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Droid’s xScope Browser Dominates iPad’s Safari

And Apple goes down again?  The work-a-holic developer behind xScope, one of the top Android browsers, just sent me test results showing the iPad’s Safari getting crushed by a Motorola Droid during a recent SunSpider benchmark test.  Yes you read that correctly.

Here is how the test went down:

1. Fresh start of both iPad and Droid (To be fair to the iPad whose score went up to 15S without one.).
2. Droid: Running CyanogenMod, CPU = 1.1Ghz, xScope browser.

Final result(lower is faster):

iPad: 10172 ms  (Full test results)
Droid: 9161 ms  (Full test results)

Chalk up another win for Android and our baby, the Motorola Droid.  I didn’t think it was possible to continue to be amazed by a device after almost 5 months, but it keeps happening.

And we actually did a quick review of xScope a while back which you should check out.  The one-fingered multi-touch is quite snazzy.  Oh, our thoughts on iPhone OS 4.0 shouldn’t be missed either.


Full Version

Lite Version

For more information on SunSpider check out this link.

Cheers Gary!

  • umm doi?

    umm.. seriously?

    how about you run the same test with an ipad overclocked to 2k ghz considering youve overclocked that droid by basically the same margin.

    i know anything sensational and accusational with ipad in the title will get you adsense hits but seriously?

    im kinda glad i run adblock right now.

  • NewDroidOrder

    Xscope is pretty beast I am really liking it.

  • rockymtnhigh

    I kind of wish this test was using a standard un-overclocked Droid. I'd prefer tests of products, side by side, un-enhanced. Not that the Droid doesn't rock – it does, But the when you have to say “well, we overclocked the Droid to a non-recommended (by Manufacturer) speed to beat the ipad, it seems kind of diminished.

    • We have regular test speeds on a 2.1 Droid on our site information. It came with xScope in Tutorial

  • syntakk

    Looks good but I'm not sure I would call that “dominating” 😉

  • Bako

    Hmm… pleasing, but seems disingenuous to test a modded, overclocked Droid against a stock iPad. I'd be interested to see how a Droid running stock 2.1 did in the same test.

  • benn

    is xscope better than dolphin?
    in terms of speed?
    and how do the images look on it?
    i didn't like the default browser because the text would get all blurry when scrolling
    does that happen in xscope?

    • Brett

      xscope has free lite version. I remember it is 30% faster on the sunspider test over dolphin. Here is the bechmark link and try it yourself and tell us your result.

    • jeesung

      I have Xscope as my default. It's pretty quick. Images look good. But one thing is that Market links don't work in Xscope. they do work in Dolphin & stock browser.

  • Fawzi94

    But unfortunately, the DROID DOESn't do that well not overclocked. I fell like it should at least come around 700 MHz stock

  • nkhex19

    I also find it amazing that were still seeing the potential of the Droid and to be honest I still think their is plenty more yet to be unveiled. This is a really powerful device and its either keeping up or beating all the latest phones/devices coming out. Once again we have more evidence on how much DROID DOES!!!!!!

  • mikecaffey

    wow, someone needs to give them some money for that pin zoom idea cause it is brilliant.

  • Jake_Ub

    Yeah Kellex, I'm amazed by the Droid just by looking at it. And what you said about being amazed after 5 months of being released, I totally agree.

    I've followed your site since early December and I gotta tell you…you've never seem to disappoint. Thanks for the site.