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Release: CyanogenMod 6 RC1 for Motorola DROID

Yesterday, CyanogenMod 6 went into “release candidate” status meaning we are that much closer to the official release.  What is a “release candidate”?  Basically it’s the pre-release that launches for testers to find any last bugs that can be fixed before the final build is ready.  So should you download this?  If you loved any of the previous CM ROMs then I highly suggest you do.  This is a good opportunity for you to get a feel for the new stuff they’ve built into this much anticipated Froyo release.

Features to note:

  • CyanogenMod Settings panel
  • 3D Froyo drawer which was removed in FRF84B
  • Changelog.


1.  Open ROM Manager and choose Download ROM>CyanogenMod.
2.  Select CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC1.
3.  Choose a launcher.
4.  Check the box for Google Apps.
5.  When prompted make a backup if you do not have a recent one.
6.  Wiping data and cache is a good idea, but up to you.

*If you didn’t wipe data and run into bugs, a wipe will likely fix them.

7.  Click “OK” and allow your phone to boot into recovery and flash CM6.
8.  First boot may take a while so be patient. Enjoy!

Black bar: Download here
Fabolous’s Droid X Theme: Download and support thread.
928Droid’s “Black Glass” Theme: Download and support thread.


Let us know if you are having any issues, finding bugs, etc. Enjoy!

  • tyrion

    I rooted my phone yesterday, and today I was planning to play with some different roms. I'm on Sapphire 0.7.0. I have the paid version of rom manager. Anyway, it will download the different roms including the sapphire update, however, when I get to the point of booting and installing the new rom, it always just reloads the sapphire 0.7.0. I can't figure out what I could be doing wrong. I always click wipe and have backed up my old rom.

    • net_enginerd

      I kept having the same issue. When you're in ROM manager, make sure you're running the latest clockwork mod, then click 'flash clockworkmod recovery', then do the rest of the install as you have been doing. This time when you reboot it should boot into recovery and flash the updated rom.

  • larocp

    I have installed SPRecovery, but I'd like to know if I can create a nandroid backup from it before installing a custom ROM. Is this possible? Do I need to have a rooted ROM installed before I can make a nandroid backup?

    My initial thought is that I don't need a rooted ROM, just SPRecovery because I wouldn't think it would run anything out of the ROM while backing up the ROM. Is this correct?

    • MrDMA

      Apologies for the late response, you probably already moved forward. However, I did a backup right after I installed SPRecovery.

  • Branshaw09

    Hello…. I have recently installd and am running CyanogenMod 6. I am trying to put the Black Glass Theme on it and it requires rename of “update.zip”. I already have a update.zip on there as that is my Sapphire ROM. When I drag the file it asks me if I want to replace it. What do I do? Thanks!

    • Mrpicolas

      What recovery are you using if sp then yes if clockwork don't worry about renaming

  • aric

    i did it and it always force closes!

  • Jaustin1530

    Hey guys thanks again for the help and the walk through on how to root. I am loving it. WOOT!
    A couple of quick questions. I am running BB v0.4 and I would like to run at 1.0ghz can you help me out I tried loading one of the Kernels and my phone froze on me. Also can I somehow use the black bar that is atahed above on the BB. Thanks for your help

  • jakebowenecu

    I want to try and theme more specifically Blue Glass or whatever by sapphire. do I have to wype to install a theme, currently on Sapphire 0.8.4 with google apps installed. Running Stock theme.

    For Newbies to rooting like me. Had Titanium back up when I wiped to add the new rom everything came back except for wifi tether too easy to reinstall. But I did have to re-set up all my apps kind of annoying but whatever.

    Any suggestions on how to back up with out losing account settings?

    Thanks for the help!

  • wtfmate913

    Having problems with my browser closing randomly(no force close notification). Especially when I play flash video, I'm assuming the built in froyo task manager is freeing up some memory for me or something? I'm running the newest flash from the downloads page here. Does anyone know a fix? I've been looking around for a while on google with no luck.

  • Personally, I've been using Sapphire for quite some time, and I've found to be very fast and streamlined. In addition I'm also using LauncherPRO and it fits in quite nicely. I know I can switch at anytime (though last time I did, things didnt go so well, so I'm hesitant to push in a new ROM…perhaps some insight??). Still, I'd like to retry BB or CM, but will require a bit of help if at all possible.

  • I'm coming from FRF84B and iit's stuck on M logo screen. I made a back up and wiped data and cache. Whyyyy is it doing this?

    • Mrpicolas

      Sometimes you need to flash clockwork then s p recovery then back to clockwork if that doesn't work clear download kache then download rom

      • you know if it formats the sd?

        • Mrpicolas

          No it doesn't

  • The_Other_Ray

    Has anyone been running 1ghz for a while and had any problems or battery issues?

    I've been using 800 and deciding whether or not to go to 1ghz.

  • Polishmansi

    Any ideas why wifi will not connect?

    • Mrpicolas

      Try jdflg 1.0ghz 2.0 series kernel smooth like butter and no wifi problems

  • I can't find mlb at bat 2010 in the market!!!! huge problem for me. is there a reason y??/

  • Huskie54

    does anybody know how long it usually last before the motorola symbol goes away. it would really help since ive been sitting here for 30 minutes and it still hasnt changed

    • Chris Nimon

      battery pull, reboot. if it didnt take then reload.

      • Huskie54

        it still wont go pass the motorola symbol after the battery pull and reboot… is there a way to manually install

        • Huskie54

          let me reword that when i pull the battery and reboot it does go back to my screen but when i run rom manager again and hit install and reboot it wont reboot into recovery mode it is stuck on the motorola symbol. Do i need to get the purchase version or should it work on the free version

          • Huskie54

            ok so now it is going into recovery mode and installing everything but it is still not going pass the motorola symbol i tried the battery pull and reboot and reload but it still won take the download

          • Mrpicolas

            First boot may take awhile make sure you allow update zip in recovery

        • Chris Nimon

          There might be another way but i dont know it. I would do the hold x and turn on thing to restore to previous then try to load again. Im reading this as a notification so i cant see your first comment, did you wipe cache?

  • Telly_152a

    does anyone know why cynogen settings keeps force closing on me? What is in the cynogen settings?

  • Jandppope

    Will this work with my rooted Droid 2.1 firmware Bugless Beast
    V1.1? Using ROM Manager. Just want a smooth transition to Froyo.Using SD app backups and wipe data. Thank you.

  • skltr21
  • Zero

    Can anyone experienced with running these Roms and Theme's shoot me a message on aim. I'm really having a tough time understanding exactly how Roms and Themes work. My AIM name is Zero1NJ. I really appreciate it, and will be forever grateful for any help you can provide me. Thank you.

  • youngnamlee

    For a long time i was worried about rooting my phone and after waiting for the froyo OTA to arrive i just decided to root and now i just wish i did this from the beginning. If you are thinking about rooting, i recommend doing so asap! you won't regret it!

  • Huskie54

    how long does it take because it has been 20 min and it still is on the motorola symbol

  • TimPFortson

    getting system update screen after rooted.. do i jus leave that alone? ive been having problems all day with Force Closes and roms not working, not being able to switch roms. telling me my root is not found.. really big head ache and im not really sure even after reading for hours. just rooted last night and still havnt been to sleep… LOL

  • Jakebowenecu

    Quick question about ROM switching. I am running Sapphire 0.7.0 or 0.7.4, either way, if I change to 0.8.4 do I have have to wipe, or can I just replace the update.zip file and be good to go with all my settings? I have titanium back up running, but I am not sure exactly how it works, and I don't want to try and switch ROMs and lose everything and then it take me 4 hours to get everything back, I am pretty happy with the ROM now, but…… I def want the most up to date one. Also does anyone know anything about ultimate droid? I saw it and it looked kinda crazy to set up the settings, does it just look more complicated than it is? Thanks for the help guys!

    • Mrpicolas

      I believe you have to wipe bexuase of fixes stay away from us not worth it and he basically stole from all the other devs

      • jakebowenecu

        Thanx! Well i guess I will find out how well titanium back up works here soon!

  • Tauntze

    Can I get the black status bar without installing CyanogenMod?

  • Jaustin1530

    I just rooted my phone and I have the sapphire that kellex said to use on the how to root. can I use only the black bar above on my droid now??? Thanks

  • Zero

    Anyone have issues with this Rom where Market Place is gone. Also I bought Rom Manager Premium but now it's not there anymore. Kind of a waste of $4.

    • Zero

      Had to go back to Sapphire 0.7.0 as I couldn't get Cyanogen working properly. Luckily I backed up after the initial boot to Sapphire after I downloaded all my apps. Guess I can try again once I get home.

  • Clcardio71

    NOT WORKING FOR ME. Downladed rom manager, downloaded cyanogen, everything went smoothly, when device shuts down/reboots it says it cant mount E or find the file/directory its looking for. asks me if i want to reboot.

    not very impressed.

    • Mrpicolas

      Wipe data and cache try that

      • Clcardio71

        tried, and did a back up before hand.

        what is the difference in launchers?

        FILE THAT CANT BE FOUND: mmcblk0


        • Mrpicolas

          Did you try flashing clockwork then sp then back to clockwork if that
          doesn't do it clear dl cache and redownload rom if rom dL is interuppted it
          will corrupt some times

  • ManBearPig

    i cant find that droid life wallpaper like in the picture anywhere. Any ideas??

  • Zero

    Hey guys. I'm trying to download this and while it was downloading I accidentally cleared the the notifications on my bar. How would I go about getting if it's done or even to start the install. This is my first Rom install as I rooted this morning.

  • Vince

    Tried it out and it was very very fast, but still a bit buggy. Apps had two icons in the app drawer, and I had a lot of force closes for Android.process.acore. Also like some people mentioned I had to re-allow root apps. I'll try it again once it's a final release, the speed is very promising!

  • skltr21

    anyone know of any more themes for this yet???

  • 1bad69z28

    I can't wait to root my phone this weekend, let the “Root Begin” lol

  • DeathofGrim

    I Got A Problem lol. My Phone is Stuck on The M boot logo. it wont go past it after i tried installing the black bar for this rom. what do i do! and it dont wanna go into the hold x n power recovery mode

  • My Droid freaked out and locked up so im going back to JRummy.
    What Locked it up:
    Did not wipe data and cache
    CM 6
    ChevyNo1 1Ghz ultra low voltage

  • Napes

    Has anyone else found the animation for the app drawer in ADW to be painfully slow in this build?

    • mathees

      yes. its a little obnoxious

    • e3pin0

      yes…really slow no matter what you do…I ran this last night for about 45 minutes and then since I couldn't get it to really fly I switched back to CM 5.0.8

  • SumanMD

    Kellex, what are you using to take screenshots with? DroCap2 takes a cropped blurry pic for me ever since I moved to BB 0.4.

  • supermiah

    I am missing apps. At Bat (MLB) and dTunes. Any ideas?

    • skltr21

      i was missing some too. i think it's cuz they dont offer them on 2.2 for some reason…… so what i did was a work-around. i flashed and old back-up of one of the builds that i had those apps. then i saved my apps to my sd card. then when i upgraded to this i just installed those few apps that can't be found in the market now from my sd card….. worked.

  • dylan84

    I'm going to wait for the final build of this…but I will definitely be downloading CyanogenMod 6 when its out.

  • Zero

    Any chance I could get alittle more help. Attempting to Root it now and When I use the RSD Lite the phone starts fine but RSD lite never says it's complete. I'm worried about moving on with the instructions it's get to 100% but still says in progress and also when I hit close it says not to close it it will damage the phone

    • Zero

      To add to this the status says please manually power up this phone but it is powered on since it rebooted itself. Any help would be greatly appriciated it. Any way I can check if SPR flashed properly to the phone?

  • Basit

    where do i download the theme to? do i dl it to my computer then put it on the root of my sdcard? or do i dl it str8 to the phone ??? anyone thank you moto droid

    • Dito_Muertez

      download to sd-root, rename it to update.zip, boot into recovery, install update.zip from sdcard.

  • Buttonz

    So I cant seem to get to reboot into cyanogen.. I've done the wipe/cache via rom manager…it just goes back to bugless beast.. What should I do?

    If possible, I just want the black bar..can i do that on bugless beast?

    • Mrpicolas

      did you use sp recovery to flash if so the update.zip sitting on your sd card is probably what it is defaulting to rename it bugless and the flash cyanogen if using clockwork you should be in rom manager anyway so shouldnt be an issue

  • Basit917

    it doesnt have the DROID notification ringtone wiggity wiggity wack i need that ringtone going back to jrummy

    • skltr21

      you're seriously going back because of a ringtone? hahahahaha that's awesome! =) ive done the same on some ROMs for weird reasons like that too. hahaha

      • Mrpicolas

        Why not just pull the ringtone from the rom

  • Zero

    I am planning on rooting my phone today (talks of 2.2 being locked have made me stop being lazy about rooting) when I follow the steps would my card be wiped. I have a lot of pictures I don't want to lose. I do a lot of different types of art work so I use my phone to show people for upcoming projects and what not. Should I copy all of it to my computer before starting to root or do I not need to worry about it.

    Thanks for any help. Also with Swype Beta being closed would I lose it by rooting my phone?

    • MuddyB00ts

      You absolutely don't have to wipe your card. Even if you hit wipe data and cache, none of that has an effect on your card. Also about swype, you'll still be able to download the installer because you got in before the beta closed but it seems with the beta version that most have you have to reinstall with every new rom. I've heard rumors there's a limit so be careful…

      • Zero

        Awsome. Thank you so much for the reply. I def going to root this thing today since a few buddies are all getting together tonight and 5 of the 6 have iPhones and I wan'na show off flash =P

        • Zero

          Any chance I could get alittle more help. Attempting to Root it now and When I use the RSD Lite the phone starts fine but RSD lite never says it's complete. I'm worried about moving on with the instructions it's get to 100% but still says in progress and also when I hit close it says not to close it it will damage the phone

          • skltr21

            dont be worried about anything until you do it. ive done it on both mine and my wifes and a couple of friends phones and ive never had one issue. ive probably done it on like 10 different phones by now. not one problem when rooting. but if you need help come on here and people will help. you shouldnt need help though if you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY AS STATED!!!! most people that have problems maybe miss a step or something. but even then it's always fixable. dont be afraid…… just do it! you'll wonder why you didnt do it sooner and think…. man that wasn't that bad at all. =)

          • Zero

            LoL. Thanks. Turns out Win7 was just being stupid. SP was working fine when I booted to Recovery and I am not part of the rooted community. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on Kernels. This site is great but I feel like if I don't read the info when it's relatively current I'll never get a response because it updates so fast.

          • Mrpicolas

            Jdflg has some good kernels they can be found on rom manager speedy run cool and stable

          • Zero

            Thanks. I have Rom Manager just set it to the P3 since it works with any Rom cause I wanted to try BB V4. Didn't know if I should install the Kernel first or not but gave it a shot. Got it at 800 now. =) I'm addicted to this now. LoL

          • Mrpicolas

            Nice glad to hear

  • pappy53

    Which baseband version works best with CM6?

    • Mrpicolas

      Im still on original baseband and have no problem depends on your area and coverage 🙂

  • Dito_Muertez

    Hey K,

    Didn't I see something about the nightly build being a good fix for most/all the issues this one was having?

  • MightyQ

    Which launcher do people suggest…pros and cons here? ADWLauncher or Launcher 2?

    • MuddyB00ts

      Personally, I think launcher pro owns all. It can do app backups, it's crazy fast, super customizable, and I don't want need the 3d drawer (though you can turn it on if you want). Also I really like the 5 rows of icons and the scrollable dock. you should give it a shot. 🙂

  • Just installed cyanogen 6.0.0 on my moto Droid and cannot get my internet to work. Flashed back to bugless beast 0.4 and everything worked fine then reflashed back to cyanogen, wiped data and cache, and still nothing. Works perfectly over wifi but nothing on the 3g network. It says its connected to 3g but nothing works! Is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Bonez

    If I'm coming from frf57 to sapphire do I need to wipe data and cache because I can't seem to upload it correctly when I don't and I don't want to lose data if there is no need

  • Bonez

    If I'm coming from frf57 to sapphire do I need to wipe data and cache because I can't seem to upload it correctly when I don't and I don't want to lose data if there is no need

    • Mrpicolas

      This is a third tree on aosp therefore it is different. And wiping data ensures a clean install also latest sapphire build is 0.8.4

      • Bonez

        Would bbv0.4 be a better choice

        • Mrpicolas

          Bb sapphire or cyanogen are all good so is Jrumny try them all that's what
          root is about choice and control I myself am running cm6 rc1 and love it

          • Bonez

            Thanks I think I'll try BB first then cynogen always wanted too and now that
            I know they are equal it makes it easier

      • Bonez

        Would you happen to know why I can't change my Tom I have frf57 and when I
        go to rom manager and download rom I download back up and wipe data but
        after reboot the phone turns back on unchanged data background cache
        everything still the same what could it be?

        • Mrpicolas

          Flash sp recovery then back to clockwork and try clearing download cache
          then installing rom this usually fixes most issues also wipe data and cache

          • Bonez

            Thanks it worked

          • Mrpicolas

            Cool good to hear

  • Tamar787

    I am having the hardest time getting maps running on any of the new froyo themes. I havn't had it in a while and am missing it haha. Anyone know what the problem could be? I just get an error on install

  • Flyinion

    What kernel speeds do you guys recommend as a safe everyday use for the Droid? I've been running at 800 for a few weeks now and have setCPU to kick back down to 550 if I hit 40C on the battery. I'm used to OC computers though so I'm not sure what the phone can take. I wouldn't mind running one of the 1Ghz ones, it sounds like a lot of people go that high, but I'm finding it hard to believe that you can get a 66% boost over stock capability without running into overheating and causing damage since you can't just go put a better cooling setup on a phone. I say 66% boost because the stock speed for the chip is actually 600 even though moto clocks them at 550 right?

    • cdick133

      I'm running 1 Ghz with SetCPU bumping it down to 800 Mhz at a fairly low temp (I'd have to look to remember what), and it seems to be staying at 1 Ghz most of the time, so I'll probably get rid of the bump to 800. Maybe you want to give that setup a try just to see if the temps stay down at 1 Ghz. If they don't, it's already being set back to 800 before getting dangerous.

  • brain550

    I am having trouble downloading Flash 10.1 to my Droid. I have been downloading straight to my my phone and have tried all 3 of the download links here on Droid-Life with no luck. Any suggestions?

    • MuddyB00ts

      I can't remember which thread but on one of JRummy's older Kangarade thread there was a link that worked perfectly for me. just installed through astro…

      • brain550

        Thanks, I'll see if I can find it.