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Android Quick App: ShootMe

Wanted to introduce all of the rooted users out there to another screen shot application which is available for free on the market called ShootMe.  This is a great alternative to Dropcap2 which seems to be the screen cap app most rooted users prefer.  I actually have found ShootMe to be much faster while taking equally as nice of pictures.

You can take screenies using 2 different methods:  shake and shout.  Really all you have to do is either shake your phone and it’ll snap one or you can yell into the microphone.  Can it get any simpler?


Download Link

  • Marcioddf

    Works perfect on Samsung Galaxy 5!!!!

    Regards from Brazil…

  • Marcioddf

    Works perfect on Samsung Galaxy 5!!!!

    Regards from Brazil…

  • junkyarddan

    Lithium mod still the best!!!

  • junkyarddan

    Lithium mod still the best!!!

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  • Apperently Shoot Me works on nonrooted EVO and Samsung moment (2.1). Will we see it on the Droid and Milestone? I do hope so!

  • bigal02

    what theme is he using on top?

  • mhynek

    Works great on DroidMod 1.0. Very simple and easy to switch screens and capture as you go.

  • ViggS

    This app is great for potting together how-to's for work, thanks for the heads up!

  • ViggS

    How come the DL links don't work. 🙁

  • HeathCliffR

    Downloaded it. Two things: if you have Cyanogen or another ROM with 360 degree rotation, and you shake the phone, this app captures the pages in mid-change, or upside down. Major fail, on that score. I tried the verbal cue, saying “Shoot” instead of shaking. Concurrently, I was testing the new music app, and the screenshot shutter kept mistaking the music for “shoot,” continuously clicked, clicked, clicked. Uninstalled!

  • Nice I gotta try this out I always use DROCAP2

  • syntakk

    Hah, sounds great. I'll have to try it out! Not that I really have a need to be taking screen caps….

  • saimin

    I'd like a non-root app, too. Is there a technical problem with coding something like this?

    • kellex

      I've heard from a couple of different app gurus that it is essentially impossible to make an app do this without root. You can do it through Android SDK without root, but that is not easy either.

      • slatejones

        Home++ will take screen shots, but I would like to find an app to do this so I can get a screencap of the helixlauncher2 beta.

  • evltwn

    Is there anything like this for non-rooted phones?