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Site Reminder Time…

Before we head into a long weekend, it felt like a great time to remind the readers of this site that we hope you can continue to do your best to follow some simple rules that will create the best reading experience for everyone.  With the Droid franchise as popular as ever, this site is definitely reaping the benefits, but sometimes with success, comes some negativity that isn’t always easy to push aside.  However, with the continued support of all of you, we can make this happen for a long, long time.

So here we go!  Three quick ones…

  1. Conversations – This site grew up really fast because of the positive reader conversations that took place almost from day 1.  We want to keep it that way.  We’ve been seeing more and more flaming going on lately and ask that it stop immediately.  Let’s continue to keep this baby clean, light and fun.  There are some great personalities out there, and we want those to shine, just do it in a PG13 manner.
  2. Using the “Flag” link – We’ll continue to do our best to remove spam, trolls, and flaming from the comments, but with many posts seeing well over 100 comments these days, we need your help.  If you ever see something that includes excessive swearing, flaming or simply makes you uncomfortable, feel free to hit the little “Flag” link.
  3. ModeratorsUpdate: Requests to be a moderator have closed.  Thanks for applying!  We won’t be able to respond to everyone as we received a mass amount of requests. Thanks again.

Thanks for your help everyone!  We couldn’t do this without all of you.

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  • Hooray for being nice! 😉

  • t0ni

    I'm apologizing for my childish ways this morning. I was just annoyed.I love this site because everyone is helpful, and not arrogant, that is one of the reasons why it's the best. So, again, I apologize.

  • kulz

    everybody is entitled to their opinions and can express them as they please…HOWEVER…when you're in some1 else's house, you play by their rules…take it or leave it ;p

  • Droidzilla

    I am offended that anyone would post offensive things or be offended by anything offensive posted at Droid Life. Can I flag myself and everyone else?

    Just trying to do my part.

  • WhereIsTony

    Still no link for the finals?

  • We want tim

  • You all kick butt! 🙂
    Happy days! lol

  • nkhex19

    Another nomination for the tato-nator!

  • banditball

    Well said! I actually didn't realize all the rules of this forum but this does explain a lot! The majority of comments and people seem to be respectful and insightful! This site is the home page of my droid and love the mobile theme of it. Probably check it every 30 mins or so. Yes i am addicted and really enjoy reading the comments from other users! Thanks for sticking to the rules! 😉

  • Pmagent2013

    I sent in a request to be a moderator through a contact form but I didn't know if it would be better to leave a comment. I come to the site about 7-10 times a day and more on weekends. I check this site whenever there is a computer free or I have a signal on my phone. I know everything there is to know about verizon, android, the droid 1, droid X and the droid 2 that has been announced or through rumors. I would appreciate the chance to have a more active role in the community. It is amazing how people who work at the stores know little to nothing about the phones the sell or the operating system that is on them

    So please look at the comment I left for my email address and send me a email either way, I would appreciate the chance to help out. Thank you

  • RJM

    Kellex – as an old baseball umpire let me give you a free moderator guideline that always proved true: You will toss and turn all night when you fail to toss out someone who should go, but you sleep like a baby when you toss that same person.

    Don't be shy about pulling the trigger when the time comes.

    I came here by accident – I've stayed because of the good fun and great attitudes of the crew and fantastic moderator.

    • kellex

      I like that. Thanks for the advice. 🙂

  • When I read this, I thought of Tim-o-tato. ;D
    I nominate him. ;D

  • Yea I Don't Believe Your Gonna Get Your Opinion Or Idea Across Any Faster By Cursing/Cussing =)

  • Ace Z.

    I love these 3 simple rules seriously there has been a lot of trolling and hating spreading in the comments seciton, which means one simple thing Kellex…welcome to the big leagues…well deserved! I still remember the days where you'll blog and you couldn't care less about caps, punctuations, and grammar lol. You need to bring that back for at least one good post!

    • kellex

      yeah it was tough to break the all lowercase post style. but i did it!

  • “There are some great personalities out there, and we want those to shine, just do it in a PG13 manner.”

    This disappoints me immensely. They're just words – as long as

    • kellex

      Why is that? What does excessive swearing and talking trash to someone accomplish?

      • Sometimes, hilariousness…as I already showed from yesterday's post. Is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg any less fun to you because it's rife with swear words? it isn't to me.

        • Racket

          It is less funny to me. I loved the first part but once the swearing begins I can no longer play it over my speakers at work and have to choose who I show it to.

          • I'm sorry to hear that, but since it's circled the internet like crazy over the last few days, many people clearly disagree with you. All this, though, is pointless since Kellex has pretty much said where he stands on the matter, so I guess that's that. I only made these posts to voice my disappointment. This is the last post I'll be making on it.

          • kellex

            Oh come on, don't be so offended by all this. I'm telling anyone not to post, I just said don't say “f**k f**k f**k” which would be, well, excessive. 🙂

          • brandonmee

            I personally like to thank you. I try to keep all of my post clean and to help the evolution of whatever the problem or thought maybe at the time. The reason I would like to thank you on this is because…I recommend this site to everyone I see with a droid. Also quite a few of them have been daycare workers/owners and school teachers. Hateful posts and rude ones alike would discourage them, and make me look bad.

          • Octotron

            Something to consider is the amount of traffic this site receives to the amount of posters we have. This site had millions of views last month, with maybe a couple thousand posters. Do the math. Should we fully support an environment that caters to a few people who find the need to be excessively vulgar or should we cater to the site reading populace at large?

        • kellex

          Here's the deal. I may have one of the worst potty mouths on the planet, but there are times and places for that, and I don't want this to be one of them.

          I don't want to you feel like I'm locking you down and taking away your free speech, I just am seeing some things as of late and I want to try to rope things back in before it gets out of control.

          And btw, that video is 100% the funniest thing of 2010 and we've fully supported it posted in the comments of multiple posts. 🙂

          • It is your site and I will not interfere with your ability to run it as you please.

      • Jbarb21

        Couldn't agree with you more! Nice JOB!

  • Bmedic1999

    I am a frequent reader….12-20 times a day…….a real junkie. I know more about verizon information than the employees. They mention this often when I visit the stores. You guys keep me in the know…and that is very important to me

  • dave

    i check your site religiously i work for cell phone company i wont mention and my day is very slow sometimes so i would like to be a moderator

  • Eric

    Kellex wheres the post to help support the Inc in the Android Cup. I feel your being a little bit of a sore loser so your not gonna show it love.

    • kellex

      It's only 10AM. Can I have a minute? 😛

      BTW, I am a little pissed at the cheatfest from yesterday. I'm an Incredible user myself and could care less who won, but to see people voting 500 times each to push it to a win on a contest that really means nothing is pretty sad.

      We'll post it up later. We don't want the N1 taking the prize!

      • Eric

        A min, you had time to post 2/3 other posts didn't you? and if you don't care who won how can you be pissed? also i don't see how u can cheat it wouldn't let me vote more then once. (I still love you. LOL)

      • FrenchToast

        There did seem to be quite a few more votes than with the last round of voting… lol! what was it for the Inc v Droid? 14000+ votes? and with the last round more like 3000?

      • What IS the prize. xDD

  • kriven4437

    This site has been my daily crack since getting my droid a few months ago great site!

    • Same, only interchange months with weeks!

  • Can anyone say “Mod-o-tato”?!? lol

    • Michael_NM

      How about “Ti-MOD-o-tato?”

    • I think “The In-Tim-o-Tato” would be good… :o)

    • El El Kool J


    • Mrpicolas


  • mathewdev

    This site is still great even with it's popularity!

  • EC8CH

    I nominate Tim to moderator status 🙂

    • I nominate myself! But I think I lose my contest entry privileges….OH WELL! 🙂 lol
      Come on Kellex…
      Mr.Picolas would be good too! lol

      • Thirded.

        • FrenchToast

          lol! i hopped on this post just to nominate Tim 😛 seems like alotta people agree…

      • aczm1988

        Does this mean theres gonna be “Spud Theme Friday” if you make mod :(?

        HAHAHA 😀

  • Sorry I fed the troll Kellex. 🙁

    • kellex

      No worries. We're all passionate people, that's why we do this. 🙂

      • I'm passionate, but ironically, he didn't push any buttons! I'm not sure where he got the fanboy idea. I'm sure from the unnecessary panties comment, but that was just for laughs. Ahhh well. At least the other guy that hated me plugged my blog for me. 😛 Now I need to write a freaking article on something otherwise it's wasted! Too bad it doesn't appear that anyone has clicked it. 😛

    • brandonmee

      Hey trolls need to eat too. ha

  • Michael_NM

    Off Topic: I discovered last night that if I click the “about” link at the top of this page, I can donate to support Droid-Life. So I thought I'd point that out and encourage folks to chip in if they can. After all, I'm sure we've all bought accessories for our Droids and found Droid-Life to be the best “accessory” available. Apologies if this seems out of line, but I spend a crazy amount of time here and never realized we could pony up, so I thought I'd mention it in case others are in the same boat.

    • I've seen you posting this around here, and I like what you are trying to do for Kellex, who does a lot for all of us.

      Kellex, I don't feel like I would be offended by a sidebar donation link. You earn it.

      • Michael_NM

        Amen to that! When I realized I could donate, I felt bad for not doing so earlier.

        • I am still behind on my mortgage from being laid off last summer, but I can at least help draw attention so someone with a fatter wallet than mine(mine looks like Courtney Love) can donate!

    • villian1998

      I didn't even realize that was there. Thanks for the heads up.