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Verizon: Incredible Power Cycle a “Known Issue”

Yesterday we saw proof that the Droid Incredible had already received a minor OTA update and many attributed the fix to a power cycling issue that was rumored to be plaguing a number of devices  Well it looks like the power cycling issue is legit and affecting those in the southern part of the U.S.

Anyone in the southern states see this update on their Incredible over the weekend?  Anyone still suffering through these power cycles?

  • Roxannedebarr

    I live in Ohio and have had 4 droid incredibles and now i have a droid pro. Every phone I have had power cycles. HELP me How do I fix it

  • Well its true The MotoDroid had and still has it's issue, so stop looking for reason to put down Inc.Thanks

  • Well Nice post, the Motorola DROID. Once again, proving HTC manufactures cheap phones (not talking about the software) just the hardware. Thanks for sharing with us….

  • mrwalt

    Mine started rebooting after i updated it the first time. until then it worked fine and never rebooted.

  • Thanks a lot for that awfully cool column!!! Have the same issue with my Droid. It will randomly power cycle occasionally.

  • Buezerdude

    I am in NJ and I have the same problem, Where can I get the fix. I have had the phone for two weeks.

  • Sierra

    I live in AZ and have had the Incredible for about 1.5 weeks. i just experienced my first power cycle today. Note that Arizona is *not* included in VZW's “South Area” so perhaps the bug is spreading… http://news.vzw.com/contacts/pc_south.html

    when I had the Blackberry Storm 1, VZW IT support said most of the OS errors are due to malfunctioning apps that were installed by the customer. i did “update” a bunch of apps last night for the first time and i noticed that the AntiVirus app did not scan the updates like it does when I initially install apps. and my newly updated Advanced Task Killer Free app is acting weird now, showing that certain apps are running that I either hadn't opened in a few days or that I had just 'killed' an hour ago. i reinstalled the app but it's still malfunctioning. the native Android app that shows which apps are running do not include those questionable apps that should not have been running. I assume the Droid Marketplace checks for viruses before they place the apps (and corresponding updates?) on the market….

    no problems with the camera yet, as stated by another poster.

    i switched from the Blackberry Storm 1 because it was having so many problems crashing (for a full 2 weeks while on vacation in Mexico the screen just displayed an error message about a catastrophic error, then magically worked fine when I returned to US), the first refurbished warranty replacement kept powercycling (once a day for a week straight before I returned it for another whose internet browser wouldn't let me open any links). In January a friend told me VZW offerred her to switch to another Blackberry model for free after the 3rd warranty replacement but they told me that must not be current policy anymore and I would have to use an upgrade on one of my other lines if I wanted a different model. I still have a few weeks to get a refund on the Incredible and go back to my defunct Storm for another 1.5 years (remaining warranty period and contract term) then I could save several hundred dollars but I'm not sure if it's worth it…. I do love the Incredible aside from fear of dealing with unmanageable bugs. It took 4 months for the Storm to start misbehaving and the Incredible has reports on this blog of power cycling on release day. oye. Of course, I haven't heard many problems with the iPhone so maybe I could hold out for my contract to expire and hopefully the iPhone will be at VZW by then.

  • alex

    I am still suffering from the power cycles and I live in PA. It just randomly switches off and then turns back on. I bought the phone on April 30th from the Verizon store. I used it for a day without putting any additional software on it and it power cycled at least 2 times. now its more frequent. At least 3 times a day. I love this phone so much I am willing to deal with this hiccup for now. Fortunately this droid takes 30 seconds to reboot.

  • determinato

    I've had about one reboot a day since Friday. Yes, I'm in NC.

  • Winterfresh

    Engadget said that the ota update was to do with Exchange or something, and only business people were getting it. they could be wrong, or maybe I can't read =P

  • worm4603

    I wish you babies stop whinning everytime the Incredible is mention. How many times does he have to tell you Droid will always be first and main before you guys get it. It is like you are insecure about your motodroid or something. MotoDroid had and still has it's issue, so stop looking for reason to put down Inc. at every turn. Both phones will boost android well beyond the apple market and it's iblock.

    • Pete

      Well said! Jealousy is the sweetest form of envy …..

  • My Droid does this on occasion also :-/

  • I have a new bug. Every so often when i am taking pictures it will freeze up immediately after taking a picture. The screen will lock up while displaying the pic but without the controls that normally appear on the right side of the screen. I must put into sleep then awake before i can get out. Also the pic that it freezes on is not saved. Has happened about 6 or 7 times so far.

  • Phil

    Have the same issue with my Droid. It will randomly power cycle occasionally.

  • mobil3gen

    all the more reason to wait a few more months before getting this phone

  • StephanC

    Kellex, I've noticed that there seem to be more and more posts about the Incredible. Are you slowly going to phase the Droid out? I wont buy an incredible because I hate SenseUI.

  • IMA_210

    Kellex, did you Photoshop the DroidLife add into this screen capture? ha, just though it odd to see the Technical Support page showing an ad for our favorite site! Keep up to great job my man… even though your pimpin the Incredible now a days. So what if I am a tad jealous…

    • kellex

      Yes I photoshop'd that. 😛

      And thanks for hanging with me during these first few weeks on the Incredible. It may seem like a lot of coverage but that's because it's new. The Moto Droid stuff is still coming.

      • IMA_210

        Im not the least bit worried my good brother. Its all good! There isnt anything that my Moto Droid cant run yet. Oh btw, if you are looking for a custom rom to check out, I would suggest Pete's new Bugless Beast V1.0 I only loaded it this morning, but I am really liking it so far and with the NexTheme by Manup456 it is pure rockin!

    • Ace Z.

      Trust me dude, you're totally in good hands with the Motorola DROID. Once again, proving HTC manufactures cheap phones (not talking about the software) just the hardware.

  • CyberPete

    Not in D.C.

  • auprogrammer

    My incredible has reset itself 4 times today

    • kellex

      You anywhere near North Carolina?

      • auprogrammer

        Birmingham, AL.

        • kellex

          I'm the told the “south” for VZW ranges from about Texas to Florida so that would affect you. I'll let you know if I hear of a fix.

  • no…i'm in Texas