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OpenFeint Hopes to Legitimize Android Gaming

The big dog of iOS mobile gaming is readying an Android onslaught later this summer.  OpenFeint, who claims to have the largest mobile gaming developer community on the planet, is bringing their crew over to the good side of life and hopes to bring some much needed quality to its gaming sector.

A piece of the presser…

Android will Accompany Titles from Glu Mobile, Digital Chocolate, And Hudson Entertainment.

Burlingame, CA – July 8, 2010 – OpenFeint, the leading mobile social gaming ecosystem for iOS devices, today announced that its 9,200 member game developer community with thousands of published games will soon have a complete solution to thrive in the Android apps economy. Launching later this summer, the company’s complete solution will include its de facto standard SDK, a game discovery store and mobile payment options. It will also include high quality content from leading publishers Astraware, Digital Chocolate, Glu Mobile, Hudson Soft and independent studios like Distinct Dev (Moron Test), ustwo (Dot Dot Dot), Pik Pok (Flick Kick Football) and RocketCat Games (Hook Champ).

With a strong set of partners at launch, OpenFeint’s ecosystem provides Android users the most compelling way to discover and buy high quality online games. In addition to incorporating Google Checkout and leading community features into its developer SDK, OpenFeint will extend its wildly successful Game Spotlight discovery app to Android. Interested parties can register at www.openfeint.com/developers/android for details as they emerge.

Excited?  I know the gaming arena on Android has been pretty weak for so long that it’s about time a major player comes our way.

Via: Gizmodo

  • Dksann

    I got kicked out but how do I get back in

  • Why wait for OpenFeint when Scoreloop is available today! Take a look at the leading Social Gaming SDK on Android with millions of users here: http://www.Scoreloop.com


  • Why wait for OpenFeint when Scoreloop is available today! Take a look at the leading Social Gaming SDK on Android with millions of users here: http://www.Scoreloop.com


  • 1lionmurrill

    6 more days till the Droid X.

  • The_Other_Ray

    Nothing beats Snesoid with the Wiimote controller with Game Pad.

    Street Fighter Alpha baby!!!!!! Booyah!

  • Kmurrill2

    Now I really can't wait for the Droid X

  • Ricky

    Awesome news, it's about time, now things should get interesting around here!

  • Rob

    Glu already makes a great World Series of Poker game for Android. Check it out.

  • EggoEspada

    Awesome. This is great news for us.
    Android has plenty of great utilities and such, but games are heavily lacking.

  • Spencer


  • Antioch925California


  • I like the chat and I really like the amount of money you can save with the free games.This is the best app in this dimension of reality !

  • EC8CH

    If you build it… they will come.

  • Stephen D

    This is great news. Hopefully I can get rid of my iTouch within the next year and make my Droid my gaming device.

  • tmoney

    This is pretty huge. They make some great games.

  • Timoh

    I don't know what the big deal is. Everyone knows solitare and tic tac toe are the best games there ever has been and ever will be.

  • this is definitely good news!

  • RealGame22

    Yes!!!!! I can finally put down this iPod Touch. Rather give Google my money than Apple.

  • Droidzilla

    If these games aren't in the Android Market, won't that mean they can't sell to AT&T customers? They could lose out on tens of dollars! Maybe even a hundred dollars!

    The last thing I need is another gaming outlet. I already waste enough time and money on my Droid! Needless to say I'll be looking forward to what they have to offer.

  • Hell yeah! After Stevie kicked them out with their gaming service they come to the dark side!

  • woo


    • MRB

      Do you know if they will have Fieldrunner?

  • aczm1988

    Haha :d

  • First

  • tato-tim


    • tato-tim

      (just playing btw)

      • Just playing of course 😛

      • EC8CH

        It's obvious you're not the real Tim-o-tato… you don't “lol” nearly enough.

        just playin' Tim… lol all you want!

        • It seems like just so people know I'm joking or messing around I have to “lol”
          a hundred times in a post.
          I'm kinda like a 80's sitcom. I tell YOU when to applause 🙂

          • Mrpicolas

            Everyone one hand clap lol…

          • cizzlen

            Me too Tim…. lol 😛

    • Dude, seriously……not cool…

    • Ray