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New York Times Android App Released

The official NY Times Android app was finally released over night and includes a simple layout with some quality features.  You have a full video section which I’m told is absent from the iPhone version, the ability to check out all sections of the Times, and even the option to share articles.  Oh, there is a chance that it even caches all articles for offline reading.  Got to love that.



Download Link

Cheers Brad!

  • Andrew

    There’s now a lot better version on the market that allows unlimited offline reading of NYTimes articles for free: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.newyorktimes

    It’s really fast and smooth. 

    It’s not an official application, I guess. But it’s much better than the official one.

  • timarnette

    Love it works GREAT!!!!!

  • Scuff

    HA HA! NYT is all over it! Breaking news! They have a new thing called an “App”

    Oh the poor Dinosaur media…

  • Scuff

    HA HA! NYT is all over it! Breaking news! They have a new thing called an “App”

    Oh the poor Dinosaur media…

  • Pretty solid. Admittedly though, I'm more of an NPR kinda guy. Good thing Android Market has an awesome app for that as well.

  • aarynk

    Just DL it and love it so far!!

  • Chris Nimon

    Is it just me? Seems like the Droid is getting pushed by magazines, newspapers, etc. more and more each week while the iphone continues to to lose ground. Kinda reminds me of the nazi's. Once all powerful making everyone bow to their system and now only a small band of loyal idiots touting their power. ( I think their trying to convince themselves. I.E. Apple)

  • dylan84

    Been waiting for this one for awhile now. So far it looks like a pretty awesome little app.

  • pyroholtz

    For some reason I can't edit my post below. I wanted to mention that they also include a widget that seems pretty good as well. You might want to toss up a screen shot of that Kellex, your call.

  • pyroholtz

    Seems like a solid app.

    I'm surprised(and excited) to see the videos stream through the default Android Video Player but I'm curious to where the cached files go and if they're dumped automatically.

    • Hopefully dumped 😛

      • kulz

        yea hope they dump it. don't want cached NYT video streams…they might eat up all the memory ;p

  • Because I can……FIRST! 😛

    • romma

      Ah Yes,,, the New York Slimes!

      • trumpet444

        haha! awesome. But i do think that its awesome they made an android app. maybe other big news guys will follow suit and make some! I'm waiting for the WSJ personally

        • romma

          Yes Trumpet, this is a good thing. WSJ Hurry Up!