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Download: New Swiftkey Beta

The previous version of Swiftkey beta has expired, but don’t worry, we have the new version for you today!  If you are not familiar with Swiftkey, let me just say that if you aren’t a fan of Swype, then this should be your on-screen keyboard.  It predicts words and sentences like none other.  Oh, it also supports at least a dozen different languages which could come in handy.

*For all users.

Improvements include:

– User language module handling
– Appearance and GUI rendering
– Punctuation handling
– Autocompletion / correction
– Third party app integration
– URL and email handling
– Decimal number entry

Download: Swiftkey-NEW.apk

Before installing this new version, make sure you UN-INSTALL the previous one.

Let us all know what you think!

Cheers Tim!

  • i purchased shapewriter and now it isn't available to put back on my phone.. anyway to get it back?

  • Zephyr Slvr

    “eoe-appinstaller” doesn't work with froyo. what other way does this install?

  • Bigtisinthehouse

    k its weired can some one show me how to download i click the link then what??

  • Jirafabo

    ShapeWriter is still my preferred keyboard. Just like swype, but much more user friendly and easier to use.

    • Bigtisinthehouse

      how do u download shaopewiter?

    • i purchased shapewriter and now it isn't available to put back on my phone.. anyway to get it back?

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  • Visoskya

    i love this keyboard and i want to put this keyboard on my droid and how am i supposed to UN-INSTALL the previous one????? i need help!

  • is anyone having issues with the ! and ? buttons i cant get them to work i only get the . and , buttons

  • Solar Echo

    No double-space for period? That kills my typing ability in its tracks. 🙁

  • I never installed, tried, and then uninstalled an app quicker. I found the letter, punctuation, extra hard to read (looked faint, and where's the exclamation mark?). I did like the KB layout options. Maybe if the keys become bolder or larger I'll check it out again.

  • VirtueoftheAbsurd

    Is there any way to use one keyboard for portrait and another for landscape? I love swype for portrait, but I would try this in landscape…

  • kimsj756

    Can they add Korean too?

  • T-SwagZ

    In the FRF84b Build that im running, the launcher app glitches out occasionally. I might go back to my other build of froyo. an earlier release so i can acitually use tethering. thats how i use my internet. lol. So, i would be looking forword to some FRF83 Rom Themes and stuff. greatly appreciated. >:D

    • Have you tried launcherpro? Works fine for me and so does the wireless tether app. Goodluck

  • I tried Swype but revert to TouchPal. Although you have to punch the characters, I feel that TouchPal can do more. Swipe up for capitalisation, down for numbers & punctuation, click and hold for various functions and if you type “change” you can swipe left to change to “changed” and right to change to “changing”

  • jonny6pak

    Does this handle speech input?

  • Outsider_Droid

    Great keyboard, but im still looking for a keyboard that i can use on froyo/kandrade with the infected fonts? When i try to use any type of punctuation it dont show up

  • leniamonio


  • SumanMD

    Yo Kellex what are you using to take screenshots with? Since I got Froyo, DroCap2 doesn't work right anymore, just gives me a blurry middle screen shot, and thats it

  • B Wheazy

    no voice text feature, im hook on speaking my text into microphone…..

  • sorry any keyboard that wants access to my personal information and full internet access doesnt get sinstalled

  • Rader

    How do i get the smiley button?

  • Phaise

    Does anyone know if it supports multiple languages simultaniously?

    Depending on who Im texting I switch between Spanish and english and Id hate to have to switch back on forth just to shoot off a quick text message

  • JDub429

    Gonna give this a try..but I was wondering if anyone else had problems with swype. I had to wipe my phone and now when I try to DL swype it only gets about 1k of it and the file wont work to install? any suggestions? I'm usiing xscope. maybe I'll try the native browser.

  • Amurray0808

    Does anyone have any kernels for the BB.0.4 I have tried p3 but they make my phone act really funny

    • Body_marks

      try ChevyNo1 kernels you can download from clockworkmod

      • Body_marks

        sorry I mean Rom Manager

  • Scea0512

    best Keyboard yet !!!! Works great on my Droid Incredible!!!

  • Tuna

    This is a little weird after using swype for the past couple months, but i'll try it.

  • This keyboard is by far the best alternative to the stock android keyboard so far!

  • Ace Z.

    Dude! Kellex! Everybody! Did you read the email conversation between Steve Jobs and a Apple Antenna Engineer? I know completely off topic, but you get to see the real Steve “Douche” Jobs in action man, its crazy. Its on the boygeniusreport.com.

  • Nicknacc

    Can you post a screenshot of the portrait view of the KB?

  • Kevin

    After a recent wipe and upgrade (bb0.4), I can no longer download swype. Says I've had too many downloads. So, looking for a replacement until I can convince them to reset their counters. This is OK… but I miss swype.

  • Superman

    I disagree with the recommendation. I've only been using the keyboard for a little while, but I still much prefer Smart Keyboard Pro. That's still one of the best apps I've purchases. I wish people weren't generally so afraid to buy really quality apps. Some of these developers really deserve the $2 or so they ask.

    • leniamonio


    • cizzlen

      Amen to that. It beats every keyboard that is out. And the prediction pretty much typed this whole sentence for me.

  • katie

    it will only let me download one language module! already uninstalled! need to be able to switch quickly from spanish to english. LOVE MY SWYPE!!!

  • SumanMD

    I wish we could have 2 default keyboards …set Swype for portrait use, and a keyboard like this or the ported Multi-touch one for landscape. Unless there's a way to do that already….

    • I've been waiting for something like that every since I got Swype.

    • I have to admit that, i tried a couple of keyboards and I always go back to the thickbuttons keyboard. it makes the keys bigger depending on the predictive text.

      • timarnette

        I love thickbuttons. That is all I use. I tried Swpe but I find that one hard or I do not know what I am doing.

    • TeeJay

      dude i was thinking the same today., except mine would be swype for portrait, and smart keyboard pro for landscape.

  • Same here just gotnit in my inbox any1 know when theyre gonna get new colors tho i dont like the white

  • briderx

    Hey.. What's the Silhouette up top with the line through it? Is it the “Anti-Ghost” app that was released last week?

    • Superman

      It's the Ghostbusters logo, just off center.

  • Drew

    So I think I will like this…but as of right now I can use capital letters or the alt key on my physical keyboard. Has this happened to anyone else? anyone know a possible solution?

  • Evil Flexo

    nevermind lol

  • Evil Flexo

    ok so n00b question, where do i copy the file to using Astro?

    • nkhex19

      Download the apk file, go into astro, open the download folder, press on the apk file, select open app manager, then select install.

      • Evil Flexo

        thanks lol, realized that was what i needed to do after i posted that, hence the nevermind

  • J Dub

    I want the Droid X swype keyboard and also the multi-touch keyboard from the Droid X to make its way to 2.2 already.

  • Chris Nimon

    im not a big txter and i like my custom ime keyboard, so I dont know if this is for me or not. anybody able to compare them to each other?

    • nkhex19

      If your not a big texter then stick with your custom IME keyboard.

      • Chris Nimon

        Thanks. Thats kinda what I was thinking. I just didnt want to be the only kid who got a welfare burger instead of macdonalds.

  • Cyberdemon

    I like this keyboard a lot, i use swype and this one primarily on my droid.

  • Mrpicolas

    Got it in my inbox today thought id forward it to kellex for you all to enjoy so have fun

  • tbaybe

    still like swype better… i've gotten lazy/spoiled with my keyboard 🙂

  • scorpion77

    Thank God ! i was just looking for update .. 🙂

  • SO many nice keyboards!

    I think I may do 1 long video overviewing them all on my channel.

    So many! =D

    • Dennis

      Please do. The droid x will be my first android/smartphone I'm going to look to all of you guys to help me find the best apps.

      • Michael_NM

        Dennis, prepare for a life-changing experience! You've definitely found the right place to get the most out of your Droid X. Soon, you'll be hoping Dr. Droid (Kellex) will run for President, you'll be wondering how you ever lived without a Droid, and you'll chuckle every time you see an iPhon't. Welcome to your new life; your Droid-Life!

      • You're in good hands with Kellex. This site is awesome, and the community is amazing also.

  • rooted and non-rooted?

    • kellex

      Should work for everyone.

      • Michael_NM

        Even on AT&T? 😛

        • J Dub


      • Even if I'm lefty?

        • WAMbreaker

          even for iphone?!, oh wait 😉

    • PsychoticPenguin

      Worked for me on Froyo