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Google Voice Now Open for Everyone!

Other than me announcing the launch of Android 2.2 on your Motorola Droid, can you think of better news right now?  We hear from people looking for a Google Voice invite on an almost daily basis.  Yay!  Our inbox just shrunk!

Sign up for Google Voice now!

Promo video for those not familiar with Google Voice…

Source: Google Mobile Blog,  Google Voice Blog

  • About time it was available outside the US…. in Europe, we get the follwoing if we try to sign up.

    Google Voice is not available in your country.
    Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We’re not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future.

  • Revjlw

    Have you gotten this figured out? I think all you need to do is stop the unanswered calls from being forwarded to GoogleVoice by dialing *73. If that doesn't work then use *710.

  • Shauntelfs

    How doe you deactivate GV??? Verizon can't even help me with this.

  • Romma1

    Done! Thank You Droid Life! Now I need to figur out how to get the most out of it..

    • Revjlw

      Have you gotten this figured out? I think all you need to do is stop the unanswered calls from being forwarded to GoogleVoice by dialing *73. If that doesn't work then use *710.

  • gspeed

    Google voice app on Android provides free texting and notification is instant. I use it for all my texting. The switch to Gvoice is as smooth as can be. The free visual voicemail is also a plus. Also has ability to screen callers. Block callers/telemarketers. Record calls. Cheap intl calling on mobile device. A lot of features that are free, except for the int'l calling.

  • so then the 3 invites am sitting on are now worthless??

  • No

    Does “everyone” live in the USA, then? Fail.

  • Towelie420

    I don't quite get this… So if someone were to call my regular cell number right now, would it leave a standard voicemail or would they leave a google voice voicemail? This is confusing as heck. Don't quite get the practical use for this. Can I cancel my texting package on verizon? Somebody help me, I'm a dummy

    • I use GV for Voicemail ONLY…I don't use it as a phone line because if I give people my GV #, and they call it and I have the call forwarded to my Verizon phone, it's considered an out of network call and uses minutes, EVEN IF the originating caller IS In-Network on a Verizon wireless line…
      I do NOT make calls from my Verizon phone using my GV number, because, like before, even though I AM on a Verizon Wireless phone, the call is going out of network to utilize my GV number, and I get charged minutes…regardelss of WHO I am calling, and regardless of whether they are actually an In-Network phone or not!
      I have GV and my VW phone set, so that all unanswered calls and calls that come in when I am on the phone, get automatically forwarded to my GV number. The caller leaves a message on my GV voicemail box, and GV forwards me back the Voicemail, either with voice to text transcription or not (whichever I choose). I get the notification in the bar just like a text, and I can see who called and play the V-mails at my convenience. The benefit here is that you are NOT using any minutes….EVERY time you dial *86 to check your voicemail, you are using out of network minutes, and you have to # through each message in order to hear them all, using more time….GV lists them by caller with their number, and a play button for each one, so you can not only pick and choose, but call right back by clicking the message as well….and NO minutes are used….
      I know most of you know this, but this is for those that don't….

      • friedricho

        I use GV exactly as you do except with one minor difference… I added my GV number to my verizon friends and family Fav 5 thing. I then change my GV settings to always display the google voice number on handset when called. Now all my incoming calls from the GV are free and don't use up any minutes. I primarily use this for companies/people I dont want having my real number since I usually let it go right to voicemail anyway. Only downside is you dont have the number of the person calling you.

      • WhereIsTony

        just add it to your 10 f & F numbers

  • Thank you droid life you just saved me 20 bucks a month. no more paying for text messages

  • Cyrusmallard47
  • ViggS


  • Warren peace

    Booooooooo! Everyone should have to wait like I did! 🙂

  • Everyone… but not in The Netherlands 🙁

  • Cyberdemon

    I just made a voicemail only account and it seems to be pretty decent, and it is very responsive and accurate with the testing that i have done.

  • Endisky

    At least now Keanu can cheer up… he has been SOOOO upset that I ran out of invites!

  • schmaltzy

    In my opinion…..I have had Google Voice for quite a while but I just took it off my phone. I didn't use it for making calls, just used the voicemail feature. I hate to sound negative, but I didn't really like it…..reasons below….

    1) Transcriptions were good, but approx. 50% of every message was incorrect.
    2) If someone left me a voicemail, it would take anywheres from 5-15 minutes for Voice to alert me.
    3) When listening to messages from the earpiece, they were very hard to hear, even with the volume maxed out.
    4) When listening to voicemails, the screen doesn't “lock,” meaning my ear would touch the screen and restart or change position of the message.

    Take it for what it's worth.

    • SumanMD

      The GVoice update a few months ago changed a lot of that. I always listen to the voicemail on speaker so I've never crossed that situation. But texts and voicemail notifications are instant now. As for other advantages…

      Having it as a primary number, with no one knowing my verizon number, it comes in handy say when I am loading up a new Rom and my phone is for the moment un-usable. My calls are forwarded to my landline and texts I run using the Chrome plugin.

      I also have that 877 number it uses to dial out as a friends and family, so all out going calls rack up zero minutes. Plus all texts come in thru the application, so that saves me the cost of adding that. And finally international SMS are free to send and receive, so that's money if you have friends abroad as well.

      For me, it's really the portability of my number more than anything.

      • friedricho

        What is the 877 number that it dials out on? Is there an easy way to figure that out?

  • Winterfresh

    Ive had an invite to google voice for like a month but i can only sign up for it on my computer (not on a phone) and im never at my compute. so i never actually signed up

  • aczm1988

    I just made an account, does this mean i can drop my unlimited texting and just google voice? Would save me 20$ a month lol.

  • Rberscheid

    Google voice, yeah okay. The funniest thing I see about this site is the advertisements today. Introducing the Motorola i1. The first PTT smart phone. Um hello, once again………………..DROID DOES!!!!

  • StephanC

    In case anyone's looking for the hidden Droid X's there's nothing hidden in the EXIF data in the @DroidLanding twitter avatar or picture. There's also nothing hidden in the HTML scripts on http://www.droiddoes.com. If anyone wants to look for these Droids with me find me on twitter as @StephanC95

  • Los

    I love you..

  • kulz

    damn i thought i was special for getting an invite 2 weeks ago…. ;( lol!

    • jawa5636

      Just what I got on here to type. LOL. Just got mine the other day.

      I wish 2.2 would finally get released for the Droid already. I am patiently waiting for stable roms. 🙂

      • You should try Bugless Beast. I know you've probably heard this before but I haven't had a single issue. It's worth it. 🙂

        • jawa5636

          I assume you are referring to BB V0.2.1 FRF57?? What kernal and any theme? I may flash something new tonight. 🙂

          • otter34

            BB 0.2.1 was my first ROM last week. I used it for 2 days and it rebooted randomly 3x. It was good and fast, but because of the reboot issue once when I was in the middle of a call and because it didn't play flash I decided to switch to JRummy. I did that 3 or 4 days ago and have had zero issues. I'm using the stock theme, no kernels. In fact w/ bb I was using the stock theme and no kernels either. I haven't gotten into the kernels yet.

            JRummy is 800Mhz stock and I had quadrant scores as high as 1103 yesterday. The weird thing is that I ran a quadrant score probably 5 times in a row, one after the other and the speed was increasing each time but once. It started out at 900 and jumped to over 1100. How can you explain that?

    • Bellerj1

      Me too!

  • jlj7783

    The first day I used Google Voice I lost two voice mails….anyone else having this problem?

    • snafu009

      I've been using it for ~5 months without issue. The only complaint I have is that the speech-to text “engine” that they use to transcribe the voice-mails is oft incoherent, but then again being publicly available should make that improve immensely (seeing as there's a much greater user pool).

  • Ray

    Cool now everyone can get what I have 1 voicemail a month damn maybe I'm just not important enough to get voicemails their over rated anyway drop a text

  • dpu328

    I'm still not sure where I can benefit from using Google Voice. I have an account and I just use the voice mail feature. I don't make Google calls because I don't go over my allotted minutes and calling with Google does use Verizon minutes. I was told to ad my Google number to my favorites account, then all calls would free. I don't have favorites because of my plan. I could upgrade it, but that would increase my minutes and I wouldn't need Google even more.

    Ring all my phones? Why? I'd much rather be able to to have all my phones forwarded to me without costs. That woudl be great. I woudl be grateful if anyone could show me any benefits I'm not seeing.

    • Bellerj1

      My favorite feature is texting from the browser, its just handy. Also, I save money because i dont have to pay for texting anymore.

    • Coaster36

      Yeah Im with you on this, unless theres something cool that they dont mention, I have no need for this. I dont get voice mails, and I only have one phone. The texts would be cool but I have unlimited texts already. Plus I heard they were slow, not instant like regular texts.

      Anyone now something we dont?

      • gspeed

        Google voice app on Android provides free texting and notification is instant. I use it for all my texting. The switch to Gvoice is as smooth as can be. The free visual voicemail is also a plus. Also has ability to screen callers. Block callers/telemarketers. Record calls. Cheap intl calling on mobile device. A lot of features that are free, except for the int'l calling.

  • MegaFishSticks

    2.2 on Droid???? Kellex – what's the deal? Non-rooted droider dying for 2.2. How do I update?


  • root4life

    http://phandroid.com/2010/06/22/look-at-these-p… some pics taken from the droid x

  • Tonyr0802

    Does calling a Google Voice number count against your minutes since it's a non Verizon number?

  • Marballe

    GV is the most awesome thing Google has (well, after the Gmail).

  • I just got my invite last week, guess I'm not as cool as I thought.

  • i got the invite weeks ago and passed it onto my friends… its really cool tho! I guess i never realized not everyone could get it?

  • dzitran

    Google Voice is awesome though the translation part is still flaky. Just having the ability to check voicemails in my Gmail saves me a lot of time! Can't wait for Gizmo5 to be publically released and to port my cell number over to Google Voice.

  • Adam

    GV integration on the Droid is wonderful, saves me from having to pay $5 a month for texting when it comes free through GV!

    • Yes but the only downfall is you can't send pics, audio or anything multimedia through gv :-/

  • My 1st post here, tho Im constantly on the site! Hi every1! As for google voice, im on it! Woooop!

    • Yo yo yo. Don't be a stranger! 🙂

    • kellex

      Nice, feel free to give Tim-o-tato a ton of crap.

      • lmao *makes mental note*

      • Oh sweeet. Thanks! lol

        • aczm1988

          You seem to be the go-to guy so…..Free texting does that mean no more texting plan? Assuming i only use my google voice number of course.

          Cheers 😛

          • haha thanks…

            Nope…it uses your data plan from what I hear from a friend 😛

            Not exactly “free”.Do not cancel your texting plan lol
            There is also a limit…

          • Here is the link I was trying to post 🙂


          • aczm1988

            Thx Bro

          • My pleasure!

          • aczm1988

            From what i got out of that, as long as i disable all notifications through my default mms app and send them to google voice app then it doesnt cost anything. At least thats what i got out of it. Im gonna play with it for a month only using GV to see if it works. Safe then sorry 😛

  • Liorry

    Everyone….. in the US. 🙁

    • kellex

      OK true…sorry 🙁

  • WOOO, now my all may experiance the freedom of real voice mail done properly

  • YAY!
    1st!!! 😛

    • kellex

      It is my best friend. Both lines to one number, free texting, transcription, emails…the list goes on and on.

      • Amen bro!!

        Hey, get a laugh at this!!! lol


        my late submission 😛

        • root4life

          lmao. nice one tim

        • kellex

          Taking the poll down. We have a winner!

          • Figured you would like that. I'm a master of all things graphic.
            I can also make a pretty righteous pie chart and bar graph…

      • wait… free texting??? i need to know about this….

  • First. Oh my.

    • Damn you! 🙂

      <3 lol jk

      • Sarah

        I give my Gvoice number out to guys. It's easier to block their number when I lose interest. 😛

        • I just signed up for Google Voice, I picked the “Using a non-Google number” option. This option is free right? This is what I get since I chose that option:

          Google voicemail, International calling, Voicemail transcription, Custom Voicemail Greetings and Mobile apps

          From what I read, I'm getting the idea that the option I chose is free, but I just want to make sure. I don't think anything above cost money, since I'm on the unlimited data plan from Verizon.