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DROID Incredible OTA Update is Go! Maybe Not? (Updated)

Update: Fake?  As you can see, I was able to replicate the status bar which everyone seems to believe is photoshopped.  However, until we see others receiving this, we should just sit tight.  Sorry for the pre-mature hope.

Just in from one of our readers, this screenshot which shows the Droid Incredible OTA update rolling out right now!  Yay 720p recording!  Yay mobile hotspot!  Yay wireless-N!  Yay other stuff!  What a great Friday.

Let us know if you start seeing notification on your DI…

  • Sabio

    I have four bars at work every day… and either 3 or 4 bars at home… but maybe Verizon has LA covered like blanket.

  • I threw a tweet over to @vzwsupport about the cost of wifi tethering for the incredible.. no surprise it will cost more ( i was hoping it would be free like the Pre.. a man can dream right?) well they didn't deny the fact that wifi tethering will be available for the incredible.. so thats some good news

  • zyrexz

    the update is fake. this is a reply from htc. Thank you for your interest in the Verizon Droid Incredible and updates for the device. However, before releasing a ROM update we have to be sure that the software is going to work properly on your hardware and on your carrier’s network. This testing does take some time but will result in an update that is optimized to work on your device, on your carrier’s network. While we want to release software as soon as we can we will only do so once the software has passed our quality standards. At this time we do not have any information about an update for your device. When the update is released it will be announced on http://www.htc.com. If you’d like we can also take your information and contact you once an update has been released. However, your device by designed is programmed to check the server every 14 days for software updates automatically. To do this manually · Tap Menu · Settings · About Phone · Software Updates

  • I'm practically killing my phone checking every 5mins for the update window..

  • Ulnek75

    did this actually happen? i didn't get any. 🙁

  • S3ph1r0th

    Well, I guess it's time to hock the DI and get me that cool lookin iPhone 4.

  • Rman18

    The above screen shot is obviously fake because there are four bars of signal strength… I've never seen that on my DINC.

    • Sabio

      I have four bars at work every day… and either 3 or 4 bars at home… but maybe Verizon has LA covered like blanket.

  • Hooray update. 😀 I can't upgrade phones til October (I'm still toting a Nokia 6205 clamshell. booooo.) but my heart is set on the DI. (yeah yeah, new stuff will be out by then I bet, but I'm not looking for the 'latest and the greatest')

  • Just called HTC and they told me that they can't give an ETA when the ota will happen but they also told me that they are getting thier severs ready in order to send out the ota. So my guess is we should recieve the update very soon! HTC's phone # is 8664498358

    • Rion33

      So its comming from HTC? Wow I thought it would come from verizon. good to know intresting!

  • Pruittcy

    my bad..this point, lol

  • Pruittcy

    All I know and care about @ thid point is getting my up grade…where is it?!?

  • Andrew

    i studied the images above and notice that this post might be a hoax because the time on the screenshot when the update was recieved was 1:08 pm and then suddenly the update on the other picture is already installed but the time is before the update was recieved. its says 12.21 pm with the full update installed, but the update shouldnt have even been recieved until 1.08 pm. idk but it mite be fake

  • digitalicecream

    Next Droid Commercial: “Apple want's to compare the signal of their flagship device to the signal of our flagship device.” (pan to Iphone user holding their iphone with their three pronged finger-approach) “Ok, we're game. We invite you to come to our corporate stores and hold the Droid's in any way you see fit to place a call. We guarantee that we won't have to sell you a “band-aid” or feed you excuses about our engineers not understanding how to calculate a formula to show you signal strength.” (pan to the Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy with the network behind him, all holding Droid's with a serious look) Announcer says: “How you like them Apples”… DRRRROOOOOOIIIIDD..

  • Verizon needs to come the hell on and give me my damn update!!!!!!

    • Andrew

      i dont think its verizon its htc

  • Andrew

    has there been a single person from this website that has gotten the OTA yet??????

    • Rion33

      I have not! My friend here in town hasn't either

      • Andrew

        it sux i hate it when they promise something and it ends up being a rumor. its so dumb.

        • Rion33

          I hear you kinda frustrating!

  • Andrew

    im afraid to update it from the this link cuz of the consequences. if anyone is brave enuf try it and take sum screen shots and show explian how everything works. heres the link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

    • PSU

      No Screenshots but the Tutorial on XDA is written well. It worked fine for me. Basically your installing a leaked OTA update from VZW, I would say that manually doing this only worth doing if you plan to root your phone anyways. If you don't root there is no going back after the update. If your rooted already make sure you UNROOT before doing this.

  • Evermour

    Why do I get this feeling that FakeExposer, Tjdem327, and fakemenot are all the same person… well I for one don't think this is fake.

  • droidyourlookingfor

    you can install it manually at http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

    • SiNep

      yeah but it says you may not be able to go back to stock to get the official update when it comes out. I made the mistake of doing that to my wifes Eris, and I will NOT make the same mistake on my incredible.. Shes still on the leaked 2.1v3 and there is no way to go back. she wont be getting the OTA update that is supposed to be rolling out for it today. Learned my lesson.

      • digitalicecream

        I thought if you are not rooted, then only signed packages could be installed?

        • PSU

          The leaked OTA is signed and installs perfectly, Its also important to note that XDA has also posted a way to rollback to stock if for some reason VZW decides to change the OTA update in anyway. Living on the “bLeading Edge” always has its risks but it's up to the individual to way the risks and decide if its worth doing. Personally for me it was well worth it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the OTA also included the HTC New Reader which was strangely absent before the update.

          • I don't own a DI, but I downloaded the leaked update, and managed to pull the boot animation from it! And it works on the N1! tiny.cc/droidincboot

          • Sorry, use this link (case sensitive)

  • SiNep

    I'm so bummed this is most likely a hoax 🙁

  • @Kellex what is the link for that wallpaper background on the second screenshot? wow

  • Tjdem327

    Why do you keep deleting my post bro?

  • Tjdem327

    C'mon Kellex…nobody is disputing that you can replicate that…anyone can! You cannot replicate it when your screen is taken over by an update notification…

    If you want I will send you 20 screen shots with the notification bar at varying heights! Someone photoshopped a screen shot of an OTA notification over a screenshot of their screen while touching the notification bar…its not rocket science!

    • PSU

      I'm 99% sure that the screen shot is real, I have my Inc rooted, today I unrooted because of this Post. I used the RUU method to unroot once I did this my phone rebooted and I was prompted that there was an update. I was excited thinking that this was the update people were talking about but it wasn't.,.. But I can assure you that my screen looked exactly like the screenshot above. I have a feeling that who ever sent this probably did what I did and was a little overzealous sending this in thinking it was the OTA that we've been waiting on. Anyway I have proceeded to apply the leaked OTA update and have rerooted. So today is a happy day anyway.

  • andrewcweaver

    I guess we can all confirm that this is not happening today.

  • Derick

    I just spoke with several retail verizon associates from different stores, All of them told me that they are not aware of any update being rolled out today for the DI. I was told by a couple of them that the 2.2 (froyo) update is loosely schedualed to being rolling out within the next 30 days, however, as we all know, these things are always subject to change..so.. from the information I've gathered, and the fact that my Dinc hasnt gotten the update yet, I would think its safe to say this isnt happening, not today anyway. 🙁

  • SWEET i hadn't read about n. i have a whole half block covered so i can now go anywhere with my DI

  • Rion33

    Why is it so hard for Verizon to confirm or deny this? Kinda frustrating!!!

  • wolverinefan

    Good to hear other phone are getting the OTA about our Droid

  • on a sidenote…did everyone see the Apple press conference? What a load of BS, using the eris and saying it drops calls… anyone else hate apple as much as I do?

    • +1

    • Michael_NM

      Amen Zach!!! Using the Eris as a comparison to the “iPhon't 4 righties” is really scarping the bottom of the barrel. I think it's time for Steve to find other “Jobs.”

    • Derick

      My wife has an Eris and its never dropped a call on her! Apple is just making excuses to try and CYA because they made an expensive paperweight.

    • deladroid

      When people say the apple is sweet, I like to eat them.

    • kkj

      Yeah, the Eris was a low-end phone when it came out 8 months ago. $99.99 on contract, quickly went to $79.99 BOGO. The i*hone 4 is $199 or $299, and came out last month. Compare your POS to the DInc, DX, EVO, N1, or even original DROID A855, Apple. I dare you.

  • come on guys, it's not Droid Life's fault, it may be pushing out right now, or someone may have faked it but lets not point fingers here.

  • AdFreeAndroid

    Your site has too many ads. Thumbs down.

  • slinky317

    Wouldn't that be funny if the person that sent this in just got a brand new Incredible and the update that's picture is the one that got released right after launch…

  • Socalrailroader

    Nothing yet here in the Ukiah and Redwood Valley areas in Northwestern California.

  • Chris Nimon

    i think i found it. if anyone wants to give it a go. http://www.mediafire.com/?momhjoyz0numnti

    • Desolater

      where do we extract the zip to?

      • digitalicecream

        extract to root of SD, rename to update.zip. boot to recovery and apply. However if this is not the final version then you're taking your chances. They did say that the package should be signed and therefore not a problem… but(?)

  • jacob

    people have trust issue.
    when I ordered droid x and posted up a screenshot of the page, they called it fake.
    if it's fake why would Kellex upload this on his blog saying he did the update?
    jeez, people these days. dont even trust screenshots

  • Jgoitom26

    i knew that because verizon never put updates out in time everything is a big waiting game with them. it took a year for them to update the BB tour so come on you know that this is going to take forever.

  • wow, really? fake?

  • misphit_917

    I second that notion. I think as a loyal verizon customer and faithful droid owner we should be treated better.

  • Tjdem327

    I HOPE nobody is buying into this!!! Verizon rolls out a maintenance update for the Eris today and miraculously one Incredible owner gets an update??

    C'mon people, don't drink the Cool Aide!!!

    • kellex

      People have been talking about this Incredible update all week…

  • Tjdem327

    That photo is so doctored it is ridiculous!!!

  • Fakemenot

    Come on people– LOOK at the status bar—–ITS FAKED–Just TRY and get HALF A CIRCLE in the center bar…….Jeez

    • Diggindude

      what do you mean?

    • digitalicecream

      doesnt look fake to me. I have the update installed and working.

      • Guest

        How long have you had the DI?

        • digitalicecream

          I got it on day one. I rooted, unrooted and booted and got the first patch on power on, then went to XDA and got the file that's floating around and manually installed it myself. Now i have the boot screen seen everywhere, Wireless N, and all the other associated goodies…

          • dswiggs

            you have 720P HD Vid Rec???

          • digitalicecream

            I do. but today I would suggest everyone who is not rooted to wait a month for the OTA update rather than having to go through the unroot process after this patch which is a little more involved. IF you're not rooted, then just wait. If you have applied the OTA file then its a little more complex…

    • slinky317

      It's actually pretty easy to do that. Just drag down the notification drawer.

  • so i have to un-root my DI first in order to receieve this update?

    • digitalicecream


      • then it will automatically pop up like that or i have to somehow find it like u..?

        • digitalicecream

          I installed it myself… if I were you I would wait. but you have to be unrooted and wait.

  • FakeExposer

    Fake Screen shot!

  • trombone dixie

    come on update… rollout!!

  • JimBobPooter

    will someone post this in update.zip format once it hits

  • Scotty89

    so, when we get the update, it just comes up on the screen or do we have to search for this?

    • digitalicecream

      you wont miss it, just dont dismiss it…lol

  • himurak

    Just a thought don't kill me eep….is it possible to activate the e /we chip via software update? If so do you think they will use these updates to activate all phones like the X?

  • fiskadoro

    How do you get the date to stay on the phone like that when shooting the photo? Wouldn't that mean holding down the notification bar?

    • digitalicecream

      the snapshot is done in software via ADB, like a screen capture in windows. it doesnt capture the mouse (or the thumb) in this manner.

  • I have to get my hands on an incredible. I wonder if I can get one on ebay for some what cheap.

    • digitalicecream

      not likely… but you can try wirefly…

  • Doug0289

    very dissatisfied with verizon on the d1 update to 2.2 have they forgotten about the king of droids.

    • bravoleader2

      You can't be the King forever. Meet the new one. I guess that makes Droid X the queen? or prince… not sure.

    • tbaybe

      If you had a d1 from the beginning, we got a update with in weeks of the phones release… so im sure its something similar!

      • Diggindude

        i've had the DI since may…i dont have this update.

        • tbaybe

          The first DROID lol not the incredible

          • Guest

            oh, i see…sorry.

  • 1lionmurrill

    They should change the name from DroidLife to RumorLife.

    • Please expand on this…we would all love to hear it 😛 lol

    • Michael_NM

      A life without rumors is no life at all.

  • Derick

    why does it always seem like im the last to get these OTA updates…

    • Romma1

      You and me Derick

  • mjfbush

    Come on guys, don't forget about us original Droid owners.

    • Trust me, no is forgetting about you lol
      This is a “news” site and ATM, this happens to be the News 🙂

      • Jake

        seriously, whenever a post about something other than D1 owners lately, everyone is like “dont forget about the classic!” yet the incredible rarely received any news love.

        • bravoleader2

          D1 owners are very cranky because they are secretly jealous of the newer, shinier droids. We all know that the D1 was a pioneer and we all owe it a lot. But just because you popularize something, doesn't mean you will be the best forever. Getting phased out is tough on everyone, hence the crankiness.

          • Tyler

            I'd be jealous of the X if it didn't have a locked bootloader, but it does, so I like my Moto Droid 1

          • Michael_NM

            Jealous? Yes, but it's no secret. Also, please quit adding a “1” to the name. It's the Droid! 🙂

          • Awesome 🙂

          • kkj

            The DInc is rootable and ROMable :D. Mine's shipping now, I had the A855 and returned it, I'm not one for the physical keyboards.

    • deladroid

      Us Dinc owners envy you “original Droid owners” for your battery life.

  • Spoke with a buddy of mine at the Verizon store and he mentioned that the Droid OTA is going to be near the end of July to the first week of August. I don't know how credible his source is but he's always treated me right.

    • tbaybe

      Lets hope so!

  • Sjm614

    No update yet! I need that 720p recording!!

  • Ricky

    No kidding! The Droid 1 is what made this damn thing so popular, so what's going on here!?!?!?

    • digitalicecream

      Staving off the Droid X for HTC… HTC > please dont cancel your order for a droid X…. will you stay with us if we push out 720P, fix some battery bugs, improve the radio, add wirelessN, and improve the OS a little the day after the X comes out? Me > why yes I will, thank you much!

    • Trophynuts

      u do know the Droid1 is about to be eol'ed right? …..i wouldn't expect updates on the reg.

  • huskerjack

    so, is this Froyo that's now coming to the Incredibles?!?! or, is it just an “interim” update, and not the full 2.2 yet???

    • digitalicecream

      just an update

  • JimBobPooter

    Will OTA come to rooted phones as long as there is no custom rom on it and only root?

    • digitalicecream


  • Tbriody

    Droid 1 soon to follow????

    • Xdxdaustin

      Ha, yea we wish :/

    • digitalicecream

      D1 is not an HTC phone.. we'd have to ask Moto for that if you're not rooted.

  • Any Trick to getting this to push to your phone faster?

    • nkhex19

      You have to hold your phone a certain way! 😛

      • It looks like Android is FINALLY similar to the iPhone in one way…

        • Michael_NM

          I hope you disinfected your keyboard after typing that! iPhon't and Android similar? Makes my stomach turn…

      • Oh snap. I didn't know the this was the new I-phone 4 update for the Incredible?

        • El El Kool J

          YAH!!! All I*hone customer will get a free case with purchase… thats the new update “fix”…lol.. like a band-aid …

          • digitalicecream

            Band-aid…lol. good one!

    • digitalicecream

      Manually install it.

    • themiracle2012

      settings>about>system update

  • Flyinion


  • I was bored so i chatted with a verizon rep, supposedly 2.2 has begun for incredible…and i was shocked to discover the guy had never heard of gingerbread.

    Charleston: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
    Tony: yes u can
    Charleston: In an effort to better assist you, are you an existing Verizon Wireless customer?
    Tony: the OTA for the HTC Incredible that will bring 720p recording capabilities along with mobile hotspot and 802.11n wifi goodness…will that update take place today as rumored?
    Charleston: I have not gotten any information on the happening.
    Tony: when is LTE going to be up and running? will android devices be available at the time of launch?
    Tony: with the capability of running 4G?
    Charleston: Unfortunately, I do not have access to future product information.
    Tony: then let's discuss the past. why is the droid 1 at end of life? will it not support gingerbread (3.0) update?
    Charleston: The newest update that I know of is the 2.2 Froyo. Which is coming to the Motorola Droid soonl
    Charleston: soon*
    Charleston: Never heard of gingerbread.
    Tony: when is 2.2 froyo coming to htc incredible?
    Charleston: It has already began coming out. No exact date for all phones. They are doing it in batches.
    Tony: so the 2.2 froy rollout for the htc incredible has begun?
    Tony: sorry froyo*
    Charleston: As far as I know.
    Tony: that is awesome news. when do they expect all htc incredible phones to be updated by? are they giving it a month or two for all htc incredible phones to be updated with 2.2?
    Charleston: No date has been given for them all to be done.
    Tony: thanks for you help
    Charleston: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day!

    • Uh…Google hasn't even announced 3.0, we don't even know if it's going to be Gingerbread…not surprised.

    • Wow……fail? lol

    • In my experience, Verizon employees never really know what they are talking about, half the time they just BS you or pull stuff out of their butts. I strongly feel this employee is getting the 2.2 update confused with the 720p and mobile hotspot update.

      • Manny

        I agree, with Angel, specially because he never heard of gingerbread.

      • Jdgibson13

        during the 2.1 debacle a vzw tech guy told me the 2.1 update would “definitely have flash”, so i agree, they have no idea what's going on

  • andrewcweaver

    Kellex, when did you get your update?

    • kellex

      Manually did mine last night. 😛

      • digitalicecream

        Oh sweeet! we're on the same page then…

  • trombone dixie

    The anticipation for this is killing me. I want to use that new root tool.

    @ kellex

    When can one expect the video and written instructions for the unrEVOked team root/recovery tool?

  • SubMatrix

    So I've always wanted to know. Rooting voids your warranty, but I heard you can revert back to stock such that they can never tell you rooted in the first place. Is this true?

    • Very true 🙂 There are “stock images” in ROM Manager which takes your phone back to stock so they wont know you rooted! 🙂

      • SubMatrix

        Tim, what is ROM Manager?

        • ROM Manager is an app on the Market which allows ROOT users to have access to different ROM's and Themes for their phone. It also allows users to backup system images (all data/cache) and other neat features.
          It is one of the 'must' have items for a root user 🙂
          If you root, you will learn all about it lol

      • digitalicecream

        Gah…. this is the part where we make folks accountable for their actions… not show them how to commit fraud… 😀

        • Just doing my services 😛

          • digitalicecream

            🙂 I was half heartedly teasing…

  • Yagermeister

    Kellex, after playing with the Droid X and your Incredible, which would you recommend for someone does want a keyboard any longer (due to Swype!) but does indeed wish to root/custom ROM at some point? Are you keeping your fingers crossed that could happen to the Droid X? Is the Incredible, Incredible enough I guess is my real question?

    • digitalicecream

      The incredible, is quite incredible enough… Just decide on screen size. Also, reviews of X having lackluster camera and tinny sound from it speaker that doesnt compare to Incredible or even droid 1. Stuttering on home screen due to widgets, and some interesting “release” level battery fluctuations (goes from 30% to 5% etc.) Also check out the rooted incredible speeds with stock Kernel faster than N1 at 2.2 and when overclocked it is smoking everything.

    • kkj

      DInc, unrEVOked root (painless version http://www.unrevoked.com/#inc) CyanogenMod 6 FroYo.

  • Michael_NM

    As a Droid owner, I'm starting to feel like a second-class citizen. 🙁

    • nkhex19

      Lol. It does feel that way huh?

      • digitalicecream

        oh I dunno… my droid runs BB, my incredible runs… well unrooted stock because I'm skurrd to put a nightly build on my daily driver…

        • rebelz13

          OK, I rooted last night and now I have to unroot for the update? Why didn't you tell me about this last night? LOL J/K

          Any suggestions on how I go about unrooting?

  • digitalicecream

    Hey Kellex, if I applied the update.zip myself prior to the OTA… will I be missing out on anything? Seems to be some interesting stuff going on about this elsewhere… but I gotta imagine that the stock (non-rooted) device would only apply a signed package…right?

  • No update here, yet…

  • andrewcweaver


  • what is the radio version??

  • andrew401

    i have had this for days now…….. ahhh man it's great to be rooted

    • digitalicecream

      LOL… you cant have this rooted… you had to unroot to install it…

      • kellex

        I installed it then rooted. 🙂

        • digitalicecream

          sweeeeet! I'm going to re-reroot now..

          (rooted, unrooted, installed it manually, rerooting)

          • andrew401

            good job captain obvious. never said i flashed while rooted. but since ya know i leaked the ota i think i should know….. moron

          • digitalicecream

            Well you could've spelled that out a little for those of us who aren't privy to your rooting prowess…lol Captain Obvious… Away!!!

  • no update yet for me…

  • Nathan312

    If root can bring good OC'ing and some decent looking ROMs, I may switch from my D1 to this in a few months! Not sure about that Droid X…kinda too big and this whole thing that it's gonna be a pain in the @ss to root…i'm too impatient lol

    • digitalicecream

      root on the X wont be tough…. ROM'ing it may be.

  • L_P


  • 1bad69z28

    Ok, you guys must be refreshing every other second LOL

  • i want it now!! now now now now now now!!!

  • 123


  • Chris Nimon

    cant wait bring it on

    • Chris Nimon

      then the Droid-Life rooting video and life will be good again.

  • ryanwalter


    • Stephen D

      Dang you I was almost first

      • Keithsmnr

        11th, who cares? Seriously guys, grow up.

        • Oh come on, lighten up. 🙂

          • Keithsmnr

            Well I guess if the moderators says it's ok…I remember years ago I was banned instantly for saying “first” the messed up part is that I followed up the first with a relative post..

          • I'm sorry to hear about that….
            But this isn't “years ago”. And this isn't a mean ol' forum.
            This is a place for people to have fun while talking about their favorite lil' gadgets…
            I understand that some people don't care for the “firsts” and the “inside jokes”
            but that is what being part of a community is. We are trying to establish a well balanced
            site for all users to get the latest and greatest in Android News. 🙂
            Thanks for your readership and know that you will NOT be banned for calling out “first” here 🙂
            Have a great day…


          • Jedi_Gunslinger

            Hallelujah, or if u prefer: hell yeah….!!! Welcome to Droid-Life =]

          • Keithsmnr

            Droid Life is my only Droid resource!!!

          • Excellent. We would LOVE to keep it that way!!! 🙂

        • I care! I've been keeping track of who is first the most and will be awarding cash and prizes to the winners.

          • Email me about this…I want in! 😛 lol

    • LobbyDizzle