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Verizon Readying DROID X Update for July 19th

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Update: Our sources have given us July 19th as a possible release date.  (Yep, Monday.)

Phone has been out for just about 2 full days now and Verizon is apparently readying an update to be sent out OTA.  No date has been given but according to Verizon’s Droid X Support page, we have a list of fixes on the table just dying to be eaten…


+ Improved battery charging status indicator.
+ Smoother transition for camera and camcorder functions.
+ Redesign of weather widget icons.
+ Faster Exchange ActiveSync® email loading.
+ Streamlined organization of newly downloaded applications.
+ Organized favorite contacts by call count.
+ Updated Bluetooth® connection for enhanced video sharing experience.
+ Coordinated date and time across phone displays.
+ Cleaner looking status bar for GPS symbol.
+ Improved sync capabilities for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
+ Faster Visual Voice Mail loading.


+ Take advantage of the enhanced, preloaded My Verizon application.
+ Preloaded Amazon Kindle® application lets you read Kindle books on your Android™ phone, including thousands of free books.

All sounds great to me.  Definitely interested to see how a Kindle book looks on this 4.3″ beauty.  And no, this is not Froyo.  We’re still expecting that in August.

Source:  Verizon

Cheers @iSeano!

  • I have a Droid 1 and I am considering getting the Droid X. But I really want to ask those who have it.

  • more broken promises on a phone . but the droid 2 comes with 2.2…if the droid2 has it then the verizon authorized stores should have droidx with 2.2. badnews for motorola and verizon for once again mishandling this matter.

  • ctually, it'd help. I'm most interested in the camera updates, since the original droid's camera was improved profoundly by a software update.

    That said, I suspect we'll have to wait for 2.2 for the most radical change–maybe enough for a re-evaluation

  • I am sure that Verizon is taking it's sweet time so they can add some extra security features and lock-out tethering unless you pay their exorbitant monthly fees, install more Blockbuster or similar garbage and make it difficult to root the device. Heck, I wouldn't be that shocked to find out that they are making Bing the search engine of choice on the updated X.

  • It appears the phone was released a bit early, but I'm impressed with the reviews.

  • Nice find Shadez! You always bring us the goodies

  • i sure hope the guys at xda don’t have as much a hard time as they did for the incredible..

  • Thanks to provide the update information about Android X.I keep visiting on your blog……

  • Crazy4pooh22000

    any decision on Eris getting the update? Y would they not since it is an HTC phone? Seems they would support there phones first regardless of how old they are?

  • Crazy4pooh22000

    any decision on Eris getting the update? Y would they not since it is an HTC phone? Seems they would support there phones first regardless of how old they are?

  • Poke

    I ordered my X on July 15th, got it on July 19th, and it came loaded with 1.13.604, with the latest Baseband version…how is it possible that phones were shipped with an older version?

  • mark

    Improved battery charging status indicator.

    MINE looks THE SAME ??

  • VACowboy

    Kindle looks Awesome!! Save yourself the $150. I want to try the Nook app but only after I finish my kindle book.

  • misscarmen

    mIne is in the process of updating

  • Kevintrandc

    Just got the new update for my Droid X. Yeahh…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=livfViQ2Gao

    video of my update, overall it took about 5-6 mins

  • Dman27

    i did the update, and then my phone started to freeze up after it restarted and wouldn't power off regularly…. wonderful.

    please let me know if this happens to anyone else

  • Droid X Update is out!!!!….i constantly check manually..just downloaded

  • Dman27

    where can you find this update when it is out or if it is!?!

    and ps. is anyone else having thier phone randomly freeze up?

    • Dman27

      its freezes with alot of the camera functions and just goes black for a long time…

    • Just spoke to a Verizon Rep and she said she saw no updates for the Droid X today.

  • Ackland11

    Kinda figured it wouldn't be out today… to good to be true!

  • days almost over and i got NOTHING…. kellex what going on??!

  • Anyone get the update yet?

  • baniels

    No reports anywhere of anyone having received this update today.

    • dave

      i didn't receive it, i checked for the update and it found it.

  • DroidDevil22

    i downloaded the kindle for android app the first night i got the phone. i've read 2 books through it already…works great! I wonder if the update includes a different version of the app? I dunno.

    Overall…I love this phone…it's a great performing device…does not dissappoint.

    • baniels

      Not likely an update. Just one you probably can't remove.

  • Paul hahrgiss

    just checked again and get a “check for update was not available at this time” error, Gotta be coming soon.

  • Andrew F

    Hey, So is the above mentioned update supposed to be automatically pushed on to the Droid X or can I find it and DL it? The instructions on the verizon website just tell you what to do once you have recieved a notification regarding the update. Really confused, any advice?

  • joesred

    anyone know what the firmware version for the X is and what it will be updated to?
    I should have looked when I got it…but I was playing with it tooo much

    • joesred

      Version.1.13.604.MB810.Verizon.en.US/Baseband: BP_C01.09.04P is the update as I found it

  • I wish it was there but nothing

  • Will the ota update just pop up or what cause I've gotten nothing yet

    • bamasteve

      it will be on your notification bar…i got it this morning but couldn't download it…now i can't find it

  • bamasteve

    Quick question…this morning i had a notification for an OTA update on my X…when I went to download it, it wouldn't download (bad signal I guess) but now the notification isn't there any more and I can't figure out how to download this update..

  • What time today???

  • what time today??

  • crunchetise me captain

  • qball

    Anyone having problems w/ their Droid X? Sometimes my gf's Droid X goes mute and when she makes or receives a call, the person on the other line can't hear her. She can hear them fine. I've tried doing a factory reset but it seems to happen on occassion.

  • Ill bet that Steve Jobs secretly has a droid x.

  • AG

    Guys, The Droid X could be rooted? Thanks

  • Justin

    I want the buttons on the video player to flip when its in landscape mode I hate pressing the right button and the volume goes down. I forget it every time 😛

  • Got email confirmation that my DX was shipped today. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Froyo let's get crackin'!!!!

  • ShadowDroid

    for the best weather widget….beautiful widgets….got to love it mmmm but I just hope the new update fixes the contact list problem with facebook…….and makes the phone itself more smooth especially when switching from portrait to landscape….which for me is little slow at times.

  • droiduser

    does anyone think that the ringer on the droid x is weak?…..I've had the phone for 3 days and that's my only complaint…..

    • Nayloves05

      I agree completely.

  • supermiah

    So, I have a Droid 1 (like several on here) and I am considering getting the Droid X. But I want to ask those that have it. Is it worth losing my Custom CM6 Rom (Froyo) to go back to 2.1? Or should I wait until the Droid X get Froyo on it to buy the phone. (I am going to have to buy it full retail, or all a line to my family plan) Droid X owners? What do you think?

    • Chris Nimon

      i switched to DI with 2.1 on it for a couple of days because i was gonna sell my Droid. Well, I couldnt take it any more and switched back. It was absolutely horrible after using the CM6 rom. (DI is rooted but it didnt want to take CM6 for some reason) I wouldn't worry about it till it gets froyo (just my opinion). I bet your CM6 is => as fast and smooth as the DX with 2.1 and you can do more with it.

  • hey if it's not to much trouble coould you test something for me kellex, I'd like to know if you can link up the official android facebook app and the official android twitter app to the Droid X's social networking apps rather than use the moto apps becuase I heard that the pre loaded moto facebook twitter apps sucked. thanks alot

    • I meant can you use them with the social networking widget that posts your updates

  • Kosmoskid

    kindle looks great tried it out today

  • hdub

    maybe they can also fix the on again off again unresponsive touch screen. it's driving me nuts, especially when using swype. otherwise, i love the phone.

  • Rmeyer7

    It appears the phone was released a bit early, but I'm impressed with the reviews. Is it a good idea to buy this one now, or wait for Android 2.2 to see if an even better phone is released with Froyo. Is there a chance that a Froyo-loaded phone will be superior to an upgraded Droid X, in terms of hardware or non-changeable software? I'd like to get the Droid X as soon as it looks to be debugged under Verizon, but could wait if there's an even better phone on the horizon.

    • lake1

      I'm with you; I'm waiting for it to ship with Froyo, and for more debugging . . . although by then the next hot phone might be launching! Until then I'm enjoying reading about it on the forums.

      • Rmeyer7

        Thanks. This one looks good – I can use the GPS-tagged photo capability right now, and the screen can't get much bigger without becoming clumsy, I suspect. Think I'll give it a few more days to stabilize, then jump in and hope the Froyo upgrade is clean.

    • Tyler

      There's always going to be a better phone on the horizon and they will always be working out bugs on the latest phone… You'll wait for the next phone then say you're waiting for them to work out the bugs or something new and never get a phone lol

      And considering that the 2.1 X is running quadrant scores similar to existing phones running 2.2, its going to blow them away after the update

      • Rmeyer7

        Thanks, Tyler. I'm beginning to think I should make the jump from my 1983 Radio Shack Model 100 laptop soon, too, even though the laptops keep improving.. 😉

        I'm new to Android and seeing the quadrant score comments for the first time. A quick explanation would be great.

      • Rmeyer7

        Tyler – I've ordered the Droid X as of today – will arrive on the 6th, per Verizon. I'd appreciate any advice as to updates that I should install upon receipt. Thanks. -Bob

  • joesred

    Forgive me father…it has been since I purchased the Motorola Droid that I gave my last confession…

    I LOVE my Droid X……..

    It is just not right to love tech this much…amazing..awesome…

  • Dantheman

    Very bummed, this afternoon, my wife's Droid X began repeatedly rebooting. Can't get it to stop, even in Safe Mode. She wasn't even using it at the time it began. Even worse is that we won't receive the replacement until 7/21.

  • Austin

    glad I ditched the droid camp… love the droid X camp.. and love this new update, sure why not is what I say 😉

  • I scored a 1400 on quadrant on my droid x yesterday

  • Ajazzfish

    Forget about what verizon said about not running out of phones. I ordered mine at 1pm on the web and now they say it's not going to ship until the 23rd

  • Anyone know how many units have been sold. Im just curious.

  • Turner

    Since I got BBV4.1 I've never been under 1380 ran it a second ago 1494 @1000 mhz I'll stick with my d1

  • evltwn

    Will this update improve battery life?

  • hey whens the Droid X full review coming????

    • kellex

      Only had the phone for 2 days. Gotta actually use it before I can review it. 🙂

      • yeah i know lol im just anxious, and just to clarify, you can root this right? you just can't load custom roms?

  • timarnette

    Is this update going to be OTA? Thanks

    • I feel weird answering a question that could be answered by simply reading the post…

    • Yes Smarticus lol

  • Man im so glad i choose this phone over the iphone. Well worth every penny spent. This phone is a beast! Im happy to be part of verizon and the android family. I never will go back to att.

  • Jack

    The out of order downloaded apps (at the bottom of the app list) was one of the first things I noticed. Reboot seemed to line them up.

  • Gtavc200

    Looks like the original Droid has been abandoned on this site…

    • first off theirs no way they'll abandon it, their just keeping up with the Droids and second, did you expect them to not do anything with the Droid X

  • Wow! Can't wait to download this update! I've been less than pleased with the weather widget so hopefully that fix makes it sweet. Other than that i've got no complaints with my DroidX!

    Do these updates typically push through at 12:00am? Just curious.

    • edwards311

      I second the disappointment in the weather widget….other than that the X has been amazing!!!! Might have to download a new one if the update does not make it better.

      • Good call

      • Search for Beautiful Widgets in the Market! It's got a great weather widget/clock!

        • edwards311

          Dowloaded it about 15 min. after my original post….It is up and running smoothly. thanx anyway

  • Puffy98

    i need a help!!!!!
    i transfered all phone NO. from my previous phone and also synced from my google account.
    however, at the bottom of home screen, contact menu show it only from google account that is e mail address.
    how can i add all phone NO. list to my contact menu that is at the bottom of home screen?

  • 2.1-update2? or not enough features to be called that?

  • SiNep

    what about the incredible OTA that was supposed to roll out yesterday. 🙁

  • ok this is all good, but when are the Droid owners getting our 2.2 update? wasn't that supposed to reach us sometime this month? This is irritating

    • SiNep

      I was told my 3 verizon retail store reps yesterday that the droid is supposed to be getting 2.2 by the end of the month, then the droid X will get it mid August and DROID Incredible will get it by the end of August. Those were 3 different people from 3 different stores. But as we all know, these dates change every day.

    • Gtavc200

      I dont care I have had the update for quite some time (rooted obviously) but all this site is is DROID X no word on Droid 1 stuff in a while :[.

    • huskerjack

      check out droidforums.net. Miami 1683 and hookbill (mods) have said that it is “confirmed” that 2.2 drops for the D1 starting 8/7…

  • dominguez619

    Totally off topic but I leave to boot camp tomorrow morning! For 3 months! I'm gonna have a lot of catching up to do when I come back! Checking this site will probably be one of the first things I do once I return. This community is awesome!

    • good luck bro

    • Ntmd8r03

      Thanks for stepping up and joining.

    • timarnette

      Please be careful!!!!

    • Maizekid

      Be safe. We will be here when you return. Unless Kellex gives up on us

    • Chris Nimon

      Be safe and remember, even if you do it right , theyll say you didnt. Dont take anything the DI says personally.
      Be Somebody! Semper fi

    • ahh I remember when I left for parris island lol.although they did send me weeks early sowe could get more people into iraq. Just remember we(active Marines) think the DIs are a bunch off comedians.

    • RAH!

  • Kkinderen

    It doesn't sound good to me. More bloat you can't delete. Droid X has no advantage over an original, rooted Droid except maybe some hardware specs. Until it is rooted, it is crippled. Root!

    • Tyler

      Maybe some hardware specs? Definitely has the hardware, as much as i hate to admit it… its quadrant score running 2.1 is higher than a rooted droid running a vanilla version of 2.2 at 1000 MHz! that blew me away

      • Aaron

        Mine hit 760 or so. So i dont think that is correct everywhere.

        • Lt1demon

          My Droid X score has always been above 1200 every time I have ran Quadrant. I ran a couple tests before posting and got 1255 and 1211. Droid X is fast. No experience with rooted droid 1. Will have to ask a friend at work how he does on quadrant.

          • Tyler

            I just put launcherpro on the one at the verizon store and immediately hit 1269. Highest I've hit with my droid 1 was 14something, but that was running at 1200 MHz on Sapphire and it wasn't stable at all

      • timarnette

        WOW mine id 1255. Higher than my rooted Droid.

      • Austin

        agreed.. I was running 0.4 bb froyo on my droid before I got the X… 2.1.1 on the droid X is MUCH faster than my overclocked froyo rom on the droid, it really is that incredible… all X owners can side with me that froyo on this beast is going to blow minds

  • Mcook1670

    what the heck can my little red headed step child get an update? They said the Eris update was coming on the 16th..gone. Now all I see is updates for the Incredible and Droid X. Maybe I should switch to sprint or something

    • JG

      maybe you shouldn't of gotten the eris when the droid 1 was the same price like a month later…but im not hear to start trouble…just stating the facts

      • Tyler

        Very true, you can't just expect companies to offer all that much support to their lower end buyers… You should have just bought a moto droid, that's on you. Sprint won't treat their bottom tier Android handsets any better.

    • Rawdog73

      bye see ya

    • kellex

      Droid Eris update is rolling out right now. You just haven't received it yet.

  • Toonami567

    Launcherpro beta works on the X. I don't need both phone and contact list on ever screen especially when i can get to contacts via phone. Its also dumb that there is no pinch to preview and you have to wait for the bottom bar to get rid of the jump to page icons to open the app drawer. Dumb

    • WAldenIV

      Hit the menu button and the jump page icons will disappear.

  • mlawlor777

    any word on the original droid's update to froyo? the 13th passed and no rumors at all about the update.

    • Tyler

      root and do it today? We've all been running it for like six weeks…

      • I would root but idk yet, what are the benefits? I'm curious

        • 4n1m4L

          I'm running BB 0.4 and it's quadrant (benchmark) score is at least 3 times of a normal droid, i have flash support and EVERYTHING is customizable. The boot animation, the icons in the notification bar, the notification bar itself (NO MORE WHITE NOTIFICATION BAR!!) and if you are worried that the system might be unstable, you can't lose any of your contacts (well, it would be very diffucult)by the operating system getting corrupted. your contacts and pictures are stored on your sd card. even if you drop your phone in the toilet, you can just take that card out and put it in your new phone. if your phone is syncing to your google account, a lot of your applications will come back. the paid version of rom manager coms back everytime i switch operating systems.

        • Tyler

          Not having to wait around for them to come up with updates


          ability to take screenshots

          ability to take stock ringtones/apps off the phone

        • The_Other_Ray

          free wifi hotspot

  • Picodroid

    I was going to post here in your previous post about how people got the 113.604 update and my phone shows it's on the previous version and no update is available. Looks like that roll out just before launch was to specific people/devices.

    As a Droid X owner, I hope they allow the battery to indicate in 1% increments, currently it goes in 10s, which sucks because it makes it harder to see how much certain apps are using the battery in a given period of time.

    • Tyler

      Go to settings then about phone then battery usage… tells you exactly how much battery your apps are using

      • Picodroid

        I know that I can do it that way, but it doesn't give me information as to WHEN the app is using more battery. Apps have different functions, so even though it's running it might not be doing a specific task. Also, it doesn't let me know how long in time a specific app will drain a certain amount of power.

        • Tyler

          Yeah but if an app is running in the background all day you can tell if its wasting power or not…

  • andrewcweaver

    I'm still waiting for my Incredible OTA

    • I'm still waiting for my 2.2 on Moto Droid

  • Aaron


    • quiklives

      Having never had an Android phone til now, I don't have a clue here – is there some way to hide the preloaded apps I won't use, or put them away in a folder or something?

      • EC8CH

        To remove preloaded apps you need to root. Otherwise they is no way to remove them from the app tray.

  • Frank Ortiz

    Waiting for October to buy one. Hopefully they have the Buy one Get one free. My wife wants one now!! haha. Hopefully, I'll have Froyo by then!!

  • make my great phone better, wtg verizon, i had only the one standard complaint. way to be pro-active about these things for once! now, about that bootloader…..heh

  • Chris Nimon

    not sure i understand this”Updated Bluetooth® connection for enhanced video sharing experience.” Does that mean it will transfer faster?

    • Lakernutz

      Transfer faster? I can't get t to transfer at all running Windows 7. Can't find drivers???

      • Chris Nimon

        No DX Drivers?

        • Lakernutz

          That's what it's telling me. I talked to somebody else who had troubles too. Pairs, but doesn't connect. I heard it works with the D1 and for some reason has stopped on the DX…Anybody else?

          • Chris Nimon

            man thats messed up, maybe one of our Droid wizards will come up with something.

          • KevinT

            Yep, same trouble with Bluetooth and Win7. Pairs but can't connect – missing driver for Bluetooth Peripheral Device.

          • Mattjames24

            Same here! I can't figure out what the hell is going on, unless it has something to do with 64-bit Windows 7. Is that what you're all running? Aside from this whole issue i friggin love this X!

  • jbeise

    i want one can someone send me $500 lol

    • kellex

      $569 actually. 😛

      • or 99.99 :-p

        • AG

          Guys, The Droid X can be rooted? Thanks

    • timarnette

      Just add a line to your account and get it for 199.99

  • Chris Nimon

    is this the update that was supposed to come out before launch?

    • kellex

      I sort of doubt it. This seems a little bigger, but it could very well be.

      • JDRudd2

        I had the X two weeks before it was officially released and this update was pushed to my phone. I can provide you a screenshot if you like. I hadn't used the phone too long before the update hit, so I can't say if there was a big difference or not. But so far, so good on this build.

    • Dave

      I had an update on mine after I picked it up from BB on Thursday, so I'm guessing that was the one before the launch.

  • Merc56

    Still has to have Froyo for me to bite !!

    Then I am RUNNING to buy one !!

    • Wait till the next months.

      Thats what they said.