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Droid Incredible Orders Delayed? Out of Stock?

If you want a Droid Incredible which dropped at midnight last night, you better go directly to a store and hope they have enough in stock.  Verizon Wireless’ online store seems to be about out.  As you can see from the picture above, a notice has been attached to the device saying that you may not receive your phone until after May 4.  Yikes!

Oh and check out the spiffy new VZW Incredible launch page.

  • samespbn23

    I dont know if it was standard but they threw in a free 2gb microsd card at no charge.

  • Joey

    Phandroid has got them in stock for $50 off the Verizon price. That said, I'm still in contract with my Droid, and prefer a physical keyboard. I'm also wary of not running “Google Experience” phones, as who knows when they'll get OTAs.

  • Static_prone

    Kellex, did you get a chance to play with it yet, i know you said something like yesterday or the day before about getting a chance to test it out. what are your thoughts/opinions?

  • immichael

    I found mine on Costco.com. They're including free accessories too. I'm just hoping it arrives before the weekend.

  • Well it is the greatest Android phone available in the United States so i can see why everyone is getting these babies. Plus Verizon probably has a small initial supply just so stories like this one would spread around the intrawebs and make the phone even more desirable.

  • checked out the incredible and my initial thoughts are meh.

    The screen on the droid is much prettier.

    the speed of the incredible is impressive.

    Stock droid vs. incredible the incredible wins…but rooted droid evens the battle

  • dpu328

    I’m not sure if this is useful regarding the Droid Incredible, but here is my list after playing with it last night. If I missed things that exist, tell me.
    1) CONTACTS: I don’t suggest syncing to Facebook in any way. All the contacts got really screwed up. After messing with Google online and going back and forth, the only fix was to delete Facebook from sync options. Everything went back to my original import.

    2) CONTACTS: When I bring one up, there are too many options. It seems to list all options several times for every number. It‘s just confusing and not a good layout. The Droid layout is simple and easy to understand.

    3) DESKTOP CLOCK/WEATHER WIDGET: It doesn’t seem to have other skins or an option to adjust the transparency. If I’m right, I think I’d rather use Beautiful Widgets

    4) NEWS/WEATHER WIDGET: I didn’t see any. Not even the one that came with the 2.1 update on the Droid.

    5) BOTTOM LED LIGHTS: I’m not sure what they are about. While charging on USB, the lights were never on. When I plugged it into power cord later, the lights were on. This morning no light at all no matter if plugged in or not. Would like to have them working when I am using the phone.

    6) Where is the docking stand for this?

    Well that’s it so far. I only took a peek at it last night. It’s actually my Wife’s Phone. That thing sure is fast. Can’t wait to start seeing tips and tricks

  • Octotron

    Launcher page sucks compared to the Droids.

  • dpu328

    Got my yesterday afternoon. Sweet.

  • saimin

    May 4 is less than a week for now.

  • Matt

    I GOT IT

  • palomosan

    I guess this applies to whom ever is buying it now, everybody that order their phone on time is getting theirs.