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Custom Theme Friday: JRummy’s Nex-Tang

Pretty sure this is 2 JRummy posts in one week, but the guy just seems to never stop working.  (We also tried to install this theme and failed miserably.)  Late last night or early this morning, Mr. Rummy released his entire lineup of FRF84B themes which as you may know, is the newest Froyo build out for the Motorola Droid.  What does that mean?  Stability.

Oh and we’ve also chosen one of his newer themes called Nex-Tang (made by @manup456)  to change it up a little bit.


1.  Open ROM Manager, choose Download ROM>JRummy>Froyo Kangerade V4.0.7
2.  Scroll down to choose Nex-Tang.
3.  Then finish up with whatever options you’d like.
4.  Make a backup if you don’t have a current one.
5.  No need to wipe data and cache if coming from another Froyo build.
6.  Phone reboots, loads ROM, and done!


Full support thread and donate link here.

Thoughts or issues?

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  • everyone i have some extra nex tang goodness for u i have sent the attachments to kellex email so he can post them up if he decides to look at the email i sent him if not just reply to my comment if u would like the downloads and to look at screen shots

  • everyone i have some extra nex tang goodness for u i have sent the attachments to kellex email so he can post them up if he decides to look at the email i sent him if not just reply to my comment if u would like the downloads and to look at screen shots

  • is anyone having issues using wi fi tether from the market it seems not to work when i connect to my laptop

  • I'm having some problems. I'm running Kangerade 1.0, but I can't seem to install anything new. I've tried wiping data, but every time, it just reboots into Kangerade, even when trying a new JRummy Rom, BB or Cyanogen Mod.

    What should I do?


    • Go into settings>applications>market and clear the data and chache”izzle”…
      Might have some luck then 🙂

      Let me know!

  • its nice to see a new color for once in jrummys roms orange theme is a new change of pace it wud be nice to get a black themed rom i wud love that or a yellow or a option to mix and match ur colors in ur rom that wud be sweet i can never figure out what his nex theme roms look like he never post pics of it y is that? i dont wana waste time downloading it and not loading it i like to c a screenshot of what it looks like but jrummy does great besides a few bugs here and there

    • Mrpicolas

      i believe there is some screenshots over at alldroid and there use to be some over at cyanogen before their site went down i think a little looking will yield some screens

  • has anyone had connectivity issues using this?

    • Mrpicolas

      He twittered that he is cleaning up some bugs so fear not

  • Nickooffroad

    You the Man!

  • DasNOOB

    No google search skin or facebook skin… kinda not complete imo.

  • Teabling

    is anyone else having an issue getting the calendar to show up in the gmail account sync info? it just shows my contacts and gmail but not my calendar.

    • Teabling

      It looks like i have the app on the phone but anytime i try to add an event i get an error message that says that i don't have a calendar…

  • Zeeds6

    google add ons don't load with the theme. any ideas? I've wiped it and tried everything. Anywhere I can go to get just the goggle apps. My camera, market, gallery, all won't load with it. Thanks for any help.

  • Runs great. Just having some trouble with the music & youtube widgets.

  • Ameyers123

    My market wont open on any of the kangerade versions.


  • JB

    sick rom!, I love it. People who are not rooted are seriously missing out. The Droid experience could be so much better fro them, haha, Ohh well.

  • timarnette

    This is a very nice ROM and fast

  • BalinorTx

    Using the Blue Theme, and what a great build. Thanks so much JRummy , and appreciate Kellex for posting this site. My Droid last all day long, no longer tethering it to a outlet or my computer every 4 hours… 🙂

  • Basit917

    is anyone else having a problem with google map not finding ur location???????

  • Basit917

    ok im running in to dome trouble with this rom.. it starts to download i im at 2 of 9 and it just gets stuck at 7% is there another way for me to get this rom other then rom manager

    • Chris Nimon

      that happened to me on a previous rom. I cleared the download catch in rom manager then rebooted and it worked.

      • Basit917

        how do i clear it

        • Chris Nimon

          open rom manager, menu button on phone

          • Chris Nimon

            some people have had luck with reflashing clockwork mod like 3 times in a row. then loading the rom

          • Basit917

            i didnt clear the download i just had turned off my phone and tried it again it seemed to work im in the rebooting stage as i type hope it works im coming from 2.1 to rooted stock str8 to froyo jrummy

          • Basit917

            ok im up and running only one issue i downloaded a lwp the bob marley one but i dont see it in my choices of live wallpaper ?? any ideas

          • Basit917

            anything on how to find the wallpaper ?

          • DoRiAe86

            it doesn't add them to the list of live wallpapers. It replaces the “Neural Network” one, or the lines that go across the screen. The only way I have been able to get them to work is downloading the lwp from the rom manager and installing it that way. The Kangerade.Scripts way seems to make the lwp FC all the time.

          • Basit917

            thank you

          • Chris Nimon

            dont forget to let us know what if anything works in case someone else has the same problem with this rom

  • Thanks for the reminder! I love how easy it is to upgrade from one Froyo version to another. I've done several ROM changes without wiping data and everything has been working perfectly. Jrummy always makes quality stuff!

  • Mrpicolas

    For all those that are having issues with this Rom and Theme I would recommend wiping data and cache this will usually clear up most issues also in RM try fixing permissions as well There has been some issues with tethering in these newer builds so using the tether app from google or using the tether app from frf57 has been suggested as a fix

  • I wanted to try this out because of the native WiFi tethering, so I didn't have to download the version from the Android Market. But, every time I try to turn WiFi tethering on, it just says there's an error and doesn't do anything at all. The USB tethering works fine (I'm using it to post here, actually), but I'm still trying to figure out the WiFi version. That's the one I'm most interested in. I noticed a couple of people mentioning it in the comments earlier — has anyone figured out what the problem is? Is there a fix?

    • Chris Nimon

      I haven't even tried the native one. I really like wireless tether from the market because I can use wifi or bluetooth and its very easy

    • thedonxr

      The native tethering doesn't work for me either but now when I try to start up barnicle Wifi tether it says that it could not bind to the DHCP port: address is already in use. So it looks like having the stock option in there also took up the port… Anyone use a different method that works?

      • Mrpicolas

        if you push the google tether app from code google with adb it should work that is what i have been hearing people do or pulling the tether apk from frf57 may also work

      • thedonxr

        Got it working now I uninstalled Barnicle and installed Wifi Tether for root users and i'm using it now to reply, nice and quick too. This is a must have for my drive across the country 😛

  • Ugadawgs23

    Tried downloading this last night coming from the Green Kangerade (Whatever it's called). However, none of the usual things changed e.g. the orange colors anywhere, orange lock switch thing, etc. I did not wipe data/cache…should I do that to make it work?

    • Mrpicolas

      probably a good idea sometime themes do not carry over well without a wipe

    • Chris Nimon

      that worked for me.

    • Mrpicolas

      removed your double post for ya 🙂

      • ugadawgs23

        thanks. couldn't find the button for it.

  • Ugadawgs23

    Tried downloading this last night coming from the Green Kangerade (Whatever it's called). However, none of the usual things changed e.g. the orange colors anywhere, orange lock switch thing, etc. I did not wipe data/cache…should I do that to make it work?

  • MarkWebb

    I like this theme: the orange is a nice shade and complements the black. Some icons are not consistent. I don't like the wallpaper, however.

    I am always torn between Jrummy's and Bugless Beast ROM's! I use both and change them out every few days as my mood changes.

    Kudos to both of them!

  • now i really miss my droid whoops double post sorry

  • now i really miss my droid

  • lakerzz

    Way off topic, but…my brother just received his new I*hone 4 today, and he is very upset. First of all, when he's on a call, and hits the lock/power button, it hangs up..wtf?? He hung up on me at least 3 or 4 times, (I lost count) He said his proximity sensor was all screwed up. He also thought it was going to be much more customizable, but to no avail, (wow..wallpapers). I told him it's because he didn't get an Android phone. *IMAGINE THAT* He was talking to me on his Bluetooth, (like he always did on his 3gs) and he sounded like CRAP! He also noticed it on his end as well. I love my bro, but he has to get some help for his I*hone fetish…Sorry for being off topic, but I had to “throw him under the bus” on this…

    • Tom

      All i*hone fetish people need to reevaluate their fetish after the i*hone 4. Between the horrible design flaws, and *pple's response to all the problems, really why would ANYONE buy another? *pple's market share should take a hell of a hit from this. Too bad so many people are too blinded and/or stupid to realize that there are better phones out there…

    • Chris Nimon

      going to see my cousin today who is a fanboy I4 buyer. Seriously, people who got this should be irate. I would be back in the store getting my money back for sure. Its obviously full of design flaws, had no “revolutionary” new items. The gui isnt even as fancy as androids 3d app drawer. I am SO glad im not an apple fan and I actually feel sorry for those who got the I4. I hope they can get their money back.

  • i know its a hassle but i just got another droid brand new with 2.1 its being a pain in the butt to root can someone help me out

    • Are you following the tutorials? lol
      What are you having troubles with? 🙂

      • rsd lite flashing the sprecovery to my droid it wont happen. installed the drivers and everything and it keeps failing i did this back in like may to my old droid and it worked i dont get why its not now

        • Hmm, sticky situation…
          Did you download all new files for the flash? And followed the process Kellex has posted to the “T”??

          And you have RSD 4.6?

        • brandonmee

          When I flashed my droid it said it failed. I turned it on and it was fine though. RSD lite is really an unreliable source when it comes to correct error messages especially if you are using 64 bit windows.

        • Redscare55

          I googled a way to force rsd lite to flash through command line and that worked for me, none of the other solutions worked for me. Tried different usb ports, phone on and off. followed all instructions, drivers etc. . . manual forced command line flash was the only way it would work for me.

      • lakerzz

        Tim, you are the man..there are so many times I'm about to post a question, then I just scroll down and read what you have been helping everyone with, and it ends up helping me out as well…(GOOD LOOKIN' OUT!!) And thanks for all you're help…

        • haha glad I could help.
          That's why this community kicks butt!!! 😛
          Funny story about your brothers iPhone by the way haha

          • lakerzz

            haha, I know, right…

      • TheGoldenDroid

        Tim you are always there to help people out.. Thats so cool!

    • rsd lite flashing the sprecovery to my droid it wont happen. installed the drivers and everything and it keeps failing i did this back in like may to my old droid and it worked i dont get why its not now

  • Izzy83mac

    The Market is broken in this rom, it would not open.

    • You might want to wipe data and cache and try again if you really want to run this theme. 🙂

      • Izzy83mac

        I found what the problem was, this uninstall all the Google account syncing apk, without that, I have no phone book, no gmail, or the market place.

        • I will remember this 🙂
          Glad you got it lol

          • Izzy83mac

            I found the problem, but this ROM would not let me install none of the Google related apk,and I need them.

          • Jason

            Did you find a solution to this issue yet? I am having the same issue.

          • DoRiAe86

            have either of you tried to wipe the phone and reflash this rom? It should be built into the rom…as if you wipe data and cache and flash it's like a brand new phone. If you can't install it that's what I would try. That's just my $0.02 though. 🙂

  • 36israel0silent

    the hotspot dont work..it keeps reading error

    • DoRiAe86

      That's what is happening to me as well. I hope JRummy can sort this out with an update or something soon!

      • Mrpicolas

        He tweeted last night he was in process of fixing some bugs

        • DoRiAe86

          Sweet thanks for letting me know! I'm not a twitter fan at all haha

  • Ziv

    Tried to use it. Tethering either via the native tether function or via the free ad-hoc Wi-Fi Tether app — doesn't work. When trying to use the native tether functionality, I get an error trying to start it up. When I try to use the Wi-Fi tether app (free, open-source), it starts the native Wi-Fi tether, and even though my Mac connects, it never DHCP's.

  • skltr21

    i keep getting a force close on the setup wizard…….. any ideas???? i can't get past the setting up. im trying to set this up for my wife on her phone. it worked fine for me. im doing the pink life theme for her. im wondering if its just something wrong with that theme???

  • Swype won't work anymore. It just disappeared and when I try downloading it I get “Package not Parsed” or something like that. What happened?

    • I updated my avatar to a picture of my Droid and it didn't work. Ignore the stupid one for now.

    • kegofkillians

      I had the same problem – The beta version of Swype isn't supported on this latest Froyo is what I was told.

      • JDub429

        I'm not using this theme but i did update to the newest froyo. had to reinstall swype and it wasn't working but look for their faq. walked me through the steps and it works fine now. http://beta.swype.com/android/faq/

        Hope this helps it did for me.

  • The_Other_Ray

    Pop quiz hot shot. In rom manager, jrummy roms, there are screen shots. Where are those backgrounds from the screen shots at?

    • Either in the live wallpapers folder, or in the wallpapers folder…
      Which ones do you speak of in particular?

      • The_Other_Ray

        I'm using the blueberry theme and in the screen shots it shows a gray blue droid with grey colored shapes.

        • Oooo, that should be under the ADW folder if you downloaded themed version from Rom Manager 🙂

          • The_Other_Ray

            Thanks Tim, you have been very helpful today. Appreciate it.

          • My pleasure! Happy rooting 😛

  • Looks pretty good right? 😛


  • Sup Regnoh

    not sure if this deals with all froyo but i currently have BB .4 installed and i cant run any music files that were just dragged and dropped anymore. i used to on 2.1 builds and i had kangerade but dont remember if i ever used my music player then, but tried today, says format of the song is not supported anymore

    any ideas why this happens? is the rom just broken on that part?

  • The_Other_Ray

    how do you get the live wallpapers to install? I have the kangerade script program and click on the liver wallpapers in the goodies folder. it says that it installed to /system/apps/livewallpaper.apk but it's not in my live wallpaper list.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • It switches the “Neural Network” lwp…check that one 🙂
      Should be switched

      • The_Other_Ray

        Yup that was it.wow I would have never figured that out. Thanks

  • Pdxfrolfer

    Any one else have an issue with swype after installing rom?

    • acepelon

      Even after following Swype's advice, after one of Jrummy's updates (I'm sure no fault of his) I can't get Swype to work consistently. I went to BB v.4 because I can't stay on a ROM knowing there's another one I haven't tried, and it is dead broken now. Titanium didn't help. Reloading from scratch didn't help. Now it constantly force closes so I have to play hide and seek with the window and try to change the input method.

    • Did you redownload the installer and get an ENTIRELY new swype?
      That's what I have been having to do while switch through all these new builds…

      Especially if you are using the beta test version…

      • The_Other_Ray

        exactly as you said.

        • +1 for great minds thinking alike 🙂

    • The_Other_Ray

      After I uninstalled and reinstalled to register again, it worked fine.

  • i was wondering when kellex was gon post this up i had this rom for a day or so i wish jrummy would get some new colors though like purple or something i love the colors he got now but would be nice to get a purple themed rom or a black themed rom also i wish he would do the rom like he did with the v 0.8 2.1 rom that was a beasty rom but jrummy is my go to man for a nice looking stable rom u go jrummy =)

  • e3pin0

    all these froyo roms are great..but I just can't seem to lose my love for Cyanogen Rom even if it's still 2.1

    • i hear ya on that one cyanogen 2.1 v 0.8 jrummy themed is beast

    • brandonmee

      cyanogen is starting to do nightlies, and they posted a link on twitter for you to test a vanilla version. It is coming

    • TheGoldenDroid

      I know how ya feel.. I still have love for my old Bugless beast 2.1…It was a monster!

  • Mipami

    Hey what kernels can use with this particular rom to overclock? Chevy, Bekit, or just any? Thanks for any help

    • JRummy uses the “any kernel” formula…
      So you should be able to use any kernel you want.
      If you have troubles, then either clock lower, or select a higher voltage…

      • DoRiAe86

        p3's 1.2 kernel works like a charm on this rom!

  • John

    Been running this since morning! With ChevyNo1 1GHZ ULV.. smooth.

  • droidaholic

    with this native portable wifi tethering app will we run into the same problems like we did with the USB tether from the other stock froyo rom

    • The_Other_Ray

      when I clicked on the native wifi hotspot, I get an error.

    • Mrpicolas

      these newer builds seem to have tethering issues i am running frf57 and do not have these issues. couple of options you have if you are comfortable with ADB you can push the Google tether app. you can get it from code Google.com or pull it out of an frf57 build but i am not sure whether it will have issues with frf84b though or you could run an frf57 build hope this helps ya out 🙂

  • Foxracer127

    what program do you use for your builds?

  • dannyyang524

    Honestly, it looks terrible. 🙁

    • pick a different theme thing

  • Looks quite lovely….
    I think I'm gonna stick to my Sapphire 0.6.2 though 😉

    • brandonmee

      could you list some advantages to sappire? I haven't tried it yet but download 0.7 vanilla well a few minutes ago.

      • Sapphire is built completely from source. Skipping the middlemen (koush and cyanogen) and building something new…
        Speeds are pretty excellent, and stability is dead on 🙂

        Feel free to check out all the info here! Enjoy…

        • Tom

          This is also built from source. Not sure about BB…

    • duckphan

      I can't get maps to find my location or navigation to work after installing, any ideas?

      • You have all of the right settings such as GPS and in the settings menu “Location and Security” you have both items checked?
        Sometimes things are just broken 🙁
        Give those a shot and let me know!
        Good luck

        • duckphan

          If you mean, enable GPS satellites from Location and security then yes. I have tried to uninstall, and install older version of maps and it didn't work either. It won't update beautiful widgets, or find my location from any of my apps or browser….having serious issues

  • EC8CH

    The one screen shot shows the stock wifi tethering option. Is that a first for a froyo rom?

  • Stephen

    Thumbs up for theme…Thumbs down for broken cars 🙁

  • EggoEspada

    Running it now.
    I'd be happy if Nex-Theme was more like this…

  • Go Gators! I would install it and put a Denver Broncos background on it! Timmy is the man!

  • Timmy

    Does this work on BB v.4?

    • It's a Themed ROM, not a Theme. So… No.

      • Tom

        ACTUALLY… Considering that JRummy got the theme from someone else… there is a good chance you might be able to find JUST the theme around.

  • UF!

    I would install this. But it's TN Vols colors. Add some blue and a big gator and I'll install. haha

    • Beachbum4ever

      Perfect color for me!! Go Vols! LOL!

    • str8havoc

      We need to get some Scarlet and Gray colors in a rom. O..H..

      • kegofkillians


    • thats why i love this, finally an orange theme….GO VOLS!!!!

  • thegod

    Hey j rummy get a WU TANG rom and i'll ditch the droid x theme

    • kellex

      Hell yes. I hear that.

      • Dr.L'ling

        Oh did you hear that? Maybe you heard that cause you're standing three feet away, ya know, thats another one i hate, “heard that”. 😛

        • oh George Carlin, how I miss you

        • Timmy

          I hear ya

      • Mrpicolas

        love me some WU TANG

  • YankInDaSouth

    OK – Quite possibly another stupid question here (not yet rooted, but seriously considering it):
    Is installing a custom ROM is separate from over clocking? Do these ROMS already have the over clock built in?

    • nkhex19

      Once you install a custom ROM you can then start overclocking. Depends on the stock Kernel for the ROM also. Example, this Froyo Kangerade v4.0.7 has a 800mhz stock Kernel meaning you can overclock it to max 800mhz. You do need SetCPU from the Market which is a paid app in order to overclock. You can also choose to download alternative Kernels that will allow you to overclock even higher then 800mhz. Just depends on what speeds you like to overclock at. Bugless Beast ROM's though (Dev is Peter Alfonzo) has overclocking built into his ROM's so technically you wouldn't need SetCPU to be overclocked for his, they are set to overclock themself.

    • Bugless Beast Roms are automatically overclocked, they also make set cpu optional by automatically running any kernel you install at max and 250mhz minimum, so say you install chevys 1ghz kernel on a BB rom BB will automatically run it at 1ghz while in use and set it at 250mhz when idle. pretty neat feature.

      Ive been hopping back and forth between roms, i have 4 different back ups now lol, set cpu has a lot of nice features to such as profiles and what not. All I can say man is just dive in I am really having a lot of fun trying different stuff out, you really have to try hard at bricking your phone.

      I would love to try cyanogens roms but his require clockwork rom manager which replaces sp recovery with clockwork recovery, which I am not a fan of, waiting for cyan to realease a froyo rom and jrummy to remix it then I will be set.

    • andrew401

      well what this guy did not mention is that some are just defaulted at stock speed (600 mhz).

  • EggoEspada

    I'm not a huge fan of orange, but this theme is nice.
    I'm happy with JRummy's Kangerade V4.0.7 Nex-Theme, but this just looks so much better.
    Downloading it now to see if I want to keep it. 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    These ROMS and themes come out so fast… I thought this weekend I would give Simply Stunning 4.3 a shot whit his new build. And it is fast and stable so far.. JRummy always works great, just wanted to switch it up..Blue energy works with SS 4.3 too…

  • RealGame22

    Its all about SPRecovery…..Baby!! lol

  • Jason

    Do I need to wipe if coming from the original FR57 build?

    • nah u dont, u should be good. but if u run into any problems like getting stuck on the M logo, wipe and all that good stuff and it will be fixed.

    • You don't “need” to, but I still recommend it. I personally wipe between each build, it seems to keep my phone running quicker.

  • Mikesevenfold

    I flashed this ROM and I LOVE it with the color schemes but I went to open my Car Home app and when I hit the Navigate button it tells me “activity not found” and I cant use my turn by turn GPS….anyone know how to fix this lol?

    • Mikesevenfold

      Come to think of it I actually dont even have the Navigate app in my main menu

      • nkhex19

        The Navigation app should come with this ROM. I wonder why it isn't showing up for you.

        • Mrpicolas

          Anyone confirm this its a biggie for me to switch

          • Teabling

            My nav seems to be working just fine, no issues yet.

          • FrenchToast

            definitely switch, VERY nice, smooth and sexay as all hell imo

          • brandonmee

            Mine works fine. That is one of the first things I check now because I downloaded a Bgills red rum froyo and the microphone part would force close on me so I switched. I don't want to type in a destination when I can just say it.

  • aarynk

    I've been wanting to try out the Nex Tang theme for awhile now but LOVE how my phone is running on Pete's BB V0.4… probably will try this one out to see out it goes but I'm really liking how the theme looks

  • JRummy16

    Kellex, can't thank you enough for your support. Just one request, can you please give credit to manup456 for the nex theme. He gave me permission to port it to my rom and it feels weird having it say JRummy's Nex-Tang… thanks!

    • TheGoldenDroid

      Jrummy Im a huge fan!

  • man, I love all these custom ROMs, but I never have ANY IDEA which one I should get!!

    • nkhex19

      Try them all! 🙂 This Kangerade ROM built from source though is the smoothest ROM I have ran. I will definitely be sticking with this one.

      • But have you tried Sapphire? 😉

        • nkhex19

          Haven't tried Sapphire. You recommend trying it?

          • Very much so 🙂
            I'm using a dark cyan theme and it looks amazing.
            It's real smooth too. If you do decide to try it, definitely wipe data even if coming from another Froyo ROM though. The first time I didnt wipe, and I lost my SU apk…but I'm good now 🙂
            Here's a handy dandy link!
            Check out the sweet screen shots of all the themes 😉


          • nkhex19

            Awesome, thanks for the link. Gonna check it out. 🙂

          • Turner

            Ok, so I saw your reccomendation for sapphire and went with it last night. So, far so good. But my usual P3 kernel has not been liked by this ROM. I have just stuck with P3 because for me they've worked well with BB and Jrummy's stuff. Any suggestions? I am only a month or so into my rooting experience, and loving it I might add. Thanks

    • caphoagie

      So many themes not enough hours in the day.

  • Matt4542

    Nice theme but I don't like the slide to unlock how the bar turns white when you unlocking it it

  • This theme is actually by manup456.

    • EggoEspada

      Yea, he gives him credit for this and Nex-Theme.

  • blackcatroad

    JRummy! Cheers Kellex! 😉

  • fullmetal509

    Im on Bugless Beast v0.4 and i can't seem to flash into clockwork recovery help pls? anyone i would really appreciate it =)

    • anrichardson

      a lot of times what you need to do is flash Clockwork Recovery, then flash SPRecovery, then flash back to Clockwork Recovery, works every time.

      • The_Other_Ray

        thats whatworked for me. Thanks.

        I noticed my swype dont work.

        • lakerzz

          Same here

      • fullmetal509

        Thank you kind sir it worked n_n

  • Kaufkin

    first?? wtf

    • Kaufkin

      must be because of the holiday. 😉

    • The_Other_Ray

      Man I missed another first by a minute. Darn you!!!!

      Good job bro