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Twitter Releases Official App

In perhaps an unexpected move, Twitter released their official application to the Android Marketplace today. The app looks fantastic, featuring animated backgrounds and many of the features other Twitter applications already offer, including full direct message/reply/search functionality. I’m getting reports that the app only is supported on 2.1+ phones, which shouldn’t be a problem now that everyone is caught up with updates.

Things that I haven’t seen before (at least from Twidroid, my app of choice) is the ability to change your profile and picture straight from the app. As a fan of first-party apps, I’ll have to give a tip of a hat to the 140-character dynamos.


  • The350zWolf

    OMG now I’m really in trouble!!! First I beat the ebay addiction, but now it seems to be a downgrade slope for me with this newegg app. I will need to find a second job!

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  • Tried it, dont really like it, going back to using Twidroid

  • unbr8kablebond

    the widget is almost identical to the Facebook widget, but so far i cant see how to @ mention anyone you follow without already knowing how to spell their name.

  • Very similar to Facebook imo

  • audio

    I still like Touiteur better I think.

  • No updates for Hero.

  • dbdynsty25

    I hate all Twitter apps that don't keep your place on the timeline! This thing is fantastic looking but if I get 20 new tweets, I don't want to have to scroll down to the last one I read and then go chronologically. That's lame. Hootsuite definitely handles this the best, but it's a fairly limited application so far. Oh well…keep waiting for the perfect Twitter App.

  • i agree

  • teejaytm

    Best twitter app Ive had yet. I dont need more than one account so that is not AT ALL a problem

  • Jay

    Meh… I still prefer Twicca beta.

    • Me too! I'm a very casual user of twitter and love the simplicity and super clean ui.

      • Jay

        I just use it for breaking news on sports and tech stuff. I like Twicca because it's sleek and the timeline works great.

  • Mrpicolas

    Call me crazy but I still don't get twitter I mean what's with the lists and how to use them also how to send message to people you follow help an. Old techie out funny I can root my Droid but twitter confuses me

    • Twitter is used in different ways. Some people the have a bunch of friends on Twitter use it to communicate. Most of my family and friends do not use it. They prefer Facebook. I use it as a makeshift news feed. I follow news, sports, social media and tech feeds mostly. You can get score updates, latest news and items of interest more quickly and all in one spot.

  • henr1

    It seems great but it only supports one Twitter account. That's not going to work for alot of folks.

  • chasemanhattan

    how much room does the freakin widgets use?

    • rdunseith

      Large is just about 1/3 of the screen. and small about 1/4.

  • In Argentina we do not have the oficial update yet 🙁

  • I like how it syncs with contacts. Too bad it doesn't have retweet with comment. Other than that I like it.

  • goose50

    Twitter & Droid Life app on my newly overclocked Droid = a great Friday. Now the Penguins just have to beat the Canadians!

  • randy21671

    Custom ROM friday?

    • kellex

      Been trying to find one worthy. Got any options?

      • randy21671

        Sorry I don't Kellex, I am currently running DarkSE24k –, with the gold swype key board to complete the ROM.

      • Been using jairomeo's Licorice Flavored Ice. Not too bad.

        • caphoagie

          im going to try this one right now. better be good lol

      • Mrpicolas

        What about cyanogen nex theme

  • Ray

    My large widget isn't loading anyone having the same issue?

    • rdunseith

      I had to restart Helix Launcher then it worked. But really the small widget shows the same info. The large just has the scroll arrows. Wish they could add it to the small widget, on the large there is a bunch of wasted space for just two arrows.

  • DeeMat

    I like the look of the app. Has anyone found a way to use multiple accounts? Oh, and I had not noticed the widget. Going to check it out.

    • kellex

      Does not allow multiple accounts at this time.

  • Any idea if it supports multiple accounts like Seesmic does?

  • StephanC

    Matt Demers? Who are you?

    • kellex

      Is that a joke? He's been posting stuff for weeks now hah.

      • StephanC

        Nope, I'm being serious I just noticed it and I'm still wondering who he is…

      • rdunseith

        I think we need a formal introduction to the droid-life staff.

  • Fantastic! Nice clean interface, and it's free! Was nice knowing you Tweetcaster.

  • Trug

    Great App and widget!

  • Trug

    Great App and widget!