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Customized HTC IME Keyboard v20 Released

How fly is my Stormtrooper HTC IME keyboard?  What’s that?  You want one too?  If you cruise over to the running thread at the XDA forums, you can download a variety of different colored skins to replace your boring old grey version 19 from a few weeks ago.  Not sure how to install them?  Check out our video below.

(This is for both non-rooted and rooted users.)

Video instructions…

Step-by-step instructions…

1.  If you haven’t already, download and install Astro File Manager.
2.  Go to the XDA Forums and choose a keyboard.
3.  Once you find a keyboard, tap on the zip file next to it to download.
4.  A download window should open, follow the progress of your download.
5.  Once finished, tap on the file you just downloaded.
6.  Astro File Manager will open showing you 2 folders:  META-INF and system
7.  Tap and open the “system” folder.
8.  Tap and open the “app” folder.
9.  You should see 2 files:  Clicker and HTC_IME.
10.  Tap on HTC_IME and “Open App Manager.”

First time installing an HTC Keyboard? Make sure to also install Clicker.apk for calibration tools!

11.  If you have a previous version of an HTC_IME keyboard installed, simply hit “Upgrade”.
11a.  If this is your first HTC_IME keyboard, simply hit “Install”.
12.  Allow the keyboard to install and close out of Astro.

First time installing an HTC keyboard?  Go into Settings>Language & keyboard>Check the box for “Touch Input”.

13.  Open up an input box in a text message, long press on the input box, choose “input method.”
14.  Choose “Touch Input” and BAM!  Done.
15.  Enjoy your new custom themed keyboard.

Drop any comments or questions below!

Cheers Brian!

  • James

    How do you get the zoom function using your thumb and index finger pushing further from each other like the Iphone?

  • andrew401

    damn i installed it all but it's not in the input section i dont get it. even in astro manager it says it's installed becasuse the only option i have on it is uninstall what could i have done wrong

  • andrew401

    how can i get the swype keyboard?

  • buzweaver

    Its not working for me. I'm running v20. Downloaded File>System>App>HTC_IME>Browse File / Open App Manager> Open App>Unistall or Launch>Launch>Activity Not Found.

    I've gone to the Input device selection and the theme never appears.

  • As the creator of these themes, I'm very pleased to see all the positive responses they are generating over here!

    I've seen at least a couple of posts talking about losing settings and what not if you want to switch themes. If you install it with a file manager like linda file manager or root explorer (one that supports reinstall, astro does not) you won't lose any settings/customizations you have made to the keyboard.

    Also, if anyone has custom requests, hit me up by gmail or in the XDA thread. I try to do all themes as quickly as I can, but donators typically jump to top of the queue 😉

    • FYI, v21 has been released, all of my pre-themed/signed APKs have been updated in the original XDA thread. If you are installing directly on your phone, I recommend linda file manager (free) or root explorer (not free) as these will let you actually reinstall (unlike astro, unless that has changed recently) and not lose any of your settings. If you are comfortable with adb you can also do “adb install -r HTC_IME.apk”.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you! Love it! I have three thoughts…One, I freaking love this keyboard (solid black/no keys)…Two, I wish it were easier to switch skins and not have lost all of my settings etc….Three, I wish it filled up the entire screen on my Droid in landscape mode. Three little things of love 🙂 I love this keyboard and the fact that I can set the strength of vibration! Damn…great job!!!!!!!!!!

  • DroidDrool

    The video guide is awesome! Thanks for the great reviews.

  • BeatJunkie64

    ok it wont let me edit my last comment so i checked it out right now and only my home screens dont go into landscape mode but if i open something up like the browser or an app i can rotate to landscape just fine… y is this happening? thanks

  • BeatJunkie64

    after installing this my phone wont go into landscape mode unless i take the keyboard out??? Im running BB .9 AdamZ smoked glass theme. I didnt have any problems with this before I installed this.

  • US_Marine_beta

    Now they need to make some for Swype keyboard because that thing is ugly Haha but it's useful

  • Tom

    I got the clear bg cyanogen. I think Koush should include that in his builds <3

    • Flyinion

      I tried one of the clear bg ones. I ended up replacing it pretty quick. I was using it with ebuddy and seeing all the chat hiding behind the keyboard keys peeking out between the lines was pretty distracting actually.

  • LTD10

    How can I change colors once its done?

  • NewDroidOrder

    Well I am really stoked about these new themes. I loved the IME keyboard before, but now that I can choose what it looks like…. my god… and the v20 is a lot better they fixed the candidate bar which was pretty much my only gripe when dealing with it before. Hands down best keyboard I have used!

  • Flyinion

    Nice!! I was hoping this would be updated soon, and now it has themes for non-rooted users!! I loved this keyboard pre-2.1 but 2.1 broke the suggestion bar temporarily. Yeah I know I could move it, but I prefer the “emulate” style where it pops it between the keyboard and the textbox. Post-2.1 that caused the bar to cover the top half of the top row of keys. That's fixed now 🙂 Installed with no problems via Astro. This thing is probably one of my favorite “apps” for my Droid even though it's just a keyboard.

  • LowLos

    I LOVE IT! was the best keyboard before and now its themed! You have to be kidding me. You want this, trust me. I love the red and black myself.

    Thank You Droid life staff! I LOVE YOUR SITE!

  • LowLos

    Way SWEET! love the red and black. Keep up all the good work. I love YOUR site.

  • duckphan

    Does anyone know how to export my user dictionary from android keyboard and/or better keyboard to my SD card? I would like to import my user dictionary to the HTC IME Keyboard. Thanks for the help!!

  • yaooitsbrett

    I installed this right when you posted it. Even installed the same white one you have screenshotted. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work on this site.

  • dan

    I installed the latest cyanogen mod and now when i tried to install the htc keyboard and some other apps on the android market it either says installed failed or I have insufficient memory. Any one have an idea on what I can do to get this fixed?

  • slonyara

    Did exactly as it said in the video and it still won't give me an option of the HTC Keyboard. Do I have to be rooted?

    • Tom

      No, I was able to install .19 on my friends unrooted droid.

    • Tom

      try going into settings to language and keyboard

      • slonyara

        Thanks, Got it working… I was missing some other file.

  • aarynk

    These are awesome Kellex! Thanks for the find!!

  • ac35

    all the zip files say “cannot download. the content is not supported on this phone.” even the v20 update zip wont download. i have oi file manager not astro, does that make a difference?

  • Kevin Thornton

    one more dumb question, but i cant figure it out. How do i turn off the vibrate when i press the keys? Its a tad annoying. But cant figure out how to turn it off.

  • munrath

    If followed the directions but once I long press on the input box and select choose “Input Method”, my only option is Android keyboard. If' I've never installed any other keyboard do I need to do something with Clicker

    • Droidzilla1

      Settings > Language & Keyboard > check off Touch Input .. then try again.

      • kellex

        Added this to the post now. 🙂

    • munrath

      LOL. I read above and resolved the issue. I'm not sure I like the fact that when changing that setting it informs you that… This input method may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and cc numbers. The keyboard is hot though.

  • thelionk86

    I gotta say you do a great job at this guy, and that keyboard is sick! very nice

  • Droidzilla1

    I followed steps exactly as above, however i didnt “update” as its my first try at this so only option was Install. But when i pull up Input Method, only Android Keyboard is listed. Is there a step I am missing for people who are doing this for 1st time?

    • Droidzilla1

      Sorry, read above and went into settings to check off Touch Input… working now!

  • lsd

    Any way to turn off the vibration when typing?

    • jazzbassNick

      Checking the previous comments might help:

      nkhex19 1 hour ago in reply to POWERLESS415
      This is how I turned it off, go into Settings-Language & Keyboard-Touch Input Settings and then scroll down til you see Custom Vibration Length. Check that box and then under it you will see Vibration Length, click that and i think default its set to 35ms. Change that to 0 then click ok. That should take care of it. Hope thats easy enough to follow.

  • Installed EXACTLY according to directions. When I long press to Input Method, the only option is Android Keyboard. Running 2.1 stock.

    Uninstalled and re-tried with different keyboard. Same result. Can't choose it to use.

    Also did a reboot after 2nd install. Nada.

    • Qball21

      Chrisitan Lee – I just posted this for someone else as well. Try going to Settings>Language & Keyboard and make sure that “Touch Input” is checked then try changing the input method. That is how I got it to work.

    • kellex

      Settings>Keyboard>Check box for Touch Input

  • Kevin Thornton

    Do i have to be rooted or will stock 2.1 work with these keyboards?

    • kellex

      Stock 2.1 is fine.

  • Gallyjh

    A bit off topic as I don't know where else to post this, but the latest 9.8 Ultimate Droid Rom is super fast. I've been using CM up until this point, but I'm thinking now Ultimate Droid seems to be a whole lot smoother and faster… I think it deserves a new posting… I simply just used ROM manager, did a backup and didn't wipe cache and everything worked fine. (I'm coming from CM)

    • gsxr750

      yes it is!

    • asamuelson

      I tried to do the same, but got caught in a startup loop. I would get to the home screen for a minute or two and then be bounced back to the red eye. I did not wipe data and cache. But maybe I should have removed helix and the widgets. Did you do that?

      • Gallyjh

        When I did the upgrade, I selected the regular 'home' launcher just because I knew I may have issues with helix. Once I had home loaded, i removed the widgets then changed to the helix launcher. Everything worked fine at that moment.

        BTW, I'm still amazed at the speed. I ran the 'lag test' app and i'm averaging 58fps (ran for 3 mins) which blows everything else out of the water.

  • Jeff


    Thank you very much for your site. You make owning a Droid fun. If I didn't have this site, I'd be missing out on so much.

  • Jason

    Can you use more than one skin? I know not at the same time but can you download like 3 and then switch between them off and on?

    • kellex

      Unfortunately no. You've got to uninstall and reinstall the different theme.

      • T-Roy

        I was wondering the same thing….weird that once you've downloaded them you can't just toggle between the different themes. Oh well still very cool…I've downloaded a few and unistalled and installed just to see which ones I like

        Thanks for everything

  • I'm rocking the teal black one

  • Crazy, every time I try to install a HTC keyboard I ger an “application not installed” error. I have the button for non market apps checked……any ideas?

    • I think i might have remnants of an old HTC keyboard somewhere. Is there a place I should look, files I should delete?

      • kellex

        Go into settings>apps>manage apps and uninstall both Keyboard Calibration and Touch Input. Then try again.

        • Darn it, yeah I tried that, the clicker app installs fine, but not the keyboard


    Installed the black n red theme. Running with handcent.. Smooth.. Anyone know how to disable the vibration on the HTC_IME?? Looked in settings>keyboard>vibration and sound but found no fix.. Thanks again Kellex..

    • nkhex19

      This is how I turned it off, go into Settings-Language & Keyboard-Touch Input Settings and then scroll down til you see Custom Vibration Length. Check that box and then under it you will see Vibration Length, click that and i think default its set to 35ms. Change that to 0 then click ok. That should take care of it. Hope thats easy enough to follow.

      • POWERLESS415

        Thanks nkhex19.. I had been there but left the custom vibe length blank so it didn't rerset.. I appreciate the quick response..

        • NewDroidOrder

          For those of you who do not like vibration, you can also go into the text input part. and you can completely disable vibrate all together rather than just turning it down to “0”

          • JLong2075

            To remove vibration go to settings-keyboard-touch input settings-text input- scroll down to vibrate when typing and uncheck

  • w00t thanks for pointing this out im gonna theme the cynogen mod one and put a pic of something else

  • As Mr. Costanza would say, “I love it, Love It, LOVE IT!” 😛
    Thanks Kell

    • BUT I would love to see a SF Giants theme! I saw the Yankees one, but F that! lol

      • your giants are killing my astros right now…

        • It's about damn time the Giants did something.
          We need a series title with Timmy on the mound…

  • still won't pry me away from swype

  • chuckfu

    Anyone having difficulty getting this to work? I've installed alternate keyboards before and followed the steps here, but the new keyboard does not appear as an option. It shows as installed when i run app manager in Astro. Any ideas?

    • Did you follow the instructions exactly???????
      Like, EXACTLY?? Just curious…

    • kellex

      If it is showing as “installed” then go ahead and click “uninstall”. Then reopen app manager and re-install. It's probably picking up the previous version you had installed. Your Droid can't tell the difference between a themed one or a stock HTC one.

      • chuckfu

        ok – i tried that, but no luck. I even tried installing a different keyboard just in case there was something wrong with the first one i tried.

        The only difference from what i did compared to your notes/video was installing 'clicker' since i hadn't done that previously. Just as a test, i went ahead and uninstalled it and tried installing the keyboard again. Still no luck.

      • Sacchin

        Hey Kellex, I had the HTC Keyboard v19 running and everytime I open up the App Manager for the files I downloaded, I click “Update” but then it gives me this dialogue window saying “There is a problem parsing through the package” or something to that effect. Any help for me?

        • kellex

          Which keyboard did you choose? There is a chance that not all of them work.

          • Sacchin

            I've gone through all the different ones that contained black in them, starting with the x10 experia edition (white letter keys, black outside keys), then the all black with letters keyboard, and then the black with white text keyboard right at the top

          • kellex

            I would say, try downloading straight to a computer. Then pulling out the HTC_IME.apk and then transferring just that file over to your Droid and installing.

          • Sacchin

            Thats how I did it the first time. Then I went through my phone's browser. But the same result both times. I'm just gonna chill with V19 for now, thanks anyways.

          • Sacchin

            Oh wait, I didn't completely read what you said. I followed your steps and it worked! Thanks Kellex, dude I owe you a lot. Do you accept donations dude? Because I totally want to give you something for all your work lol not to sound all infatuated or anything.

          • jazzbassNick

            There's a donate button on the “About” page.


          • kellex

            Which part was getting you hung up? So I know what to tell everyone else 😛

    • Qball21

      Try going to Settings>Language & Keyboard and make sure that “Touch Input” is checked then try changing the input method. That is how I got it to work.

      • chuckfu

        that did it- thanks!

  • Sacchin

    Everytime I open up the App Manager for the files I downloaded, it gives me this dialogue window saying “There is a problem parsing through the package” or something to that effect. Any help for me?

    • caustic3881

      I am having the same issue ;(

      • kellex

        You both using Astro?

        • Sacchin

          Yes sir

        • caustic3881

          Yes I am

        • caustic3881

          If it helps I am NON rooted

          • Sacchin

            and I'm rooted, running Ultimate Droid V9.8

          • kellex

            Can you tell me which keyboard you chose?

          • caustic3881

            That worked! Thank you very much!!!

  • i love the Stormtrooper one! I'm rocking that one 🙂

    • kellex

      Great choice. 🙂

    • aarynk

      Same here!!

  • Kevin Thornton

    Will this appear on Handscent sms also?

    • yes. i use that SMS app.

    • nkhex19

      Yes, once you install it you can use it with handcent. I actually have handcent and downloaded the Black CyanogenMod Edition Transparent keyboard and it works great.

  • kenny78

    I swear, this HTC Keyboard is the best and now its themed…. Thanks Kellex!!

  • joed5122

    Awesome! Thanks for this!