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More Android 2.2 Photos on the Motorola Droid

Additional pictures of Android 2.2 running on a Motorola Droid have now been released giving some backing to our original batch of photos.  Oh, and we are now disappointed.  Yes I just said disappointed.

After chatting with the source on certain Froyo features, we get some interesting news…

  • Wifi tethering?  Nope.
  • Update!: More than 3 home screens?  Yes.  5 to be exact.
  • New launcher with dedicated shortcuts?  Nope.

We’ll have to assume (hope) that this is an old build or Motorola just dropped the ball in a very big way.

Linpack Test: (Our stock Droid ran at 4.728 MFLOPS)

Source: My Droid World

  • MrDustin

    As with Verizon's Blackberry navigation that restricted you to their pay VZNavigator, they would want to avoid tethering so they can sell their 3G modems instead. The user agreement prohibits tethering, though PDAnet.info sells (and offers free) tethering software that works well.

  • Atrain

    Looks like some good picture editing to me!! In the first place I dont think that in the “firmware version” it is going to say Froyo… I mean in all other cases it has always said “2.1-update1” not “Eclair”!!! I want be surprised if tethering is not working but hopefully it will be… I mean if AT&T and Sprint have it than why can't Verizon?? Case and Point Closed

    • MrDustin

      As with Verizon's Blackberry navigation that restricted you to their pay VZNavigator, they would want to avoid tethering so they can sell their 3G modems instead. The user agreement prohibits tethering, though PDAnet.info sells (and offers free) tethering software that works well.

  • djenks24

    Is that a new baseband version or an old one? Better reception is always good, it is a phone after all.

  • EC8CH

    It is a testament to how epic Froyo will be that everyone is poo pooing the shown 100% performance increase as fail.

  • ferd1805

    hey i live in taiwan and i just an update of 28mb.. hopeflly is froyo… ill be upoading pics after it finish downloading…

    • Kriven4437

      Was it froyo?

  • jonathan

    i dont want the dedicated shortcuts. i dont use the phone application (i use gesture search) and i like the browser with my 3 other apps in a square under my weather widget. i would never use that shortcut either.

    i do want the 3d launcher.

    i dont care for 5 homescreens, i really only use 2 and the 3rd is pictures and youtube search.

  • I am taking this with a grain of salt. I just ran Linkpack on my rooted Droid.
    550 = 4.496, 1.2s
    1Ghz = 7.561, .72s
    1.2Ghz = 9.789, .55s

    • Nick

      the highest ive reached was 9.915 on my droid 1.2ghz bugless beast, im debating on weather to try out cyanogen since everyone is raving about it but i dunno what kernels are available without downloading the rom and messing up the current one.

      • Nick, I am using a 7 point beKit kernal on cyanogen

      • NewDroidOrder

        Make a backup – problem eliminated.

  • mechapathy

    I doubt this is legit, but even if it is, I've gotten so spoiled by CM that I don't think I could ever go back to stock. CM 5.0.7 is friggin nasty, and I'm sure when the Froyo source is released, CM 6 will be epic tits in the face.

  • Mikey

    Lollll @android version “froyo” come on guys…i think you have all been how do you say “rick rolled”?

  • Stop your crying you can wifi tether with root chill out anything 2.2 has you can pretty much get on a rooted droid the only thing you cant is the cloud push and GIT

  • NewDroidOrder

    All i have to say is they better be very careful when it comes to releasing this. if Froyo for the droid is not up to par with the N1…. i can only pray for their souls. this community is way too large to mess with. there will be a massacre on forums, facebook, calls to motorola and verizon… it will not be pretty.

  • durangojim

    To me, wifi tethering is the single most important aspect of Froyo except for maybe the speed increase. If the Droid doesn't have it, then I don't feel so bad that I sold it for the Incredible. Now if they would just get root on the incredible I'd be all set with barnacle.

  • Ray

    And more blue balls….just keep teasing me…whts the point of releasing pics if your not going to share

  • mipami

    Why would the version say froyo instead of 2.2?

    • chris

      Good question

    • Anonymous

      I was just gonna post something about this myself, and also on the other thread about pics of FroYo on a Droid from P3…

      I have seen pics of the N1 running 2.2, and their phones say just that – “2.2”… Hell all of them have been numerical: 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1 — Now “Froyo”?? Something smells like a dirty strip club – fishy…

  • Wheres the kerndizzie??? I can't even remember if stock shows a kernel 😛

  • scrizzo

    Maybe a way of getting us to upgrade to another newer phone? It's obvious that the droid can handle it, then again, without rooted overclocking my droid would be too slow for my liking…

  • joshsheffield

    Not totally surprised by any of the disappointments, although, the two white dots on either side of the app drawer made me hope. Still, the speed improvements, browser improvements and flash (sorta) will be enough to make this update VERY worth it.

  • but USB tethering works? I mean, not as great as WiFi, but at least something.

  • and the sky falls

  • David

    is it quick? is it secure? the real deal?? is it close to coming to us??? whats the lowdown????

  • Justin

    What's the point? Send it to Failblog.org!

    • Anonymous

      LOL hahahahaha that is like one of my favorite site

      No for reals, this does belong there.

  • Pete

    no wifi tethering? what the hell!

    • Mrpicolas

      When it’s rooted you’ll be able to do it anyway

      • Bonez

        Not everyone wants a rooted Droid

        • Mrpicolas

          If you look at the build it is not normal looking this is probably a
          developer build why would they nix it when the incredible has it already

          • andrew401

            what does the Inc. have already? and you are right this is def not an official build i bet it is either a port from the N1 or some dev who got lucky and got source somehow

    • nkhex19

      I had a feeling the wifi tethering would either be taken out or Big Red would charge a monthly fee to use it.

      • Pete

        i mean, it was always a fear, but the pre plus has it on big red. I have a feeling if this holds true til release they are going to have a shitstorm on their hands from droid users…

        • Anonymous

          I know you are right!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah, this was a core feature of 2.2. Must be Verizon who nixed it. I heard Sprint would do the same on the EVO, since they have some ridiculously expensive tethering feature that they charge for monthly.

        • Pete

          If its just about money, why would they include USB tethering but not wifi? Froyo’s USB tethering, according to most of the videos I’ve seen, consumes significantly more bandwidth than wifi tethering, double in many cases…

  • Mark

    Why does it say “Android Version” and “Froyo” instead of “Firmware Version” and “2.2”?

    • blackcatroad

      that stood out to me instantly. On the N1 screenshot it had “android version” rather than “firmware version” but it also showed “2.2” not “froyo”.

  • What's the point of the update then if none of what you previously mentioned above is included?

    • Camaros_Kill

      Its not that the features aren't included, just that they haven't been tweaked to work correctly on the droid yet. And I can't believe people are still doubting this. Its P3Droid!!

    • Pete

      no wonder they are going to be able to put it out so soon (allegedly).

  • UgaDroid

    Not good!

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    wtf… that sucks 3x

  • Austin

    #1) I think this is a very early build of froyo on the droid (maybe motorola had been working on this since before I/O hence “very near future”
    #2) because this is an early version there was no version number set on yet hence android version “froyo”
    #3) palm pre has free tethering, the droid already has free tethering technically (PDAnet), tethering will be included in 2.2
    #4) Anyone notice that the car mode looks like complete crap, the current car mode looks perfect and I hope this is not what the new one looks like, otherwise 3rd party app install for 2.1 car dock will be installed on mine

    You guys are very pessimistic about this release date. I’ve been doing this forum/blog thing for phones, computers, cars, stereos, everything since the 90’s I have NEVER seen a company care so much about their communication to their users and respond to complaints like google has… people complained about pinch and zoom, boom added to 2.1.1.. droid users were not sure if they were gonna get pinch and zoom, the next day google says yes we will, bluetooth dialing complaints really picked up steam after the 2.1 update, 2.2 gets bluetooth dialing, blogs start writing about fragmentation issues, google announced the fix (core pieces seperate and can be updated individually), lastly complaints about 2.1 taking 3 months to get to us were everywhere, I think google has a surprise for their largest user base 🙂

    Also… from the day android 2.1 was announced how long was it until we saw screenshots of 2.1 on the droid… early March, with 2.2 we now have screenshots that shows they are working on it and it has been less than a week, also while moto did announce that the droid was going to receive an update to 2.1 fairly early after it was announced they never said when for a long time, then said Q1.. moto not only said the droid will get it they said “very near future” and while you guys think the very near future means 2 months I honestly think we will get it before apple’s june 6th conference.. when this next iphone is released next month it will already be obsolete especially when VZW starts flooding tv commercials featuring Flash

    Can’t wait

  • Maizekid

    Just lame, give it a few weeks and we will maybe see the real thing

  • mike sombloski

    planetandroid.com just confirmed it is a test build, no need to worry. i hope.

  • Rob

    No way Verizon and Motorola can afford to take wifi tethering out. I’m gonna agree with what others have said, this build is OOOOOOOLD!

  • So I’m pretty sure this is just a ROM someone developed to mess with us. NOTICE THE SET CPU WIDGET?! I’m pretty damn sure if this was a true build of 2.2 that they wouldn’t be running set cpu then take a screenshot of a benchmark test. im calling it now FAKE

    • Nick

      LOL, i just saw that too about the setcpu….ok now im not so freakin worried that it will be slow and stuff with linpack and all….thanks for pointing that out since i didnt see it in the screenshots initially.

  • Nothing special here. I ran Linpack on my rooted Cynaogen 5.0.7 Droid and got 9.9 mflops

  • Anonymous

    This is photoshopped – the focus on the bottom three lines of the screen is sharp, while the top five lines are blurry. The perspective also appears a bit off.

    • Nate

      Yeah, I see it. That’s pretty suspicious….

    • Ty

      IT's not photoshopped….if that's the case bc you think it's blurry at top and sharp below then look at the hand-written paper beside it….it is also blurry at top and more crisp/clear at the bottom….it's just poor focus on the cam….or taken while their hand wasn't steady….i doubt it's a photoshop….early model or a pic from a gallery on the phone, maybe….but not a shop

  • depdaDROID

    I am rooted running BB v1. 0. This update seems great and even though I will have to wait a little longer for them, I am so glad I rooted! It is so worth it! My Droid performs 100% better, so I anyone out there thinks they are better off not rooting and prefer to wait for ota 2.2 , Big Mistake! I held off rooting waiting for last update and that’s why I’m passing the word, don’t delay root today!

  • jp

    Kellex, you should know better than to propagate this farce, unless you’re making money off of blog hits.

  • Anonymous

    So from what your saying there is no launcher with dedicated phone and browser buttons? Then whats with the pictures everywhere showing this launcher. Ive seen multiple screenshots and videos of this launcher. That was one of the things i wanted. I hate all the other launchers they are all so laggy imo.

    • Nick

      look for launcher pro in the market bud, i have it on my droid and it runs flawlessly, very fast and smooth.

  • brendan

    On another note cyanogen 5.0.7 just came out

    • dominguez619

      How is it? Do you know if you have to wipe data and clear cache coming from BBv1.0?

      • Anonymous

        It runs really smooth and I’m very impressed with it. If your coming from BBv1.0 then I have read its a good idea to wipe because I believe BB isn’t a cyanogen based Rom. If you decide not to wipe then I would have a current backup incase CM 5.0.7 doesn’t seem to be running smoothly for you. Then you can wipe data and do a fresh install.

        • dominguez619


  • Batfan

    Very cool. Honestly, the launcher and the tethering aren’t super important to me. What I’m really excited about is the increased speed and Flash.

    • Nick

      Yeah but if this is anything like the final version of froyo then speed is not going to be there because at 2.1 like i said in an earlier comment below, im running faster MFLOPS than the screen shot of linpack above. If we dont see a significant improvement over 2.1 in speed then how is it worth it to update it. Flash is nice but I can do without, thats why i have a monster of a computer lol.

      • Anonymous

        what oc are you running though? you can estimate that for every 100mhz increase there is a 1MFLOP linpack score increase. that is what i saw on multiple roms across different setcpu settings. every1 with a rooted droid should run higher mflops than that screenshot. Its the fact that the droid in the pictures is running @600mhz, as demonstrated by the setcpu widget, which im sure is the reason its there in the first place. Believe me, 9.8 MFLOPS @600mhz is insane.

    • Dont forget about apps2sd

  • Gus

    How stupid is everyone gonna look when the official release does in fact say froyo and not 2.2.. Stop questioning everything people! Either believe it or not, simple as that

    • dominguez619

      on my brother in law’s nexus one it says 2.2.

  • What ever happened to the FM radio. I know the chipset is there. What is the holdup?

  • Secretsound

    Can I just say stop coming to conclusions so quickly? Does anyone remember 2.1? “OMG NO LIVE WALLPAPERZ WTF?!” “OEMGEE THIS FEATURE IS GON3?!”.

    Seriously people settle down this isn’t the full release that we are going to get on our phones.

    It makes sense that we are not getting tethering. Verizon makes you pay for the Pre tethering so why would they let you get away with free tethering on the droid? If you want this option just root your phone, its very easy to get back to stock if you do. (Rom Manager)

    But please for the sanity of everyone else please don’t come to conclusions so fast.

    O and the people that say “I don’t want this update anymore” Because blank blank blank feature is gone, ok you can stay on 2.1 for all the rest of us care. I will enjoy my Apps2sd and the rest of the cool features that Froyo’s awesomeness brings.


    • Evan

      Actually, Verizon Wireless doesn’t make you pay for WiFi tethering on the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. They did, but they don’t anymore.

      • Secretsound

        Ah thanks for letting me know. I take back that little part of my rant.

        The rest of it still stands though.

      • droid_fanatic

        thats only bc there are hundreds of pres and pixis taking up space in inventory and the phones dont move lol…thats the same reason they first went instant rebate and dropped the price and also came out with there own internal sales campaign…you could have upgraded 32 days ago and call up customer service right now they will most likely let you upgrade to a pre or a pixi again for 49.99 and you can have wifi tethering free lol…BC they can afford to do it till those devices got into more hands…when the phone first launched that was a 40.00 feature and I suspect if VZW kept the feature in 2.2 on the droid there would be that same charge…Also if it was free with the amount of DROIDS on the network and more selling everyday it would kill Broadband Card sales which they wont let happen. Or if they do hopefully it wont be part of my quota anymore lol

  • Story

    Why is it showing the old baseband version?

  • storm33x

    I will be upgrading to a new phone i think. probably the shadow or droid 2 now

  • This is fake too!

  • Anonymous

    “Dirty, Lousy, Sons-of B*tches.” (w/a Sylvester Stalone voice)

  • This just means one step closer to a 2.2 custom ROM!! I’m getting excited!!

  • Bonez

    If there is no wifi tether it’s pointless

  • John L.

    As long as they left the voice dial over bluetooth in their, I would still want this update.
    I can do without the 3D launcher, dont need that eye candy bogging down the processor on this phone.
    Wi-Fi tethering? if you thought verizon would let you have that then your nutz !
    Verizon has to put new tires on their corporate jet, with the fancy rims, they need us to pay for that.

  • Anonymous

    That’s photoshop.

  • Nom4d3

    “More than 3 home screens? Nope.”

    We can have 9 on 2.1 and one of the screenshots show 5 home screens.

    • Nate

      Do you see those dots where the “Launcher” should be?

      Each dot represents a different Home Screen. When You are currently on a page, there is one less dot. So, since there are two dots on the left and right, it is in the middle. 4+1= 5 homescreens. When you move left or right, a dot disappears depending on the homescreen you’re on.

  • Nick

    So froyo isnt all its cracked up to be? Linpack running it at 9.878 when i capped it at 9.915 running 2.1 Bugless Beast 1.2ghz….im debating on weather or not i want to update it when its pushed to my handset now. Flash is important to me but i can deal without it if this is gonna have crappy speed like its showing right now. If theres not going to be any noticeable speed improvements im gonna push off the update as long as possible.

    • Mrpicolas

      yeah but that is stock once oced it will be better ‘

      • Nick

        They were promising a lot more speed anyways even at stock 2.2 because of the JIT compiler, if i dont see any newer benches with higher linpack scores on the Droid then I wont update till they do something right lol.

        • Mrpicolas

          Possibly not final build scores may improve as code is refined be happy we are getting it at all:-)

          • Nick

            true yes but all the promises of the speed increase of 450% over 2.1 make me want it more and by the looks of the benches in linpack its just like my 2.1, 1.2ghz rom. Ill wait though and probably install anyways when it comes out. I can always flash back to 2.01 then 2.1 if needed and put the rom that im currently using back on it.

          • Mrpicolas

            I believe it was450 times quicker a lot different than percentage times it
            is a broader definition

  • Anonymous


    Smells fishy. I say we just relax until a 2.2 ROM comes out. It will be way better anyway!

  • JP

    Fail. Firmware version, not Android version, and it would list as 2.2, not the codename.

    Man, you guys are gullible.

    • Atrain

      Thank you for being smarter than the average Apple CEO!!! HAHA

  • Anonymous

    I think these are just images opened up in Gallery on a 2.1 droid. Nothing about this makes sense. SOO.. Kellex.. You are usually on target with your info.. But I think you’re wrong this time. Images? No video? No rom? *BullPoo*.I have Gingerbread already, but no way am I going to show anyone. Because you don’t believe me.

    Edit: ALSO looking at my 2.1.. I mean.. 3.0 (sarcasm) “about” screen: It says “FIRMWARE VERSION 2.1” not “Android Version”..

  • Dave

    So where did he get it? Is the phone fully functional? Wifi? Has he tried to install flash? Is that an old version of the baseband? it says .01 when we are up to .03

  • Anonymous

    lol it says tethering in the pic. i dont believe what functions we have till we actually see it on our phones

  • darkcomartist

    My oc droid at 900 mhz had 7.64 mflops so 9.878 is still faster than mine. It’s not the 20+ I was hoping but it’s still better than what I have.

    • Anonymous

      I just did it to see, I don’t normally run at this. On a P3 kernel at 1250 I was running 10.1 Mflops. All of the “missing” features just cause me to smile bigger that I am rooted. The wifi tether isn’t really all that great unless you own something without a usb port. Otherwise use the usb tethering and keep your battery up on your droid while you are at it.

  • Anonymous

    these pictures make me think this is a rom… ?

  • First and foremost. Good work P3!!!
    Secondly, I do not understand all the negativity?
    Froyo has yet to be released publicly, even for the N1.
    This is a process. Whoever, however, whenever, wherever this was made possible we are…
    much closer to getting it. 🙂
    Thanks a ton for sharing P3. Looking forward to whatever the future brings.

  • Zachary

    Not totally convinced of the legit-ness of it, due to it saying “Android Version: Froyo”. Not only is it odd that they replace “Fireware Version” with “Android Version”, and even weirder that it says “Froyo” instead of “2.2” but something else I caught it, and I’m not 100% positive and I’ll look for a source, but I’m almost certain that Google officially spells “Froyo” as “FroYo”. The inability to WiFi tether doesn’t bother me much either. I tether by wire most of the time anyways, and once it’s rooted, we’ll be able to WiFi Tether, anyways. Same goes for the launcher. I’m pretty fond of the FroYo Nexus One launcher, but I’m sure in no time that launcher will be in ROMs and available as Home Replacements applications. My biggest dissappointment is the speed boost not being as much as with the Nexus One, but it’s still faster, which is great, and I don’t know much about coding and if it will be possible or not, but could the JIT complier be increased in a ROM or be possible to have an “overclocking” ability?

  • Boostdscoob

    give me a nandroid of this, and i’ll have a kernel for it, with the radio working in less than an hour..

    • Bonez

      Do you think 2.2 will have FM radio or is there a way to get it

  • Anonymous

    Yea.. This defiantly can’t be the final build, course we pretty much knew that. But this has gotta be, (or wish) that its not close to the final build.
    This is how 2.1 was suppose to be. If this is it, I’ll be a bit disappointed…

  • Anonymous

    We’re assuming this build is super ancient. Let’s all go have a cocktail and revisit.

    • Anonymous

      I am going to have a couple cocktails in a hour. I will have my Droid checking. LOL

    • Mrpicolas


    • EC8CH

      This build is from 5-25-1910 I suspect.

    • We are going to need a really big drink if this all goes south. :-/

    • I thin k we all hope that this is an old build and that the features will be upgraded

    • carig

      If I remember, everyone was all in a tizzy at one point about the Droid 2.1 update not including live wallpapers

      lets hope there's a similar outcome this time

  • EC8CH

    I’m just going to pretend I never saw this post.

  • Napes

    Wait, didn’t Froyo run at like 40 MFLOPS on the Nexus One?

    • That was my thoughts! :-X

    • Anonymous

      i was thinking the exact same thing lol…so i guess speed isn’t all that good on it either. so whats good about the update? because all the news im getting is bad

    • Darkcomartist

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Is this shot from a Droid or a G1? What the hell? I wasn’t expecting 40 MFLOPS but anything north of 20 at least based on the huge jump on the nexus 1. Also, I know it sucks to have people not believe you but the tantrum of “because you did not believe you won’t get it” seems a bit extreme to me. May be it was a joke and I missed it, sorry if I did. Otherwise, save it Jesus, I can wait for the official if I have to.

  • John

    Are those pics of a rooted phone? he is running setcpu with max 600Mhz. What about any of these pictures would lead us to believe it’s the ‘real deal’ that will be shipped to our Droids? Do we have anything to do on except word of the source that this is the actual Droid 2.2 implementation?

    • EC8CH

      Excellent point, appears to be none stock, very doubtful this is representative of what the official release will include.

    • Anonymous

      I think you are missing the point. Its not claiming to the the official version of Froyo that is getting released to everyone with a Droid tomorrow..

      Its just showing that is some version of 2.2 that someone was able to get working on a Droid.

      I’m pumped, not for the official release that is probably months away, but for the roms That will be hopefully be out Much sooner than that

  • Boostdscoob


  • EC8CH

    Only twice as fast… WTF?

    N1 was seeing increases of 400-600%

  • onelegchair


  • EC8CH

    If they updated the Droid to the 3D Launcher, it makes no sense that they would leave out the latest enhancements with the dedicated shortcuts. Last time they didn’t update the launcher because of the landscape issue, but only going half way now would make no sense.

    I’m guessing (hoping) this isn’t the final version and and the complete newest launcher will be added.

  • Napes

    1. Sucks but was expected. Did you really think that Verizon would allow us to use a service for free that they charge for?
    2. With homescreen replacements like Launcher Pro, why does it matter what they do to the launcher/app drawers?
    3. See #2.

    I’m interested in the speed increases, and the ability to save apps to the SD. The wifi is a bummer, but we can get around that once the first 2.2 Rom comes out.

    • Napes

      oops, type. The lack of wifi tethering is a bummer…

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they updated the radio? Looks like a new baseband.

  • Not really surprised on not having wireless tether. VZW doesn’t want to eat into broadband card sales. This, to me, is a given. 3 screens sucks and no dedicated shortcuts does too. Luckily we have some great developers out there who will solve all of these issues for us. Bring on Froyo!

  • Codash

    F this….

    Glad I’m rooted. Still running Bugless Beast v1.0. Let me know when I need to d/l a new custom ROM.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I am SO glad I am rooted.

    • Anonymous

      And i get 9 in linpack with my 1ghz droid so JIT must not be working right here if the Nexus One was getting 40