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Video: See Skype in Action on Verizon

The announcement during MWC a couple of weeks ago that Verizon would be exclusively partnering up with Skype was quite the story.  In fact, if users actually adopt the usage of Skype, this could give VZW a pretty significant advantage and a nice little selling point to its smartphone users.  Well, as long as they have one included on this list.

Check out Verizon’s fun little illustrated intro to Skype…

  • your blog posts are really amazing. This video has actually been up on Verizon's website for quite some time now.What more special to be posted.

  • shane0790

    This video has actually been up on Verizon's website for quite some time now. I found it the day that you reported the Skype/Verizon partnership.

  • Eric Bressi

    This is site is awesome. I am a christian rap artist. I love my droid. I have been using androidcentral.com but I saw this site, and wow, its clear and to the point. I like the mobile view as well.

  • machinegun68

    What's the point if I can't use this while traveling on my droid via Wi-Fi. (Let's say at my hotel). If you're forced to use the data plan it's gonna cost you more while roaming than just making the phone call like normal. They're not stupid. “Free” c'mon.

    • shane0790

      When are you roaming with Verizon? I travel constantly and never once have seen it go into roaming. Verizon has great coverage across the US

      • machinegun68

        In the US I would agree shane. I travel to Mexico some, and have to disable data because its so expensive while roaming there. My point was it's cheaper to make a voice call than it is to use data for Skype. It's funny how they boast it's free but you can't use it on Wi-Fi? They can't control charging you for the data if your on Wi-Fi and they know it.

        • shane0790

          personally i would love to see an implementation for wifi as they did with the iphone version. But if you're going to be traveling to a hotel, it might also be a good idea to take your laptop or netbook with you if you plan on using it on wifi. I don't know if they will be putting the full video interface with it, and without front facing cameras, there isn't much reason to do so other than streaming where you are which can already be done with applications such as Qik.

  • papibone5

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  • Thats awesome to hear. Thanks a ton!

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