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Exclusive: Motorola Droid Xtreme Pics

The Motorola Droid X/Xtreme/Shadow is definitely turning into a must-have after seeing these latest pics.  Look at that screen.  It’s a thing of beauty.

So here is what our tipster gave us:

  • Android 2.2
  • 9 home screens
  • No Motoblur
  • Dedicated camera button
  • “Very metal”
  • HDMI out

One more sideview:

Thoughts?  With that “metal” casing it’s really shaping into a device that has that original Droid 1 feel sans keyboard.  The last thing we needed was another plastic Incredible which lasts all of one pocket drop.

Stay tuned for more details…

  • I called Verizon to confirm 🙂 Due for one in September! Woot!

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  • thank you very much.

  • That is one slick phone! Nice.

  • anon

    um…4g for verizon is 4th quarter this year with some exciting new stuff. I work there!!

  • anon

    um…4g for verizon is 4th quarter this year with some exciting new stuff. I work there!!

  • Marcus

    So does this phone have a slide out qwerty?

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  • logical thinker

    if there was a physical keyboard than why didnt he take a picture of it?????

  • justin

    so if you look at the old pics as well it looks like the top and the bottom or 2 different colors and in the mysterious pics of the droid 2 keyboard it looks to be the same color of blue as the bottom piece of this phone

  • I need audio & video inputs,that would be the end of my laptop.

  • I need audio & video in,that would be the end of my laptop!

  • WhereIsTony

    I think people should see what the new blur looks like before bashing it so much.

    I am intrigued, I recently got an incredible and have loved it, but my wife is making the android jump at the end of this month…so I will follow with great interest.

  • Chicostyles


  • labrat

    WOW, I have been an android fan for a long time, owned a Droid and now have the Incredible. Love them both…what shock me is all the android vs android stuff here now. Remember when there was a split between android and Apple? Now its android against android…..gives a entirely new meaning to fragmentation…

    Im sure some haters will jump all over me but all the new releases, Droid 1 or 2, Incredible, Shadow, whatever…we all as android users win so why hate what the other has….Good lord, it could be worse, you could be using and iPhone or a WinMo phone…

    • briderx

      Nobody shows “hate”.. They're merely saying “mine is better”. Dude, no matter what the object, there's always the “dick syndrome” where everyone has to compare penis size.. The better the device you own, the higher you are up in the social network of online forums… It's pure science man. 😉

      • I don't know about that…
        I don't even own an Android phone. I got a Razr, and look at me!!!
        I thought this was a Star Wars blog until earlier this morning 😛

        jk 🙂

        • briderx

          You sir, have been shunned.

    • WhereIsTony

      yeah, for some reason there is alot of incredible hate at this board.
      I have dropped mine a few times with no damage.

      I am a big fan of the Droid, but generally reccomend the incredible as a better phone.

      The shadow looks to be better still. Progress is a good thing.

  • Thanks for the pictures!

  • BlurBlows

    UGH…..If it has Blur is not 2.2……..it has Blur which is HORRIBLE. Also its not 4G so there is no video chat. This is EVO without all the whistles and bells. It wil sell because you people dont get technology…….and you will do what you did with the original droid………..buy one ugly ass outdated phone because you watched some cool commercials. lol

    • Saketh

      its slimmer by almost 4mm and it doesn't rest on its lens…its metal w/ better build quality and not plastic…it is faster than the evo because of “ninjablur” (yes it has an invisible blur)…front-facing cam is a trade-off and the kickstand is not necessary…4G is available almost nowhere

    • Saketh

      and battery is better because of the 45nm processor

  • ZivkoP

    Really is there a reason why people need 9 screens? Just get app organizer and put them in a folder, click the folder, and voila all the apps that fit in that categorey pop up! Thats I pretty much need.

  • What's the deal with that huge hump at the, what's that, top? Its got the slim look, but that throws it off a bit to me….

  • wait wait wait. i just re-read this post.

    NINE home screens?

    NINE!??!?! holy moses on a stick batman!



  • Chris Nimon

    I kinda like the heft of my droid with the verizon hard case/belt clip. I always feel like my sons dare and wife Incredible are about to slip out of my hands.

  • zack

    The buttons are more in the order of the storms now with the back as the third button and home as the second

  • timbo1

    Nice, I've been wanting a non slide Android phone and this looks to be it for me until Droid 2/Pro comes out.

  • DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!

  • davebing

    videochat is cool till your somewhere your not suppose to be and your wife ask you to confrence then we ll see how much u love that front facing camera. i figure by the time verizon explains the 4g pricelist nobody will care about getting it the droid extreme will be a mainstay

  • davebing

    the way i look at it is most people who have the droid or will by new droids really like verizon. so with the annual upgrade new phone get you each year and extend contract. you salivate over upcoming phone and suffer for couple months. we used to keep phones for a year or better now we get mad after 6 months. with the new contract etf nobody will be network hopping anyway

  • andrew401

    NO MOTOBLUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Okay… is this the same as the one with Ninja Blur??

    Why does the article say no blur… I thought there was Blur on it… just a more discrete version.

  • jedijesus95

    damn that looks nice.

  • Toby

    I hate the current climate of a new better phone coming out every other day. It makes me feel like a sucker for getting the droid in the first place. It is unreasonable for them to expect people to upgrade because without the subsidy these phones are like 600 bucks! I love my current droid and think I shall be content with froyo and overclocking until q1 2012.

    • ah, but people do upgrade without the subsidy 🙂 this forum is proof of that.
      they know what they're doing…

    • WhereIsTony

      A new phone coming out in no way devalues your current phone.

  • What's the specs???

  • I'm a bit confused. There are two Droids being released am I correct? I hope I still would like the motoblur so hopefully on Droid II it will still be available and also with the Qwerty keyboard. I am one that needs a physical keyboard with quality specs. I thought about the Devour but most I speak with said it was the least of all droids. And I won't get “Droid Incrediable because its missing the Qwerty Keyboard. I really hope Motorola remembers us physical Keyboard users. If not I wont ever be able to become a Droidian:( I don't like the I phone but really love the apps. If Theres more on the Droid II please post. I would like to try leaving my Blackberry for a change.

  • mikey d's

    hey kellex did you take these pictures? every website i see with these pic's has the droid life watermark on it, if you did post more pics!

  • Ron

    Plus Motorola is adopting the same concept as the same body as the Droid 1. Even that was stated above below picture two…..but then again, Motorola has been sticking with the Metal body….

  • Ron

    Man this phone looks nice. Iono I get a feeling that this thing may be a slide up keyboard. Looking at the 2nd pic from the side there's a separation from the top of the phone where the screen is….why? Why is there a long line right down the middle of the phone to? Seriously speaking, I wouldn't be surprised if Motorola and Verizon have been playing us for a while. Now I know the name is the name and it won't change, but as for the design….we'll never really really know until there's a video…

    • davebing

      now that u say that i think the phones are 2 different phones because u cannot see the gold buttons on the side in top photo and if you go by finger tips in bottom no way this is same phone the 4.3 phone is longer

  • xmetl

    so theres no keyboard?

  • StephanC

    I may actually want this! I never use the keyboard on my Droid and I am always looking for a thinner device. I sure feel like a sell out right now but now that I know it has vanilla Android and after seeing thy BEAUTIFUL screen I am extremely tempted to buy this!

  • tncowman

    I am loving the looks of this baby! I am going to be switching from a Blackberry and this is looking like what I want. Can't wait to see it in action and see it beside the Droid 2. I don't think I want a slide-out keyboard.

  • bob

    that lump is gonna get old pretty quick

  • My interest is piqued. I'd really like to learn more about the redesign of Blur. To date, it's struck me as a hot mess.

    I saw the other article, but I suspect most phones that get dropped from someone's pocket are going to get damaged. I guess the benefit of the Shadow is metal casing means you might be able to salvage the body, but there's no guarantee that the screen will be spared from the shock.

    • Ray

      Actually wiith the droid having gorilla glass the likelyhood of the screen cracking is slim

  • Guys stop complaining about the hump, ya it doesn't look that good, but that is more than likely where the hdmi output port is at. Also its no thicker than the what I'm using to type this. Now as for me I think I may stick with my droid forever XD. Ya ill upgrade my contract after two years to the droid supreme or 15 XD but I am always going to keep this phone, its soooooo customizable. Anyways good job on this site kellex, I'm addicted to it XD

    • In other pics, the HDMI (Mini-HDMI) appears to be opposite the camera button on the slim end, next to the USB port (http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/26/another-mo…). The thick end is probably for the camera, as others have speculated – the auto-focus lens has to have a bit of thickness to work.

      • Very good point, either way its a dumb thing to complain about

  • holding out to get this …can't wait to see the officials specs though.

  • strows

    I don't like it. That hump killed it big time for me and I'm not at all crazy about the forward facing cam. I love my incredible and I'm sticking to it well that's until the Droid 2 comes out, maybe. What can I say I live texing on touch screens!!!

  • Any word on what processor will be going into this puppy??

  • Any word on what processor will be going into this puppy??

  • kulz

    y the hell did moto rearrange the button?~?!~?!~!~?!~?!~!?~

    • xmetl

      yea i liked it the way it was on the original droid

    • I like how HTC arranges their buttons.

  • Oh yeah baby, my inc is on ebay as of last night. Going to get the evo on friday and the shadow with my inc money. Gotta love the bay

  • Izzyd

    For one the specs for the phone should be updated seeing as this info is completely inaccurate. The pic is in fact the device tho.

    As for you folks waiting or wanting the Droid 2 it is almost identical to the droid. Different keyboard and and updated chip. About the only other major thing different is the chin piece is no longer the same on D2 as it was on the original Droid.

  • BeeJay

    Looks like a slider…

  • dmf

    ya know… plastic absorbs impact energy better than metal.

  • JAStark87

    Depending on the specs I think this could be my next phone. Big screen, thin, and no blur. Now all it needs is a good camera, decent internal memory, snapdragon or something just as fast. Then I'm sold on it but otherwise I will be waiting for the droid 2

  • jave

    does it have a keyboard?it looks beast id have to c the phone in action first and im not to thrilled about the little hump under the phone

  • Vincent Mac

    Really not feeling that bump at the top of the phone.

  • How old does your contract have to be in this “promotion” im hearing about? I started my contract April 4 2010. I got my beloved droid. but im thinking i might like the droid 2 . so how old does your contract have to be?

    • Keith

      1 or 2 years, you will not be able to upgrade unless you pay full MSRP which is probably going to be 6-700 dollars.

      Guys, relax, there will ALWAYS be devices coming out that are better than the one you've got.

  • Ray

    I wonder if it has gorilla glass aka chuck norris glass lol?

    • Droid 1 does, can't see why they would backslide. This isn't made by HTC, after all 😛

  • jay

    Hmmm…me thinks my incredible might have an unfortunate accident which involves eBay and a dufus willing to spend 600 dollars on it…

    • You could call them, say “hang on a sec” and turn the camera around to show them what you see. Stuff like that is awesome. I would much rather video chat than text.

  • durangojim

    Biggest question for me is will VZW allow for wireless tethering?

    • Question of the day is will VZW change their data plans to match AT&T. Sadly, I don't see a world where they don't.

  • Justin B

    A phone is only as thin as its thickest part. No like.

  • John

    Why would they re-organize the function buttons?

    Every manu seems to just toss them in any order.. no consistency.

    • madcow06

      Didn't notice the reorganized buttons till you mentioned it. That could cause some headaches for awhile. Why would Moto switch them from phone to phone?

      • Ray

        Is it just me or could the search button dissapear I have never in my life used that useless search button

      • Because theyre ass clowns lol

  • Napes

    I still don't really like the Android touch screen keyboard. I'll wait for the Droid 2 also.

    • You do know there are alternatives? Have you tried swiftkey?

    • webby

      Download the HTC touchscreen off the internet & use it. That's what I did.

  • palomosan

    Nice indeed but for everybody asking about the front camera, I'll say Moto is putting the heavier stuff on the
    Droid 2, that's my guess.

  • SecurityNick

    I know you've posted the question about people that might want to upgrade to this or Droid2 in the next coming months elsewhere, but I guess this is as good of place as any for my thoughts. Recently read an article talking about 4G/WiMax that the various wireless carriers are putting out, obviously Sprint is the 1st. Both Verizon and AT&T will be announcing their investments into upgrading to their versions of 4G in the future relatively soon. Since anyone with a Droid has a new contract at most 7 months old, I don't think it's that smart to upgrade early and extend your contract out because chances are by the time your existing contract on your Droid is up, there is a good possibility that newer 4G Android devices will be available with who knows how fast of processors and RAM and new screens. The Droid absolutely rocks and it's the best phone I've ever used and I can't see that it's worth getting one of these new phones this soon after the Droid was released. Just my opinion of course.

    • I agree. I got my Droid with a renewed 2 year contract.
      Hopefully in December 7th of 2011, there will be 5G Droid 4 🙂
      One can hope….

      • Keith

        Totally agreed, by 12-2011 there will be probably be dual core 2ghz phones with 64g of onboard memory and 8g ram.

        • Lol 8gigs of RAM oh sweet Jesus! If these devices ever get to that point I really don't know what I'll do with myself.

          • Jiangwei22

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        • Jiangwei22

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      • kellex

        You can 1 year upgrade with Verizon! You just don't get the $100 credit, but you still get discounted pricing.

        • Sounds the Droid2 is in my future then 🙂
          Thanks Kellex!

        • Kellex is right…. I called Verizon to confirm 🙂 Due for one in September! Woot!

          • or if you're like me, and you REALLY want this phone, but cant be assed to wait till September (when my wifes NE2 is up)….you can do 1 year pricing via customer care / online. It will probably be like 50-70 dollars more. but from the looks of things, it is SO worth it.

        • thats what I thought to, but when I got my droid I only got 50 off because they said the changed it, I could have just been bambozled, because the people and my verizon make stuff up and screw up my bill.

          • aborgreen

            I got 100 off in jan

        • Pretty sure you only get $50 now if you wait the full 2 years. Even more reason to upgrade after only one year.

        • Ricky

          Good info..looks like the wife will inherit. This Droid. .an I get droid2 LOL

          • chuckmo

            Great minds think a lot a like Ricky. : )

        • Jiangwei22

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  • monstergamer

    I have to agree. The phone looks real slick, but I have to see the droid 2 before I could make a choice. Still rock the the slide out keyboard

  • Mike

    GOTTA HAVE IT….whats my Droid worth on the open resale market??
    of course it has a CHIN…Its made in China…right?

    • Ozyman666

      Sold mine on eBay a couple of weeks ago for $250. Probably could have gotten more, but listed it as a Buy It Now.

  • sholtkamp

    def. sold. I almost got the eris solely because there is no physical keyboard. I never use the stupid keyboard. No Motoblur…..9 SCREENS. Yah I'm there man.. I'm there. Droid for sale … Any takers?

  • sholtkamp

    def. sold. I almost got the eris solely because there is no physical keyboard. I never use the stupid keyboard. No Motoblur…..9 SCREENS. Yah I'm there man.. I'm there. Droid for sale … Any takers?

  • madcow06

    oh buddy! if this comes out before the special upgrade promotion ends on Jume 30th I'm all over it. Verizon just let my buddy use that promotion to upgrade from a Curve to a Droid.

  • Wow, looking very nice!

  • Froyo, 4″ screen, no motoblur, and now we see a dedicated cam button? I may be visiting Wirefly on launch day. Only thing I am not pleased with is the chin at the top, but I can live with that.

  • DewDroid

    Is it a world phone? Sim slot?

    • Ray

      What kind of question is that verizon phones don't have sim cards. That's tmobile and at&t get with the program

      • Paulie4G

        Actually some Verizon phones do have sim cards. They are call world phones. The Blackberry Tour is one example. It would be sweet to have an Android world phone from Verizon.

  • Chrisd3

    Wow this looks very nice think I will have to wait for the Droid 2!

  • MinoKo

    What is that protruding top-chin thing in the back?! Not feeling that at all. Otherwise it looks good.

    • jxcgunrunna

      I think it would be easier to hold a phone of that size with that thing on the top. It rests on your pointer finger better. Plus it should allow for a better camera which we all know the Droid had to sacrifice for its slimness.

      • John

        Smart thinking on the camera. You aren't going to get quality in a phone that thin without SOMETHING protruding.. Droid has more room and a good camera at best. Incredible has a better camera, but the lens needs to protrude from the body.

      • elphie

        I think it's so funny how people are like freaking out over the hump.. They flipped over the Droid chin and it's been way hella easy to get used to. The Xtreme hump isn't beautiful, but it's gonna be yesterday's news really fast. And the camera….Remember back in the day before the Droid came out and we were all ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the 5mp??? Now we're tossing it aside because we have 8mp phones available now. Let's not get ahead of ourselves by forgetting that technology is an evolution–a process, a game in progress. Perfection is always right around the corner but constantly just out of reach. 🙂 Cheers!

  • Still waiting for Droid 2, but perhaps my girl needs a new phone for me to play with!

  • Very, very nice! I may have to get one of these for my girlfriend. As for me; I'll be waiting for Droid 2.

  • aczm1988

    Looks nice but i still use my slide out keyboard for alot of things. Ill wait for droid2.

    • Saketh

      they both release on the same day so no waiting

      • TD

        What day are these releasing? I have an Incredible shipping 6/11 which is going back so I can wait for the Xtreme.
        I hope these are pics of the Droid 2. I want the Xtreme and don't care for the hump.

  • Octotron

    I love the way it looks.

  • Joe E

    No front facing camera?

    • Seriously……even the Crapple isuck has that!

      • Ray

        I travel a lot so being able to video chat is important to see my kids when I can't skype

    • John

      What is the hoopla over front facing cameras?

      Are you REALLY going to video call/conference with people? Aside from cyber sex, or talking to little kids or wives from far distances, I don't see the point of including this. People are moving from phone calls to texts faster than you will read this for a reason. 🙂

      Or maybe people need better ways to take emo pics to upload to fbook.

      Jokes aside, what is the point?

      • StarWars Fan

        Dude…don't diss on cyber sex. I love it. I may be 35, single, and still living in my parent's basement but cyber sex rules them all.

        • Ray

          Way to much info nerd!

          • picaso86

            I second this!

          • Toochief


      • You answered your own question there John

      • m3commish

        LOL, I've been wanting to know the very same thing. I've got friends at work who are on board with att&t and the iphone .. and the iphones 4.0 version … is to have this .. and they're talking like it's something they're going to use on a daily basis. I keep saying, really? … you're kidding me with all this hype over it, right? … lol … anyway, FOR ME, it's not a big deal at all — wouldn't see myself using it but one time — just to check it out, other than that, that's a wrap. :/

        • droid_fanatic

          tell your friends at work to enjoy their 4.0 iphone with front facing camera and no unlimited data! as of june 7th the day before the new iphone is supposedly coming out…no more unlimited data for att lol you choose from $15 200mb or $25 2gb data packs…So see how much data they will have left for video conferencing lol. Now yes VZW will be doing the same thing but it wont be until we are on LTE hopefully and have better choices then 200mb or 2gb…Atleast the speeds LTE gives us would be worth losing unlimited bc at that point whatever chunk of data we purchase we should be aloud to do what we want with it like wifi tether at no additional cost and have the speed to do what we want with it!

        • Jgrey2003

          If apple does not use this technology and ramp up their new iPhone they will lose too many customers including me. I am waiting until Monday before I go to my closest Verizon store and picking up an android phone.

      • Joe E

        If you want to be an idiot go somewhere else….no reason for it.
        Asl jokes aside, I see it as a positive step for technology. other countries have the capabilities, we should too. I have a child that I split time with her mother, it would be great to see her. Family in other parts of the country would also be nice to see with this capability. A little bit of imagination would do you well John, instead of telling us all about your weekend.

      • briderx

        Dude.. Televisions were claimed “pointless”, Telephones were claimed “pointless”, Computers even were claimed “pointless”.. Now there's hype about a camera on the front of the phone for video chat and you're calling it “pointless”. Dude, I work 10 hours a day. I see my kids for about an hour a day MAX. It would be really nice for us with families to keep in touch! Think about it: Everyone that you love.. Do they live in such a close proximity that you can drive to see them anytime you want? Why do you think SKYPE got so popular? Video conferencing is awesome..

        So, I'm in Seattle, my family is in…. I dunno.. East Coast. I'm talking to them, telling them how awesome something I'm doing is.. Whether it's watching a show or the scenery.. You could call them, say “hang on a sec” and turn the camera around to show them what you see. Stuff like that is awesome. I would much rather video chat than text. I HATE talking on the phone, because you have nothing to interact with. I'm just saying.. It has it's uses.

        I know this probably isn't a widely used thing.. But I have the Motorola bluetooth headset (the one that looks like headphones). Whenever I am meeting up with a Craigslist seller/buyer I always have my phone in my pocket, talking to my wife/friend through bluetooth. I describe the person, be it visible markings/license plate # or anything that distinguishes him/her from anyone else. I then keep whomever on the phone, listening to our transaction. That way, if it goes south, they know what's up.. Think about video chat, something where you COULD hang it from your neck and have a live conference call that shows the person's face. they could SEE what's going on.

        I know that's far fetched, but plausible at the same time.

        • andrew401

          DAMN BRO, you're pretty paranoid huh? I mean there is NO DOUBT that craigslist has some shady people on it. But you're going all out with that, someone tries to stiff me like that I'll just start throwing hands basically. But I have never actually thought about doing something like that while making a transaction on craigslist. I guess that would work for people are not the aggressive type ( not saying that's what kind of person you are ).

          • Briderx

            My problem isnt passiveness or aggression. Two separate families have been murdered in the last month over here by two different people. I have a family to protect and you know, maybe i do go overboard with that but the one time something happens it will make it all worth while.

  • Chris