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New Droid Family Member: Droid Incredible

While the Droid Eris was a nice little brother, Verizon may have officially announced the Motorola Droid’s half-twin brother from another keyboard-less mother.  The Droid Incredible launches April 29th and is a worthy family member.

Update 9:37AM: Appears that Verizon has pulled that link.  Interesting.

Some of the specs to have you drooling a little…

* Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1 GHz.
* OS: Android 2.1 with Sense UI
* Memory: 576MB RAM/512MB ROM
* Screen: 3.7-inch AMOLED at 480×800.
* Radios: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A.
* Dimensions: 4.63×2.30×0.47 inches.
* Weight: 4.6 ounces with battery.
* Camera: 8MP with autofocus and flash.
* Battery: 1300 mAh (talk time rated at 313 minutes, 146 hours’ standby)
* aGPS
* Digital compass
* Proximity Sensor
* Light sensor
* Bluetooth 2.1
* WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
* 3.5mm headphone jack

My take on this?  I’m excited to see something worthwhile coming to Verizon and the “Droid” family.  While this site is centered around the Motorola Droid, other Droid devices such as the incredible might give us a chance to continue to grow.  In fact, I was sort of hoping this would be tossed under the “Droid” title so that maybe we could add it to our lineup.  Just small talk at this point though.  (insert smiley)

Thoughts?  I’m not sure this is poll-worthy, but this is one sexy phone and the specs are very nice indeed.

  • haha i look back at this and im just stunned

  • worm4603

    I read on here all the time and have never comment. My upgrade comes up in July. I am looking at an Android. Have been considering the Moto Droid since it came out. I hope you do add this phone to your page so I can use the info to make my decession. This is an awesome blog. I have learned more about Android market here than any where. Keep up the good work

  • deladroid

    My brain can barely keep up with my Moto Droid, let alone a … What was the question.

  • MyCoffeePlease

    MOFO DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL This looks sexy. I can't get it though, contract. But… the next phone I get will be a HTC one for Verizon of course. HTC is fucking shit up.

    The Desire ROM will hold me off until then!

  • Flyinion

    Not really worth it to me to upgrade. Waiting another 18 months for my 2 year upgrade and grabbing a 4G phone will be much more worth it to me. I keep hearing that besides the 512/512 ram/rom and the 32GB capable SD slot that this phone has an additional 8GB internal memory though? Yet I never see it in spec lists. What's that about? Something that could be used for app installs? As far as 8mp camera, I'm thinking that's a bit silly on a camera phone.

  • Goosedroid

    Seriously 8MP camera. What the hell am gonna do take landscape stills with it?

  • Michael_NM

    This phone seems worthy of its name, but I'll wait for Droid 2 or Droid 4G.

  • Jack

    I don't see myself buying anything that forces the Sense UI on me. Too bad, though, because it looks like a nice piece of hardware.

    • Jppress

      yeah, thats my one prob. dont care for the sense ui. if i could root it and flash a dif one?…..probably

      • rdunseith

        Sense UI is not bad on a rooted Eris 2.1. I actually like it in a way. But after using the Droid for a while it would be hard to change over. Now the 1.5 was crap.

  • Tom

    3 Things that would influence my decision [btw the fact that it has no keyboard means I won't get it anyway, but these things should be considered anyway]

    1) HTC plans on either making their own OS or buying it from Palm. If this comes to fruition, HTC's devotion to Android may wane.

    2) AMOLED though very nice has been plagued with problems. I doubt highly that they have changed screens. It is probably not cost effective to do so.

    3) Sense UI probably impedes updates.

    That is my two cents. The specs are very nice, no denying that, but I doubt the screen will be a huge improvement, and the other problems that plagued previous HTC devices will be corrected. I'm sticking with the Droid until at least next year when a better keyboard phone comes out. Or when the next big technology hits mobile devices [which shouldn't be long considering how fast its already moving]

  • rdunseith

    Daughter has the Eris, I have the Droid, looks like my wife needs a new phone………

    • Tom

      Call up Big Red. Maybe they can make you into the “Droid Family” and you can get some money out of it. Worth a shot.

      • rdunseith

        Anything to save a buck I guess. Just wish it was the EVO being announced.

  • Eric

    I will probably jumb ship as well since I was most likely gonna go with the N1 once it hits Big Red and the best thing is I won't feel to bad since its still a DROID. Kellex you should def think about adding support to your site for the new DROID in addition keeping with the old one at least for a little while. I mean come on its what brought us all toghter and its only 5/6 months old.

  • linmk2

    The droid is my first “smart” phone. At the time, I thought the physical keyboard was a must have. In practice, the feature I rarely use. I like the fact that this new phone is smaller and lighter. Will I switch? No. I will keep my current Droid till my contract ends. I see this blog growing with the Droid's little brother.

  • Sold, that is all that needs to be said

  • Jppress

    Man, i'd love to get that one, if i could def root it. But I love my mototdroid tho. its like dropping 35k on an awesome new camaro(mustang, challenger, whichever you prefer) and then they make a convertible version the next year! DAMN

  • The link isn't working for me. It brings up a user/pass prompt. Anyone else?

  • I will be sticking with my moto droid until 4g. But I will be tempted to touch lol

  • Yeah….. I like the snapdragon 1ghz processor, 3.7 amoled screen and all that. But, I'm really wishing Verizon has something like HTC EVO, with 4.3″ (giant) screen. My head is spinning which 1 to get?

  • rals

    The specs are really nice. However, I feel that HTC aren't as great as I think they are. Everyone made a big deal of the Nexus one, and for what? A screen that isn't the clearest, a phone that can damage easily in your pocket, wifi problems, and exaggerated colors. In all honestly, this is still a great phone. I rather wait it our for Droid 2. This is not because I'm a Motorola employee…I believe the quality in the Droid alone makes it still worth while.

  • BRIM

    Big Sense UI lover. But I'm bhappy with my Moto Droid overclocked & custom theme. This one doesn't seem anything breath taking.

    Hate to say this, but now the HTC Evo is something I wish Verizon would have came out with (as far as specs)

  • sr_erick

    I think I'll be jumping ship from my Moto Droid I think. Here's why.

    1) Thinner, lighter, and I have no real use for the physical keyboard (Swype all the way, baaaaby)
    2) Twice as much RAM, faster CPU, etc, etc.
    3) Sense UI? Maybe…haven't really messed with it. I do like the stock Android look and feel though.
    4) I like the latest and greatest, something fresh and new. It's a sickness, although an expensive one. I wish my health insurance would cover it.
    5) I won't feel so guilty being it's still in the Droid family! I can continue visiting the site.

    One concern, is it the same exact screen as the Nexus One? Does that whole story on screen resolution that we saw a few weeks ago apply to this phone as well?

    • It's a different screen, the NexusOne has a TFT, this one is an AMOLED. Whether it's any good still remains to be seen, bit it will definitely be more vibrant and colorful than either the Nexus or the Moto Droid.

      • sr_erick

        No, Nexus One has an AMOLED screen as well. Right from the specs page…

        3.7 inch (diagonal) widescreen WVGA AMOLED touchscreen
        800 x 480 pixels
        100,000:1 typical contrast ratio
        1ms typical response rate

        • brandonmee

          Remember not only is it the same screen….it is the same manufacturer. I like my droid simply because it can take the abuse of being put in a pocket. HTC has said to numerous trusted sources to not carry these phones in your pocket.

  • Kellex, if you decide to “grow” this page, why not make a sub-page or something. I love coming here for my DROID updates and don't want to wonder if the update is for my phone or the incredible. It's just a thought.

    Keep up the good work on the site!

    • kellex

      If I go down the route of supporting multiple devices, I'll have to evaluate how to approach it. Just liking the idea of covering more devices under the Droid family. 🙂

      • It could be as easy as tagging each one and adding a link at the top like you have for apps, etc.

        If it's an app, you'd have to tag both (or all) phones that you'd be covering, I guess.

        The site is really my ONLY source for Droid news! Keep up the good work!

  • kulz

    the Sense UI doesn't tickle my fancy but 512MB ROM? Snapdragon @ 1GHz? geez!!!! but i can't jump ship until i see a DROID v2~! i love the way vzw is supporting Android. all their android phones are top of the line!!!

  • talkdj

    I am there. But only if the radio works better than the Eris. Nothing but problems with that phone. My wife wanted to drop the service and go back to her iPhone. Ended up with the Droid. We tried 3 different phones and none of them had any bars at our house which is 3 miles from the towers.

  • Dave

    This is just a repackaged Nexus 1, A great phone, but why would the nexus come to verizon after it's release?

    • N1 is not sold in stores or from Verizon's web site. N1 is a Google phone; the HTC Incredible gives you something similar but with stronger ties to Verizon.

    • jizzoizzm

      the n1 can only be as good as the network its on, not a cliche' ive lived it, i had a n1 and had connection problems and im so happy with the DROID tht i just cant leave it yet im sorry not for something too close to what i already had….i want custom roms and my keyboard!!! unless it has android 3.0 or something…lmaoooo

  • DaSpurTitan

    I am thinking bout making the jump to the incredible, i have droid now, but my gf wants my droid, and she has a upgrade. So i plan on using her uprade and giving my droid to her. i hope its everything its suppose to be

  • I think I'm buying this, the Snapdragon is so tempting!

  • Is it better than the droid????? I hope not I enjoy having the best phone in the world rite now iwould hate to hear somebody sayin the droid is not the beat phone out

  • i'm jumping ship for sure. Kellex i really hope you support this device on your site. i want to stay here. i love this blog.

  • Chris

    Just when I was planning on blowing a wad of money on an iPad they have to go and create this little beauty!! I'll stick with my Droid…where I can play with ROMs, overclock and tether my future iPad.

  • IMA_210

    I'm not a big fan of Sense UI,and its lack of OS updates even though this one will be shipping with 2.1, how long will it be until it sees another update?? Who knows, Google hasnt released any new updates but HTC has been slow to release updates. Having the Eris and the Droid in my family I wont be looking for the Incredible. It is great to see so many great new phones coming out for Android. I will just hang onto my Moto Droid for the foreseeable future, and hope for a Moto Droid II.

  • if a lot of people here jump ship and get the droid incredible, you might be forced to make this site a “droid- droid incredible life” blog.

    • kellex

      I'm thinking about adding it to the lineup actually. 🙂

      • Ace Z.

        Please Kellex…don't tell me you're jumping over to the Incredible? If you do…I might as well do the same.

  • slipstream20v

    Again, Verizon, with the “soon” nonsense. lol! 🙂

    This thing is going to be awesome. If I didn't need the keyboard I'd be pretty bummed about pulling the trigger on the Droid.

  • nkhex19

    I actually like how VZW is really bringing the heat with all these new Android phones. The specs are pretty impressive. Not a bad choice for people who want a nice phone and don't care for a physical keyboard. For me the physical keyboard was one of the main selling points and besides I enjoy my Droid too much to ever switch unless an official Droid 2 comes out hopefully made by Motorola. I also am not a fan of Sense UI, but to each his own. I'm interested to see if and when VZW releases an iPhone how many people will stick with Android or jump ship.

    • nkhex19

      This may have a few better specs but we will wait and see how the performance is. The Droid has stood up to all the big dogs out there and is still equal or better then them. Don't count out our Droid just yet.

    • jacob

      waiting till droid 2.. hoping they use the same speaker… best speaker in a phone ever!

  • CyberPete

    I'll let you know how it is on the 29th… 🙂

    • kellex

      Oh jumping ship! 😛

      • CyberPete

        Probably not *me*, the wife returned her Droid on day 29 of the 30-day trial because I convinced her that better things were coming… Temporarily she went back to her BB (until 29th). If she decides that she likes the Droid better than the HTC, she can go back. If I like the HTC, she'll get my Droid, otherwise she gets a VZW Droid.
        See how my engineering mind is working? 🙂 I have a feeling she is going to love the HTC, though. But she might let me play with it… 😉

        • LTD10

          She must really love you to let you play with it..; P

  • I have signed up for the email alerts and will have it on its release day, which is also my birthday. Thanks for the present Verizon:)

    • kellex

      Damn, solid birthday present. 🙂

    • Jack

      How does Verizon handle that? Obviously if you're on this site you're already running a Droid, and your contract won't be up for renewal.

      What does Verizon do in that case?

      • Afroman

        Verizon will make u pay full price unfortunately, id be very surprised if they put in a early upgrade price

        • There are techniques to receiving an early update. Without divulging all of my trade secrets i will say the best thing to do is first ask, then ask again. Also i having 3 lines helps and if all that fails you go to the store and get them to hook you with the 1 year contract price. That is how i got my droid, paid 350 plus got a 100 rebate.

  • great phone, but i might wait til a 4G device comes out…

    my rooted droid runs at 1 ghz (is a snapdragon 1ghz better than the 1ghz on my rooted phone?)

    the 8mp camera is nice, but i'm not a photographer so it's not worth paying retail since my new 2 year is not up until dec.

    the extra memory is nice, but to be honest, the lack of great apps currently on the market does not fill the memory on my droid. last I checked, i still have 90+ mb's of free memory.

    so you're stuck with me for the time being 🙂

    • Eric

      The new DROID's cpu will def run faster than a overclocked one. Its ment to run a 1 ghz where as your rooted DROID is not, your pushing it beyond its limits and therefore burning out the chip faster then its normal life expecence.

  • iApex

    It seems that every time I buy the best phone on the market. A few months later they release something even better. It's starting to get rather annoying honestly.

    • everything in life is the same way

      that's why I won't get married 🙂

      • Gitanaxu

        Gosh Tony! I think alot of guys think like you! LOL!

    • rdunseith

      Aren't advancements in technology a b****! 😉

    • Haha that's funny

  • pyroholtz

    Seems like a cool phone but the little I've played w/ Sense UI, I'm not a fan.

    Now, what is that port on the bottom left side of the phone? The image on the right seems to have a port that doesn't look like microUSB but a microHDMI port instead? If so, that's one thing I really wish they integrated into the Moto Droid.


  • Octotron


    • kulz

      me too….DROOOOOL…… :D'''''''

  • maxxor

    Will this remove the Droid as the flagship?

    • kellex

      I doubt it. But they'll probably promote it alongside the Droid.

  • Thegoldendroid

    The specs on this are amazing.. not enough to make me say “oh gosh my droid is so inferior” but it definantly has my respect. Im cool with my phone until xmas tho. I think I can go the rest of the year. Or at leats until I see what a Droid2 looks like

  • k1cks

    Looks great
    My concern is whether you can turn off the Sense UI or not and how they'll handle Android OS updates.

    After watching the Droid update delays and the fact that the Eris and Hero have not received their updates yet, it makes it harder to want to go with anything over a Google produced device.

    It'll probably lead to someone having to come up with an easier way to root 2.1 devices.

    • On other HTC devices you've been able to use the standard launcher in place of Sense if you wanted to, so this isn't likely to be any different. You can also use 3rd party launchers like Helix with them, same as with any Android device.

      • k1cks

        Good to know. I've never played with the Eris long enough to try