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Use Google Maps to Find World Cup Viewing Venues

Google Maps has added a new Layer which allows you to locate World Cup viewing parties throughout your city.  All you need to do is open up Maps, go into Layers, then “More Layers” and you should see the option to “Watch the World Cup.”  Select it, zoom out on your map a little and wait for the soccer balls to appear.

We love you Google.

Source: Google Maps

  • yeah until you loose 3G from being in the loop. 🙁

  • Darinr80

    Love this. Map is where I work downtown so that's perfect. 🙂

  • caphoagie

    Just got back from Chicago and found out how valueable Google maps can be.

  • Endisky

    This would be awesome for UFC fights! When I am traveling it is a pain calling around to find a bar that has them.

  • So I still can not install Google maps on my phone…. running jrummys kangerade v1.0 on Droid….. any suggestions

    • kellex

      You have the most current version. Don't worry about the one in the market.

    • jo

      i think you have to flash the google apps? i don't know the image you are using but with cyanogen you have a separate zip file with the google appss which you have to flash. try google for it!

  • Jhamilton

    Win a free Droid, really easy. – http://how2droid.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=83

  • ChrisWCorp

    Does anyone know if the update for Google Maps has fixed the problem with multi-touch zoom and a few other problems it was having a couple of weeks ago?

  • Potterdood

    if you think this is cool check out the app world droid cup, it does that too, but I think it's an awesome app for the WC! it gives you all the info you need.

  • jo

    hm. no public viewing places found in my city (vienna) …

  • AndroidsOfTara

    I'd like to know how to submit my local pub as a place to watch the World Cup.

  • Martin Pelant

    almost my first FIRST 😀

    • Ray

      Close but no cigar put my thumbs back in my pocket

  • Ray

    Cool feature but I already know where the worl cup viewing party is its called my couch. And my gets are my waiters “get me a beer son”

    • similar situation….except I put my 6 year old sister to work! is it a bad thing if she knows multiple brands of beer at that age? i think not!