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Returning to Stock 2.0.1 from CyanogenMod

Normally I would make a video on how to do this, but I’m not through with CyanogenMod on my phone yet.  I’m still incredibly impressed with it and actually don’t plan on removing it until the official Android 2.1 update rolls out.  And to tell you the truth, this thing might be better than the official 2.1 update that will someday arrive on our devices.

If you missed our post on how to install the new CyanogenMod for the Droid, head over here for the video tutorial.

Here are the instructions for removal and returning to stock 2.0.1…

1.  Install the DroidMod Updater and open it.
2.  When prompted, install (flash) SPRecovery.
3.  Then select ROM option for Android 2.0.1 (stock).
4.  Your phone will reboot back to stock 2.0.1, but you’ll be missing some things.
5.  Reboot your phone again, this time into stock recovery mode.

Hold “X” and press power.  Release “X” and power when an exclamation mark shows up.  Then press the volume up and camera buttons at the same time.

6.  Choose option to wipe cache/data.
7.  Reboot phone and you should be stock with no root.

*Note* – You will have to reactivate your phone.  This is essentially like starting over with a brand new phone and all of your settings will be lost.  You may want to consider a backup app before even installing Cyanogen.

  • Jeffrey

    Everytime I open DM updater it says Looks like your phone is rooted but you have not give DM Updater access yet….how do I go back to the screen where i can give it access again

  • Mark B

    I had a heck of a time reverting back. My phone kept prompting in DMUpdater that i did not have my SD Card mounted and i couldn't get it to flash. I had to boot into clockworkmod recovery, load nandroid image from a couple days prior. after that i reloaded DMUpdater on the phone and i got the prompts the right way. Hope this helps someone!

  • Cetovick

    Ok, i have looked EVERYWHERE. tried everything i can think of. i still can not get my SU permissions back after this rom install. i am trying to get rid of it and go back to stock so i can send it back to verizon. Dm updater says “looks like your phone is rooted but you have not yet given DM updater access yet”. i can hit the back button but i cant flash to dl the 2.0.1 no root rom. When i use rom manager it takes a few mins and then says “an error has occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!” and in TE i try a /su and it says permission denied. WTF someone help me please!!!!

  • rneal_ra

    I am not getting prompted to install sprecovery when I open up dmupdater. It says that my sd card is not mounted. I have tried to find the recovery-0.99.3b.img file online and use manual way through terminal to load sprecovery, but I cannot find the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get back to Droidmod rom from cyanogen.

    • rneal_ra

      OK, booted into recovery and used the nandroid choice, then restore, then chose the backup I did before installing cyanogen ROM. Once it restored and rebooted I was back to the droidmod ROM that I was running. I was then able to run dmupdater and have it restore the sprecovery. So now I should be able to use dmupdater to go back to stock when the real update comes out. I hope I didn't mess anything up doing it that way, I am new to this whole process so I was getting nervous when things were not just like the video. I love this site and I love that we have a phone that is so versatile.

  • carter

    cant go back to stock on the droid from CyanogenMod keeps cutting off. dont know what to do.

  • danielcambron

    i cant seem to get mine to unroot. every time i go into dm update it asks me to check and allow permissions, but will not ever give me a screen to do so, then i select the stock 2.0.1 (no root) option and it says “an error has occurred! permission denied” I have tried doing everything that i know how to do, sorry for being such a noob, but this is my first go around with rooting. also everytime i run rom manager, it says “an error occurred while attempting to run priveleged commands” any help would be appreciated. I am running firmware v. 2.1update1, and mod version 5.0.5.

    • seandief

      i am in the same boat as you, except mine also fried my microsd card and needed to format. i re-loaded the superuser permission thinking cmupdater would ask to allow, and it never did.

    • seandief

      i checked every forum and did everything to get it to work and was unsuccessful. i did find… http://forum.droidmod.org/index.php/topic,314.0… and it appears to be back to out of the box condition

  • dragonmaster

    I do not get a prompt “When prompted, install (flash) SPRecovery” in step two. It says Your SD card is not mounted. If your SD card is mounted on your computer, you must eject it before running DM updater. Please Help

  • dragonmaster

    I do not get a prompt “When prompted, install (flash) SPRecovery” in step two. It says Your SD card is not mounted. If your SD card is mounted on your computer, you must eject it before running DM updater. Please Help

    • dragonmaster

      Never mind I got it figured out. Scary! Thanks

      • rneal_ra

        What did you do to get this resolved. I am having the same issue. I want to get back to the droidmod rom.
        Any help would be appreciated.

        • dragonmaster

          I never did get the SPRecovery to download, I did try the factory reset and that didn't work. So I then went to ROM Manager and found my previously backed up ROM and loaded that and rebooted. Then I went back to Rom Manager and un-rooted and now awaiting 2.1. I hope this helps.

  • n0vhp

    Kellex hope you can help with this.

    Started the process, Errored after selecting 2.0.1 and booted back to cyanogen automatically. now dmupdater says it has no permissions, will not flash sprecovery. clockwork recovery is installed currently. I have tried several things but always end up back with cyanogen.

    I even tried using the factory reset option that Mwest suggested and it still booted back to cyanogen and reporting 2.1 update 1 ERE25.

    I guess i am fortunate phone did not brick. phone, market and internet still function but i appear to be stuck with this cyanogen mod now.

    Hope you can help with this

  • jrpaschall

    Whenever I select the Android 2.0.1 (stock) from my DroidMod Updater I keep getting a screen that says permission denied…Will someone please point me in the right direction???

    • Mwest

      If you're trying to get back to stock I have a quick solution for you. Try going into the privacy option and think clicking on the Factory Data Reset It basically wipes the system and takes you back the stock the same thing that your trying to do using the Droid Mod Update + Data/Wipe. If you have a back up of apps that you didn't get from the market usually makes the recovery process easy if not you can re download most of your stuff pretty easy.

      • n0vhp

        Didnt work for me. still have cyanogen. syas 2.1 update 1. after trying your way.
        I had issues with the dmupdater as well. Says doesnt have permission, i cannot flash sprecovery, no matter what i do i end up back with cyanogen 5.0.5

        at least all other functions of phone seem to still work. phone internet and such. guess my phone is “semi bricked” wonderful. anyone able to help? I still have superuser permission in app tray but dmupdater wont work at all now

  • jrpaschall

    Whenever i select Android 2.0.1 from my DM updater I keep getting a screen that says Permission Denied….Will someone please point me in the right direction???

  • Rmelts315

    I have followed the instructions directly from the video, installed the droidmod updater, when I reboot and after “wiping”, I select install ROM from SD card, i get a message “E:No tar archives found” and it keeps bringing me back to selecting install ROM form SD card..please help!!!!!!!

  • Cody

    I'm currently running the DroidMod rom and want to get this, cyanogen rom. How do i go about “upgrading”? Do i have to take my phone back to stock, then re-rooting and adding this rom?

    • izzy182

      download ROM Manger from the market, download the cyanogen zip, put it in
      root of sdcard…use ROM Manager, flash into clockwork, then install from
      sd…remember to backup and wipe cachedata

      • Cody

        Alrighty, thank's again izzy.

        I just wasn't sure if i had to go back to stock first then re-root and such.

        Do i use rom-manager to swap between any roms? Say i wanted to get petes rom or wtvr.

        • izzy182

          those has different processes…when that time comes, come and holla at us

  • Rick

    Is anyone seeing, after rooting with DMUpdater, applying a custom ROM and then returning to stock 2.0.1, their phone listed as “Sholes” when they go to the web version of Facebook where it has the little tagline “Download the app for your (Sholes)”?

    I set everything back to stock, checked all the levels in the about screen where it shows Droid as the model and the standard 2.0.1 kernel info but this website is still showing “Sholes” as my device type. Anyone else seeing this?

  • KD

    When I run the DM Updater it comes up with the message”looks like your phone is rooted….you must *check* the remember box!” The problem is that the check box never pops up. Even when i click “check again”, no check box. Is there a back way to enable DM Updater to remember?

    • Tom

      I'm getting the same thing.

    • I have the same problem. Anyone had any luck getting past it?

    • nibiyabi

      Just hit the back button.

  • Mwest

    There is a factory reset option on your phone and to me it basically has the same out come as using the droid mod to go back to No-root and then doing the data / cache wipe. The end result is dialing *228 and then reinstalling your apps. I've checked the “about phone” menu and everything appears to be stock. I used App manger pro and the app store to restore all of my apps and apk's that were downloaded outside of the store.

  • Brendan

    when going through this process on step 6 when you say wipe cache/data there is no option for that in SPrecovery put there is wipe data/factory reset and wipe chache partition which do i do????

    • izzy182

      Wipe cache first, then wipe data

      • Brendan

        dude thank you sooooooo much you are a life saver!

        • izzy182

          how did it work out for you?

          • Brendan

            Great i am back to stock and ready for the 2.1 update!

  • maizekidstill

    Alright here is a new one I have not seen typed regarding problems with the phone. Last night I did the mod and everything went flawlessly. After playing around with it for the evening I decided to go back to root. I followed the directions and everything was going great til the final step 5. I tried to go into recovery mode and I get the cool looking exclamation mark but instead i have a phone laying on its side and does not go to recovery mode. my phone is stock now but there are alot of things missing can anyone help?

  • teejaytm

    Ok so can you do a video on this because I want to completely go back to stock for the update and I tried and it didnt go so well and definitely almost bricked my phone and Im scared to do anything now lol

  • ViggS

    Any one try the latest release from CyanogenMod (v5.0.4.3)?

  • William

    so, if you root your phone, you void your warranty. what if i were to return to stock 2.0.1 from cyanogenmod…would verizon ever know that i had it rooted? thanks.

    • kellex

      They won't know. 🙂

      • William

        thank you very much for the quick response! so basically, my warranty would be “back,” correct? sorry, i just want to make sure before i root it! 🙂

  • KaOs17

    Hey guys. Cyanogen is the best out there and this rom proves it! But i have a question, lets say i want to go back to stock (doing steps 1-5) but i don't wipe cache/data (step 6), is my phone still rooted? Thanks in advance for answering.

  • lmeiners

    I like this ROM as well but it does not have corporate calendar and I need that. Is there any way to install the corporate calendar back after putting this ROM on my droid?

  • randy21671

    To all who are loosing contacts,
    If you go to your contacts, menu, import/export, the droid will ask if you want to import from SD or Export to SD. I have all my contacts caused I backed up all contacts by Exporting all contacts to SD. Now when I decide to DL a new ROM and all data is whiped, I just go to contacts and import from SD and I have all contacts back….

    • Mathew

      I use gmail as my primary email address and one thing I found was I can add my contacts there and it will automatically sync with my phone. I think its the best way to keep you contacts also the calendar syncs to and from google. When I installed cyanogen my contacts were automatically updated just by signing in to google.

  • randy21671

    So far, I don't seem to have any problems with this ROM. Very nice… I had some force closes with the Ultimate Droid 7v. I saw this the other day and hesitated to load it till I saw it here. Thanks. : )

  • BRIM

    Thanks for posting this! Although very curious & tempting, I won't because of wiping my settings & everything. The reason I love DroidMod is how it remains with everything intacted. No loss of apps, settings, etc.

    Just hoping DroidMod gets updated soon.

    Happy with DroidMod & Home++ w/ LiveWallpapers

    • tpags

      I have a question. Its about bugless. It says it disables ota updates. Does that mean if i install and then go back to stock, I still will not recieve the update. Sorry, lil bit of a newb here.

      • randy21671

        If you go back to stock, you will be able to receive OTA updates.

  • tj

    does this erase your contacts???

    • kellex

      You always get your contacts back as they are sync'd with your Google account.

    • crowell392

      i lost mine but was able to regain my facebook contacts but not my phone list and im missing some of the alphabet so i cant add new contacts to the missing letters ,hope this makes sense

  • Meticode

    Thanks for posting this mod. This is by far the cleanest, snappiest mod I've used between Bugless Beast, DroidMod, etc, etc. I hope after the 2.1 update comes out people will extend Droid features after that with custom roms built on 2.1.

  • wes

    Thanks for all you do kellex, the tutorials are extremely helpful.

    Unless you want to, you don't have to go back to stock do you? After installing Koush's recovery (he says it's different from SPRecovery), can't you use it to make an advanced backup of the DroidMod, Ultimate Droid7.5, BB, etc. ROM you are running before installing his ROM? Wouldn't that let you restore your previous setup without going through the whole activation and re-rooting process if you didn't like Koush's ROM? I guess you would have to re-install DMUpdater or SPRecovery at some point though if you ever wanted to switch to another ROM or install an update.

  • John

    when you say reactivate your phone do you mean going into the verizon store and reactivating it?

    • Glen

      no he means the dial *228 and program it.

      • John

        so is it like when you first booted up in to cyanogen ROM?

    • kellex

      I mean you will click on the green Android figure and then activate through *228 like you did when the phone was brand new out of the box. 🙂

      • John

        O ok kellex thanks for the help

  • deadfrog82

    Hey if anyone knows can you backup dmupdater with titanium then reinstall and then if you dont like the cyanogen just wipe data and cache and go back to a nandroid backup or will this not work. Its the same thing i did trying simply stunning.

  • bigwill5

    new to the site, new to Droid.
    first of all, thanks. you've got it all together my friend…
    keep bringin the fire… and i will ponder if this ROM is over my head or not, lol

  • I wonder if it is even possible for the 2.1 OTA update to be better than Koush's ROM.

    • kellex

      I'm really not sure it is possible heh.

    • l_sloan

      I'm not sure if anyone can top this ROM. I am getting the lowest temps I have ever got on this ROM. If some of slugish animations (due to the new launcher, not the rom) and the cell standby batter drain bug can be fixed, this thing will be seriously 100% flawless.