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Video Review: Mikradle Evolution Droid Dock

We got our little Droid paws on a docking accessory that actually works with the Droid Incredible and as far as I know, is the first and only one you’ll find at this time.  Please say hello to the Mikradle Evolution, a custom wood and metal docking station that trounces the competition when it comes to quality.  For a price of $32.99, your initial reaction may be to roll your eyes, but I’m telling you, this docking station is as nice as you’ll find and should work with almost every device on the planet.

Video action:


No website yet, but you can check out the entire Mikradle lineup and find ordering information here.

  • Kevdogg4

    what is the point of this piece of equipment? I'm not being sarcastic. I'd really like to know cuz I don't get it. I can plug my phone in and rest it on a table. Why do I need or have use for something else to rest it on??

  • Great! Thank for information, I'm looking for it for a long time,

  • I agree with the give-away idea.. I may buy one anyway.. 😉

  • dallegre

    IMO this is kind of missing the point of what a dock should be. While aesthetically it's very nice, it a) doesn't have a mini usb plug in (so that you don't have to manually plug the charging cable in everytime you set it down) and b) it doesn't have a magnet so the clock screen won't pop up. I like the official dock for these reasons because it's really easy to just set it in there if you're tired at night and not worry about having to manually plug it in, and the clock screen pops up automatically.

    • Mikey06

      Okay, once again. Magnets ARE AVAILABLE AND READILY INSTALLED BY REQUEST! This EVOLUTION is designed for all smartphones, therefore we only install the magnet for those who own the Motorola Droid as that's the only phone to take advantage of a magnetically induced Multimedia Mode. Secondly – it was specifically designed for use with ALL COVERS, which includes 95% of smartphone owners. It takes a lot more time and effort to remove a cover than it is to simply plug in the Micro (not mini) USB Cable… My guess is that you don't use a cover on your phone. So, the Moto Dock would work for you, just not for the other 95% of Droid owners out there. But thanks for the compliment on the looks, I appreciate that! 🙂 mikey

      • dallegre

        Ok, my bad, I didn't realize there were magnets available. I can definitely see what you're saying about covers, it just happens that I don't use one, and I really like the ability to just slide the phone in place without worrying about usb cables.

        I have to say though, that really is a very attractive accessory. The use of wood is very nice. I wish there were more wood accessories, dark plastic gets really bland.

        • Mikey06

          Tell me what you are looking for – I'll do my best to manufacture it! 🙂 I agree – personally I hate plastic.. Though it does have it's place in the world.

          Kel was not aware of the magnet availability when he made the video. Other than that, I really appreciated what he did with this video – I found it very interesting and informative. I can't say enough about the guy! Nice job! Nice guy! #1 in my book!

          And I do very much appreciate your kind compliments also! 🙂 mikey

  • Mikey06

    For those questioning the reference to “dock”. MIKRADLE was produced because no “true dock” allows for using a cover on your phone without removing. This EVOLUTION provides for that situation – it allows the use of every cover on the market without having to remove it. Using the 6' MicroUSB cable and the AC adapter that came with your phone (or a plugged into your computer) you can use this model to charge your phone, sync it with your computer or connect it to an audio system utilizing audio cables. No part of this EVOLUTION will restrict the use of any cable regardless of where the port connection is located on your phone. Thousands of these have been sold as they provide a solid and attractive cradle to support your phone during any type of activity.

  • Mikey06

    Pronounced “mycradle” but spelled mikradle… mikey 😉

  • McCradle.

  • lvmydroid

    For $32.99 I'll keep my eze-stand. Its lightweight, very portable, able to use with most phones INCLUDING the incredible, can have phone horizontal or vertical, includes 6ft. ra usb cable AND HALF THE PRICE !!!

  • That's it? I can make 1 of those

  • Brahman125

    you can by that in 99 cent store seidioonline.com always has best aftermarket stuff that works with innocase. i ll stick to that

    • Mikey06

      99 cents, huh? The solid strip of polished aluminum alone costs $1.00. The industrial quality felt backing is almost $1.00. The chrome metal pegs cost $1.80. The cost of the solid, kiln dried lumber (cherry, walnut, mahogany, oak and maple) are roughly $4.50 per cradle. The catalyzed lacquer coats of finish (7 coats hand rubbed between each coat) cost roughly $4.00 per cradle. The custom made 200 lb crush rated shipping box for each costs $1.85 each. Shipping for each costs between $3.00 to $5.75 each. PayPal takes almost $2.00 each. Oh yea. The INCLUDED High Quality HD 6″ MicroUSB Cable also costs $2.68 each (I buy them in 1,000 piece lots to get that discounted price). Did I mention the labor is approximately two hours+ per cradle to cut, rout, sand, assemble, stain, spray, hand rub, spray again (7 times), polish, glue in the aluminum inlay strip, apply the custom cut industrial felt backing, package, label and take these to the post office? Let's not mention the overhead of having a 6,800 square foot custom shop to build and spray these (the spray booth alone costs $185,000.00), all the custom carbide cutting tools, sanding equipment, machinery, utilities (heat, electric, gas, etc), insurance (let's not even go there)… Yup! 100% Made in USA, right here in good old New Jersey! Not China. Yea – you sure you can buy these “heirloom quality” pieces at the 99 cent store? By the way, seidio does not produce even ONE SINGLE dock that will allow for the use of EVERY SMARTPHONE COVER ON THE MARKET.

      • hickerbocker

        dude… that's awesome. quality, hand-crafted, made in the usa… you just sold one more.

        • mikey

          Thanks! I appreciate that very much! The reception to this model (Evolution) has been outstanding! I've sold more Evolutions in one month than six months sales of my Classic model! Yikes! But hey – am I ever tickled pink.. droidforums.net is an awesome website and stimulates dozens of sales each day – check it out. One of the best forums around for Droids – whether they be Motorola or HTC. mikey 🙂

      • Kevdogg4

        what is the point of this piece of equipment? I'm not being sarcastic. I'd really like to know cuz I don't get it. I can plug my phone in and rest it on a table. Why do I need or have use for something else to rest it on??

  • These are made of wood, each color is the wood species (ie: cherry is solid cherry wood, etc.) Magnets are installed for any who requests it, we sell about 50% of these to MotoDroid owners – and they DO get the magnet.. 🙂

  • poeddroiduser

    I suggest to kick-start sales they give Droid-Life 100 to give away. Anyone else like that idea? 🙂

  • EC8CH

    Bugless Beast Tab on Rom Manager is blank… are things being updated I wonder?

    • EC8CH

      To answer my own question… No.

  • D2enigma

    This isn't a “dock”
    It's a stand. I read the title that said “dock” and I was excited to read about it, then it turned out that it's just a stand. A little disappointed. sorry.

  • WhereIsTony

    The desk clock can be turned though, still not that excited by this dock

  • Rogerthat

    The only problem is the the HTC Incredible cannot be docked on it's side. The home screen allows ONLY for vertical orientation.

    • EC8CH

      Exactly, so why would they put the usb port on the side if they Sense lacks landscape orientated screens.

      • Mikey06

        Once again – the EVOLUTION ALLOWS FOR VERTICAL placement of ANY phone, including the HTC Incredible. What am I missing here? 🙂 mikey

    • Mikey

      Any smartphone can be placed either vertical or horizontal on this cradle..

  • ITS HERE!!!! NEW BB IS HERE!!!!!

  • Bakubomb

    Off topic but…

    [ROM] Bugless Beast V0.1 FRF57 (FROYO) RC



    • Jose Martinez

      Awesomeeee! Downloading now!!!

      • friedricho

        Anyone getting “bad” file when trying to apply the new BB rom?

    • Today will be remembered…..forever as the day that changed the world and my life lol 😛

  • EC8CH

    Biggest problem with the Incredible's design….

    It's complete and udder lack of consideration for docking.

    And this ain't the solution, sorry… but my grandma's recipe cards for raisin walnut cookies would look smashing resting on one of those.

  • Cyberdemon

    Ehh, it's aight. …and yeah 33 bucks! Wow.

  • Looks very nice but a bit pricey for just a cool looking stand.

  • keithsmith22

    That is pretty nice if you ask me. I custom made mine out of Stainless Steel so I have a propensity for handmade objects.

  • Tabe

    So…. It's not REALLY a “dock”…
    Definitely looks like a quality product, but I'm not sure why you are calling it a dock?

  • Eric

    i was wondering cuz i can't figure it out. can you keep the desk clock up and on with the Incredible like u can with the Moto?

  • A quality product! Too bad it doesn't have a magnet in it…

    • mikey

      Hello, I'm mikey and that's my product. It should have been mentioned that anyone wishing to use it for the MotoDroid – we DO install the magnet! We don't provide the magnet in stock form as these are being used by dozens of different smartphones. You can see a lot more about it on droidforums.net – just type MIKRADLE… 🙂 mikey

      • Barlog

        I think your stand is awesome and was glad to hear it comes optional with magnet. I plan on picking one up as soon as I can afford it. Thanks for a cool optional stand for us Droid users!

  • Hedg

    Wait… Haha, you mean it doesn't actually charge the droid when you place the phone in it? Its just like a chair for the droid?? 32.99?? bwahahhaha

    • You're right….how can they even call it a “dock”? :-/

  • You know what im gonna say right?!?!? FIRST! lol

    • Dito_Muertez

      damn tater…..

      anyone else think they look like chuch benches?

      • Yea it looks awkward, I like the ezeStand much better, but I like it simple and cheap so…

      • EC8CH

        AMEN Brother!

      • MinoKo

        hahaha they do look like pews

    • kellex

      I sort of want one in cherry now…mine is just black. 🙁

      • Is that mahogany second from left? Looks really slick. Something a Google CEO would have on his desk 😛

        • Mikey

          Yes – you are correct. From left to right – Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, White and Black