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Video: Cyanogen to Blackdroid using ROM Manager

Can’t decide between the latest CyanogenMod and Blackdroid ROMs?  The video we’ve put together today shows you the simplest way to bounce back and forth between them should you choose to do so.  Since both ROMs are ESE53 builds, they are completely compatible meaning you don’t have to wipe data and cache on each install or switch between SPRecovery and ClockwordMod Recovery to flash them.

*Warning* – As always, you are performing these tasks at your own risk.  We are not recommending that you do ANY of these, but simply providing information to you.  There is a chance you could brick your phone, do other permanent damage and this will more than likely void your warranty. Please do as much research as you can beforehand.  We are not liable for any of your actions.

Initial steps:

  • Download the new Ultimate Droid 8.1.1 Update.zip:  Link (Alt Link)
  • Place Update.zip in the root of your SD card.
  • If using SetCPU, uncheck the “Set on Boot” box.
  • Download and install or update ROM manager from the market.
  • If using the Helix styled launcher on Cyanogen, remove all widgets.

*Note 1* – I recommend choosing the basic “Home” launcher at first boot.  From there, clear off all widgets on all screens and then choose another alternative launcher (Launcher2 or HelixLauncher2).

Video tutorial:

Installation Instructions:

  • Open ROM Manager
  • Choose Install Rom from SD Card
  • Choose The Desired Update.zip
  • Choose backup if you wish, skip “wipe data” and press OK.
  • It Will Reboot Into Recovery and Install and then Boot
  • Enjoy!

For support on this latest Blackdroid ROM head over to the official post.

  • tonytbone7883

    I'm thinking on installing Blackdroid from my OEM 2.1 SW. I have a few questions, is blackdroid faster than 2.1. Can I install 8.1.1 from 2.1? Where can I get flash clockwork recovery?

  • Anothamexican

    can someone help me with a looped forced close issue? I went from cyanogen to blackdroid jjust to compare roms but I chose launcher 2 and now im looping and I cant access my apps to get to rom manager to change back. Can anyone help?

  • Triniboy72

    Hi i just install blackdroid on my droid and i am get a foceclose on a Google Partner Setup and am not geting on the android market…

  • pappy53

    There is no video on my home computer.

  • ridez4less

    whatsup guys…need some help..just installed ultimate droid and now am stuck in a launcher 2 force close loop…what can i do…please help….

  • lost redneck

    Personally I prefer Ultimate Droid 8.1.1 over Cyanogen though I havent tried the new Cyanogen 5.0.5 but regardless I ma glad both are using the ROM Manager with the OTA updates now since it makes staying current verry easy

  • kenny78

    I did clean install, from stock to Blackdroid V8, So far no crashes.. but bit slow with Helix Launcher though.. but i am gonna try with over clocked kernel later….

  • ISUVetMed

    I followed the steps and everything worked fine for me. I too got the force close loop if I tried to use launcher and helix wasnt much better. Helix2 and home both worked fine. I did have an issue with helix 2 not wanting to let my pure calender widget load but a simple install/uninstall of pure calender fixed that. I like the look of cyanogen a bit more but I find this to be much more responsive when going back to the home screen after a call or app. I will give it a few days. I heard BB was now available through the ROM manager…. is installation for that the same?

  • randy21671

    Ok… There seems to be some issues with the 8.1.1 on the Droid Forum site. They are blaming Adamz programs. So we will see.

  • randy21671

    Ok, here is the problem I have running Ultimate Black Droid this way: Google won't run. Can't access App Market or Gmail, due to the loop Koush put in the program, and due to the issue Google had with CyanogenMod. Is there a fix?

  • NikolaiVolkov

    Once again Kellex, makin other options available with little effort for your users, I've been tempted by Ultimate Droid only for the Black Notification Bar but I was able to find a theme on Cyanogen Forums to use, they said use Metamorph to install it so I googled it and low and behold there is a droid life video to walk me through the process, now I have the latest cyanogen with a black notification bar. I would love to be able to post a screen cap to show how it looks.

  • stasi824

    i got the home launcher to work. idk what i did but i picked the 1st one that came up and its working great now.. idk how to get a screen shot of it but once i find out how to do it i will tweet it to @droid life

  • Greendayjll

    just downloaded the ROM and for some reason, helix2 keeps crashing… i think it has something to do with the pop ups from handscent sms, because everytime it pops up that i got a text message, it force closes…

    • SDI

      I noticed for me that in order for Ultimate Droid to run better a clean wipe and install was better.

  • Brendan

    I have been curious about Pete's bugless beast V9 does anybody know if this process will work for downloading it? I believe it is an ESE53 ROM if that helps.

  • brian aim me skicker77 on aim

  • just used ultimate droid for less than 5 minutes and went baack i just like the way my phone responds to cyanogen rom moto droid

  • SDI

    Something else interesting is the pro's/con's of the two and which anyone prefers over the other? So far I like Cyanogen's a little better, it is a little more battery draining (not from the cell standby or signal loss issues as I think those are just reporting bugs). I am playing around with Ultimate Droid right now and will make a decision soon. Thoughts????

  • SDI

    Question,,,and I do not know if it has been posed yet but if I have things set up the way I like on both cyanogen and ultimate droid separately, can I just do a back up of both and them go into Rom manager and choose the one I want by doing a restore?

  • Brian

    Hi guys!

    This being my first time messing with my Droid, I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm going from a 2.0.1 build to the ultimate droid v8 using ROM manager but it keeps getting stuck on the animated “ultimate droid by blackbird” screen. The YouTube video made a comment of it getting stuck for “2 mins or so” but mine's been going for 15. Should I do a battery pull?

    • SDI

      I would after 15 mins, I had to do that. It took me 4 times loading this Rom for it to work right. Hope that helps.

  • gonzo319

    is the process the same to go back to cyanogen?

  • brendan hit me up on aim skicker77 thanks

    • Brendan

      dont have aim

  • cpeter753

    Hey Kellen i have two questions for you. First, what is the app you're using that shows the battery life percentage in the icon in your notification bar? and second is where can i get HelixLauncher2 because i cannot find it in the market anymore and some people say it has been removed, any ideas? (sorry if this turns out to be a double post my first one isnt showing up)

  • cpeter753

    Ok Kellex 2 questions for you. First, what is the app you are using that shows the percentage of your battery remaining in the notification bar battery icon? and Second, where can i get HelixLauncher2? its no longer in the market that i know of.

  • randy21671

    Oh and thanks to Kouch and BlackDroid Nice work : )

  • randy21671

    Very nice work Kellex!!!!!!!!!

  • randy21671

    I like the black smoke glass look. I love the look of the app drawer on the Helix launcher but only 3 windows.. the HL2 has more. and the 3D app drawer… Nice… Home with the regular drawer that has the smoked glass look. Very nice. Now I am very torn… CyanogenMod or Ultimate Black Droid 8.1.1

  • tj

    is the latest cyanogen rom ere 53 or ere 25 ? anyone know?

  • tj

    what build is cyanogens is it ere 25 or ere 53

  • tj

    is the latest cyanogen ere build 25 or 53? its

  • tj

    the latest has a build ere25 right???

  • randy21671

    Followed all instructions to the T. Helix, Launcher 2, and Home works good, but Launcher force closes.

  • Brendan

    Can you use this process with any other ESE53 ROMs???

  • Brendan

    Just tried out this ROM and I wasnt surprised to see that cyanogen was way better, the launcher is much more smooth on cyanogen and cyanogen doesnt have a tacky app drawer and a smoked glass theme. Down with smoked glass!!!

  • What I love about this site:
    A: Kellen does not profess to know it all. There is no arrogance.
    B: Kellen takes the time I don't have to research what he is kind enough to share with us.
    C: He gives a platform to share and discuss our experiences.
    D: He has a bigger pair than most of us willing to try things out before we have to.
    E: Then he takes time out of his day to make vids so us noobs have an even clearer picture if how to do this.
    Thanks for all the work you put into this. Trolling trolly trolls can roll.

    • jdon285

      Ditto Dat!!

    • CRJ700

      Currently rooted, running Cyanogen, and loving it. I know for a fact I would not have done any of this and would still be on the boring stock android system if it wasn't for Kellex's video tutorials. THANK YOU, for all your hard work putting this together for the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zack

    When booting my phone the Blackdroid keeps flashing and has been for 10 mintues. Is it supposed to take this long?

  • Thefoot

    i cant get mine to work ..cant seem to get the update to take when i do the install rom it wont reboot it jusy goes back to rom list and i try to run flash clockwork recovery and it keeps saying theres a prob

  • Brendan

    Hey Kellex cyanogen is ERE25 based not ESE53 and also which ROM did you like better, and does Black droid have the neural network LWP

  • lompi129

    hey idk if im missing something but its still saying the video i have requested is not available!? i dont know whats up!? just curious!

    • kellex

      If you are trying to watch on your Droid, go through your Youtube app, search for my channel which is “motodroidlife” and watch through there.

      • lompi129

        actually im not! im trying to watch it off my home computer! it just tells me its not available! i know how to install and everything just kind of curious to see what ultimate 8.1.1 looks like in action before trying it!

  • Ace Z.

    I really like the CyanogenMod and the other verison of BlackDROID, but for some reason the most stable and bugless ROM out there is DroidMod. That's just my opinion.

    • RealGame22

      Same with me. Something is telling me to stick with DroidMod.

  • Bill

    I saw the first video. I thought you were going to show how to install by OTA- over the air which gives you install options.
    I'm running Ultimate Droid 8.1.1 with helix2 and haven't had any reboots or force closes. Helix2 is a memory hog but with overclocking it is smooth and fast. IMO this is the best but not for everyone.lol

    your website is awesome Kellex!

    • kellex

      Well thanks Bill. 🙂

      • juan

        Help? I downloaded bd v8.1.1 and followed blackdroid instructions about how to install the rom via pressing power and x. now it says that no files are found. Im stuck on sp recovery and i dont want to reboot afraid to fry my phone.

  • pfilly

    My CyanogenMod 5.0.5 says the build is “ERE25.” Am I missing something?

    • kellex

      Koush told me that he's running ESE53 but had to change the build number to ERE25 for a Market issue.

      • pfilly

        That actually clears up alot of things. THX Kellex!

  • yeah. ill stick with Cyanogen. How does one go about setting up custom boot animations?

  • Richard

    What Should We Overclock It To

    • kellex

      You can go up to 1000Mhz with this kernel, but I've run a lot of ROMs at 800Mhz which seems to be plenty of power.

    • skrap853

      I've also not gone up to 1GHz (1000MHz). Even with a 3D launcher and active wall papers I get good performance at 800MHz. Long term stability has not been proved with these over clocked speeds. It also seems battery life might be less with the higher speeds. You also have battery and cpu temperatures to worry about. I have setcpu set to lower the processor speed if the battery temperature gets above 35 or 40 degrees C.

  • Cyberdemon

    Nice tutorial video, it will answer a lot of rom manager questions!

  • MyCoffeePlease

    kx, when you gonna post up the Desire ROM information on Droid? Its been some time now, even Engadget beat you to it posting it today.

    • kellex

      Desire ROM is not really stable yet. Once they get all the issues worked out, I'll do that.

      • MyCoffeePlease

        True, but it will be nice to let your viewers know these developers are putting in hard work for us. It can also get some more experienced viewers to install it. Also, it can help donation wise for the developers.

      • kulz

        i like that. so many roms are out there that are not stable. post only when stable!

        • MyCoffeePlease

          He doesn't have to encourage people to download it. I think they should be informed though. Let the people know its in development.

  • Lee

    This is not fair to the Blackdroid rom. If you are going to install the Blackdroid rom you should do it the correct way, then you wouldn't have all the issues. I am quickly losing faith in Droid-Life. Why not simply post a video on installing the Blackdroid rom the correct way like you did a couple weeks ago?

    Also the post about some guy that got the update….. bunch of nonsense. Then some guy named “leandro” sorta says we will get the update starting again today…… This place is going downhill for some reason.

    • droid-life is one of the best android forums around. not sure what you mean by “downhill”

      • Lee

        They have posted a way to load another rom coming from Cyanogen in a way that creates problems. Several people wrote the problems they had. While if you do it correctly it works very well. If they want to post a message on how to install a custom rom they should do it with correct instructions that do not cause problems. And if he loaded it himself and it put him in a bootloop for an hour, why would he cause his readers to do the same?

        Also the recent posting of nonsense info. The reason I stated going downhill was because I used to enjoy coming here for good information and helful hints. Not garbage information and hints to cause problems with my phone.

    • androfan

      There is always a danger of misinformation in such speculation, but I think Kellex does a fairly decent job of managing it. Take the article he edited/redacted a few days ago, when information came to light that his source wasn't very reliable. I'm sure he does filtering as best as he can, and I've found his information to be fairly reliable and accurate.

    • kellex

      Whoa whoa…how many times do I have to say that Leandro was not my source? You don't just give up your sources my friends. He had nothing to do with the bricking news, but was another Moto rep who said the update would start again this week. Please chill.

      And I've already posted an installation on Blackdroid, but felt the need to show another option for installation. Going between ESE53 ROMs is much easier than going back to 2.0.1 and then flashing a 2.1 ROM again. This way works just fine. In fact, Blackdroid lists this as a way to install in all of his posts now.

      • Lee

        Cool, then I look forward to the 1000 going out today and the rest following in a couple days!

    • Ace Z.

      Like WTF? Lee?

      • Lee

        LOL, well…. ok, maybe I had a little bit of a fit. I went back to stock last week right before the delay and maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today… 🙂

        I just loaded Cyanogen to give it a try, maybe I will be happier again now. Sorry

    • dannydarko

      Kellex runs this site by himself .He has no staff of writers and editors..He does a damn good job if you ask me so, can the negative rhetoric.Take this site for what it is, a” diehard fans love for Droid and all things Android!” If you don't like it ,don't visit, goto the forums and act better than there.It might be ahrsh but the truth always is Drooooid! LIVE IT, LOVE IT, DROID-LIFE!:)

  • aarynk

    Sticking with Cyanogen

  • ISUVetMed

    I tried this a couple of days ago and was also stuck in a force close loop with helix. I only spent about 10 minutes with the rom and went back to cyanogen. I dont see anything comparing with my love for that ROM. I just wish the delay when switching back to the homescreen from an app would be fixed along with the 1 sec delay loading widgets. Any ideas on those?

  • EndiSky

    Looks like it is there now

  • lompi129

    The Youtube video does not exist!?

  • Ace Z.

    What happened to the video?