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Game Watch: Deliverace and Shooting Guns

The PixelBite crew is putting together some of the sweetest up and coming games right now for the Android platform.  In fact, they have two in the works which even have me a little excited.  Check out the trailer for their new redneck racing game, ever-so-cleverly titled Deliverace, and another sort of 3rd person shooter called Shooting Guns…


Shooting Guns

  • Cyberdemon

    No word on when these are coming out!? They look really cool.

  • Cyberdemon

    No word on when these are coming out!? They look really cool.

  • Brian

    Does anyone know when Deliverace is coming out??? This looks sick and I want it on my Droid!!!

  • chrismulliner


  • Ellianth

    These two games look amazing. Asphault 5 and Zenonia got released recently too. I got Asphault and maaaaaan is that game awesome on the milestone. (Switch to button controls then the game is maaaaaad fun)

  • Cyberdemon

    can't wait for these to come out! their raging thunder games are pretty good!

  • tankboyben

    they look awesome, i want both, though i dont honestly think the droid would be lag free with those (could be wrong) sorry to blaspheme but that new samsung android looks mighty fine and capable of supporting iphone class games

  • These games look fantastic. Graphics are going to be great. Can't wait to try them out.

  • carig

    Those both look awesome, hopefully they'll run nice and smooth on the droid. Of course, whether or not the controls are good will make a huge difference.

  • randy21671

    Early 2010? This isn't like the OTA update is it? Say its coming, but it don't.

    • DeeMat


  • randy21671

    looks like a nice game…

  • Tyson

    Must get when they come out!

  • kulz

    finally some real games!

  • DeeMat

    Looks like a “real” game. Very nice.

  • sundawg

    They look very purdy can't wait to test them out

  • Studlychris

    Did you see when that guy get's a piece of A$$ at the end of the second video. Pretty funny.

  • nkhex19

    Graphics look awesome. Definitely gonna check these out when they are released.

  • Sebastien

    Hello All,

    I am stuck again… I am under Cyanogenmod 5.0.5 and want to get back to update.stock.zip, but the DMUPDATER DOES NOT DOWNLOAD THE SPRECOVERY. What can i DO???

    • Studlychris

      It's off subject BUT, try re-installing DM updater. I had that work for me once. Good luck.

    • EndiSky

      message me on google talk… (chat)
      name is droiddoesroot

    • randy21671

      Are you still having trouble? DroidMod Updater should get you through it.

    • randy21671

      Or you can do a nandroid restore. If you need help let me know

  • chris