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Custom Theme Friday: Insanely Clean V1.1

This week’s custom theme comes from a developer who is a whopping 17 years old.  Yes you read that correctly.  When we heard about this kid and saw him putting out this kind of work, we had to do one thing, show him some love.  Going by the name InsaneNemesis, this kid has definitely caught out eye and we’ll be watching for his future releases.

This ROM is built from source, has a 7 screen Froyo launcher, a red flair and so much more.  Enjoy everyone!

Theme:  Insanely Clean V1.1


*Note 1* – If you want to use SPRecovery, download, rename to update.zip and install.

1.  Open ROM Manager and choose Download ROM.
2.  Scroll down and choose “InsaneNemesis” and “v1.1 Insanely Clean New Revolution.”
3.  If you want the same theme from our pictures, choose the “Insanely Clean Theme.”
4.  Choose a kernel.
5.  Choose a boot animation.
6.  Once it finishes downloading you will be prompted to backup and wipe data/cache.
7.  Create a backup if you don’t have a recent one.
8.  You can skip wiping data and cache if coming from another Froyo ROM.
9.  Phone will reboot and work some magic.

*Note 2* – So you are aware, my first boot after the install took a LONG time.  Be patient.

10.  Enjoy!

Full support thread including ROM details here.


Let us know if you run into any issues or have feedback in general.

Cheers ‘Tato!

  • Gunit1225

    if i download this does it replace the rooted 2.2 that i have now or does this add to it

  • Gunit1225

    if i download this does it replace the rooted 2.2 that i have now or does this add to it

  • amoney

    These guys make it easy for a 17 year old (like myself) follow the steps and successfully root and make your droid device the best it can be. (Was up til 4 last night playing with rooting)

  • Finally jumped on the bandwagon of root!! Had no problem rooting Sapphire 0.7.0 initially (THANKS KELLEX!!). I was very frustrated after that. I was unable to update Sapphire and change to another custom ROM. Thanks to everyone on this Form with there great feedback and help, I was able to correct my issues and am now running Insanely Clean and LOVE it (GREAT WORK AARON!!).


    • John C

      hey, i just did the same thing u did by rooting my droid with kellex's new video that worked amazingly…im trying to get Insanely Clean but when i download it in Rom Manager…it reboots but never installs.. could someone help me??

      • Try This in ROM Manager

        first Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. Then scroll down in ROM Manager and Flash SPRecovery. Scroll back up and Flash Clockwork Recovery again. After that, go through the process of downloading the Insanely Clean ROM in ROM Manager.

        This worked for me. Hope it works for you?

  • Unotlikeme0303

    not able to sync my google acount message im getting is cant establish a reliable data conection to the server this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data service . how do i sync my account on this rom

  • Mal_eskrito

    Just rooted my Droid yesterday after 2 months of thinking about it. im glad i took this decision=). i big noob question how do i installa theme? I did exactly what it said above and nothing happen. Im running Bugless beast v.04. Help please.

  • How do i go from different ROMS? I have BuglessBeast right now but i wanna go to a different one. I download my choosen ROM from the ROM manager and then once i go to install it.. my phone just stays on the M logo. then i freak and do a battery pull and when i start it back up its still BB..

    • go to rom manager. flash clockwork, go down to the bottom and flash sprecovery, then flash clockwork again. this worked for me.

    • Edpsoul

      what worked for me was to reinstall sprecovery into the phone “hack” the phone. I rebooted and it allowed me to go into recovery mode, so I could install the new ROM. The trick was to rename the ROM to install.zip….that worked for me

  • brain550

    Could use some help. Flashed this Rom last night, everything is working great, but can't seem to be able to download and install Flash 10.1. I keep getting “error” message, and have tried installing all 3 different versions of Flash that are posted here on Droid-Life. If anyone can help me figure this out, that would be sweet.

    • im having the same problem, does yours say out of disk space?

  • Droidfan01

    I am trying to install this using the ROM manager Premium, but it will not reboot with downloaded ROM. I am currently running 2.2 with Saphire. I run through the step by step process from ROM manager and i wipe the cache, but it always reboots with Saphire. I am using SPR recovery, if that is going to make a difference. even when i try to reboot into recovery, it always goes right back to Saphire. I have noticed that the issue has been addressed before, but i was not able to find the definitive answer on how to fix. Many thanks in advance for the assistance.

    • Mrpicolas

      Use clockwork mod recovery

    • rw00t

      same ting here… and i have flashed the clockwork recovery….

  • pitts2b

    Hey guys, I need some help. Just rooted and trying to go from saphire to this and it's my first time trying to change roms. I am using rom manager pro, follow the directions exactly and when it reboots i'm still on saphire. What am I missing here? Thanks for helping the noob!!

  • Lethalprophet

    so I dl'd and installed this ROM and was at first impressed by the battery life indicator on the battery icon, which I haven't seen since I left cyanogenmod behind in favor of other roms. I was willing (briefly) to overlook the lack of ability to use Swype, knowing it would soon be fixed (I assume). However, performance in Quadrant and Linpack were noticably less impressive than the Saphire rom I installed previously.
    It looks good and is getting lots of praise, but I'll stick with Saphire for now…

    • benchmarks aren't about the rom they are about the kernel and the phone.

      • Lethalprophet

        I'll take that hit, Sir. though I was running the same kernel and (obviously) the same phone with both ROMs. All that aside, my only REAL issue is the swype, and I'll happily give your ROM another shot once you've got that figured out, as I did like it, overall.
        On another note, have you thought about a custom bootanimation? I think every custom rom should have that option so we can show off who is making our Droid experience better ;^)

    • pitts2b

      What were you getting with Linpack? I ran it last night with Sapphire and at 1ghz and was averaging 15.8. I was happy with that!

      • Lethalprophet

        if I remember correctly, I was getting around 7 or 8, compared to the 15+ I get with Saphire. Is there an easy way to tell which kernel and cpu speed you're running? Maybe it didnt' install correctly with Aaron's ROM…

        • mattcrecelius

          I'm getting 19.6s on UD 3.0 with the Blue indigo theme. I'm also using Chevy's lv 1.25ghz kernel

  • Jbeise

    so i just installed this rom its amazing it exactly how i wanted my droid to look and feel great job

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Kinda curious if this would work. So I took jrummys rom in rom manager and just picked the font I wanted use, picked no thank you for other options and flashed it. Phone restarted and now I have a new font for mostly everything except phone dialer. Now I have a little mix of fonts.

  • MrDMA

    So…last night….I settled in at my desk with a Jack-n-Diet (or 3)…..followed all of the directions I have been reading here for the past couple of months….took the plunge in to the rooted ROM world…am now rooted with this ROM….this is amazing. Thank you all for contributing to this forum.

    ….and to think it was just a little over a week ago I ported over from AT&T….

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    How can we change the font?

  • Cesar12

    I have froyo on my motorola droid, but my app list is not 3d. Does anyone no way and can you tell me how to fix this or wahat to do. Thanks for the input and help.

    • Mrpicolas

      Grab launcher pro from the market

  • Xdxdaustin

    17 years old? Im 13 and im the creator of blended bliss!

  • Flyinion

    Ok now I have a noob question. How do you run the scripts? The only time I have used scripts was once JRummy implemented a UI for them. I do have terminal emulator I just don't know how to get to and run the scripts.

    • open terminal

      type su
      then type the script.

      • Flyinion

        Thank 🙂 I actually decided to grow a brain and went and check out your thread for the ROM over at droidforums.net and noticed someone else had asked the same question and got a similar answer.

  • Flyinion

    Wow I'm liking this ROM. I just went to 5.09 JRummy tonight and compared them directly. Not sure exactly how the kernels work, I was running the 800Mhz kernel that came with JRummy and did not choose a new kernel when I installed this so it seems the same. However, Insane is noticeably smoother. The Launcher Pro 3D app drawer FLIES compared to JRummy.

    I think at this point the only thing I'd like to see is themed major icons like phone, email, contacts, mail/gmail, maps, etc. similar to JRummy (big reason I was running his ROMs). I'm running the new Orange theme though which is still pretty good.

  • Jcsandifer713

    I have a question….i recently rooted….and im running Sapphire-0.7.0-Droid….if i want to use a custom theme, would i have to download a theme and rename it to “update” and boot into recovery to use it?

    • Flyinion

      That's one way to do it, assuming if it's a theme and not a whole new ROM that it's compatible with Sapphire. I'd highly recommend buying the paid version of ROM Manager though. Best $4 I ever spent on the Market.

      I'm sure it could probably be done with SPRecovery but ROM Manager with Clockwork made it insanely easy for me to swap out my ROM the other day while on a boring 12 hour drive from Seattle back to California by just downloading over the air. I was under the impression with SPRecovery that you have to download via computer, rename to update.zip, and drop onto the SD card via USB connection.

      • JCSandifer713

        Thank you!!! So if I wanted to do a whole new rom i can use SPRecovery as well…..am I correct? I would justhave to rename it to “update”……..Im just trying to get a better understanding of this whole rooting..custom roms deal….i had a little mishap earlier that resulting in me buying another battery for my droid…and me thinking that i bricked my phone…..but i knew if could boot into recovery then i was ok…..scary though……….

        • yes you can use either one. enjoy the ROM. 🙂

          • JCSandifer713

            I will!!! Thanks again!!! Just one more question………since Im coming from sapphire….when i boot into recovery would i need to wipe data and cache or just go ahead and install the rom…

          • it is recommended you do to increase performance and stability. but thats entirely up to you,

          • Flyinion

            Always wondered about that. All the ROM posts around here always say “if coming from another 2.1 ROM you don't need to wipe” or now “if coming from another Froyo ROM you don't need to wipe”. I think I was fairly clean anyway since I just went to the pre-5.9 Kangerade on Monday and did a full wipe first. I haven't done too much since until tonight when I put 5.9 on and then dropped this on top. No problems so far but wondering if I should go back and wipe now just to “be safe”.

          • if its running good i dont see a reason to wipe. but if you start having weird issues like lag or freezes i would suggest wiping. but like i said you should be pretty good to go. you said you were running kangerade so froyo to froyo is good.

          • JCSandifer713

            Yeah I went a head and wiped before i went to the Kangerade rom…..and everything is SWEET!! Most of the apps i had were all on the rom and some were restored…..i couldnt update my google maps but it still works…in the end thats all that matters…

          • T3lancer2007

            Whenever I wipe data and cache, it never installs the rom.

          • JCSandifer713

            Are you using SPRecovery or Clockwork??

    • this is a full rom not just a theme. you will be installing the whole ROM if you choose this not just applying over sapphire. you will need a sapphire compatible theme

  • Drew Tindall

    hey quick question… I just loaded 2.2 onto my Droid and my HTC Keyboard no longer works and keeps force closing. Is there a comparable keyboard that can also be themed but actually works with 2.2?

    What keyboards are some of you guys using? thanks

    • Flyinion

      HTC has worked great for me on JRummy, Sapphire, and this one. You need to go to the configuration site for the HTC_IME keyboard and create/download a froyo one. I had the same problem initially. I don't have the link offhand but it's around here somewhere or Google will probably turn it up.

    • Chris Nimon

      gimpsta.com. go to the high res kitchen and make sure you get the froyo V27 to make your own keyboard.

  • Im sorry about download time guys the server is probably freaking out over the traffic. be patient t will pay off.


  • djsbears85

    Its a nice theme and considering the creator's age its pretty impressive. I wonder when Jrummy Kangrenade is going to have a pure build from source. It would be nice if it wasnt buggy but so far I still like it because of the easy customization on it.

    • his latest 5.0.9 kangerade and the 2 before that were both built from the same source. me and him are pretty good friends he literally taught me everything i know

      • djsbears85

        Good stuff, thanks I didnt realize 5.0.9 was out, I still have 5.0.7 was out and about all day didnt even go on rom manager thanks for the heads up. And keep up the good work.

  • Chris Nimon

    Kellex – awesome showing the new guy some love.
    Aaron – nice job. You could make a couple themes fro free but I think you could make some coin doing custom
    themes for people (then posting them to your rom manager acct for others to buy)

    • i actually do all this for free but when he said 100 dollars i couldn't pass that up. so i got on it getting the framework done in an hour. but in my post at Droid Forums i dont even include a donate link. 🙂 but i plan on adding more themes soon.

      • Chris Nimon

        I dont think I could pass that up either lol

  • pappy53

    My Weatherbug Elite keeps FC. Only rom this has happened on. Any suggestions? Have uninstalled and reinstalled.

  • Cory L.

    Good god 17, well young man you have so skills. I have this running on my droid right now and its extremely nice. Keep up the good work. I came from rummy were i had some small issues but so far none here.

  • toroman

    and only 50% finished

  • toroman

    insanely long time to download through rom mgr.25 minutes so far on wifi.

  • machinegun68

    Wicked fast as promised but I can't read the print in my email. The font is way to skinny.

  • Flyinion

    Nice, if themes are coming for this…….which from that long string of comments in the middle it looks like it is……I'll definitely have to check out now. Sooooo many ROMs to check out this weekend.

  • Ray949

    Hey Guys which baseband is everyone using?

    • C_01.43.01P
      Is there a newer one? I have no issues with this version at any rate.

      • Flyinion

        what's the difference between 1.43 and the old 1.3x one? I'm still on 1.3x because all I ever saw in the article from Kellex was “we don't know what's different or if this is legit” but I notice in his screenshots he's always running it.

  • Rafael2004usa

    where can i find the original picture with that eye please ?

  • rockymtnhigh

    I think I'll pass. Looks interesting for sure, but sticking with Pete and Bugless for now.

    • Yea Me Too This Has Been Stable … Why Change…

    • mo

      bugless beast is a rom, this is a theme chief.

      • mo

        or maybe i'm wrong, mybad.

        • kellex

          Yeah this is a full themed ROM. 🙂

        • rockymtnhigh

          No problem, tanto. 🙂

  • g35

    Verizon Wireless = RULE THE AIR
    Droid Life = RULE THE DROID

  • Droidzilla

    Is Swype working with this, yet? I'd love to try it, but I can't live without my Swype; we're soulmates <3

  • mkregs

    So, I'm rooted, but it seems I've lost my superuser permissions. I'm unable to run titanium backup as it states “Sorry, I could not aquire root priveleges. This application will not work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox, and try again”. As I look in my App drawer, I seem to have lost my Superuser Ninja Dude too. I am running Sapphire 0.7.0 and it has been running fine.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    • yes its rooted and installs busybox with symlink

    • Did you wipe and data when flashing Sapphire??

      • mkregs

        I don't think so. I was coming from the latest BB Froyo build. What do u recommend?

        • I recommend manually booting into recovery and flashing an existing backup.
          Flash ROM again but this time wiping data and cache. I had the same problem the first time which I documented very well because i was PISSED lol
          Luckily, the auto restore apps feature with froyo, and LaucherPros ability to make backups is a HUGE LIFE SAVER! 🙂

          I think I need to start a blog 😛

          • “auto restore apps feature with froyo” ?? Where is that? I wiped all my data and cache and had to manually install about 43 apps and reconfigure everything. Wasted half a day. 🙁
            I see that LauncherPro has the backup ability now.. too late.

          • When you log into your google after a fresh wipe, froyo redownloads all the apps you previously had. This feature was broken on some roms but this one totally has it 🙂

    • Chris Nimon

      I had same issue but rebooting phone somehow magically fixed it for me.

      • mkregs

        I rebooted a while ago and even did a battery pull…but still have the same problem.

        • ive seen on some ROMs when u try to use the command in the terminal emulator “godmode” u will lose root access. so a little warning for all out there. not sure if thats what happened here but im throwing that out there for all to know.

  • nkhex19

    Awesome job Aaron, very nice work!

  • REAL

    Hey I'm only 15 and I made DarkEdge!
    I didn't get much love 😉

    Nice work though!

    • Prank caller 😛 lol

      • REAL

        Lol I'm serious!
        Then again I was only the designer and not the coder (the almighty Xeudoxus).

        • Jaygar2

          well Mr Real thanks for DE and best theme/UI I have seen.

          Love it Love it Love it…. just waiting for the 2.2 Froyo…..

        • haha giving you a hard time 😛
          DE is the shizzzznit! 🙂

  • Love this rom been running it since this morning smooth fast stable! and the touch of red is nice also has the 3d app drawer which I am a big fan of…nice work youngster!

  • I haven't been able to get adobe flash working properly on this build or any other for that matter with the exception of the stock froyo. I can get flash games to work ok but video's don't start at all. I don't know what I am doing wrong because I haven't seen anybody have any issue's. I would love any idea's because I like this theme otherwise.

  • damn 17 i tried learning java script and it didnt work out too well (i think that is what android uses cant remember but w/e) haha

    • Keithrbt0

      javascript is something different than java. android is coded in java.

  • rneal_ra

    Been running this ROM since this morning. Seems to be pretty solid so far. Good battery life and no problems I've seen. This is awesome for a 17 year old.

  • Very nice! If you are reading this, some constructive criticism. My favorite part of JRummys stuff if the themed widgets, icons, lock tabs menu.

    If you had themed power control and all that to match, I'd already be downloading.

    Very good looking stuff, keep it up!

    • Themes for all widgets are coming soon from what I'm told… 🙂

      • Well if everything is all matchy then I'm a happy camper. Aaron, I like what you've done here.

        I will be anxiously awaiting a more fully skinned version(yea I know I'm picking form over function whatever), and downloading as soon as I see it in Rom Manager or Kellex posts it up.

        How come no one does any orange work?

        JRummy or Aaron, if you are reading this, I'll donate $100 to the first one fully skins their ROM with a nice not neon orange.

        I mean it.

  • Thanks Kellex. Hope everyone enjoys as much as I did! lol

    • Hi Guys im here 🙂

      • Congrats man! 🙂

        • Turner

          Hey Tim-o this is totally the wrong place to put this but i need some help. After two attempts to buy my wife a droid have gone awry, can you point me in a good direction to get her POS eris rooted. Thanks.

          • Back when I was researching this things, this is where I went…

            Your best bet is to get her a Droid though, no matter what! 🙂

            Good luck!

          • Turner

            Yeah, I've bought two this week. First one on ebay billed me and then disappeared , luckily i used PayPal. The second i bought was stolen. Sweet. just need something to do til my brother in law gets hi DX, (suka!), so i can get his old droid.

      • Ace Z.

        Great job man. I truly appreciate what you're doing for the Droid Community. Keep up the good work and thank you!

      • kellex

        Fantastic work buddy. 🙂

    • machinegun68

      You running this Tim? If so how is it?

      • One word to describe….FAST! lol 🙂

        • Faster than my JRummy Kangerade V5.0.9 with Droid X theme and custom JRummy Droid X black notification bar? I'm not ready to abandon this setup quite yet. Well, unless the Insanely Clean rom will make my house insanely clean. If it does that I'm down to give it a go.

          • Yea, JRummy is fast, no doubt. But this ROM is just pure streamlined lol
            On the new 5.0.9 I have ran NexTang and the DroidX and it was great, but it still didn't handle LWP's
            as well as this ROM can. Which indicates to me, a much quicker ROM 🙂
            But hey, it's all user preference. Once this ROM has more themes to choose from, it will be a serious contender IMO 😛

            p.s. saw your add 🙂 thanks!

        • machinegun68

          Which kernel did you use?

    • aczm1988

      Agreed, nice rom 😀

  • drewr1992

    Very nice! But, I have better news! #7 maybe in SEATTLE!!!! 🙂 Just saying Kellex.

    • villian1998

      After I find it first, I'll let fellow DL'ers hold it for a minute….. but just a minute lol

      • drewr1992

        If you do, you better let me hold that beast for a minute! 😛

        • villian1998

          Seattle has just been confirmed for this week, near aviation factories… has to be Boeing….. hopefully it's not in Renton or Everett

          • drewr1992

            I hope its by the museum of flight or boeing. If its everett or renton, thats like 10-15 min away from me! 😛

          • djsbears85

            Im in Bremerton so I have no chance with all the droiders out there lol

          • mikebaltierra

            or maybe in kent !

  • BloodiedWraith

    Wow 17 years old? I wish I learned how to do all of this when I was a young age. I'd maybe have a much better career heh.

  • Eric