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Verizon Waves Goodbye to DROID Eris, Incredible Next?

In the screenie above, I’ve filtered Big Red’s site by smartphone>Android>HTC and you can clearly see that the Droid Eris has been removed.  In fact, you can search for Eris all over their site and find nothing but past support documents and accessories.  The Droid Eris has been officially put to bed.  Moment of silence please.  OK, moving on…

Now, this is a pretty nasty rumor to get started, but after seeing the Verizon closeout/phaseout list which floated around over the weekend featuring the Droid Incredible, we’re starting to think it may have been the real deal.

What has me concerned about the Incredible is the fact that the Eris was on that list as well as the Blackberry Tour which is now set to “Out of Stock” and appears to have been replaced by the Blackberry Bold.  Yikes.

Oh and I’m not buying the SKU change for new packaging idea; that already happened.

Update: It is possible that the Incredible has landed on a closeout list because they are rumored to be switching to LCD screens over the AMOLED screens made by Samsung.  Check out all the info here.

Any Incredible owners out there annoyed/frustrated/confused/completely pissed off yet?

Cheers Dave!

  • summer

    I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business. My wife and I were both very happy customers at Verizon until this update and the response. We had a fair proposal that would make the situation right which Verizon will not agree to. She compared it to buying a tv at walmart and that any problems with the item must be taken up with the manufacturer outside of the warranty. I say that is apples and oranges since a phone is made up of the hardware, software and service and much different than a TV. It's like the cable company(verizon) selling you a tv then zapping it with something that breaks it. Please fix this VERIZON or you will hear from a lawyer soon and lose many customers!

  • summer

    I just spoke with Amber who is a tech support supervisor and was completely shut down on this problem (HTC eris 2.1 update). All of the well documented phone problems since the update are now happening to my wifes phone and our business is suffering because of it. How can we be compensated for business and customers already lost by my company due to this problem. When i asked who is responsible for the update coming on to the phone, she blamed HTC. My issue is that we bought our phone from verizon and pay money to verizon so why am i needing to call HTC? They are taking advantage of the convoluted mess of having three companies involved being google, HTC and Verizon. Getting the same useless phone as a replacement is not the answer to our problems as we continually lose money with our phone based business. My wife and I were both very happy customers at Verizon until this update and the response. We had a fair proposal that would make the situation right which Verizon will not agree to. She compared it to buying a tv at walmart and that any problems with the item must be taken up with the manufacturer outside of the warranty. I say that is apples and oranges since a phone is made up of the hardware, software and service and much different than a TV. It's like the cable company(verizon) selling you a tv then zapping it with something that breaks it. Please fix this VERIZON or you will hear from a lawyer soon and lose many customers!

  • ronnieallen

    yep. I am really more just annoyed with the eris itself. I can't find a way to fix a few things that have gone batty — let alone get the things promised and not followed through on.

  • Ah—Yes. Yes I am…

  • Hegemon4ever

    Why would I be upset or annoyed? I already own one and in two years, I'll get the next iPhone “killer”.

  • 99%'r

    Does anyone but me think Apple may be arm twisting Verizon to tone down the Droids as a condition to get iphone?

  • Farvefan1020

    Received my Incredible less than 30 days ago, so I'm sending it back. Waiting for the Droid X. Maybe Verizon should schedule release and delivery dates better.

  • TheDroidYouAreLookingFor

    I'm not sure why an Incredible owner should be confused or “completely pissed off”. The fact is that technology, particularly in smartphones is moving ahead very rapidly. There are new Android phones rolling out every few months. Yes, it can be kind of difficult to figure out which one to buy when you know another (perhaps better) one is “coming soon”. But once you DO buy it…you've got a phone for the next 1 or 2 years. So you use it and are (presumably) happy. Why would you be “pissed off” that someone ELSE can't buy your phone? You already purchased it and Verizon didn't say they wouldn't support you or cut short your warranty or anything, right? Not sure what the big deal is here.

  • 6ULDV8

    I was surprised to see the Eris disappear – nothing wrong with having an entry level phone with the Droid OS.

    I have owned the Eris for several months and know of three others that also own it. Have never had a problem and actually LIKE the phone as do my friends.

    JMHO and YMMV…..

  • Glennljones

    Isn't anybody watching TV? Verizon has suddenly (isn't it about time) running TV ads featuring the Incredible so it seems kind of silly for them to be investing the time and money on an ad campaign for a device that they would be fazing out? And – yes – as an Incredible owner I would be VERY PISSED if they did stop carrying the Incredible so soon after its release.


    I work for Verizon. It was from the SKU change. We haven't been able to sell the damn things in over a month because we can't get any in stock in the store. So NO, it is not being phased out yet. There you have it. You're dumb for thinking they would scrap a phone before it had a chance to hit its peak.

  • Bertflirt

    The first Incredible sku did not include the 2gb sd card. The new sku is for the incredible with the 2gb card pre-installed. Time to trust your readers!

  • I love so much about my Eris. I love the glowing orb of popularity, the size, the functionality. I do NOT like the unreliability, battery life, texts to wrong recipients, having to reboot to make a phone call… I have a friend with an Incredible and he has the text problem too.

    I hope HTC can get their act together. The Sense UI is really cool. The weather/clock thing is really neat… But the unreliability is a deal breaker.

  • Guest

    It's not the packaging – it's the one that came WITHOUT an SD Card. They will not be selling the Droid Incredible without SD cards and that is the SKU that they are retiring. Long Live The Incredible(s)!!!

  • misscarmen

    i am kind of glad the Eris is gone…had it and while it was a beautiful device it was awful

    had an incredible…for a day….Had it and it was decent but returned it.

    Went to sprint and while waiting for the evo, I got a hero(same experience as an eris only uglier) and eventually got an EVO.

    I will give HTC this…they make the sexiest devices for Android(except the heroes…the chin and sprint hero is ugly) but devices like the Evo, Eris, Incredible and Desire are all beautiful phones from what i've seen. However, “Pretty things tell ugly lies”.

    HTC is thought to be the best when it comes to android devices but in all reality they aren't. I had a bunch of issues with 3 erises, my droid inc randomly rebooted, the webcam on my EVO as well as random reboots poved to me the only reason I ever get HTC phones is becauase they look good.

    Kind of like boys who only date girls who are hot.

    However Motorola does make quality devices…dropped my new droid and it's resilient and just doing fine. I think verizon should allow motorola to design most of their android devices.

    Make it a partnership like At & t has with Apple

  • Tjdem327

    Dave, you my friend are an idiot! Sorry, but I call them like I see them!

    On no planet that I can think of would a company EOL a tier one phone, that they cannot keep from selling out, in less than 60 days of release.

    Whether you “buy” the sku change or not is irrelevant and simply your very uneducated opinion.

    Congratulations, your credibility is gone!! Two thumbs up!!

  • CopierItGuy

    Droid Eris still lives…peep the link below. I just searched VZW for it and found it no prob. It's on sale for $49.99!


  • Ohwl33

    This is something I didnt want to hear. I've been waiting for the Incredible which is on back order. I would reay pissed of if they discontinued it. They did that to my Storm so there is no undates or anything else for it. It looks likes Verizon keep moving to the next best phone and forget the old phones and there owners. My Storm is still good but there is nothing coming out for it. I broke the holster and can't find one.

  • Mymotodroid

    It's a new SKU. I'm looking at the Rebate forms right now. There are two SKU's.


    so what does that mean for us incredible owners??? i LOVE my phone. best i've ever owned! and i agree with Jubby- it doesnt even stay on the shelves- people want this phone cause its sexy and awesome. And while yes, the droid 2 is coming out, its still looks like a brick of a phone and with the exception of the gorilla screen i still think the incredible is the most awesome phone! especially once we get 2.2- come on Verizon, get on it!!

  • RealGame22

    HTC rushes out there phones…Unlike Motorola, Samsung, and some other companies. HTC need to do longer testing on there phones

  • I am starting to wonder if this is because the HTC keep going out of stock. What I do know is that my upgrade is in August and I am going to take a close look at this new DroidX. Maybe I wait to see what the 2ghz Moto phone is like that is coming out by the end of the year!

  • Niedespi12

    What happens when you get a phone that is made by 2 companies and placed together if you want the incredible you might as well get the evo. Why would they make 2 phones the same but different sizes? sounds like a mix up and now they need to cur money from production.

  • NairRo

    Am I the only one that had a Droid Eris ??? Good thing I only signed up for One Year Agreement back in 2009…My Eris was pretty slick until the 2.1 OTA update… I really like the Seven Home screens … If only the Moto Droid had Seven…

  • Eric

    Why would Incredible owners be angry about it? If they wanted one they already have it. It's not like Verizon isn't going to support or replace them if broken or non-functioning.

  • chops5648

    I saidit the incredicrap was jus a in between phone till x and d2 came out.lol see you later incredicrap everyone who dropped big dough just to get the phone out of contract should have just waited for these 2 phones at least hopefully u can return the plastic brick

  • Verizon is phasing out HTC devices all together – that is what my sources tell me. It dose kind of make sense. Its kinda embarrassing for Verizon to offer a phone and not even be able to distribute – Verizon might Hint Hint pony up for Current Incredible owners also and offer them a very nice deal “I will let Kellex report this when the time comes” ……

  • Wow this post is a waste of space… There is no way they are phasing out the icredible..

  • That's EXTREMELY annoying. My mom just got the Incredible in it's first days. She even has the HYC white and green box that doesn't even say Droid on it. That's messed up T_T

  • KY24

    As a DInc owner, I am just pissed. Sure, its a nice device, but I went out of my way to get this thing early. Finally received it about a week ago. Just about the same time that the substantial leaks on the Droid X began to roll out…WHY!? I would much prefer the Motorola build quality, im not a huge fan of sense(it looks really cool but the functionality isnt wonderful), battery life on the Inc is pathetic(not that I expect much more out of the X, but hey, i'll take the better specs and bigger screen for the same battery life), and ive dropped my fair share of calls too, and not in the middle of no-mans land. Even though these cancellation talks are speculatory, the problems of the phone and possibility of dropping the it all just turns me into a very unhappy consumer. Why does early termination have to be $350?

  • Romma1

    And if the Dinc does dicontinue, we will surely lose a tremendous amount of OTA support to top it off. To those that have not tried the Dinc, it truly is a great little phone. I hope it survives the tide of the new Droid devices.

    Maybe they will make an “Incredible II” someday…?

  • Nuttyone

    Hey Dave, why would Verizon go out of their way to advertise the Incredible as a Father's day sale item if it is being phased out? This list was just a page someone posted and sure has alot of people wondering. Come on and get a life.

  • Dean2359

    I think they should continue with the Incredible. I love mine.Choice is a good thing. For those who want a physical keyboard there's the droid 2. For those who want a phone with a huge screen and dont mind the larger size,theres the X. But for people like me who want a slimmer lighter high quality device,theres the Incredible. This way,there is something for everyone.

  • Palbri

    I am not surprised. Why advertise a product if you can't deliver? Looks like HTC dropped the ball on this poor planning and supply chain issue. Verizon had to drop it to save face. Verizon and its customers got screwed by HTC. Let the Motorola love fest continue!

  • Alcardsyco

    As long as my phone gets updates I won't care. My phone is better than a stock droid, and I can care less for Moto Blur. Or that Ninja Blur crap.

  • i never cared for either of the HTC phones… so o-well!

  • Gomezadonis

    Glad I returned my Incredible last month and went back to a no contract status so I can pick and choose my Phone of choice and one that doesn't chip so easy, man HTC needs to build better Phones….I don't know if I'm going to got the Droid X or I should wait to see what November brings:) “2 Gig or LTE that is the question.”

  • Stubbondetailst

    No frustration here. As long as the DROID family stays strong, and Motorola keeps stayin on top of their game :o)

  • Bye bye Indredible. Your webpage capturing AMOLED shortage grounding issue days are numbered. And I'm still loving my rooted and OCed Moto Droid…the original.

    • Smeieke

      Webpage capturing…OTA fix on the way.
      AMOLED shortage…there's a shortage because everyone wants this phone because it rocks.
      grounding issue…yea, that sucks. fix?

      The Incredible isn't going anywhere. Your Droid is slow.

      • Not necessarily….Samsung or HTC dropped the ball with the screen parts. It doesnt actually mean they cant keep up with demand. Dates keep getting pushed back. They probably chose someone else for the screens. Plus Samsung is coming out with their flagship phones, thats guess what…. made entirely by Samsung. No outside vendors.

        Its a lil more at play here than supply/demand. With that being said, I cant see them closing out the Inc. either, unless something drastic has happened.

    • Hahaha relax, I'm just messing. Don't get so defensive. I still think Motorola build quality is better than HTC though.

  • Rodeojones000

    I just came back from the Verizon store (had to get a new USB for my wife's Eris). The employee there confirmed for me that the Eris is indeed done. No more will be sold (except for any that might still remain in an actual store). She also stated that, in regards to the Incredible, the discussions have been that once the Droid 2 and Droid X are made available no more new Incredibles will be sold. Any that are on back-order will still be honored. This is not official, but she told me there have indeed been discussions amongst the Verizon brass to get rid of the Incredible.

    • Vitaly

      Imagine how stupid someone must feel who back ordered the HTC Incredible in the last couple of weeks only to find out that there is a new smart phone coming out and your HInc is going to be discontinued. I for one would be very upset with Verizon. This just doesn't seem like something a world class corporation that promotes stability should do.

      • Niver

        People have to remember phones and computers are a lot alike, when you buy either, there is always a chance that in a month or so, it can be outdated.

        • Agreed.

          Again though, I just don't buy the idea that Verizon is going to phase out the Incredible within a couple of months of its release. It just doesn't make sense, financially particularly. Maybe they'll have force HTC to give it a revision, but drop it completely…no way.

          Besides, there is always Verizon's 30-day return policy, so those who are still waiting on their Incredible, might be able to trade it back for some Droid X goodness.

      • 28

        if they are smart, they would just cancel their order.. a backordered phone is easily cancelable

        • Rturner30

          Not true at all!!…. you have to wait till it comes in and then return it.

  • Nölff, esq.

    Maybe HTC can't keep up with demand. Maybe they dropped the ball… I don't know.

  • kingrich98

    Not buying the SKU change? Did the picture show the SKU?!?! NO! The Incredible is not on closeout/phaseout. Only the SKU. Get your facts straight. I know for a fact that the Eris is on it's way out, not the Incedible. It's very annoying when people take these blogs as gospel.

    • EC8CH

      Lay off Kellex!

      His head is still spinning from the snapdragon vs omap panic of 6/21.

      Give him time for his nerves to settle and everything will go back to normal.


      • nkhex19

        Ha ha +1

  • kulz

    with the rate Android is going, why not phase out the old phones? the incredible came out what? 3 months ago? and now they've got 2 new Droids with far better specs. no one wants to have back stock ;p

    • Romma1

      The Incredible came out barely two months ago at best. I bought mine 1 week after release.

    • Dean2359

      Better specs? are you referring to the slower processor? sometimes newer doesnt mean better.

  • Actually, from a verizon source I heard the Incredible is going bye bye because of a flaw/exploit in the phone. It takes pictures of you web sites and stores some of them in the phone's memory.

    Imagine, being on your bank account and it saves you info like a key logger……..

    • Smeieke

      Wrong. This issue has already been identified and a fix is being rolled out. You have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Tabe

      I'm pretty sure they did/are sending out OTA updates to fix that… No reason to scrap a phone when you can fix it via OTA updates!

    • briderx


      • Tabe

        If you're asking him for a source on the browser privacy issue, he is correct on that point. Here is a story on it: http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2010/06/16/brows

        As it says, they are working on a fix (and also give steps to manually delete the files). Not sure if they've fixed it yet or not.

        • briderx

          That's the first I had heard about that.. Kind of funny.. You'd think they wouldn't have overlooked that little flaw..

          I have never been a fan of HTC.. But, that's from back in the WINMO days..

          • Tabe

            Yeah.. I will say that HTC's Sense UI is the best UI overlay out there (at least IMO…), but they seem to have some issues in the hardware department…

  • palomosan

    No, I don't think the Incredible is gonna be ousted, it just came out and it's a great phone, you know it Kellex and everyone that has one or played with one.

  • Rizzidy

    I'm still seeing Incredible commercials on national networks as of today. I have a really hard time believing that they are willing to spend money to advertise a product that they are simultaneously trying to phase out.

  • Mps623

    the one with the preinstalled card just had a card laying in the box. the new box looks close to the eris box just with the incredible on it. and the new bow has them installed.

  • oh well

    Could be. Maybe Verizon has had enough with HTC's quality issues. My Inc. loses its charge very quickly, it doesn't work with my car dock because of the grounding issue, AMOLED shortage and the call quality fades in and out. I'm currently waiting for a replacement Inc. but I'm just gonna cancel the exchange and get the X.

    • Yagermeister

      I have to agree with “oh well”. I think the upcoming announcement from Verizon, based on the people they invited as guest speakers, is going to be the end of HTC at Verizon and a huge partnership with Motorola. Go MOTO!

      • ThDanMan

        yagermeister! nice name

  • Mps623

    it is a new sku.. they have new boxes and everything now, i just got a few in my store

  • snafu009

    It really looks like VZW is killing off all traces of HTC “Droids” (perhaps in preparation of the new wave of Moto's offerings?). Personally I've always preferred Motorola hardware over that of HTC so I can't say that my moment of silence lasted too long 🙂

    That being said, the Incredible does seem like a top tier device.

    • Vitaly

      I hope you're right. Get rid of HTC and have Motorola provide the stability and reliability that the Verizon brand is all about.

    • jxcgunrunna

      The eris had to go. The incredible should stay around for a while longer so people have a choice between big touch only, small touch only and small keyboard. The more options and price points they can hit the better.

      And Brand loyalty thing, they are buying a Droid brand. Moto and HTC come second in their eyes. Im sure the devour would have sold better if it had droid in front of it and was black but Verizon chose to advertise it as the Moto Devour. Not the Droid Devour by Moto

  • scorpion77

    Maybe it's a problem with HTC ???

  • Romma1

    I sincerely hope not. My Dinc is awesome and does more than I need it to. Perfect size, weight, sleekness, and IMO blows away the Moto-Droid. At least a stock one.

    I can say this because I had the M-Droid for 3 months till I got the Dinc. I did not like the clunky feel, and the slide out at all… I do wish we could somehow get legitimate confirmation on this one way or another.

  • Why does everyone hate this so much? They're making room for new devices… When you compare the Android line of devices to everything else, well… There is no comparison. What does the incredible have that the Droid X doesn't? I for one am very excited at how fast things are progressing in terms of performance in handsets, so I say lets move forward. The sooner the Droid X gets on the roster, the sooner the price will start to drop, the sooner the next amazing step forward will be announced.

    As for iPhones, that's a silly comparison. iPhones are almost as anti-Android as you can get. I used one for the first time a month or so ago and it was a painful experience. For such innovation and performance to be so held back by Apple is a tragedy. I can't do a fraction of the things I do on my Droid on an iPhone. That's not to say Apple made a great play, they just have a very different strategic position and are after a captive audience.

  • rals

    As a Motorola Employee, I'm actually happy about this. I always found that HTC is rolling out new phones every other day. I feel there phones is not is durable or reliable as I find Motorola, or the iphone. There were many people complaining about the grounding and browser issues on Incredible….and not to mention the constant supplier issues that were taking place.

    As like a few people said, there is musical chairs that is always taking place with these kinds of phones. I'm hoping that Motorola will establish themselves as the go to phone developer for the next generation of Android phones. I think this is good for “Droid” brand line for Verizon. Hell the Droid now is been out for almost 8 months…not bad IMO. With changing technology, it's better to think ahead with front facing camera's, powerful processors, memory, clear screen and of course a stable OS.

    Who knows, I could be wrong.

    • Vitaly

      I definitely agree with the Motorola point. I hope they establish stability in Verizon Android phone lineup the way they did with the Motorola Razor, etc. I am definitely not a fan of HTC and what they're all about. Seems like an fast way to make a buck as opposed to building a brand, customer loyalty, etc.

    • Smeieke


  • Tabe

    Doesn't really make sense to me that they would take the time to redesign the Incredible packaging, give it it's own “eye” and include it in the trio of Droid devices on the Droid Does page and then phase it out so soon… Why would they do that?

    • EC8CH

      To do so would be highly… illogical.

      • Tabe


  • EC8CH

    Incredible isnt being dropped.

  • I think the incredible can last on the market another year or so before the wave of 4G devices come out. Perhaps that may be the reason why it will be discontinued soon and better to move on now and use the AMOLED screens for the 4G phones. I'm just throwing stuff out there, I may be wrong. I still can't fathom the idea of a current top 3 phone being whacked this early…and after having the chance to play with the EVO for a few days, the Incredible is a smoother and sharper phone. (EVO phones are having some issues now…my coworkers' phone is randomly rebooting and freezing)

  • Chris Nimon

    What would this mean for DI owners, S.O.L? Would they give DI owners a discount for a new phone? I think verizon would have a lot of pissed off customers and a lot of explaining to do.

    • This doesn't mean the phones will stop working. They would just stop selling new ones.

      • Chris Nimon

        I didnt think they would, but if they think its not good enough to carry then those who just bought it should at least get a discount on a new phone

      • briderx

        Totally agree.. Your phone will work fine.. Why do you think you're entitled to a discount/upgrade?

  • Possomcrast1

    you know how much money verizon is making of the incredible THERE NOT GONNA STOP SELLING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they would stop selling the droid before anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Niver

      Its pretty hard to make money on something thats not even in stock to sell.

    • OGWilson

      I'm pretty sure Verizon is making a LOT more money on the Droid than the Droid Incredible.

  • Vitaly

    As much as I like Verizon's service this constant phone phase out and rolling out is getting out of hand. It seems that as soon as you buy something it's being phased out in a couple of months. I understand that when Droid X comes out nobody is going to buy 'The Incredible' but this constant change does not foster brand loyalty. Consider the IPhone which has been rolled out for a couple of years now and seems to make incremental changes to itself similar to a high end car like BMW, Mercedes, etc. This fosters stability and very high brand loyalty which is very important in the long run. I wish Verizon would finally get the IPhone and rid itself of the constant musical chair as far as phones are concerned.

    • Mrpicolas

      Hey no iphone trolling lol….

      • EC8CH

        There was an old man named Jobs.
        His shiny phones were perfect for snobs…

      • Romma1

        Sadly this is a great point. In addition, there is no uniformity to dimensions and the like for a stable accessory line. No two phones Android phones seem to match, or very few at least. How do you build a market of docking stations for an ever changing line-up?

        • Tabe

          Android = Choice… PERIOD

          For people who can't handle choice and can't stand seeing something better come out right after they make a purchase, go with iPhone. But some people like the Android way.

          • Romma1

            Oh I am totally android, but I wish there was a more compatible docking platform. I have never had an iphone, and seriously doubt I will… I do have an itouch ipod.

          • Tabe

            Yeah, I see what you're saying… Most likely ain't gonna happen though. Google's big thing with the Android OS is keeping it “open”. Because of this it's going to continue to appear on devices of many different form factors.

    • Tabe

      Android doesn't seem to be doing too shabby with their current business model… There's more than 1 way to skin a cat.

    • EC8CH

      RIGHT ON! I hate it when the next time you pay $200 for a phone its like 3 times faster and has dozen of new features. I'd rather it look exactly the same and add something simple like a camera, or copy and paste. Now that would be awesome.

    • Timoh

      Why does it matter? The average person buys a phone an uses it for at least a year, then they renew their contract and get the “latest and greatest.” Brand loyalty isn't an issue with the people that buy the newest phone before their contract is eligible. Those people will buy the best device available regardless of brand.

      The iphone stays the same with minor upgrades because Apple isn't as “innovative” as they trick the sheeple into believing. One new phone a year vs 4 or 5 new phones(in the same class/category) a year by other manufacturers. Plus, there's no reason to keep old technology in stock when the newest devices are going to outsell them anyway.

      It costs money for Verizon and their stores to keep a phone in stock that they will never sell. Phasing out the Incredible isn't such a bad idea. They can't keep the phones shipping because of constant shortages from HTC/suppliers, from the sounds of it the Incredible has some minor annoying bugs anyway. What better way to replace those sales than with a new Motorola? A company that has proven they can make a badass phone(Droid) and keep a steady flow of devices on the way to customers' hands.

      Musical chairs with devices? That's nonsense, people complained when Verizon NEVER had any new phones(I know, I've been using Verizon for 9 years now). Now they are getting awesome devices at a very fast pace. It's refreshing to see and I'm excited for it to be happening. Brand loyalty is stupidity, it leads to lazy manufacturers. Look at the car industry, since you referenced it. The more a company relies on brand loyalty, they tend to get lazy with producing exciting, quality products.

      I also don't get where you're pulling this “constant phone phase out” from. The Incredible is the only device someone might be shocked that they are discontinuing. When you look past the shock, at the facts, it makes sense “if” they really do stop offering it.

      • I get what your saying, the iphone doesn't loose its value and you dont see the iphone as buy one get one free or getting it for $20 or free with a two yr contract… eBay iphone and see how much they hold their value.. it's insane!

    • Jdstell

      I agree with what you're saying. With an ever changing line up of Android phones, the entire design of the phone changes every 6-12 months. I do love how we can choose between many different handsets running Android (Speed, memory, color), but I wish Google would have enforced some requirements for running their OS. Such as; the navigation buttons (they should all be in the order and same location on all Android handsets. i.e. back, settings, home, search), handset must have noise canceling microphone, the USB plug needs to be in the same location on all handsets to allow for compatibility with all “Android compatible” docking stations., etc. The cool thing with iPhone (don't get me wrong, I think overall the iphone sucks) is almost all the docking stations, stereo speaker systems, and even built-in car docking (i.e. BMW iDrive) allows you to plug your iphone, iphone 3g, iphone 3gs, ipod Touch, ipod nano, or whatever and you can control the thing natively. Hopefully Motorola will continue to build Android DROID phones that all follow the same design formula to help keep up some continuity.

      That's all I want, I love choice, but I also love continuity and compatibility.

      By the way, my sister got a Droid HTC Incredible last week. That thing sucks b*lls. It's slow and the battery is gone in less than a day (ALL STOCK, hardly any apps loaded), I seriously think it's defective. I told her to send it back and get a Droid X from Motorola.

      • Jdstell

        one more thing. HTC Sense is extremely annoying, it's always in the way. And the “Add, Phone, Apps” bar at the bottom of the screen is butt-ugly. They need to take a lesson from Launcher Pro, ADW, or even the new Moto Blur.

  • Why wouldn't you buy into the new SKU packaging idea?

    I mean hell, the Incredible is probably one of Verizon's more popular Android devices…the thing can't even stay on shelves long enough for people to purchase one. Hasn't there been a consistent backordering of this device BEFORE it launched?

    Trust me, the Incredible isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

  • Cyberdemon

    ehh, not to much of a loss.

    • Will

      What would you know? Do you have one? I do. I have also had a Droid. This thing kicks the crap out of the Moto Droid. It's hands-down the best phone I've ever owned.

      Trying speaking from experience rather than out of your ass.

      • Speaking from experience (and more than you have, I promise), technically the Droid is MUCH better quality-wise. The Eris probably has more problems than any of the other Android phones on Verizon.

        • Will

          More experience than I have? Really? Considering how many phones I have had and sold over the years, not to mention my overall experience with multiple phone operating systems and the fact that I'm the “phone guy” for our company (a huge multi-national conglomerate), I would have to say that you are probably wrong on that count. (G1 => Magic => Droid => Incredible). Also (iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Samsung Omnia i900, Samsung Omnia HD, Nokia N95, Nokia N97, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Curve) To name a few of the phones that I have had and used.

          How is the Droid better quality-wise? You like phones that slide open in your pocket? Cameras that have a slow shudder speed, make a grinding noise when they focus, and take blurry photos more often than not?

          The only two places I'll give the Droid credit for being better are signal quality and the gorilla glass, which is much more resilient than what HTC uses. The aluminum casing only makes the phone heavier, not necessarily more resistant. It also lands harder when it's dropped, which shakes up the internal components much more.

          Love people who claim to have more knowledge than someone without really knowing how much experience that person really has.

          • Sorry, didn't mean to imply that you don't know anything about phones or don't have any experience with them. However, I do work directly with these phones specifically doing technical support, so every day I get to see first hand the problems that they have. You'll just have to take my word for it when I say that the Eris definitely has more issues than the Droid.

            Again I apologize if it sounded like I was calling you ignorant, that's not how I intended for it to come across.

          • That Guy

            Umm… Guys?

            If you paid attention to each other, syntakk is complaining about the eris, and Will is touting the powers of the incredible.

            Just thought I should point that out to ya.

          • Will

            Yeah, I think I just realized that. Doh! Sorry, syntakk. I'm kind of an Incredible fanboy. I was hoping the phone wouldn't be phased out quite so soon.

          • Will

            Did you mean to say “Eris”, or do you mean “Incredible”? Because I agree that the Eris wasn't a great phone.

            My bad. I tend to fly off the handle when I feel that I've been attacked. Part of my issue is that the Moto Droid I had had all kinds of issues, so I never really had a good experience with the phone. It regularly killed apps and had issues with the wifi. I finally warrantied it and when I got the replacement model, I sold it and bought the Incredible. This is at least part of the reason that I'm much happier with my Incredible. I haven't experienced any of the issues that others have.

            That being said, I don't really want to stick with a device that won't continue to be supported. If they don't sell it anymore, I don't see HTC bothering to update it. I've got my eye on the Droid X. The way Verizon is marketing it, it seems like the phone might actually be around for a while.

          • Studlychris

            That's Hillarious. That's the exact same thing that happened to me Will. I had the Moto Droid, the touch screen died, (Dead spot right down the middle vertically). I warrantied it out and sold it. I then proceeded to get the HTC Incredible and haven't looked back since. The Incredible is so fast and smooth. I f@#$ing love it! I had previously had and iPhone as well. The Incredible blew that out of the water too.

          • Will

            Yeah, I think I just got a bad one. No other Droid owners that I talked to had the same issues as me. I have had zero issues with my Incredible since I got it and the phone is super fast and responsive. I don't miss the hardware keyboard at all.

          • Sfldd

            We're not talking about the Eris here.

          • Kryptic17

            Personally the issues you describe about the droid hardly have happened to me. It is of MUCH better quality, even with weaker specs it can still outshine the Incredible in some areas due to HTC using not as good quality components. Better specs mean nothing if it's not being used efficiently.

  • Greendayfan93

    Soup is for pudding monsters and rollycrutons , am I not correct?

    • ericsorensen

      You, Sir, are correct!

  • Blueice10478