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TAT Home Preview Sent: Anyone get it?

No TAT Home love for Droid Life.  It looks as though the preview was sent out yesterday to chosen gurus and we didn’t make the cut.  Damn!

Any one of you receive it?  Would love to see a video review.

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  • I didn't get it 🙁
    And I used 3 emails!

  • syntakk

    Nothing here 🙁

  • Keith

    Lame, I had signed up for it too but haven't heard a damn thing..

  • That look pretty amazing, but I can only imagine how resource intensive something like that is. I can't imagine it's very lightweight… beautiful eye candy like that never is. :/

  • jhietter

    “Will TAT Home be available on Android Market?
    The target customers for TAT Home are phone vendors and operators that want a custom user interface on Android phones. At the moment we have no plans to release TAT Home to consumers via an open marketplace.”

    Guess I don't even want to get my hopes up then.

  • maizekidstill


  • Angel

    Im still waiting =/

  • scorpion77

    Not yet i hope sooo 🙂 though … I signed up ..

    • kulz

      i signed up too but nothing yet….kellex, you know im gonna send you the .apk just so EVERYONE can have it~!…thats IF i get it lol

      • kellex

        Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. 😛

        • kulz


      • Mrpicolas

        Yeah I'm checking my sources as well hope to find it tonight someone has it it just needs to be leaked

        • You're not making it very attractive for us to release it in a bigger volume, are you? This is exactly one of the reasons we didn't send it out to the 40k+ people who signed up… 🙁

          • Mrpicolas

            I understand. Where you are coming from but there are a lot of talented developers that are not with a big name and android touts being open with this realesed into the community it could be huge for you guys and who knows one of those developers could take you guys to the next level. This is by far the most promising home replacement out there

          • Random Dude

            Huh? You made no sense man. TAT is already kicking some ass and obviously has some very good developers. I think that they have the right approach here with limited release, and selling to OEM's.

            That said, the mod community will find this, rip it apart and put it into the mods. Regardless of what TAT tries. That's just a fact of life. They will find a way, it's just too neat. Maybe TAT could release a “root only” version or something that's their devel versions (but not the customized/polished one for OEM's). The modding community is big, but it's still only a sliver of the Android community as a whole, so there wouldn't be much loss while still having a good beta-base.

          • Mrpicolas

            I get that but do you want an OEM telling you what you want or do you want
            the option to customize it yourself if they put this on the market it would
            make a fortune take the modding community as an example they have helped
            oems better their products

          • heynewgirl

            I cant even believe you are having this argument and you dont even know whats going on. 1. you dont work for them. 2. Be Quiet. 3. The exact reason why message boards create problems.

          • Mrpicolas

            First off I have a right to free speech Second I spend my own freetime
            contributing to this site which kellex of his own accord has given me some
            shoutouts(thanx kellex)btw third your not gonna see this unless your carrier
            wants to put it in an update for your phone lastly they hyped it up then let
            most of us down IMO they just want money and no I don't work for them but I
            do my damndest to find things for people from this site to enjoy. And I will
            be pursuing finding this. Applebees till it is able to be shared by the

          • Mrpicolas

            Check out kellex's latest post this is what I mean apps. To your sd card is coming and you wont have to root to get it soon

          • kellex

            Just ignore their conversations. 😛

            We're all just very excited to see Tat Home running on a Droid. That intro video you guys made has everyone quite intrigued. 🙂

          • Keith

            Was it given only to a random selection? I am a very experienced Droid user, wish I got it 🙁

          • Randal

            Stop crying and take it as a compliment that people really want what you have to offer.

  • Oh my sweet droid and baby jesus. That looks awesome. Can't wait for that! 😛

  • slackerjoe

    Damn! I wish I'd gotten it, it looks pretty awesome!!

  • slackerjoe

    Damn! I wish I'd gotten it, it looks pretty awesome!!