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DROID X Launch Event Slide Gallery

Through the Droid X live media webcast we were invited to join, we were able to cap many of the slides which we featured throughout the event.  If you ever wanted the official details of this ridiculous device, we’ve got them for you.

Full gallery from the event:

More on its way!

  • ajavgeek

    ATT is doing it as they know they will be loosing iPhone deal any day so get as much contracts they can get. VZW do not have that fear at all, so they no motive to give early upgrade here.

  • glenf

    same reason AT&T is doing it. Retain customers, move customers up to a smartphone

  • glenf

    under the battery, 8gb built in, 16 gb card included with phone, expandable up to 32 gb card

  • Jbarb21

    Touchdown App by NitroDesk is phenominal on my Droid. My work email is better and quicker on my Droid with it than on my PC Outlook. Lastest update (yesterday) is great…this should be stock on Droid

  • Tracy Wilborn

    I have yet to see anything about an SD card on this phone. Have they hidden it under the battery or something?

  • Joe

    oh btw i love my moto droid, i just dont like the fact the exchange support is lacking.