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Android 2.2 Source Code Released

We were all prepped to post this after hearing Andy Rubin announce the release of Froyo during his speech at the Droid X launch today, and then as many of you know, some troubling times were cast upon Droid Life.  Well, we’re back now and have pushed most of the Droid X goodies out of the way (for now) which will allow us to focus for a second on the next Android release.  It’s officially Android 2.2 time baby!  Yay!

With the source code now out in the wild, you can expect official Froyo ROMs to be hitting our Droids any day.  And so you know, Cyanogen and Koush are already on it.

For the full Froyo scoop, check out Tim Bray’s latest piece at the Android Developers blog.

Cheers to everyone for reminding me about this!

  • kriven4437

    yes im sitting next to my cisco ap and i have 1 bar

  • EricPitt01

    Has anyone been having wifi/3G issues with Jrummy's latest mod? Mine wont stay connected to any wifi, and has data connectivity issues.

  • EricPitt01

    Has anyone been having wifi/3G issues with Jrummy's latest mod? Mine wont stay connected to any wifi, and has data connectivity issues.

    • kriven4437

      yes im sitting next to my cisco ap and i have 1 bar

  • Bensteel

    anybody running pl3's froyo rom built from source

  • dpu328

    As a rooted user, I finally got everything clickign just right with the latest Froyo and Jrummy Rom. Is there any need to mess with the “Official” release?

    • Chris Nimon

      We want the official version so the developers can tweak it to make it faster, shinier, and possibly utilize certain capabilities of Froyo that the stock version does't.

      • dpu328

        So does that mean I as a user need it?

        • Jess

          Oh yes. Yes, you do. When the new builds are out, you'll laugh at the thought that you considered not bothering.

        • Chris Nimon

          Absolutely not. Thats why the androids open system is so awesome. Nobody tells you you have to do this or that. I got jrummy working before it was even posted on droidlife. I'm not changing anything till we see some cool additions to the froyo roms either, but roms based off the official releases seem to be smoother and more stable.

  • Drew

    Any idea when we can expect to see a new Froyo ROM? Today, tomorrow, this weekend, next week…? Probably won't have time to root until the weekend, but would love to get a little Froyo action started.

  • El El Kool J

    wow.. its been like half a day since we got our DL fix?? No recent news Kellex?

  • Is anyone else not able to view the web version of the site on their phone? For some reason it's the full version…

    • Yep

    • otter34

      I can view the web version although it doesn't work for s&%t for me. I can view, but can't post

  • #1guest

    I'm starting to feel lonely without hearing about all of the Droid X leaks. Im getting bored. we need some new news Droid-life.. 😉

    • Jdstell

      “have pushed most of the Droid X goodies out of the way” —THANK GOD. Sick of hearing about this thing.

  • blackcatroad

    personally, I'm more excited that with source code, maybe our wonderful kernel builders can make a tempmonitor friendly FROYO kernel. Being overclocked, I loved having the CPU temp right on the notification bar.

  • blade78

    I was using BBV0.2.1; it was using too much battery and was unstable. With the release of the new source code. I hope there would be more stable roms released soon. I hope BB would be one of them.

  • Six5sAlive

    So Kellex…..Love your site….literally read it first thing in the morning and all day at work…..but man all these At&t ads everywhere……BLAH DUDE!!!!!!!!! There is an ad on top of this blog trying to sell me an iPhone case…..also, I work for Verizon and got my hands all over the DroidX today…..man I hope that you find a home for the new member to the droid family here as well

    • root4life

      so put up some video and picks and while ur at it ell us when we droid2 owners are getting froyo and when droid 2 is comin. i mean u do do work for verizon :p

      • tonytbone7883

        Is the OTA Froyo 2.2 going to be better than 2.2 FRF57 leaked? 2.2 rooted has more to offer, right?

    • tonytbone7883

      Dude, you must know more than most people, how does the phone work, and is the 2.2 OTA going to be the same as the 2.2 FRF57 version?

  • El El Kool J

    Verizon Wireless is offering an early upgrade to ANY 3G
    Smartphone for customers with eligible lines. This promotion
    is available from June 23, 2010 to August 31, 2010 and
    requires a new 2-year customer agreement.

    • tonytbone7883

      So what you're saying is if I got my Droid last November, I can upgrade to the Droid X now? And get the discount? Where can I get more info?

      • otter34

        You can probably call. I called and pressed option 1 and went from there. I was told I'm not eligible for an upgrade until August of next year 🙁

  • Hopefully i can get CyanogenMod 6.0 on my HTC Incredible now that i finally got a custom recovery for it.

  • Joey908

    Can't wait for the new froyo roms rolling out but to tell ya the truth onix froyo rom have not gave me any problems ever…i might be just lucky 🙂

    • tonytbone7883

      Mine is working great too. I'm not to worried about the OTA new version. Unless I'm missing something?

  • Ajfdkal

    everyone kept peeing in the same urinal and nobody flushed it now its all dark. Wow Black Pee

  • Adamania

    Me likey.

  • pappy53

    Off topic, but what has happened to mobile view of DL on Droid? Have tried on X-Scope and Skyfire, and I get desktop view.

    • lakerzz

      Funny…same here…

      • Barlog

        I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I thought something was wrong with my Droid/browser? I guess this must be the way DL looks now?

        • Wolf

          To everyone asking. Browse the Android Market place for a app called Droid-life By Notice.software.

          • Barlog

            I had the DL app when it was released,but I prefer the mobile page over the desktop or app, but thanks for the info 🙂

          • rockymtnhigh

            Whenever I used the D-L app, and tried to click on a file to download it usually just did nothing. I prefer the website as well.

    • Flyinion

      Same problem and that's on the stock browser.

    • SFC Airborne51

      Yeah I get the same thing. I really want that back it made this so much better on the Droid!

  • Barlog

    So I decided to make the big leap and root only to find out my computer sucks and it wouldn't even let me put the sp recovery on my phone 🙁 I'm so pissed. If there is anyone in the San Diego area who has a rooted Droid and a good computer I'll pay u to help me get root with some froyo goodness 🙂

  • Flyinion

    Woot!!! Maybe we can get some less buggy ROM's now 🙂 I had JRummy's on but yanked it after little things started adding up like neither Astro or Adv. Task Killer being able to actually kill tasks properly. Hanging out on Shiz for now 🙂

  • timarnette

    I am SO glad I am rooted!!!!!!

  • Towelie420

    MMMM that froyo looks good with raspberries!.. I can't wait to have a STABLE rom. The current builds are buggy and not playing nice with all of my apps 🙁

  • Rizzidy

    I drank my own pee.

  • trumpet444

    Yes yes yes! Holy crap this awesome!

  • Chris Nimon

    S W E E T

  • eddieonofre

    HEy kellex I know this is out of context of the post
    but I just tried to send this link to my phone (Chrom to Phone Extention)
    And I got this error on the browser
    ERROR – Please upgrade your extension
    Was looking for the extension on https://chrome.google.com/extensions/
    but seems that it is not longer there

  • eddieonofre

    someone know what goddies might the new release have??
    I am running the frf57 build
    so what differncees would teh new build have in comparation with this build????

    And kellex when will you get that build in the wild with root user???
    I know it is kind of soon for that but you always surprise us so who knows you might got it already lol

    • eddieonofre

      forgot to say Droid Life Rocks!!!!! Best blog for Droid users!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Droid + Droid Life = Droid Really Does… Anything
      Droid – Droid Life = Pretty boring droid it will still Droid Does but not as much, still great but you wouldn't know all the potential of the Droid

  • I'm running the jrummy rom but im having issues receiving picture messages or video messages…. need some help????

    • I haven't received a picture message since I installed the jrummy Froyo Kangerade. I have been sent several and never get them.

      • landroidlubber

        Hmm, I'm running jrummy froyo kangernade also, but no prob with pic messages.

      • Dito_Muertez

        i had a problem like this in the past with one of the cyanogen builds, try sending a pic to yourself and see if it comes through.

      • Aj9711

        When I change ROMS that is the first thing I have to try, as I get that problem also, I wish I knew what it was, as it has caused me to not use certain ROMS. Right now I'm using Chevy 4.1 and no problems.

    • Can you guys put down what kernal you guys are using, so I can try them out? Hopefully its a kernel problem, I'm tiredof not receiving any kinda of pictures or videos.

      Jrummy blue kangerade
      Froyo rom
      Chevy 1.1 ghz low volt

  • rockymtnhigh

    The most interesting thing to me is wondering what changes there will be between FR57 and the source code. I have gone from the stock Froyo to jrummy, and now to jrummy 1.1, and its running extremely well. I suspect it will be minor from here. But this sure is exciting.

  • Coaster36

    YEAH!!! 17th!!!! SUCK IT TIM!!! :-p

  • Locsta

    Yo kellex, open a troubleshoot forum/blog for people to post there problems on, everytime you post a new entry all people do is post problems with there phones instead of talking about the news. Just a suggestion…

  • Greatest day of my Froyo life right here!!!
    Come on Pete and JRummy!!!! Get to it! 🙂

    • KaZx

      there coding as fast as they can

  • slackerjoe

    Ok guys, I need some serious DL help!!! I'm running Jrummy Kangerade and I can't seem to be able to backup or restore anything. I can't even restart in recovery! (holding down the “X” key) Everything runs ok, but I can't make any backups.
    Thanks for all the future help!!!!

    • streakybacon

      Flash an alternate recovery and back, I've heard twice. That always works for me. Easiest way is sprecovery, bottom of the menu in rom manager.

      • slackerjoe

        I did flash the alternate recovery, and it still didn't work. =/ it's the wierdest thing, I can't switch to anyother rom, I can't even install a new dowloaded rom.

        • skltr21

          i had the SAME problem last night. i tried everything. what you need to do is flash sprecovery again. then reflash clockwork recovery. then reflash sprecovery and then reflash clockwork like twice. then re-download another ROM from rom manager. just any stable ROM. you should be able to download a new ROM at this point. i did cyanogen's 5.0.8. once its done downloading wipe data and cache, dont do a backup…… and your phone will restart. then you can go and download rom manager again from the market. you should then be able to open up rom manager and go into your backups section and restore one of your old backups to get all your data and apps back again. i would say once you get to this point just stick with one of your backups or download another stable ROM for now until they come out with a froyo release that's stable. i know this sounds weird but it works.

          • slackerjoe

            Thank you soooo much Skltr21!!! That worked perfectly!!!!! I knew I could count on the wonderful Droid-Life community!!! Droid Life and their readers ROCK!!!

    • Did you update to the newest ROM Manager and clockwork recovery?
      Koush has been updating like a mad man lately!!


    Can jrummy remix run froyo 2.2 ?

    • Zander_206

      No jrummy remix is built off of ESE81(2.1)… but he made another rom that is off of the froyo leak called froyo kangerade and ported over all of his remix themes! if you want froyo and like jrummy go into rom mananger / go to download rom/ scroll down to JRummy and select/ then look for Froyo Kangerade … and when you click on it you get to look at preview screen shots to help you decide what flavor of froyo you want .. Source has been released so keep checking droid-life theres soon going to be new and improved roms =)

  • villian1998

    Yes!!!! Bring on the stable and complete ROMS!!!

  • Nitrofumes34

    Can't wait for pete to release a stable bb 2.2

  • I'm rooting my phone tonight… what's the easiest and simplist rom to use??

    • use the video tutorial from this site…

    • kellex

      We're big fans of JRummy's work. 🙂

      • Nitrofumes34

        I think I might go back his way permently after he gets done with the source code…I'm runnin his stock froyo with a 1.2 ghz kernel since bb is so unstable right now and I gotta say the speed is just like bb 1.1…hopin the soon to be released themed roms are just as fast

      • memnoch73

        Liking my JRummy… No issues at all from the Froyo build. Looking forward to the official Froyo JRummy Rom…

    • skltr21

      cyanogen ROMs are always great too. im currently running cyanogen 5.0.8 with slayher's genesis theme over it. its my favorite so far. if you need help just ask.

  • F0r71fy


    • Androradness

      i wish there was a “dislike” button for posts like this.

      • I agree need a dislike button.

        • lakerzz

          After reading the comments you guys just posted, it didn't really look like a “dislike” button was needed, now did it??

          *its all in good 'ol fashioned fun*

      • mhoe

        100% agree.

      • Dito_Muertez

        I don't really see a problem with a post like this.

        But I do agree, we do need a dislike button. Mainly for when you get those random posts of people unnecessarily hating on each other. cuz i dislike that.

  • first!!!!

    • I'm expecting brilliant things from those guys in the coming weeks. 😀