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Download: New Swype Beta

You would have thought that the world had come to an end once the clock started striking midnight across the world last night and everyone’s Swype beta died off.  Well here you go…


For the DROID/Milestone:

Download: swype-1.56-multi-MilestoneEdition.apk

For the Incredible:

Download: com.swype.android.inputmethod (1).apk

Give it up once again to the XDA Forums for putting these together.  We all owe those guys a giant hug and some donations.

Source: XDA Forums

Cheers Dan!

  • Thanks just downloaded it 🙂

  • Isaac Sharpe

    i click on free download and it just refreshes the megaupload page.. HELP????? droid 1

  • Jman3225

    Doesn’t work for Droid incredible. It just shows the swype keyboard but actually using swype doesn’t insert the text/ word you want

  • Ayyooxbellaa

    uhh wherre do I drag it to?

  • Tomico Gibson

    Downloaded on the evo and its telling me to trial ended. how u upgrade trial

  • Xxjamesleechxx

    it still says that it needs to be updated

  • Billybates822

    It keeps giving me an error message that says your trial is over. please update

  • Jared

    I just download swype for my moto droid. New keyboard but swyp will not work? Any ideas?

  • Brett

    it keeps telling me that the trial has ended :C

  • F0xrider07

    I downloaded the droid/milstone for my moto droid, when I go to type with it, swype doesn't input the word I want into my text and displays a blue edge for a split second, why won't it work and how do I get it to work like the old version. Thanks

  • Steph Luva

    I added the swype keyboard but it will only type one letter at a time on original Verizon Droid

  • Sgallagher211

    This is still an expired version

  • Jayrod718

    Yes i need the new version as well, the swyping isnt working anymore. Ideas anyone?

  • Matt

    I have a droid incredible

    Uninstalled swype beta

    Downloaded and installed 9/19/10 swype-1.56-multi-MilestoneEdition.apk

    I get an error message ” … beta version has expired…”

    Unable to get swype beta site to allow me to login.

    Can anyone help?


  • RAE

    yeah my swype for the dinc expired last night when i was a bit tipsy, and it was nearly impossible for me to re-learn the old typing at that stage of inebriation. an update would be so nice!! thanks.

  • Arik

    Well the expiration happened again at midnight last night. Will someone be able to fix it? Maybe even remove the expiration altogether. Thanks, I know it's not easy.

  • Are you going to be posting the new September update? Thanks!

  • Hi, so I installed swype for incredible yet I can't get it to work. It's selected in settings under Language & Keyboard.. but it doesn't work.. Any suggestions?

  • Hi, so I installed swype for incredible yet I can't get it to work. It's selected in settings under Language & Keyboard.. but it doesn't work.. Any suggestions?

  • Gvanmeter

    just got to settings…applications..manage applications…scroll down to swype…click on swype…click uninstall.

  • Mary

    okay, i downloaded the beta version of swype and it's obviously not working anymore. i want to download this one, but i don't know how to uninstall the other one. does anyone know how?

    • Mary

      i have a droid incredible, btw

      • Gvanmeter

        just got to settings…applications..manage applications…scroll down to swype…click on swype…click uninstall.

  • Mills2

    which one will work on htc desire?

  • Sarat chandra

    Downloaded swype just now…. This is awesome. Thank you very much.

  • J Moris9

    works great moto droid

  • Carol

    Hey I want to install swype on my motorola droid. which download do I use, milestone or incredible????

    • Stina

      The Motorola Verizon Droid (not the X) is the “DROID/Milestone”

  • Kaliblade

    Awesome thanks.

  • Gres06


  • Extremecool84

    how long is the beta or do we get to keep swype permanently

  • Dgliddenrenzi

    it says activity not found when i open it in astro, please help..

  • Stina

    After 2 hours of searching and reading threads that took me nowhere, I have finally found the latest correct download! Thanks so very much. And for those who don't know how to install it, here is the link I followed: http://droidmuff.in/downloads/swype-preview/ this is just for installation instructions as the download link is for the old version.

    • Stina

      PS – I didn't know which Droid I owned, so I had to look it up… The Motorola Verizon Droid (not the X) is the “DROID/Milestone”. I'm probably the only one that didn't know that! 😉

  • AMUA6

    Just downloaded for Moto Droid, works perfect 😀

  • Bizzy122

    it keep saying it expired

  • Stephanie

    July 27th 630pm just downloaded com.swype.android.inputmethod(1).apk but when I go to languages and keyboard it is not there to choose…how do i get the program to run?

    • Stephanie

      I did figure this out and have to say because of this keyboard, i love this phone…its awesome.

  • Me

    Which version do I download for a (non-sprint) HTC Hero on 2.1? Thanks!

    • Mrpicolas

      Dude this is droid life tryi htc hero forums on xda

  • Robert

    I greatly appreciate this info on the update cause I honestly thought that I had completely lost the ability to use Swype for good unless I got a new phone.

  • The Incredible version works perfectly on my US Dell Streak running 1.6. Thanks much for this link!!! -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

  • Phhs4881

    how do you uninstall it?

  • Offyougo

    once I download the file to my compter's desktop, then what do I do?

  • Blake

    This app is telepathic. Coolest thing ever.

  • Lauren

    when will the links be out for the colored themes? I loved the black and blue one for the motorola droid…

  • Tom

    Can swipe letters but does not show up in text box

    • I am having the same problem on the D.Inc. After spelling a word I get a beep and a blue square lights up around the keyboard, but no text shows up. Tapping letters does work. Is your problem similar?

      • Tish

        I am having this problem as well. Can't swype but can tape the letters and they show up.

  • Chezzer14

    Works great on Moto Droid. Uninstalled old, Downloaded & installed new, and was able to send a lengthy e-mail reply smooth as silk. Thanks for bring the world back into existence!

    • Steph Luva

      Where on the Droid did you place the .apk file? I put it in Download and was able to install. It will only type one word at a time and only if I press each key. Has that happened to you?

      • steve

        mine only lets me do one letter at a time and wont let me actually swipe.. have you solved the problem yet?

  • Miamcm

    I tried to download many times. no luck.

  • bluesman2008

    PS: to the devs, and the releasers et al, bless you. This app is too fundamental not to be universally available.

  • bluesman2008

    Bless you 🙂

  • Swtcracer

    i've got the Motorola droid with 2.1 by verizon i've tryed to install frm download link but doesn't work pls help

  • Swype will be available to all Android users on the Swype beta page today.


  • Shane25

    i <3 DROID-LIFE.com
    you guys saved me

  • T Rodriguez68

    Just got my email for the Swype Beta for Android. Installed it. I will see if there is any difference then the one I had. It's not purple tho 😛

  • Miamcm

    what am I doing wrong? I follow the link to install (yes, I uninstalled the old version and clicked the box to be able to download from unknown sources) and click to download. It looks like it is going to and then….nothing…doesn't do anything…I have tried so much that it locked me out for a bit saying I had exceeded the download limit… 🙁

  • chops5648

    why speak to text button on the keyboard?

    • Pablo

      I asked the same thing. Sucks when driving and wanting to send a quick text. Seems like an easy thing to add????

  • Shelby46

    Anyone who registered for the Swype beta in the past may want to log in to the beta site and see if you can re-send your invite. Mine never came, but when I checked the site it was there.

  • Ok … so why is everyone avoiding the “does this work on Motorola droid” question posts?


    • JDub429

      Yes. I just installed it and it's working fine.

  • does this work for the motorola droid????

    • JDub429


  • jaymez

    Thanks for pointing us to this! And thanks to XDA!

  • dvst8

    I hope someone skins this in black like before. Thanks for sharing the info with us, I could not have done without Swype.

  • Ambersphillips

    Hallelujah, I was seriously bummed when my trial expired! Do we have access to the color versions though??

  • Andoomo

    Thank you! I am back up and running again. Version .5612 expired today and thanks to you guys this version works like a charm on my HTC Evo. I used the Incredible version:
    com.swype.android.inputmethod (1).apk

  • Murfsdad

    Installed the version on here THEN I got an email from Swype saying “You thought we forgot about you!” and they added me to the official Beta Tester group. Sent install instructions etc. and registered me for future updates.

    • musicandnumbers

      Same thing here!! Less than an hour after I installed lol.

  • Silksmooth12

    This is just flat out not working. I'm stock 2.1, not rooted. It always says unable to parse the file or something like that. When I try to get at it though Astro and open it though app manager it says in the package details nothing. Then under the details tab it says “could not open swype-1.56-multi-milestoneedition.apk as APK file.”

    Are we sure that this file is not JUST for the milestone???? HELP!!!

  • Gil


  • chronix

    <3 you guys

  • BK1

    Vibrate on Keypress….anyone know how to get this to activate?

    • JDub429

      Settings/Language&Keyboard/Swype Settings…when I go there though the audio feedback and vibrate are grayed out….so not sure if they work in this apk.

  • New2Android

    Hello all. I am new to Android and recently got my HTC EVO 4G. Would this swype beta work on EVO 4G.

    • Andoomo

      Yes it does work on the Evo.
      I installed the Incredible version: Download: com.swype.android.inputmethod (1).apk

  • Is this just for Milestone? Is this good for Motorola Droid?

    • Lauren

      First link yes the one that says Driod/Milestone… I downloaded it on my motorola droid and it works great

  • Alpha

    This version is terrible. It keeps stalling and crashing.

  • BRIM

    Thanks for finding this.

    However, what's up with the custom colored ones you put up that were made? I was using the Black/Red custom one and of course it ended. But do we have to wait for those people to make them again?

    Anybody know how long this one's beta is for?

    Thanks in advance

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Awesome! I had previously installed XDA's earlier version but kept getting that annoying screen size error.
    I guess they fixed it!

  • Awesome. I panicked this morning when I realized that Swype was no longer working, but I immediately thought about it and realized that droid-life would be able to direct me to a fix. Sure enough, I check the site and here it is. You guys rule (as do the XDA peeps).

  • RossG

    Thanks for answering many people's prayers.

  • Droid

    Would either of these work with the legend?

  • installed on mine, works great droid incredible

    • kellex

      Justin! Hah word.

  • sundawg

    Last night I was one of the ones thinking the world was over, after I got that confused look a dog makes… But I knew droid life would get us back in the clear, thank you DROID LIFE!!!!

  • Rich

    Thank you so very much for doing this. I love this product, but can't get it any other way. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • What's new in this version?

  • Nice!!! I missed out on it the first time, but I've got this one running on bb froyo with the simply black chaos them and a low voltage 1.25 kerner

  • DroidZee

    Last night in tears I downloaded a lesser replica of swype. It made me very sad to say goodbye. Then this morning I saw the good news. Thanks XDA for the lifesaver.

  • okay so does this mean that in X amount of time we will have to download another beta because of whatever reason?

    • Coaster36

      yeah of course, just like any beta. The beta is a test version. Not official. And this is even less official because it didnt come from the developers of swype. So in time this will end, and if the test results were good they will hopfully release an official swype for us. From the hype that these betas get I bet we'll have to pay for the officail release. If they find more bugs there will be another beta to test those fixes.

  • papawiskas

    I love you Kellex!

  • THANK GOD!!!! A little part of me died last night when my Swype beta kicked the bucket. My brother (an idiot) bought the Samsung Omnia II for the specific purpose of Swype, so needless to say he's pissed that I get it on my droid

  • John

    Had this for awhile.. if this is the same as the last official beta release last week.

    word prediction/spell check box STILL pops up in the middle of the friggen screen where you're typing, making it sooo effin annoying to use this as an actual keyboard in landscape mode. With the popup off, you don't get any word prediction or correction.. with it on, the box blocks where your typed words are being displayed making it much difficult to see. Why can't they make the box into a bar between the text display box and keyboard like EVERY OTHER KEYBOARD KNOWN TO MAN?!?!

    • Doolidg

      Hey john hows it going? Not sure if you know but you can got to options language & keyboard then swype settings from there you can set how often it pops up and a couple of other options…good luck and happy Swyping

      • John

        Yes, I'm aware of that.. but it doesn't help the situation.

        There are two options, one for “predict words when typing”, the other for “how often word choice window displays.”

        The latter controls how often swype will ask you what word you actually want when SWYPING only. This isn't an issue for me.

        The former controls how it predicts words when TYPING, i.e. not swyping. This is an on/off feature. If it's on, as soon as you hit a single key, the word choice window pops up right in the middle of the text display box. Very annoying. I like to see my text continuously in the display box. If this window were a bar right above the keyboard, it wouldn't interfere with my viewing.

        Make sense? with this option on, it's more difficult to see what you're typing. With it off, you get zero spelling correction.

        • Doolidg

          Yes I see what your saying when you swype its fine…but if you type it pops up…
          here's what I don't understand…why would you type when you can swype. I think the deal is swype thinks your typing one letter at a time to enter a word in the dictionary…that's why it shows you the box. If I'm not mistaken this has not changed from the last version

          • John

            Well, that's a good question.. And the answer it, one handed swype in landscape isn't as easy as in portrait, so I prefer to type in that orientation.. so when I find myself wanting to input text in landscape, I choose to type instead of swype, and that's when I get annoyed at the text box 😀

          • Doolidg

            You can always just long press the text box and change your input to android when typing in landscape if it bothers you a lot

  • bildo818

    Okay….so this is a zip file, not an apk for me —- What am I doing wrong? Just rename? Or remove .zip? Tim-O just got me hooked on Swype and no I can't go back!

  • Doolidg

    Luckily I was one of the beta testers so I got an email a couple of weeks ago from swype with the updated version…not quite sure why kellex didn't mention this sooner,i sent him an email a couple of weeks ago with the new apk file …he must be very busy…. :-/

    • ashok

      That's awesome that you got the beta. i have been waiting around for this update. it fixes a lot of the things that drove me crazy in the old version. Do you think it needed to be tinkered with/hacked in some way to get it to work on all of our phones?

  • Warren Peace

    bwahahahahaha! I know I e-mailed you guys first thing this morning!

  • Jess

    Thank god for XDA. I almost cried this morning.

  • foxxy

    Nice application

  • Jdstell

    Catastrophe Averted.

  • woke up in tears when my Swype wouldn't work. Knew I could count on you. BIG THANKS!

  • GarH

    The auto spacing doesn't seem to be working for me on my droid. Any suggestions?

  • cj

    DROID-LIFE 4 LIFE! You guys are the best!!! Thanks for the quick fix! I wake up, swype gone…I check out DROID-LIFE and swype is back!

  • Pops


  • SoCalPaul

    Is there a way to use voice input with Swype? I don't see a microphone button. When driving it is much safer to talk to phone

  • This is my first post on DL. You kick ass, Kellex, and thanks to you and everyone on DL in how helpful you have been for the Droid community. When my Swype beta expired I thought I was going to have to go back to tapping out every letter like on the iPud, and who the hell wants a phone like the iPud?

  • RandyK_57

    I downloaded the Incredible version and it says “there is a problem parsing the package” when I click on the download.

    • John

      Try launching it from a different location. I.e. if you clicked on it from within browser -> download, try instead clicking it from within a file manager like astro.. and vice versa. I've seen that message before and installing it using a slightly different method worked.

  • lvmydroid

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you !!! You made my day 🙂 Thought I was just gonna have to go back to bed and sulk without my Swype.

  • Rayzkain

    still getting trial ended blah. blah blah message. Any suggestions? Is there a way to fully erase any trace of swype on my phone.

    • Rayzkain

      I have the Incredible

    • root4life

      maybe after uninstallin try deleting any folder on ur sdcard and the previous file usins astro or root explorer.just my thought. hope it helps

  • T-Roy

    Need Help!!, I have the old swype on my phone. I had to reformat my sd card for some strange reason. The old swype is somewhere on my phone but I can't find it in Astro. I want to uninstall it so I can install the new version. If I go to keyboards is the settings file it shows thee and it worked until last night. I just can't find it on my sd card.

    Thanks in advance

    • Jess

      Do you have root explorer? You can search easily that way through all folders. Can't remember if Astro has a search function, but it probably does. Just use swype as the keyword.

  • dylan84

    Awesome thanks. How long til we see themed versions!?

    • musicandnumbers

      Yes, theme versions, please!

  • Coaster36

    score!!!!!!!! almost as epic as the American goal against Britian.

  • root4life

    hey kellex i just noticed that it looks like u nixed the roms tab u were workin on

    • I was going to say the same thing….good eye

  • hawgpapa

    What a bummer of a way to start the day…thanks for the fix! No problems…

  • root4life

    off topic but in the new 2.2 is there no way to turn ur sdcard notifications on and off

  • EC8CH

    This is cool, but now I wish my finger was invisible.


    • root4life

      did u uninstall the old one

      • you have to go into manage applications and uninstall swype first! then go into astro and install swype!!

        • stephen

          how do i get to manage applications i have no clue what im doing just got the phone

          • steve

            i did that but this still only lets me do one letter a time

      • Coaster36

        probably not. Erica turn off your caps lock, typing in caps doesnt get help any faster. Uninstall the old swype and install the new one. I just did it. it works. i promise, now stop yelling

        • no, not yelling. I just didnt pay attention. and yeah i got it.. woo works great!

  • andyc1

    There was a swype update (got an email from swype) about 2 weeks ago. I updated then. I had no problems as of this morning. Not sure what you guys are all seeing.

    • For people who didn't get in on BETA testing got stuck with the garbage this morning…
      It's like when you wake up from a crazy party and there's a mess to clean up…sucks

    • how did you become a beta tester for swype?


    • lvmydroid

      Did you go into settings, hit applications then check Unknown sources ?

  • minime

    is this version safe to use? Who is the creator of these?

    • Safe? Just put a condom on i'm sure you will be just fine!! Mom always told me ” No Glovin' No Lovin' “

      • minime

        I'm new to the Android scene and Im hesitant to just install anything that is passed along.

        I got a rubber right next to me, how should I install it on the phone?

        • everything i've gotten from this site has been safe, i worry too, but go ahead, trust these guys!!

        • sundawg

          it's safe I just installed it, anything you find on Droid Life is stable and not malicious to your phone.

          • Kevin

            Remember NemoPlayer. There is always a risk… but it is always fun.

        • Murfsdad

          this is going to sound counter intuitive, but first coat your screen thoroughly with K-Y Jelly…..

          • bluesman2008

            oh c**P..you made me split hot coffee all over the damned place….in my nose too…I hate when it comes out my nose….

          • Fuck_Off

             I Love your face your so ********************************************** …

      • Westybad

        Hehehe Hi five.lol..this guy iwestyvad@

    • Niver

      Been running it on mine for about an hour now, works great.

  • Not a good way to wake up Kellex!!!!!! lol
    Anyways, thanks for the fix. Even though this board is hella ugly. I need my black beauty back!!!
    Good morning everyone!!! 🙂

    • Niver

      Hell yea man, black was sweet. Missing mine now..

  • Nick

    How does it compare to ShapeWriter, which I've been using quite happily?

    I'm just wondering, since Swype isn't in the App Store, only available as a time-limited beta, etc, etc. Are the hassles worth it? Is Sype that much better than ShapeWriter?

  • Thank goodness. You rock Kellex.

  • KaZx

    Thanx kellex this is exactly what i needes since i just installed NexTheme on buglesbeast froyo to get black status bar i was looking/waiting for the new swype

  • Dylan

    Is there any colored ones?

    • Murfsdad

      is it politically correct to say “colored ones” on here?

  • your amazing acting so fast aboiut this XD

  • Do i uninstall my other swype?

    • you have to uninstall then install or the new on will not install!!

    • n0m0n

      Uninstall then install.
      I to had issues with my Incredible but found that my first download was corrupt and re-downloaded.
      All is good now.

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Tom

    Yes… XDA to the rescue! I wish the creator of this would name him or herself so we can all thank them directly…

  • z32589

    Also off topic (and reposted), sorry, but can someone recommend a GOOD IM app? I was using the native IM client port that Pete includes with Bugless Beast, but he didn't put it in for the Froyo v0.1. Now I'm using Meebo, but it will disconnect randomly and it's really annoying. I really only need AIM, so if anyone has any suggestions or knows where I can get the APK for the native app, that would be great. Thanks!

    • Joe Levin2


    • AIM app…

      (EASY) <—— That was easy!!!

      • z32589

        Have they updated it? It had major issues in the beginning. Hopefully better now? Thanks so much for writing back!

        • KaZx

          yeah they have updated its better than the native app there is also ebuddy, and meebo app if you have more than just aim. i myself prefer “hi aim”

  • root4life

    i know this is good news and all but man am i feenin for other stuff. just sayin

  • haha first

    • i had just sent you a message about this too haha

      • ????”Application not installed”????
        “Moto Droid native 2.1”

        • Hank

          Installed it on Droid 2.1 but keyboard window not opening up. any help plzzzz

          • JDub429

            Try long pressing in the typing window and selecting swype. or go into settings, keyboard, click swype unselect android.