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Helix Launcher Hits Android Market

When we switched over to the CyanogenMod ROM over the weekend, one of the major reasons we did so was for the Nexus One styled 3D launcher which included 4 persistent apps.  The launcher is known as the Helix Launcher, has been making rounds throughout the Android 2.1 realm and appears to be available now in the market.

I’ve heard from both 2.0.1 rooted and nonrooted users as being able to see this in the market.  Please let me know if you can’t.

If you have a rooted Android 2.0.1 device and can’t see this app, there is a simple hack you can do to make 2.1 apps viewable and then downloadable in the market.  Follow the steps laid out at this post.


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  • I don't have a custom rom loaded but am rooted. I get some cellular cosmogony app anytime I type Helix. Oh well, looks like I'll put a custom rom on first and see. …….

  • Napes

    Has anyone run into the issue that after your SD card is checked on boot, that Helix Launcher freezes? It happens every boot for me, and if I click wait, it un freezes. Any suggestions?

  • rockymtnhigh

    It no longer loads under Droid 2.1 (stock). Is there a fix?

  • dcdttu

    It's nice, but I keep going back to my Sense home screen on my rooted Hero. Love it.

  • AntDroid

    Ok gave Helix Launcher a try… not disappointed but also not too impressed either. I currently use home++ and enjoy the use of the semi-customizable bottom power strip and I use 7 screens. ( I love the fact that the screens scroll through a continuos loop unlike Helix) I haven't had any real stability issues with home++ (the occasionaly rare blank screen, but after a second or two everything pops back up… nothing that I can't live with.

    What I did like about Helix was the persistant icons that followed you from screen to screen, but all in all that was the only feature that stood out for me.

    All in all Helix was ok, but IMO I think I'm gonna stick with home++ for the time being.

  • lee

    when downloading on a non rooted 2.0.1, it says under warnings “services that cost you money” and then says directly call phone numbers…is this a pretty big risk. Is it safe?

  • bOOm_cORNEr_sHOt

    Great gazbee! I want this! yet afraid my newness to the droid will only end up with a partially working phone. There needs to be the equivalent to the geek squad in every city that will root, flash, abra cadabara, awesome phone!