will break the bootloader soon. As far as the Droid 2 is concerned it's not worth the waiti that somany of us had hoped for. Maybe the 2GHZ Droid will be the icing on the cake for us and Motorola knows this. I think the Droid 2 is pretty weak comparing to the Droid X, EVO and the Samsung Fascinate. I think we were all hoping for the Droid 2 to be that Big Dog on the block as the notional Return of the King. But Motorola had other ideas :(. I can't wait to see the 2GZ phone come out and what goodies this will bring in the future.

  • Everyone gets so hung up on here, about locked bootloaders and custom roms, that I think people forget how EASY it is to CUSTOMIZE your Android WITHOUT needing to root. Look at all the home replacements available in the market, all the themes available in the market,the ability to get things NOT from the market (well, except for the AT&T users) the ability to download and choose from multiple keyboards, wallpapers, widgets, multiple home screens, you cannot do ANY of that and a certain other popular smart phone out there. This is why people are choosing Android phones. I agree it sucks for the small vocal minority that are into rooting and custom roms, but it is the minority.

    • Tyler

      You have no argument, why take the ability to go one step further away from that minority? No one else will care!

  • Chris Nimon

    I hope the day is NOT fast approaching when iphone users laugh at us with our locked boot loaders and blur because they can jailbreak AND get updates 🙁

    • SB0b

      stupid argument. moto has a good upgrade politic in comparison to samsung and others; give me just one reason for custom roms.

      • Chris Nimon

        Stupid Argument? If it is as it appears to be, the new phones are going to be locked down like the milestone or worse. They jailbroke the i4 before it was even released. You may like the stock experience but I definitely do not. 1 reason for custom roms? If I had to sum it up in 1 word i would say Choice. Custom roms are a 1 stop shopping center for better widgets, apps, speed, user experience, etc, etc, etc.

  • What motorola and verizon are doing is appealing to the masses. Sorry to say this but we on this site are not the masses. Yes I include myself in the non masses. The whole blur thing and bootloader are for people out there who are not going to root there phone. So dont get upset when you see more and more phones come with blur and locked bootloaders.

    • AC

      That's not necessarily true. Look at the Iphone. The masses are jailbreaking their phones. So, modifying your phone isn't just for hackers and the hardcore type is its relatively accessible. Sure, the complete novices whom aren't computer inclined for the most part wont try this.

    • Do u own a Verizon phone? If u do then u are just as much a part of the masses as I am and if u dislike the new droid so much then build ur own start up ur own network nobody's stopping u I'm Just getting so sick and tired of hearing all u nerds and geeks bitching and whining all the time. Get out on ur own and see if u can do a better job just quit ur crying like a little bitch

      • Tyler

        What does this have to do with us getting the capital together and the ability to “make our own phone and network”? What it comes down to is, they're blocking us from taking true ownership of our future phones, and we're pissed, because we like having the OPTION to take that level of control. Not having that option benefits NO consumer.

  • Darkseider

    The Droid X and Droid 2 are both huge piles of steaming crap. The signed and encrypted bootloader ensures that you will never have true ownership of your device and be at Moto's every whim. They will now be able to force obsolescence on you by denying updates or early EOL of product lines in order to release their new shiny toys trusting you will buy it. Just say no to Moto.

    • AC

      Yeah. Whats amounting to be non-competitive products with the Droid brand recognition and the expensive multi-million dollar commercials. Motorola, step it up.

    • Bacchusoo7

      So are you saying to buy an Nexus One while they are still available?

      • Gunner

        An N1 or one of the Galaxy S phones. Those are now better choices than future Moto phones (if you're interested in doing whatever you want w/ your phone that is).

        • San

          hi are you saying unlocking phone in laymans terms?

  • No HDMI?… No other new features?… The 1gz& new keyboard aint enough…
    Am still stock, i'll just wait for Froyo & maybe overclock it later…
    I NEED D3.. 2Gz, gingerbread, hdmi, 2cameras,, etc

    • AC

      Unless someone gives me $200 for a new phone, I say (thus far) take the Droid 2 back to the china manufacturing plant that it came from and make us a new phone. One that can compete. 🙂

    • Jbarb21

      Exactly..Are you telling me that the target of this phone was to get the original D1 owners, who have owned their phone at the very most 8 1/2 months to now switch to this phone? No way, this is for those who didn't swithch the first time and maybe are on another service or even on verizon and their contract is up, looking to upgrade. Knowing that 2 gz and 3.0 is going to be sometime around nov/dec. (ONLY 1 year from when the D1 was released!) why would a D1 owner switch now??? Enjoy your phone like you always have and upgrade come late fall or whenever your contract is up……..

  • John

    Locked bootloader. Ever moto phone from now on will have this. Droid 1 was their development phone, hence the ability to boot unsigned images.

    But it will fall eventually, there is no question. Right now only Milestone owners have a reason to tackle this.. Once D1 devs, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Pro, Droid whatever else owners join in, it will be a matter of time.

  • AC

    Absolutely. Motorola in my opinion is out of touch of what the people want. Before people used to feel the stock Android was too plain. I guess that was until all the polished roms came along. Motorola has a lot of competition for skin/gui because of all of the rom developers. Not to mention that Motorolas laggy Android OS release procedures. The rom developers just through together mostly stable beta sdks together and get mostly nothing but raves. Hirer these guys, make a solid eta, and stick to it. Google was releasing Android 2.2 releases for the Nexus like it was nothing. I think Verizon/Motorola is really behind on innovation compared to Sprint (with the the exception of LTE). The Sprint EVO is really a more complete product than the Droid X, because of EVO 4Gs front facing camera. Its a complete joke for Motorla/Verizon to put out a product called the Droid 2 with a smaller screen and no front facing camera. This appears to be not too much more than a Droid 1 refresh. I jumped ship from Sprint for the Droid 1. I am almost having my regrets seeing the lack of competition from Motorola/Verizon. This is unbelievable. Forget the Droid fanboyism. 🙂 Sprint is on top right now. With Motorola's snobbish attitude concerning rom developers. I may buy another competing product, if possible. Not to mention the Epic 4G. Thats like the nail in the coffin, almost. Verizon/Motorola is mostly doing well because of brand recognition and expensive advertising. My point:

    1. Verizon/Sprint hirer some of the rom developers, release the android OS releases quickly, and get things done. Don't lock your phone and put on Motoblur, that's not what the people want. This is what the people want. Whoever does this will sell more phones.

    2. Apple and Sprint has already raised the bar with the front facing camera, bigger screens, and higher quality screens. Putting out a refresh of the Droid 1 and calling it the Droid 2 is not competition.

    3. Sprint currently is a more competitive company than sprint. Motorola/Verizon caught a break because of supply issues from Samsung.

    • AC

      In my point, I meant to say “more competitive than Verizon”.

    • acquaz10

      Thats what the Droid 2 was supposed to be, just a refresh. Thats what all sequel phones on Verizon are usually. The Droid X is Verizon's current flagship phone, it won't be the D2.

      • AC

        To me it doesn't fit. The Droid 1 was there flagship. The Droid 2 should be there flagship.

    • Jbarb21

      I think sometimes we are in a bubble from spending the amount of time in these discussions, that we think the majority of smartphone users care as much as us about the lockdown.Sadly the vast majority do not even know what 'rooting' means. Motorola and all the others are going to appeal to the masses not the minority. If this is what they feel makes sense for there business, then that is what they will do. If no one buys there new locked down phones then they will have to re-evaluate. My guess is they will sell a lot of phones. IMO

  • I just heard that Droid 2 does indeed have a Locked Bootloader!

  • By the way, I just sold my 2.1 rooted droid 1 for 800.00 on ebay!!

    • JG

      id like to know how you did that cause im asking 250 for mine with a crapload of accessories and no one is biting

  • EC8CH

    A few steps forward… one GIANT locked bootloader leap back.

  • skltr21

    hye Kellex i know it just came out, but any idea what this new FRG01B build is that pete just released??? what's the difference between builds???

  • Things I miss from Droid 1 to Droid X – Rooting – Mainly the ability to use Barnacle.

    I did not get rid of my Droid 1 just for this reason and it now has a place in the laptop bag. I switch to it just so I can use Barnacle on the road or away from wifi based internet.

  • Kind of a weak sequel if you ask me. However, it is on Verizon and a Droid so the phone will sell.

  • Still cant give up the shear size of the Droid X to Droid 2. Slide out Qwerty keyboard was never used on Droid 1 so for me having a larger screen is more beneficial vs. Qwerty and Froyo for now.

  • Very disappointed. Motorola is turning into EA sports last years stuff is the same as this years stuff with just a little something new sprinkled on it. Maybe they are just trying to ride the D1 popularity a little longer until there 2ghz super phones come out.

  • Yagermeister

    Who wants to place bets it has the locked bootloader? 🙁

  • Mgillster

    If you look at the zoomed image youll notice something on the upper left corner that almost looks like a front facing camera, lol

    • I am guessing that is the light sensor/screen turner offer

  • Mrpicolas

    Idk if they crack it I'm game;-)

  • Just hoping that Droid 2 in the @DroidLanding and will be in the other states…ARIZONA, Tempe to be exact.

  • El El Kool J

    This phone will sell very well for Verizon. Don't think it was intended for D1 owners to use an upgrade for D2. D1 owners will have upgrades available this holiday season when some newer more ground breaking phones are available. Which will be a worthy upgrade for us D1 owners 😛 so be patient my fellow D1(ians) all of are ROOTED Phones belong to us.

  • DeathofGrim

    if its rootable I wouldn't mind upgrading. The silver back looks pretty nice aswell
    Please no bootloader!

  • Haven't Really Been Impressed With These New Phones (DX,D2) So They Come Out Stock With A Faster Processor And Better Camera Quality. My D1 Suits Me Just Fine For What I Use It For, Before I Upgrade Theres Gotta Be Some Drastic Change To Blow The Doors Off Of Other Droids To Make Me Switch…

  • tbaybe

    switching up my phone plan.. may qualify for an upgrade in august… maybe i'll get a D2???

  • Droidzilla

    I'm still betting my rooted, unlocked Droid 1 gets Gingerbread before this thing does (as it will undoubtedly have a locked bootloader and Blur to deal with; albeit less intrusive Blur, Moto will still need to tweak any updates to run on it).

    It's a nice phone for those poor saps who have yet to dump Steve Jobs' dump of a phone, but for us Droid 1 users it just doesn't appear that much better. I'm holding out for the Samsung Fascinate (or whatever else comes after).

  • Karl

    Its a 1GHZ processor now? I thought the last report was 750mhz. I'd still prefer stock 1GHZ over the droid 1's 650MHZ simply because while you can bring the droid 1 to 1GHZ through overclocking, just think how much faster you can make the droid 2 when its stock processor is rated at 1GHZ

  • droiddev

    Waiting to see what the dual proc phones are going to be like this winter… I know it's not reliable at all, but I was talking to a rep a couple weeks ago and she strongly hinted not to get the X because there were some kick-ass phones coming out this “holiday season” from Moto that would be much better. Otherwise my Droid 1 with BB 0.4, LauncherPro Plus and an 800Mhz kernel are doing just fine.

  • cmc

    What is that little fleck on the top left of the phone? Lens glare from a front facing camera…?

  • I'm wondering if it will actually be shipping out with Froyo. I emailed you a few days ago about the Motorola rep that I spoke to while I was waiting for my Droid X at the VZ store. He mentioned having both a Droid 1 and a Droid X running Froyo on both. So this Droid 2 could very well be running Froyo for testing purposes.

  • nick o

    i wonder if wen the droid 1 gets 2.2 it will have the motoblur skins on it!

    • Doubt it

      • nick o

        it sounds likely to me seeing how moto like to control their devices so tightly

        • I don't think they'll include Blur, but I wonder if they'll be able to lock the bootloader with the 2.2 update.

          • nick o

            that would suck ass and yea blur is possibly to graphicly intense for the d1

  • RW-1

    Unless it can be rooted, not really an upgrade to the D1 that can run as fast, or faster.

  • HalfMoon

    Oh, but what's with that baseband version number?

    • Michael

      Thought the same 🙂

  • just hearing the fact that the keyboard is “phenomenal” makes me want to get it. as far as motoblur, i can slap launcher pro on it and be happy…i think

  • I'm holding my breath until we know more about the bootloader.

    • Annoynimous

      by lorifraleigh on 02-15-2010 03:16 PM

      Thanks to everyone for your comments so far. We understand that some of frustrations come with the speed at which new Android updates are being pushed out to our handsets. Motorola has recently published a timeline for software upgrades here: https://supportforums.motorola.com/community/ma…. Upgrades do take time, and we hope to explain that in more depth in a later blog post. In the meantime, please monitor this web page for more information.

      Also, I've seen statements that indicate people believe that the Milestone is the only secured Android handset or that all Motorola Android handsets in the US are not secured. Neither of these is correct. Motorola has announced nine different Android handsets under twelve different names (http://developer.motorola.com/products/). I'm trying to confirm this, but I believe the Droid is the only one of these nine handsets to boot unsigned images. Now, I don't expect this news to win over a bunch of new fans, but I did want to make more correct information available.

      • MordyT

        Lets be blunt here. Locking down the bootlaoder will do one thing: Piss off the 1% of users who actually know what what to do with a unlocked bootloader. Not n00bs, but people who can compile a ASOP ROM.
        Let me know if I am wrong, but what does Motorola gain? Nothing.
        What does Motorola lose:
        10,000 (estimate) users switching to a HTC device for the sole reason that they can load unsigned roms.
        Free troubleshooting (users who figure out and fix something and document the steps on forums for free)
        Less trouble calls (users who fix there own stuff)
        Possible leakage of certificates to sign the roms (since that is the open move now).

        So, why?

  • Locked bootloader? Ha, no way to tell probably 🙂

  • Not too impressed yet….and FIRST

  • HalfMoon

    Meh. 2.2 on my Droid and 1.25ghz. ROMs unlocked, FTW.

  • Dang it I was reading the whole post and then I missed being first 🙁

    • tbaybe

      reading the post is whats truly important! Not slapping a “first” on the comments before reading!

  • nick o

    if they have it working on droid 2 y dusnt droid x have it yet

    • kellex

      Great question. 🙂

      • nick o

        btw i tipped engadget and gizmodo about this article they'll prolly post it soon

        • That is funny. I am sure they have Droid-Life.com on their RSS feed.

          • NewsWorthy

            Yes. In fact, they referenced Droid-Life as the source in their post.
            ~ NewsWorthy ~

  • zepfloyd

    I'll keep my stock 1Ghz overclocked unlocked Froyo DROID

    Thanks but no thanks Motorola

    • I'll Second That

    • AMEN — Me too.

      I'm only clocked to 800MHz, but that's enough when you couple it with Froyo (BB 0.4), LauncherPro Plus, etc.

      What ROM and kernel are you using?

    • DUDE, If you are overclocked, unlocked and running froyo…You most defenitely are not STOCK anymore

  • Vitaly