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More Android 2.2 Photos on the Motorola Droid

Additional pictures of Android 2.2 running on a Motorola Droid have now been released giving some backing to our original batch of photos.  Oh, and we are now disappointed.  Yes I just said disappointed.

After chatting with the source on certain Froyo features, we get some interesting news…

  • Wifi tethering?  Nope.
  • Update!: More than 3 home screens?  Yes.  5 to be exact.
  • New launcher with dedicated shortcuts?  Nope.

We’ll have to assume (hope) that this is an old build or Motorola just dropped the ball in a very big way.

Linpack Test: (Our stock Droid ran at 4.728 MFLOPS)

Source: My Droid World

  • MrDustin

    As with Verizon's Blackberry navigation that restricted you to their pay VZNavigator, they would want to avoid tethering so they can sell their 3G modems instead. The user agreement prohibits tethering, though PDAnet.info sells (and offers free) tethering software that works well.

  • Atrain

    Looks like some good picture editing to me!! In the first place I dont think that in the “firmware version” it is going to say Froyo… I mean in all other cases it has always said “2.1-update1” not “Eclair”!!! I want be surprised if tethering is not working but hopefully it will be… I mean if AT&T and Sprint have it than why can't Verizon?? Case and Point Closed

    • MrDustin

      As with Verizon's Blackberry navigation that restricted you to their pay VZNavigator, they would want to avoid tethering so they can sell their 3G modems instead. The user agreement prohibits tethering, though PDAnet.info sells (and offers free) tethering software that works well.

  • djenks24

    Is that a new baseband version or an old one? Better reception is always good, it is a phone after all.

  • EC8CH

    It is a testament to how epic Froyo will be that everyone is poo pooing the shown 100% performance increase as fail.

  • ferd1805

    hey i live in taiwan and i just an update of 28mb.. hopeflly is froyo… ill be upoading pics after it finish downloading…

    • Kriven4437

      Was it froyo?

  • jonathan

    i dont want the dedicated shortcuts. i dont use the phone application (i use gesture search) and i like the browser with my 3 other apps in a square under my weather widget. i would never use that shortcut either.

    i do want the 3d launcher.

    i dont care for 5 homescreens, i really only use 2 and the 3rd is pictures and youtube search.

  • I am taking this with a grain of salt. I just ran Linkpack on my rooted Droid.
    550 = 4.496, 1.2s
    1Ghz = 7.561, .72s
    1.2Ghz = 9.789, .55s

    • Nick

      the highest ive reached was 9.915 on my droid 1.2ghz bugless beast, im debating on weather to try out cyanogen since everyone is raving about it but i dunno what kernels are available without downloading the rom and messing up the current one.

      • Nick, I am using a 7 point beKit kernal on cyanogen

      • NewDroidOrder

        Make a backup – problem eliminated.

  • mechapathy

    I doubt this is legit, but even if it is, I've gotten so spoiled by CM that I don't think I could ever go back to stock. CM 5.0.7 is friggin nasty, and I'm sure when the Froyo source is released, CM 6 will be epic tits in the face.

  • Mikey

    Lollll @android version “froyo” come on guys…i think you have all been how do you say “rick rolled”?

  • Stop your crying you can wifi tether with root chill out anything 2.2 has you can pretty much get on a rooted droid the only thing you cant is the cloud push and GIT

  • NewDroidOrder

    All i have to say is they better be very careful when it comes to releasing this. if Froyo for the droid is not up to par with the N1…. i can only pray for their souls. this community is way too large to mess with. there will be a massacre on forums, facebook, calls to motorola and verizon… it will not be pretty.

  • durangojim

    To me, wifi tethering is the single most important aspect of Froyo except for maybe the speed increase. If the Droid doesn't have it, then I don't feel so bad that I sold it for the Incredible. Now if they would just get root on the incredible I'd be all set with barnacle.

  • Ray

    And more blue balls….just keep teasing me…whts the point of releasing pics if your not going to share

  • mipami

    Why would the version say froyo instead of 2.2?

    • chris

      Good question

    • Anonymous

      I was just gonna post something about this myself, and also on the other thread about pics of FroYo on a Droid from P3…

      I have seen pics of the N1 running 2.2, and their phones say just that – “2.2”… Hell all of them have been numerical: 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1 — Now “Froyo”?? Something smells like a dirty strip club – fishy…

  • Wheres the kerndizzie??? I can't even remember if stock shows a kernel 😛

  • scrizzo

    Maybe a way of getting us to upgrade to another newer phone? It's obvious that the droid can handle it, then again, without rooted overclocking my droid would be too slow for my liking…

  • joshsheffield

    Not totally surprised by any of the disappointments, although, the two white dots on either side of the app drawer made me hope. Still, the speed improvements, browser improvements and flash (sorta) will be enough to make this update VERY worth it.

  • but USB tethering works? I mean, not as great as WiFi, but at least something.

  • and the sky falls

  • David

    is it quick? is it secure? the real deal?? is it close to coming to us??? whats the lowdown????

  • Justin

    What's the point? Send it to Failblog.org!

    • Anonymous

      LOL hahahahaha that is like one of my favorite site

      No for reals, this does belong there.

  • Pete

    no wifi tethering? what the hell!

    • Mrpicolas

      When it’s rooted you’ll be able to do it anyway

      • Bonez

        Not everyone wants a rooted Droid

        • Mrpicolas

          If you look at the build it is not normal looking this is probably a
          developer build why would they nix it when the incredible has it already

          • andrew401

            what does the Inc. have already? and you are right this is def not an official build i bet it is either a port from the N1 or some dev who got lucky and got source somehow

    • nkhex19

      I had a feeling the wifi tethering would either be taken out or Big Red would charge a monthly fee to use it.

      • Pete

        i mean, it was always a fear, but the pre plus has it on big red. I have a feeling if this holds true til release they are going to have a shitstorm on their hands from droid users…

        • Anonymous

          I know you are right!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah, this was a core feature of 2.2. Must be Verizon who nixed it. I heard Sprint would do the same on the EVO, since they have some ridiculously expensive tethering feature that they charge for monthly.

        • Pete

          If its just about money, why would they include USB tethering but not wifi? Froyo’s USB tethering, according to most of the videos I’ve seen, consumes significantly more bandwidth than wifi tethering, double in many cases…

  • Mark

    Why does it say “Android Version” and “Froyo” instead of “Firmware Version” and “2.2”?

    • blackcatroad

      that stood out to me instantly. On the N1 screenshot it had “android version” rather than “firmware version” but it also showed “2.2” not “froyo”.

  • What's the point of the update then if none of what you previously mentioned above is included?

    • Camaros_Kill

      Its not that the features aren't included, just that they haven't been tweaked to work correctly on the droid yet. And I can't believe people are still doubting this. Its P3Droid!!

    • Pete

      no wonder they are going to be able to put it out so soon (allegedly).