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new htc ime keyboard for motorola droid

just last friday we posted the htc ime keyboard that was ported over to the motorola droid which unfortunately only worked in portrait mode.  it now appears as though that phase was short lived as a new version has popped up and completely supports landscape mode!  yeah, it’s pretty fantastic.  nice timing right?  the same day the official swype beta is released?

2 apk’s are still needed:  htc_ime.apk for the keyboard and clicker.apk for the settings/calibration.  install both…

keyboard downloads:  htc_ime.apk (alt link)
settings downloads:  clicker.apk (alt link)

instructions for those of you new to the game…

1.  go into settings -> applications and check the “unknown sources” box.
2.  visit this post from your phone’s browser.
3.  tap and download this file onto your phone:  htc_ime.apk (alt link)
4.  tap and download this file onto your phone:  clicker.apk (alt link)
5.  tap on each downloaded file once finished and install them.
6.  go into settings -> language & keyboard and check the “touch it” box.
7.  go into a text message, long press in the text box and choose “input method”.
8.  choose “touch input”.
9.  done.

(via xda-dev)

  • just_me

    how do you uninstall it?
    doesn’t do anything but force close on my moto droid..

  • I have a problem with candidate bar. Whenever I enable candidate bar, it occupy less than half space and get overlap between suggested words at top row of keys. Anyone here has solution for it?

  • Jade Kohl

    Force close

  • Lhweb

    How do you uninstall the HTC keyboard?

  • Lhweb

    How do you uninstall the HTC keyboard?

  • Earle Rylander

    How come I get an error message when I try to calibrate the screen?

  • guest44

    Any reports on this working on 2.1? I upgraded my OS this morning, and when I try to install this keyboard a get an “application not installed” error. Any ideas what may be in play?

    • jeesung

      i have it working with 2.1, but it was installed before i updated.

      there's a newer version linked in a post on 3/29. maybe try that.

  • Thank you!! The HTC's keyboard is nice.

  • bewdc

    Recently installed Ime keyboard app on my Moto Droid. Really like the keyboard, but need a detailed user's guide to explain all its features. The tutorial included in the app also does not work. Thanks for any help.

  • Love this keyboard – The compact Qwerty is similar to Blackberry Storm – SureType which is awesome for one hand texting or emails. Only wish I could change the different keyboard layouts without have to go into settings.

  • Jess

    How can I keep the spacebar when using the physical search button feature on the droid? i use it to search for various things besides typing in a url, and it's such a hassle to switch the keyboard each time i need to use the spacebar. Is there a way to keep it on the first keyboard screen?

  • Thanks Kellex for the response. The HTC keyboard does not appear in settings like an ordinary application and I cannot find the actual files or keyboard description to delete anything. Can you provide the steps? Thanks!

  • peihsinsu

    It works… That's very nice for HTC IM, but … does it support simple/traditional chinese ?

  • peihsinsu

    It works… That's very nice for HTC IM, but … does it support simple/traditional chinese ?

  • Uninstall the keyboard and then make sure you installed the new ones. Your droid doesn’t like to just overwrite files, it will rename them something like “htc_IME 1” which would probably be the new one.

    • cbes

      What is the pathway to best uninstall the first set of htc files? I don't want to lose this keyboard capability which is fantastic or screw up the droid. Thanks!

  • I have posted this request twice but it appears to have been lost in the ether. I downloaded the apks featured a couple of Fridays ago and was delighted with the new capabilities. Teh a newer version was featured last week and I once again downloaded the apks which I believe had the same names as the first set. I was not able to get the HTC keyboard work in horizontal position. Should I have deleted the first set of apks? I would have thought that the new ones would have walked over the earlier ones. It is possible that both sets are sitting in the file. What is the best way to link the right set? Delete all and start over? Appreciate some help!