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New Droid Incredible Commercial Finally Shows Device

The Droid Incredible finally made an appearance in a Verizon commercial this afternoon after having been limited to simple specs in a previous spot.

This commercial is a little odd in the fact that they have displayed the new-school Droid eye on the device when every owner knows this beast doesn’t acknowledge the “Droid” tag at all.  Maybe the 2.2 update will include a new boot animation?  Wishful thinking I suppose.

*Side note challenge* – Anyone into  taking the new Droid eye boot animation and turning it into an official one that we could release?

And the new Verizon commercial “Fast”…

  • adell

    With all the technology in the Droid! You think they would have had enough common sense to have put a zoom on the video on the android.

  • Lee

    Verizon is sure coming out with some awesome ads! They all just look so powerful and cool.

  • b00sted

    I made it but no way to get it on the phone until root and looks like from some of the links posted it has made its ways around the internet a bit w/ out the credit lol

  • John L.

    I think its INCREDIBLE that it
    Cheezus Rice, WTF, you have a 1.21 jiggahurtz processor in this thing.
    and still cant get voice dial over bluetooth. That is not very incredible to me.

  • robbinbanks

    I think they did this here. http://androidforums.com/htc-incredible/70040-i

  • jnasty


  • KCshuffle

    Kind of off topic but has anyone elses search soft key go out on their phone?

    • KCshuffle

      Sorry I got the Moto Droid

  • peter
  • peter

    for all of you craving the new droid eye in the form of a boot animation head on over to androidforums.com and look for the incredible boot animation thread. the folks over there have a complete boot animation featuring the new droid eye working properly that can be downloaded and pushed to the droid incredible. i have it on mine now and i love it.

  • wolverinefan

    I Got a question is it worth switching to this phone, i mean i like our phones heaviness and not being so plastic but everything that i read said the incredible is much better then the droid. I got the droid when it first came out, and it seems like no more updates for us?? WHATS U're guys input>>>???

    • ntengineer

      A Coworker of mine bought a Droid Incredible a couple weeks ago (the weekend of release). He called me because he knew I had a Droid and had some questions about his. So I helped him with how to do things, but I gotta say, I didn't really like the phone. After playing with his I am glad I bought mine. “Original” Droid… 🙂

  • Nick

    Meh, its a nice looking device and specs and all but my original Motorola Droid 1.2ghz bugless beast is better than this when its stock. Now when and if its able to be rooted well see how fast roms can push the snapdragon processor. I still love my Droid 1 and will for the next year and a half because of signing back up with them. We will see how far Android can progress as an operating system for the smartphones in the coming months and what devices pop up to handle it. I may yet again sign back up with them if theres another Droid to get my hands on :-)….DROOOOOOIIIID lol.

  • Rejuvination

    Everyone check this out, its pretty cool 🙂


  • evltwn

    Found this on Yahoo! Finance. From the Wall Street Journal.

  • syntakk

    I saw this earlier today, another quality Droid commercial. I actually really like the new boot animation, can't wait until it's actually released and we can get a hold of it!

  • Adam

    At least they actually showed the phone in this one…sheesh.

  • evltwn

    that would be sweet to have that Droid Eye for the boot up. Right now I got the Midnight Droid eye looks great.

  • nkhex19

    That's what I am most suprised about was when you mentioned Kellex that there is no Droid Eye boot animation or even the DROOIID notification tone. Almost like they figured the Moto Droid was so successful that if they stamped the Droid name to it then this would follow in its success. I am a Moto Droid owner and I must say if I would of purchased the Incredible and booted it up only to see no awesome red droid eye boot animation I probably would of felt disappointed. I know thats such a minor thing to mention and don't get me wrong the phone is still one amazing device but it doesn't feel like it should have the Droid name to it. Still no root for the Incredible?

    • dannyyang524

      Yup. All it is, is just a HTC logo and it goes to lock screen 🙁

      • NYCreative

        All of you DROID INCREDIBLE owners will soon get a surprise on the next update. The boot-up sequence will be there as so the rest of the DROID brand elements. We weren't able to include them in the first batch but they are coming and you will love it if you loved the teaser.

        • kellex

          Oh look at you sneaking in with that comment.

  • Hep

    Does anyone have the “new” eye animation extracted? Can you post a link so we can download it and photochop it?

  • Steve

    Does anyone know why Verizon is doing the dual branding? Is it because they made the decision to call it a Droid after the boxes were already printed or something? And maybe once they sell the initial lot it will then be branded correctly and with an update to change the boot screen? Anyone have any insight on that?

    • NYCreative

      Yes. Packaging, New Eye Animation and DROID tones will all be coming in an OTA update soon. HTC has them testing right now. Should be any day now.

      • Mikey

        Packaging comes OTA now?? This is an amazing world we live in!

  • Wish my contract would go that fast.

  • StephanC

    If it came in that box I would buy it.

  • I Just saw it…blah