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Helix Launcher Hits Android Market

When we switched over to the CyanogenMod ROM over the weekend, one of the major reasons we did so was for the Nexus One styled 3D launcher which included 4 persistent apps.  The launcher is known as the Helix Launcher, has been making rounds throughout the Android 2.1 realm and appears to be available now in the market.

I’ve heard from both 2.0.1 rooted and nonrooted users as being able to see this in the market.  Please let me know if you can’t.

If you have a rooted Android 2.0.1 device and can’t see this app, there is a simple hack you can do to make 2.1 apps viewable and then downloadable in the market.  Follow the steps laid out at this post.


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  • I don't have a custom rom loaded but am rooted. I get some cellular cosmogony app anytime I type Helix. Oh well, looks like I'll put a custom rom on first and see. …….

  • Napes

    Has anyone run into the issue that after your SD card is checked on boot, that Helix Launcher freezes? It happens every boot for me, and if I click wait, it un freezes. Any suggestions?

  • rockymtnhigh

    It no longer loads under Droid 2.1 (stock). Is there a fix?

  • dcdttu

    It's nice, but I keep going back to my Sense home screen on my rooted Hero. Love it.

  • AntDroid

    Ok gave Helix Launcher a try… not disappointed but also not too impressed either. I currently use home++ and enjoy the use of the semi-customizable bottom power strip and I use 7 screens. ( I love the fact that the screens scroll through a continuos loop unlike Helix) I haven't had any real stability issues with home++ (the occasionaly rare blank screen, but after a second or two everything pops back up… nothing that I can't live with.

    What I did like about Helix was the persistant icons that followed you from screen to screen, but all in all that was the only feature that stood out for me.

    All in all Helix was ok, but IMO I think I'm gonna stick with home++ for the time being.

  • lee

    when downloading on a non rooted 2.0.1, it says under warnings “services that cost you money” and then says directly call phone numbers…is this a pretty big risk. Is it safe?

  • bOOm_cORNEr_sHOt

    Great gazbee! I want this! yet afraid my newness to the droid will only end up with a partially working phone. There needs to be the equivalent to the geek squad in every city that will root, flash, abra cadabara, awesome phone!

  • SatanicSanta

    This app sucks, went from 7 to 3 HS, got stuck in a FC loop.

    • yaooitsbrett

      I had no problems with it until this morning when it just went into an FC loop and I had to find some clever way to get into the market to uninstall it.

    • boyBlue

      You're an idiot. This is the best launcher available and by saying that the app sucks shows a lack of respect that is astonishing. go f&*% yourself

  • jeesung

    it feels very iPhone-esque with the main home screen always 2nd from left when you expand past 3 screens.

  • Josef F

    Word of warning. There is a Helix 2 on the market that you can get if you're rooted. I tried it with DroidMod and found it buggy as hell. Any shortcut or widget clicked on the homescreen caused Helix 2 to forceclose. I finally uninstalled it and tried Helix 1 (linked above). It seems pretty stable and the only thing that 2 has that 1 doesn't (as far as I can tell) is the 3D app launcher.

    • skrap853

      I tried it on a non-rooted droid, it does not have the 3D app launcher but using cyanogenMod there is a 3D app launcher. I like the 3D, and from the rumors the official 2.1 will not have the 3D app launcher. If that is the case I will be sticking with cyanogenMod.

  • zach471

    the DrodMod is a lot less scary to me, since it seems like it's all bundled right there. Don't the other ROMs require manual backup? One problem is that my bluetooth isn't very stable with DroidMod, kept losing the connection in my car.

    • skrap853

      Try bugless beast, if you have droidmod you have sprecovery. So put the bugless beast rom in the nandroid folder on your SD card, boot into sprecovery, choose bugless beast (link to instructions – http://www.droidforums.net/forum/hacking-help/2…).

  • Exodus615


  • cw

    like it; it is a good home app.

  • DeNon

    I like the double tap to preview screens, its no home++ but it is worth a look. I have been using Home++ in a very hard way, just about TRYING to crash it and after the resent update it is crazy smooth. Droid users take another look at Home ++ !

    • Josh

      If I'm using home ++ currently and want to give this a shot, do i need to remove all of the apps/widgets from home ++ to ensure that helix runs smoothly?

  • SpankyDynamite

    Is this Cyanogen ROM as good as everyone says? Not that I don't trust y'all, I just saw in Kellex's vid that it was kind of acting up?
    I'm not afraid to do it….I was just wondering if it runs THAT much smoother than stock 2.0.1.

    • izzy182

      it's been working good for me so far, there are a few known issues, but nothing major enough for me to pass up, you get the newest version of OS, and it's customized. Cubed- theme app drawer, pinch-to-zoom, Google Earth, Live Wallpaper (some on those Ultimate Droid 5 doesn't work), 2.1 apps, 7 screens, Home Launchers, I mean, it's got it all. If you're afraid, don't be, Kellex provides detail step-by-step instruction along with the link to download needed files. BACK UP YOUR DATA! Can't stress that more. Just remember however, (although this caveat freaks people out) INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK. When you get it on there, it's worth the time.

    • Lee

      I am sure Cyanogen will come up with a great rom when more time has been spent on it. If I were you I would choose either Pete's Bugless Beast, or Blackdroid Ulitimate Rom. Both of these have been improved upon for some time now and are very smooth and fast.

      My experience: I was stock for a long time because I was scared to do the “rooting” thing. And when I was stock I had lots of issues with my phone, (on my 3rd). Ever since I've been on the IMPROVED roms I've not had problems since. I run my phone at 800 mhz, and I bounce back and forth between Bugless Beast and Blackdroid…. they are both GREAT!

      It is so easy to load roms these days and there are such improvements from stock to 2.1 roms that I'm surprised those that know about them have not done so. I don't know if it's just me but my phones didn't work so good on stock. I no longer have the glitches I used to have.

  • BRIM

    I downloaded for curiositys sake. Its real fast, but id rather sick with Home++ (vers. that's works with Live Wallpapers. See no advantage of havingthis one over Launcher+ or Home++.

    I don't know if this has happened to anyone, but since I downloaded it…my “downloads” section of the market does NOT want to come up. The rest of the market pops up except for this part…keeps saying a server error but I sure hope has nothing to do with this Helix installation.

    I'm using Droid Mod 1.0

    • deezjet

      Get blackdroid I guarantee you will be happy with the results. No f/cs with this run home++ for best results. Use Beautiful Widgets with naked alloy. …its too sweet. You'll find it in past post in archives about 2 weeks ago. Hit me back if u have any questions. …….DROID ROCKS!!!!!!

      • BRIM

        Thanks for the suggestion. Just running DroidMod with Hero black status bar & Home++ with Live wallpapers. Also have beautiful widgets

        • izzy182

          There are also other things to ensure your 2.0 run smooth as well, SetCPU is one of them, only wopping $0.99 you can control your processor, set profile to initiate different processing speed to save battery. TempMonitor is also another good tool, monitor the heat from your battery/processor to ensure you don't fry you phone. ATK and Task Cleaner 2.0 is also another tool to help you save memory and battery life.

      • izzy182

        BlackDroid or you can get the CyanogenMod posted a few days ago, step-by-step instruction, easy installation, video, file links. A lot of us have it on now, thanks to Koush creating it, and Kellex publishing it. Install at your own risk, but just back up your files.

    • deezjet

      One last thing…….there is a step by step video…….its foolproof.

    • jeesung

      downloads is working fine for me right now. DroidMod & this Helix. maybe it was a Server Error

  • cee_em_jay

    On a completely unrelated note, posts like this are what keep me coming back to this site several times a day, I would have no idea this app existed if not for the site…every customer I have that buys a Droid gets a post-it with this web address, so, trying to help K and the wonderful commenters for helping me. 😀

    • EndiSky

      Just a suggestion for you, before I got canned by the big V, I would install barcode scanner on the customers phone and give them a pre printed paper with about 12 apps and their QR code printed on it. Just list some things like this website (http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&d=http%3A%2…) , advanced task killer, mototorch, and kor.im phone locator, etc. Just google the app name and qr code. It helps them with there phone and makes you feel really smart!

  • deezjet

    Sorry guys the Blackdroid Ultimate 5.0 is NY far the best. It even gives the phone attitude. Owners of the competition even comment on the phone at least until they see the vinyl on the back………an Android taking a leak an APPLE…LOL
    ……BTW blackdroid comes with the black bar across the top….rooted and booted
    ..the only way to run an android phone…peace

  • Lee

    I read most of the posts and think I'll be the first to say I didn't care for it.

    It's interesting I guess, and it does work with my live wallpapers. But I uninstalled it after about 5 minutes.

    I'm also surprised to read how many people are still stock 2.0.1, it's amazing.

  • jhalsey205

    The clock widget is Beautiful Home. The associated skin is called NakedDroid.

    • paresseuxdan


  • mario

    this is so sick i love it.

  • sean

    am i only one seeing yellowlight voice search?

    • jeesung

      no. i see it. does the yellow have any significance? i'm ignorant.

  • wynn

    Awesome launcher app. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jael

    Hey i want that pic of the blue sky! how can i get that?

    • jhalsey205

      The wallpaper file is available here: http://tiny.cc/XqS0D . It's the top 2/3's of the image.

  • paresseuxdan

    What is the name of the clock/weather widget running in the screen shots above?

    • izzy182

      That should (or would) be the Beautiful Widget which you can cop from the Market for a sweet $0.99

  • jeesung

    an easy way to tell what home screen you're on would be nice, but it's definitely snappier than Launcher2.apk

    • wam

      double tap and be enlightened

      • jeesung

        cool, thanks!!

      • EndiSky

        Or hold down the Helix button

  • Carson's Dad

    Great app. I'm rooted with DroidMod and live wallpapers work flawlessly.

    • izzy182

      If you're rooted, then why not hop to a topic posted a few days ago, called CyanogenMod – it's the latest 2.1 by Koush – talented ROM customizer. It's based on the newest release of ESE53 of 2.1, smooth, fast (up to 1kmhz). But do apply it at your own risk.

  • Tre Henry

    Just downloaded for my non-rooted DROID no problems so far. Love it!!!!

  • xFenixKnightx

    This is damn sweet. What would I do without this site? Anyone know if this works on G1 too?

  • jaydbee

    I'm getting confused. What good are the extra screens if u cant port/sync/move apps or folders to a new launcher? 2 of my home screens have folders/apps, but it would take me a lot of time to reinstall everything manually on a new launcher, be it helix, 2.1 launcher, or launcher+. I could use some help with this.

    • jeesung

      unfortunately it's a completely different program so some setup is needed. would be nice, though, to be able to take your screen setups from another launcher app.

      • jaydbee

        Thanks for helping!!

        • jeesung

          if you just have 2 screens with stuff, it shouldn't take *too* long to recreate that

          • jaydbee

            Yeah, it won't take too long. I was just wondering if there was an easier
            way. I'm going to wait 2 weeks for 2.1. If flash doesn't come with the
            update, then I'll root my phone and install a custom mod. Thx for your

  • belsonc

    It's a nice launcher – just gave it a spin on my 2.0.1 unrooted droid. However, there's just something about it I don't like – can't quite put my finger on it. For now, I'm staying with Launcher+ – I can totally understand why other people like it so much, though. 🙂

    • xFenixKnightx

      Only thing I don't like is the white bar on the right-hand side In the app drawer.

      • Tim

        Yeah, scroll bars that tell you where you are are so obtrusive … get over it. Or root and change it

        • xFenixKnightx

          YES SIR! lol

          IMO its just not aesthetically pleasing with it on there. No need to get all pissy.

  • df7003

    i just rooted my droid last night to the Cyanogen Mod and my question is should i leave my fone rooted and keep it or unroot and get the helix launcher?

    • NikolaiVolkov

      I did the exact same thing you did, This helix launcher is awesome but if you already have cyanogen, I'd stick with that. I tried the helix and didnt notice any great difference from cyanogen, only reason I downloaded it was I thought I would get that black status bar up top, looking for that mod or variation now.

      • df7003

        thanks alot so your droid is rooted too, I didnt know which was better and i didnt have that problem “black status bar up top” i wonder why you did

        • NikolaiVolkov

          Yea, I rooted for the first time yesterday and got the cyanogen, I dont have the black status bar though, thats why I uninstalled the launcher

      • The black status bar is a part of the smoked glass theme which i have running on top of the latest Pete's Bugless Beast (based on ESE53)

  • Drew

    Seems to be working for me. Why can't one of these home replacement apps give me the option to do away with the app name? It seems like a no-brainer to make that an option and would clean things up.

  • aarynk

    Does your phone need to be rooted to see the 3d launcher?

    • jeesung

      this doesn't have the 3d launcher.

      • aarynk

        Cool thanks for the info will probably just keep the ported 2.1 launcher

  • teejay

    first off, i want to give props to you Kellen. this site kicks some major ass. it is exactly what ive been looking for, and its quick and easy.

    second, i want to also say that the 3D isnt working. probably cause my droid isnt rooted? either way, this IMO this is better than 'launcher+' with the addition of the new bottom row for the apps, and its way smoother.

  • d7incognito

    super fast and great looking launcher. so far lovin' it!

  • aarynk

    I have been using the ported 2.1 launcher for the last couple of months and maybe I've been one of the lucky ones but I haven't had a lot of FC or any issues with it so far…

    Is this one worth switching to OVER the ported 2.1 launcher?

    • EndiSky

      well worth it, it gives you extra functionality of having an extra row of buttons that follow you regardless of which page that you are on.

    • Marc

      If you do not care about the 3D effect …

      If you want 4 items that follow you on any screen …

      If you want landscape functionality …

      If you are tired of FC's …

      Then you want this.

      Some say a drawback is that you have to hit back to close the launcher, I say, so what? you either hit a home button in it or the back button, either way you have to hit something, cleaner this way.

      Plus you can go to 7 screens if you want. I'm at 5, haven't filled 3 yet. 🙂

  • cee_em_jay

    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to get the extra screens? Looked and looked and looked…looks flawless other than that.

    • cee_em_jay

      /ninja'd by above posts, heh.

    • df7003

      press the menu button, configure,screen size, and go up to 7

  • Great twitter integration Kellen.

  • idecay

    Can I use live wallpapers on my non-rooted droid and if so, how?

    • EndiSky

      negative on the live wallpapers for now at least… as for your waiting for 2.1, you will be pretty underwhelmed when it comes out compared to the current set of roms out. by the time 2.1 gets pushed to your phone, the roms will blow away 2.1

  • nice im on petes bugless beauty v8 its pretty cool ill apptoQR it to some friends

  • nick

    can i use Helix Launche on the 2.1 Cyanogenmod

    • EndiSky

      Yes, it is actually already loaded on there, no need to re download it

  • jaydbee

    How do I move my custom folders to helix launcher? Or do I have to it manually.

    • EndiSky

      Nothing from your home launcher will xfer over, you must re set up your home screens, however if you do ever go back to that original home launcher, everything will be just as you left it.

      • jaydbee

        Thanks for your help

  • don

    If your stock 2.0.1 do you get the live wall paper and 7 screens? Only thing different is the app drawer. How you change and how did you get the black bar on top of your screen

    • jradcapp

      I think there is an echo in here… hello?! hello…hello…hello.

      haha j/k

    • No you don't get live wallpapers, just a different app drawer and the ability to place extra icons on the bottom row. If you press menu on the home screen you will see the option to configure. That will let you change the number of screens.

    • Jean

      Menu button -> configure to get the extra home screens. You will have to restart.

  • jradcapp

    If you are on stock 2.0.1 will you get the live wallpapers and extra home screens? I downloaded but don't see anything different except for app drawer.

    • jeesung

      go into Menu->Configure. the first item for Screen Size will let you add more screens. not sure on live wallpapers.

  • DannoFoo

    Do you see any benefit to install this over the Cyanogen ROM? Maybe for updates?

  • bksone74

    Can't dock gmail count widget. No thanks.

    • jeremy106

      can't dock handcent count widget either …but its not stopping me from using it

      • EndiSky

        unfortunately you cant dock any widgets or custom icons from bettercut!

        • Marc

          Are you using the paid ver 2? I believe that supports Bettercut, the 1.2 free from the market does not.

  • Marc

    I fracking love this! I knew it would be ported over.
    I'm now going to sit on my current setup until the rooted official 2.1 version ROM's come out.

    On a related note, I can believe the 2.1 soon thread, only because Q1 ends in Mar, but .. it will be here when it's here eh? 🙂

    • syntakk

      Liked for “fracking”

  • Octotron

    We talked about this the other day and I was unable to see it on stock, but as of right now I CAN see it. Nice.

  • Ace Z.

    I just went back to stock and got this for my phone and its pretty good. Thanks for the heads up Kellex!

  • flyinion

    Just downloaded, non-rooted and working great. Only thing I'm not sure about is pressing Home gives me a popup to choose this app or the default home app and a checkbox to make it default. If I choose this one and select “default” can I assume that if I later uninstall it that the phone will revert to the stock app as default?

    • Yes, it will revert to the original launcher.

    • Marc

      Yes, you can select default and if uninstalled it reverts back on you.

      • flyinion

        Thanks to both of you. I figured that was the case, but better to ask than not and be surprised when “assume” bites back 🙂

    • Jack

      It will. You can switch back without uninstalling, too. Just go to the helix launcher in the “Application Settings” screen and select to clear defaults. Anything it is set to do by default (i.e. launch when you press home) will be reset.

      • Zach

        When I go to the settings to “Clear Defaults” It wont let me tap on it to clear the defaults. I also uninstalled and it reinstalled it and still… Its not working…

  • Ellianth

    Pretty cool. The app launcher isn't 3d though. :(. The static icons at the bottom are awesome though. Maybe i'll keep this thing.

  • NikolaiVolkov

    I rooted for the first time this weekend and got Cyanogen Mod running, but I just downloaded this launcher strictly for the top status bar being black instead of white, how did you get it black like that

    • kellex

      The black is likely not included in the launcher but probably from that person's custom ROM.

      • NikolaiVolkov

        Thanks Kellex, one more thing, anyway to overclock my phone without having to buy setCPU

        • EndiSky

          as far as I know, no. SetCPU and beautiful widgets are pretty much the only paid apps that i have!

          • jeremy106

            What about Overclockwidget ?!

        • jeesung

          SetCPU is what, $0.99? skip a cup of coffee and you're there! 😉

          • NikolaiVolkov

            I would but I was irresponsible celebrating st. pattys on saturday and lost my wallet, so just waiting on my new cards to get here. Dont understand why vzw cant just charge to your account like t-mobile lets you do

          • jeesung

            that sux.

            it's probably the same reason we don't have 2.1 yet. Vzw sux!! 😉

        • Rob

          SetCPU is free from xda. Google. The market app is for donations. Get it now, donate while you can.

  • syntakk

    If this is what is in the cyanogen mod then yes, it really is pretty amazing. If this is now on the market then I may be switching ROMs again as this was one of my main reasons for using cyanogen.

  • aggressor2323

    Downloaded this earlier on my non rooted 2.01 and it is by far (leaps and bounds) the best launcher/home replacement there is out there. It is extremely fast, smooth and it's simplistic features make it beautiful. I've noticed apps opening faster and going back to the home screen seems quicker as well, compared to the stock home and Launcher+.

  • droid lover

    The “steps laid out at this post” link does not work

    • kellex

      Thanks fixed.

  • I use Pete's Bugless Beast 2.1 on the DROID, and have been using the Helix Launcher for a few days now. I didn't like the other bulky and vast changes made to the home screen, and was thrilled with the minimalistic changes Helix implements. It is fast and works with interactive wallpapers.