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Verizon Readying DROID X Update for July 19th

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Update: Our sources have given us July 19th as a possible release date.  (Yep, Monday.)

Phone has been out for just about 2 full days now and Verizon is apparently readying an update to be sent out OTA.  No date has been given but according to Verizon’s Droid X Support page, we have a list of fixes on the table just dying to be eaten…


+ Improved battery charging status indicator.
+ Smoother transition for camera and camcorder functions.
+ Redesign of weather widget icons.
+ Faster Exchange ActiveSync® email loading.
+ Streamlined organization of newly downloaded applications.
+ Organized favorite contacts by call count.
+ Updated Bluetooth® connection for enhanced video sharing experience.
+ Coordinated date and time across phone displays.
+ Cleaner looking status bar for GPS symbol.
+ Improved sync capabilities for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
+ Faster Visual Voice Mail loading.


+ Take advantage of the enhanced, preloaded My Verizon application.
+ Preloaded Amazon Kindle® application lets you read Kindle books on your Android™ phone, including thousands of free books.

All sounds great to me.  Definitely interested to see how a Kindle book looks on this 4.3″ beauty.  And no, this is not Froyo.  We’re still expecting that in August.

Source:  Verizon

Cheers @iSeano!

  • I have a Droid 1 and I am considering getting the Droid X. But I really want to ask those who have it.

  • more broken promises on a phone . but the droid 2 comes with 2.2…if the droid2 has it then the verizon authorized stores should have droidx with 2.2. badnews for motorola and verizon for once again mishandling this matter.

  • ctually, it'd help. I'm most interested in the camera updates, since the original droid's camera was improved profoundly by a software update.

    That said, I suspect we'll have to wait for 2.2 for the most radical change–maybe enough for a re-evaluation

  • I am sure that Verizon is taking it's sweet time so they can add some extra security features and lock-out tethering unless you pay their exorbitant monthly fees, install more Blockbuster or similar garbage and make it difficult to root the device. Heck, I wouldn't be that shocked to find out that they are making Bing the search engine of choice on the updated X.

  • It appears the phone was released a bit early, but I'm impressed with the reviews.

  • Nice find Shadez! You always bring us the goodies

  • i sure hope the guys at xda don’t have as much a hard time as they did for the incredible..

  • Thanks to provide the update information about Android X.I keep visiting on your blog……

  • Crazy4pooh22000

    any decision on Eris getting the update? Y would they not since it is an HTC phone? Seems they would support there phones first regardless of how old they are?

  • Crazy4pooh22000

    any decision on Eris getting the update? Y would they not since it is an HTC phone? Seems they would support there phones first regardless of how old they are?

  • Poke

    I ordered my X on July 15th, got it on July 19th, and it came loaded with 1.13.604, with the latest Baseband version…how is it possible that phones were shipped with an older version?

  • mark

    Improved battery charging status indicator.

    MINE looks THE SAME ??

  • VACowboy

    Kindle looks Awesome!! Save yourself the $150. I want to try the Nook app but only after I finish my kindle book.

  • misscarmen

    mIne is in the process of updating

  • Kevintrandc

    Just got the new update for my Droid X. Yeahh…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=livfViQ2Gao

    video of my update, overall it took about 5-6 mins

  • Dman27

    i did the update, and then my phone started to freeze up after it restarted and wouldn't power off regularly…. wonderful.

    please let me know if this happens to anyone else

  • Droid X Update is out!!!!….i constantly check manually..just downloaded

  • Dman27

    where can you find this update when it is out or if it is!?!

    and ps. is anyone else having thier phone randomly freeze up?

    • Dman27

      its freezes with alot of the camera functions and just goes black for a long time…

    • Just spoke to a Verizon Rep and she said she saw no updates for the Droid X today.

  • Ackland11

    Kinda figured it wouldn't be out today… to good to be true!

  • days almost over and i got NOTHING…. kellex what going on??!

  • Anyone get the update yet?

  • baniels

    No reports anywhere of anyone having received this update today.

    • dave

      i didn't receive it, i checked for the update and it found it.

  • DroidDevil22

    i downloaded the kindle for android app the first night i got the phone. i've read 2 books through it already…works great! I wonder if the update includes a different version of the app? I dunno.

    Overall…I love this phone…it's a great performing device…does not dissappoint.

    • baniels

      Not likely an update. Just one you probably can't remove.

  • Paul hahrgiss

    just checked again and get a “check for update was not available at this time” error, Gotta be coming soon.

  • Andrew F

    Hey, So is the above mentioned update supposed to be automatically pushed on to the Droid X or can I find it and DL it? The instructions on the verizon website just tell you what to do once you have recieved a notification regarding the update. Really confused, any advice?

  • joesred

    anyone know what the firmware version for the X is and what it will be updated to?
    I should have looked when I got it…but I was playing with it tooo much

    • joesred

      Version.1.13.604.MB810.Verizon.en.US/Baseband: BP_C01.09.04P is the update as I found it