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Mario Live Wallpaper Brings Back Memories

It appears now as if the Mario Live Wallpaper has taken the Android world by storm and I had no idea it was something new!  So I’m sorry if this appears to be about 2 days late, but when I got the tip on it, I simply said, “Whoa sweet!” while thinking it was something old.  Man, do I feel dumb.

To everyone that hasn’t already seen this and was at one time a video game machine, you need to head to the market immediately and download the Mario Live Wallpaper.  To bring back the memories of our childhoods, this app showcases Mario in all his 80s glory, going level-by-level on your home screens.


Download Link

Huge Cheers to Dan for suggesting this back on the 25th!  Sorry buddy!

  • Mario is my favourite…I used to play it a lot in my childhood and even rarely now also….Lovely post..

  • Neil4and

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  • WhereIsTony

    I miss this one, wonder what happened to it.

  • Dojiwarrior

    Link doesn't work when I scan with BC scanner on Droid

  • Dojiwarrior

    Link doesn't work when I scan with BC scanner on Droid

  • This live wallpaper is super fast.. it got me motion sick 🙁 but very cool, just not for me

    1 Up for being super smooth, with no lag.

  • Asdasd

    how about a god damn link without the need for registration huh?

  • thegod

    This is my favorite live wallpaper ever! co-workers wit i phones & htc heros were amazed !

  • Chris Nimon

    Wheres my original Zelda live wallpaper? Still my favorite game of all time and i still play it. An X-com terror from the deep LWP would be cool too.

  • CDeuce

    Hey Kellex I have a question. I am kind of new to this site and Droid in general but what is this “barcode” like thing right about of the download link?

  • Dean2359

    link didnt work

  • jad0251

    Droid owners can dowload the .apks here:


  • Bxrider117

    I've been rocking this as my wallpaper for a few days now. With the Froyo upgrade to 84b on the Moto Droid, it is silky smooth. I can't see myself using another wallpaper for a minute. Unless someone comes out with a Frogger one.

  • Jdstell

    I can't believe how well this background runs. It's very distracting though.

  • JimmyD

    I just installed it…. I wonder why it needs permissions for “Full Internet Access”?????? I find that rather odd for a wallpaper app.

    • JimmyD

      OK… I just answered my own question. When I go into the settings for the Mario Live Wallpaper, there are ads and also a link to make a donation to the dev. So, obviously, permissions for Full Internet Access would be required for those features to work.

      Fun wallpaper to show off!

  • Why does it need full internet access for a wallpaper? Seems fishy to me.

    • JimmyD

      FYI, It needs internet access so the AdMob ads can show in the settings screen of the wallpaper, and also so the link to make a donation to the dev can work.

  • Tom

    Now if only someone would make an original Zelda one or Castlevania one I'd be set… I'd prefer Castlevania though…

  • Geronimogman

    Can mario die in the wallpaper?

  • Projectshadow316

    Work for me with no problem.

  • briderx


    I pulled this off my phone – Try installing!

  • Cool but too distracting and battery intensive.

  • Keithsmnr

    Correction, this is not Mario in all his 80's glory. It's the new sprite set used in Super Mario All Stars release in 1991.

  • Octotron

    The craziest thing is I found this last night and wanted to tell Kellex about it this morning. Too late! lol

  • Balthuszar

    link doesnt work on Droid, neither the QR, nor can i find it in the market…Unrooted 2.1 Droid

    • Balthuszar

      also, running LauncherPro Beta…if that matters…

    • Projectshadow316

      Work for me with no problem.

  • KaZx

    For those who can't find it on the market you can get it from the developer on xda direct ask apk


    • briderx

      Ahh, didn't see this.. I posted a rapidshare link as well..

    • Matthewpace

      Ok, how do you install it to your phone?

  • briderx

    HUGE mistake Kellex.. Super Mario World (which this is ripped off of) was released November 21, 1990.. The geek in me had to correct you.

    • kellex

      Well Mario originated in the 80s, cut me a little slack. 😛

      • briderx

        /end slack

        • Wohh, you know HTML? lol

          I love Mario 🙂 He's my boot animation! lol

          • briderx

            What's a HTML? is that short for something? Where do I get one? Can I install it on my Droid? DDDDRRROOOIIIDDDD!!!

    • Keithsmnr

      HUGE mistake, briderX, you were also wrong, this is not from SMW it is from Super Mario All Stars. The super geek in me had to correct you.


      • briderx

        Ha ha ha.. Touch'e!

        • Keithsmnr

          No, it doesn't.


          • briderx

            So, in conclusion.. We can sum it up to Kellex's horrible failure..

          • Keithsmnr

            Indeed. lol

  • This seems to wreck my battery life. Anyone else finding this? Suggestions?

    • briderx

      Don't use it.. It is killer on the battery.. The author mentioned it in his changelog..

  • Dito_Muertez

    Hey, this isn't mario related, not really DL, related, but hilarious none the less… and taking shots at the iPhone.


  • t0ni

    So i was just gonna ask the dahh question of the day. “Kellex, what theme is that?” Then I remembered you have the Incredible. I know someone else had to be thinking it too.

    • kellex

      Its my Incredible.

  • josh1980

    The link isn't working for me. Stock 2.1 non-root

  • Ponchera

    works on DINC. SICK! what a distraction!

  • I can't open the link…stock 2.1 droid.

    • Cyberdemon

      just search mario in the market

  • Cyberdemon

    Sweet! :p

  • Br_d

    It works on my rooted droid, and it's smooth. But it's too distracting, so I'm only going to use it when I'm trying to impress friends.

    • memnoch73

      Yeah I hear ya. Love it on my Jrummy Froyo build but man is it distracting. I love live wallpapers but I don't want to click my phone on and see the middle of a movie on fast forward…

  • Is it interactive in anyway?

    Also, a bunch of you are saying no luck on the MotoDroid. Anyone make it work?

    • joed5122

      yep, it's working right now.

  • RealGame22

    Ran this some days ago….My CPU was raising hell.lol

  • I was wondering when I would see this here 😉

    I've been using this for a while now, I love it! Not sure why some people are having problems finding it, I've been showing this to people at work and so far have seen it on 2 unrooted Droids and 2 unrooted Incredibles. Was also able to find it on mine using Kangerade

  • Tried this yesterday from the xda website – it was for Nexus 1. Did Goggle on the barcode, no dice. Did the link, no dice. did a search in android market, no dice.

  • joed5122

    Try using the link in the stock browser. I used bar code scanner and opened in the browser and it worked fine.

    Try slowing the frame rate down too. I took it down to 8 fps and it works fine on my droid.

  • SilentJay

    Thanks this is great!

  • Dan

    It's become force of habit to forward neat things I stumble across to you.

    Huge props to the developer of this wallpaper though. I'd be curious to see how the logic behind it is set up.

  • kulz

    nintendo 64…the memories of that shark controller brings a smile to my face 😉

  • IvanM68

    Can't find it on the Android Market or thru the Download link.

  • Andrew R

    i downloaded it the other day, im on kangerade v1.1 moto droid. the app is called mario live wallpaper by C.C.P. [email protected] search for that in the market and see if it comes up

    • Brian

      Tried that, but no love on unrooted Droid 2.1. 🙁

  • CallMeJack

    wont come up for the droid =(

    • kellex

      Hmmm…I pulled it up on my 2.1 unrooted Incredible…you all using 2.2?

      • keithsmith22

        Not showing up on my unrooted 2.1 DROID.

      • lakerzz

        Just pulled it up on my so fresh and so “clean Froyo” no problem…

    • brandonmee

      I pulled it up on my droid. I am running BB .4

  • Xsehcx

    link isn't working on moto droid.

  • I want this badly, but the link brings up no search results for me in the Market?

  • I showed this to my wife last night and now she is kicking me harder to get her a Droid X when they come out! She is a HUGE Mario fan and wouldn't give me my phone back! (She has a BB Strom 2 now)

  • Jtalwine

    This only available on 2.2? Unable to locate in the market by code or a plain ole search.

  • Jay P

    good morning

    • kellex


      • Jay P

        Jeez you do wake up early don't you. 🙂

        • You guys must be on the West Coast if this is early to you. 🙂